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Complicated Lace Drape

You guys, I just had a DAY (but Eva, it’s only 3pm! Yes but I woke up at 5:30, so it’s been a whole day and I am over it). Which means that today’s post will be short and sweet because I mostly want to bang my head into a wall. Repeatedly. And this mani? Not helping.


The base here is three coats of Delaney by Zoya. In the bottle this has a bit of a duochrome/multichrome finish, but that did not translate to the nail (which was pretty much as expected). This is, I think, the last of my haul from winning the Nail Art Canada holiday challenge…and of all the Zoya polishes I received, this is the one I was least excited about. So it went lest. This polish is basically a muted dull metallic purple, and I already have Zoya Gadia, which is amazing. So yah, this is three thin coats, and it looks fine but I have prettier version of this in my stash already.


For the design, I ended up doing a purple-to-white lace stamping gradient, getting bored, and adding a metric ton of dots! I think I went overboard :-/ I really need to stop trying to do lace gradients over purple, this is probably the third time I have tried something like this, and to date I have liked none of them!


~ Purple metallic: Zoya – Delaney
~ Purple creme: L’Oreal – Royalty Reinvented
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Gold: Sally Hansen – Go for Gold
~ Stamp: BP – L084


And that’s all for today! I know it isn’t great, but I’m working off my backlog. This one and the next post are just not my favorites, but then it should get good again (I tend to edit the photos in waves of things-I-love and things-I-dislike, and we are in a dislike wave, Monday’s post was the end of a love wave). Ok. Too much train of thought. Enjoy!


Another simple mani! But with a cool color. This is a duochrome polish one of my best friends got for me as a Secret Santa gift (in addition to a whole bunch of fun stuff I asked for). She said the color reminded her of something I would like.


Hilariously, I already own this color! Which is to say I own the knock-off version. This is essie For the Twill of It. I already owned Chic Reloaded by Essence! Having tested both of them, I liked the Essie better so I gave the Essence to my baby sister.


The design is two different stamps from Bundle Monster, XL-205 and L-003. I think they pair nicely :-p


I didn’t get great photos of the color shift of For the Twill of It. I did this while at home for the holidays, so I didn’t have my usual set-up (or camera). iPhones just can’t take as great low-light photos!


Anyway, this polish looks slate grey in direct light, but shifts between green-grey and magenta-grey at low lights. Subtle and pretty!

Rain Will Make The Flowers Grow

The title from this post is from one of my favorite songs, A Little Fall Of Rain from Les Miserables. I don’t know why, but this teal and purple mani just reminded me of rain and flowers blooming in an otherwise dismal background. This mani features two more new OPI polishes from my sister as well as some stamps!


The purple here is two coats of Just A Little Dangerous while the teal is three coats of Mermaid to Order, both by OPI. The teal is a bit of a duochrome, and reminds me of at least two other polishes I have in my stash. The purple, however, is unique, given that is has tiny flecks of blue and pink glitter in it! Both were very easy to control, although the teal was a bit streaky.



I stamped over the teal using the purple and Bundle Monster plate #205, and the teal over the purple using #319. I added some additional dots, just because! I was having some trouble keeping this stamp straight, but I still think it looks alright.



I hope you enjoyed this easy bit of stamp art!

Duochrome, Mirrored

I love any excuse to use my treasured ultra chrome from ILNP. Since today is duochrome day in the OMD challenge, it looks like I get my excuse! What’s more, I also got to test-drive my new silver from the Sally Hansen foil finish line (no surprise, it works just like the gold I showed you Friday).



This mani started with two coats of Sterling Silver over my naked nail. I actually tried this one over a base coat too and it was impossible to work with. Naked nail it was! My left hand is a bit..smoother…than my right hand, so you don’t have to see as many pock marks. However, this polish still shows all the imperfections. Despite that, I love the finish. I think it is shinier than Liquid Gold, and certainly more “mirrored” than any other polish I own!



