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Hearts Galore

Happy Valentine’s Day! And happy birthday to my baby sister. She gets extra chocolate :-p


This is the mani out of the 5 that I chose to post today in particular because it both has the MOST hearts, and is primarily pink so I figured it fit the theme best! But seriously, SOOO many hearts. Wow.


The base here is yet another new polish from the holiday sets that I won from Nail Polish Canada, and yet another Zoya! This is Kelsey, a bright pink with blue undertones. This polish manages to be a dark-toned neon, which is pretty darn cool. My camera freaked out. The polish also covers well in two thin coats…and I probably could have gotten away with one thick coat instead…Zoya has been killing it with the consistency of the cremes in this collection! I don’t even like pinks and this is an awesome color. And finish. And everything.


This is also another stamp that I’ve had for a while and just…never used. I chose to stamp with a pale grey rather than a white polish, and I regret that a little…I had to double stamp the flower design because the grey didn’t stand out as much as I wanted! Although I do think coloring in the flowers with a bright pink chunky glitter was awesome 🙂


~ Pink: Zoya – Kelsey
~ Grey: Maybelline – Bare Escape
~ Green: Zoya – Tilda
~ Pink glitter: Different Dimension – Cranfairy
~ Stamp: BM – XL205


That’s all for today! I hope you get a lot of chocolate, maybe some flowers, and suitable affection from everyone (partners, pets, kids…all that jazz)!

Curtains of Blue

I have no idea what I was going for here. It was basically “blue water marble gradient!” and “hot pink glitter!” so here we go.


I wanted to use my hot pink glitter…but I didn’t want to have to layer it and thus spend 45 minutes removing glitter from my nails. So, I laid down a coat of Raspberry Ice (which I had forgotten I owned…a one-coat hot pink metallic? How could I forget about it?) and then one coat of Cranfairy for the base. Glitters galore!


Once the pinks were dry, I did a shades of blue + clear marble. I should have gone with shades of pink or used a blue base. There is just too much contrast here. Oops!


~ Pink metallic: Petites Color Fever – Raspberry Ice
~ Pink glitter: Different Dimension – Cranfairy
~ Light blue: Zoya – Blu
~ Medium light blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Medium blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Dark blue: Zoya – Sia
~ Clear marble: Pipe Dream Polish – Clearwater


I do just need to do a full-blue-gradient water marble (without the clear in between) at some point! It’s been weeks since I’ve done a true water marble without Clearwater!

Butterflies and Bubbles

I decided to give I’ve Never Seen A Beautiful Witch by Different Dimension another try (especially after how easy Cranfairy was to work with). I was, yet again, disappointed. As pretty as this polish looks in the bottle it just does NOT work well on the nail.


I went ahead and complimented the pale pink in the polish with a light pink holo (Digital by Milani) and some butterfly stamps from various Bundle Monster plates (ask if you want to know which ones) with French White Creme – Wet n’ Wild and Raspberry Ice – Petites Color Fever.


This mani just makes me sad. It is all thick and lumpy…and then the stamping is ok but it doesn’t really pop because there are too many lumps!



Right. Happy Friday. Starting on Monday I will have some REAL nail art…and if I get my act together (no promises) I might have something on Sunday. With my face in it. Strange, eh?

Hot Pink Rays

The last of my new polishes from Llarowe is a truly crazy glittermbomb by Different Dimension called Cranfairy. What made me really excited though is how much this polish reminded me of Shimmer polishes…which are perfect. Because it allowed me to do the art you see below, which I have been waiting to put together for months!


Polish first. Cranfairy is an insane mix of hot pink glitters in a deep pink (almost red) jelly base. Shown here is 3 thinnish coats…there is so much glitter that the polish clumps a bit coming out, but is very easy to spread. I only used three coats because the top one was incredibly thin, to spread out the glitter. I spotted small and medium pink hexes, and pink squares. There are also tiny black micro glitters, and maybe some red? It is so sparkly it’s actually hard to tell! As expected, this is a glitter bomb, so wear a peel-off base or be prepared to kill your nails with polish removal! In warning, even with two thick coats of top coat, the polish was not completely smooth.



The design on my accent nails is lifted straight from La Paillette Frondeuse. I had seen this design months ago and saved it. I kept going back to it…but none of my glitters had the punch I needed to faithfully showcase the design! My Shimmer polishes have too many colors, and most of my other glitter bombs have glitter that is too large to fit with this design. Enter Cranfairy!



I think with this bit of art I can safely say that I have mastered dot-making. This is all done by paperclip, hairpin, and the tip of a mechanical pencil. Enjoy!

Good Witch

Many months ago, I won the Wizard Of Oz nail art contest over at Cosmetish. The prize was one Oz themed polished from Different Dimension, which finally arrived last week! It is called I’ve Never Seen A Beautiful Witch.


This is both my first experience with Different Dimension, and my first time trying to get large glitters out of a bottle (other than Cosmic Forces by Emily de Molly), and it was NOT easy. I started with an off-white base, because I was afraid the polish was going to be somewhat opaque. I should not have worried. It took 4 coats just to have enough glitter to make me happy 😦


I want to love this polish. In the bottle, it is beautiful! White with pink, teal, purple, white, and little shimmery glitters. Circle glitters (I LOVE CIRCLE GLITTERS). But on the nail…it just didn’t do it. In the last week I have swatched and played with 3 of the glitter bombs from the KBShimmer line, and I can safely say that I now know how to apply dense glitter polish. I don’t know if I am being unfair to this particular polish because it was the first I tried.


Although my boyfriend liked the end result, I was not terribly pleased. There were too many coats of polish (although most of that was my fault), I really had to dig for the larger glitters despite storing it upside-down, and a lot of the colors got buried in the milky base. There was this BEAUTIFUL pink flash from flakies, but you can’t see much of it in the photos, except the macro below.


I think I need to try this polish again, now that I am more familiar with applying dense glitters…and without a base layer!


The accent nail and my attempt at Glinda’s crown on my thumb were both done in Crushed Candy by Julie G. I still love that color. It was supposed to pick up the pink glitters in INSABW…it kinda worked.


What do you guys think? Worth trying again? Or just a dud polish?

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