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Gold and Nude

I figured these were subtle enough to wear while on my clinical rotations, and I appear to have been correct! No one noticed them, despite the glitter 🙂


I really just wanted something nude and gold, and I realized I hadn’t used the Dear Rus polish more than maybe once (twice??) since I bought it. It is a pain in the butt to remove because of all the glitters…but I figured if I painted it OVER a nude base it would be easier to remove! So this is one coat of Sparkle Milk 21 over I Nude It by Essence.


I also wanted to use the awesome geometric patterned section from BP stamp 43…it looks so cool! I still have grandiose plans to make a stamping decal out of this. We shall see!


~ Nude: Essence – I Nude It
~ Glitter: Dear Rus – Sparkle Milk 21
~ Gold: Revlon – Hypnotize
~ Stamp: BP – 43


Hope you enjoyed!

Love Letter

Another nude mani! Unfortunately, I snapped the corner off my pinky the day I painted this, so I needed to put together something where my pinky would not stand out for being oddly shaped (apologizes in advance, the next few manis are probably also gonna have my oddly shaped pinky because I refuse to completely cut off my other nails). With that in mind, I put together a manicure that let me use the love words stamp from Bundle Monster, as well as a nude gold glitter and envelopes!


I have seen tons of envelope manis, and I wanted to try my hand at one. This might have gone a tiny bit better if I painted it with my dominant hand, but overall I like it! The only mistake? I made the envelopes upside-down for imaging! So most of the photos here have been manipulated (aka turned in one direction or another).



~ Nude glitter: Dear Rus – Sparkle Milk #21
~ Grey: Maybelline – Bare Escape
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Maybelline – Bold Gold
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 311


Hope you enjoyed! And happy day-before-Valentine’s Day!

Fade to Jade

I have been plotting this mani for three weeks…ever since I knew Mentality was sending me a jelly polish! Meet Mona, a beautiful slightly shimmery green jelly polish. Isn’t she squishy?!


Mona covers nicely in three thin coats. At two I could still see visible nail line, but by 3 everything was gone. She has a nice shimmer that is somehow not even remotely streaky (which I enjoy) and is a beautiful true emerald green.


My pointer, middle, and pinky fingers all have three additional layers of Mona. The pointer has three layers of white dots (first layer was at the base of my nail, second was in the middle of the nail, and the last layer was at the free edge of the nail mostly). Middle finger has three free-handed white chevron patterns, the bottom-most one has 3 thing layers of Mona over it, the top (tiny) one only has 1 layer. The pinky got various swirls.


Overall, I think Mona is just a bit too pigmented to be my perfect jelly, but this does mean I can wear her alone (I don’t think the OPI sheer tints would ever layer to opacity on their own!). The other polish here is a thermal mint-to-green shimmer called Shade Shift 28 by Dear Rus.


Oddly, I don’t think Mentality carries Mona any longer (boo!) but they just (this weekend!) released their new Jellycreme collection, so go check it out!

Changing Vines

Featured today is the second of my three new purchases from Llarowe, a thermal color-shifting polish from Dear Rus. This polish was on sale for $1.50 when I bought it on July 4th, and it was totally worth it! Not only are both color parts of the thermal beautiful, but it goes on like a dream!


Shade Shift #28 is a mint (warm) to green (cool) color shifting polish, with shimmer. Both of the colors are awesome, the shift is very visible. I love this polish! Shown here is three thin coats. It dries semi-matte without top coat, and the shimmer comes out more with top coat.



The design I added was mimicked from kimiko7878, because I am loving her nail art! This is the third design from here that I’ve replicated in a month. Go figure.



I was hesitant to buy this polish given that there was not a single swatch of it on the internet, but I am glad I did! For $1.50, it is hard to feel bad about buying anything…but thermals might be one of my favorite polish types right now (up there with multichromes and glitterbombs involving diamond or circle glitter).



Llarowe had a fantastic day of sales on the 4th of July, so I picked up three new polishes! The first of these polishes is a nude polish with small and medium gold glitter in it, called Sparkle Milk #21 by Dear Rus. This polish was $1.50 when I bought it, but appears to be out of stock right now!


The polish is a bit on the thick side, but very easy to control. Shown here is 3 thin coats (no undies). I’m not sure if the nude color goes well with my skin color or makes me look like a zombie, but I do like the gold-suspsended-in-nude idea! The glitter pieces were very easy to get out (no digging) and easy to spread.



My accent nail is some nail art with Zoya Ziv (gold) and Revlon Allure (white). I need a better nude polish!


Just in warning, this polish DOES remove like a glitter (which is to say I hated removal) but wearing it was a fun subtle way to add glitter to my mani! I’ve been worrying a bit that when I have to go back to hospital duties I won’t have any polish to wear, so I was glad to add this to my collection!

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