I saw a cool design with Birefringence by La Paillette Frondeuse and decided to do my own version using striping tape. For the studs, I painted Sterling Silver over some matte purple squares. I did not top coat the end product, since that might ruin the finish of the silver polish (even if you can’t see much of it).



This mani is mesmerizing! I am sad I only get to wear it for a day. I need to play some more with this pairing!

Antique Roses

Sometimes, inspiration strikes. I recently picked up some water decals from the Born Pretty Store (because I needed to see if I could make them work. I hate failing!), and immediately decided to pair some gold and black roses with a gold/green multi chrome.


This is one of the easiest manicures I have ever done. It took 10 minutes. And I love it! More than that…water decal success!


The decals come as a set of 20 differently shaped black and gold roses with leaves and swirls. For some reason, this set was nice and strong, and the color did not run. My previous attempt at using water decals led to tearing, color bleeding, and general mayhem. Then again, those were not from the Born Pretty Store, and these were. They were even strong enough to be repositioned a few times!


The polish I used is an old OPI, Just Spotted the Lizard. I do love multi chromes! This one shifts from bronze to gold, green, and blue. It’s stunning.



The only downside to this mani was that the largest rose (on my thumb) was scrapped by something white. It came like that. It doesn’t bother me all that much, but it did stand out!


If you want some water decals from the Born Pretty Store, you can check them out here. When I bought them, they were 88 cents, so maybe they will go back down! Totally worth it though. Don’t forget to use my 10% off code (LY5X31) if you do though!

Duochrome Glitter

One lovely afternoon, two of my friends came over for a polish fest! One of them is an amateur lacquerista herself, and brought with her one of the kleancolor chunky holos (which are really chunky multi chromes) for me to play with!


I couldn’t decide exactly what to do with it, and honestly what I created is a bit…confusing. Too many colors!! I just played off the red primary tone in the kleancolor glitter and added some red tips with black dots. Because…why not?




  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Glitter: Kleancolor – Chunky holo Bluebell
  • Red: City Color – Red



I do like this glitter though! Maybe next time I can plan better so my nails don’t look so messy!

Snake Charmer

Today I have, for your viewing pleasure, a subtle and seductive manicure. Which is my way of saying “I tested this and it looked better on paper.”


What happened here, is I paired a beautiful deep grey multi chrome polish with a golden glitter polish. Only, the multi chrome was not 100% dry before stamping, and with top coat the stamp almost disappeared! Oh well, still cool.


The base color is Chiq Reloaded by Essence. This poor polish has been sitting in my untried for MONTHS because I couldn’t decide what to do with it! It is a deep grey shimmery polish, that appears teal, blue, burgundy, and copper at different angles. I am getting mostly teal and burgundy. It is really really beautiful, and more subtle than most multi chromes that I have seen recently, Shown here is two coats with top coat (it dries smooth, this was just to speed things up).



I then stamped the snake pattern from bundle monster plate 215 with Ski Slope Sweetie by OPI, thinking that the beautiful gold glitter would be a nice addition to the grungy grey of Chiq Reloaded. Before I added top coat, this was true. It was beautiful.


However, with the addition of top coat, Ski Slope Sweetie somewhat faded! All that was left was glittery pieces. You can still see the snake pattern, it just less obvious, My boyfriend got a kick out of it though, so I guess this is a win!


Either way, I keep staring at my nails as they shift color and the glitter catches the light. I don’t think this would be traditionally “work friendly” but it is much less gaudy than my usual! What do you guys think?

Roses and Vines

I actually almost forgot I made this manicure. I discovered it in my nail art folder, and realized I had never posted it! This needed to be rectified, since I rather like this manicure!


I started with a base of Catrice Genius in the Bottle, a stunning gold/blue mulitchrome. This might be my favorite multi chrome (after ILNP Birefringence). There are so many colors waiting to be discovered! The polish went on perfectly in two easy coats. Dry time was average. Wow effect was intense 🙂



I decided to do a Robin Moses inspired manicure, involving roses and twirls. (Her’s was entitled Skulls and Roses, but I don’t like skulls and honestly, her art involves acrylic paint and I only use polish!) My accent nail was stamped with Bundle Monster 315 before the addition of roses.


Although I don’t really like how the twirls came out, I am a big fan of the roses! This was my first time with roses…I might have to try again!



Unfortunately, I don’t remember what colors I used for this mani. Oops. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Pine Trees in the Snow

Hi all! For once, I am showing you nails that I am actually wearing. I painted these last night. They are my entry for the first week of the Nail Polish Canada nail art competition!


I started with a base of two coats of OPI Just Spotted the Lizard. It is a beautiful bronze-gold-green-blue duochrome. I am REALLY on a duochrome kick right now! Unfortunately, this polish bubbled a bit for me. But I still like it!



I then went ahead and painted on trees, highlighted them with a lighter green, and added lots of snow.




  • Gold duochrome: OPI – Just Spotted the Lizard
  • Dark green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
  • Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
  • White: Zoya – Purity


There is something oddly awesome about these nails, probably involving the color shift of the background! It looks like a hazy sunset in the snow, or darkness depending on the light. Love.


If you like them, please go vote for them! You just need to enter your email and select my nails. I really want to win! The contest goes on for 4 weeks (this is the first, with a new prompt every week) so if you would like to enter your nails as well, feel free to join!


Happy polishing! (and yes, the last photo was taken underwater)


Many months ago, I found (on pinterest) some rather mesmerizing nail art, that I entitled seaweed. I quickly realized that it was a stamp, and that I did not own said stamp. I once tried to re-create this mani, and failed miserably. However, as of today, I have succeeded.


Since I don’t have the stamp that goes with my design, I decided to free-hand it! It took (a lot) longer than stamping, but it led to more variation, and let me hide a heart on my ring finger! ❤


The base for this is a polish I recently won from Tattooed Nail Girl, Lost in Paradise by P2. It is my first P2 polish, and a teal/blue duochrome! This polish took two coats to be opaque and was slightly streaky on application, but dried without streaks. It’s just stunning! Although the brush for this polish was unfortunately wide, the control was perfect and I had almost no clean up.



I free-handed the design using my dotting tool (…unbent hair pin) and my nail art brush. It looks like the dots are waving at me! (No? Maybe I need more sleep? Oops…)




  • Teal: P2 – Lost in Paradise
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black Sheep


Hope you enjoyed!

Exotic Chevrons

I wanted to try out Zoya Faye (oh my god she’s beautiful), and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to pair her with! Then my eyes fell on my dark purple holo and Zoya Penny. Bingo.


Despite being freakishly glittery, this nail art is actually somewhat subtle. The copper polish doesn’t stand out sharply unless my nails are tilted (when you see more of the purple in Faye).


I added the gemstones just for fun…there is a design I’ve been wanting to try that uses a similar pattern…I’ll get there someday! But I thought it would be cute. I’m pretty happy with this.


Next time I do want to pair Faye with a solid purple (maybe Zoya Malia…). So many possibilities, so little time!


This is 3 thin coats of Faye on her own. So damn sparkly. I almost didn’t want to do art over her, which is why I settled on chevrons. This seems to be a trend with the Zoya polishes 😀




  • Purple/bronze: Zoya – Faye
  • Purple holo: L.A. Girl – Purple Effect
  • Copper: Zoya – Penny


In the sun, between the purple holo and the wonderful glitter that is Faye, this mani SPARKLED.


It was also rather interesting that in direct indoor light, Faye looks like a simple copper/bronze/gold glitter (ok, that’s not simple. But she doesn’t look purple) and then in the sunlight, she goes nuts! I think indoors she’s almost a butterLONDON scuppered dupe (without the green). I’ll have to test this!


Sorry for the photospam! Enjoy!

~~~~And remember, please go vote for my nails at the Rite Aid contest!!

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