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Children’s Arches

The scrubs at the Children’s Hospital where my husband works (and where I briefly worked on my pediatric neurology block) are a beautiful shade of darkish teal. So, I decided to paint my nails to match! Of course, I could have gone with a creme color, but thats boring. So I went with a metallic! And then I decided that since the “n” in Children’s was shaped like the St Louis arch, that I would grab my most arch-like stamp and play with it. This was the (rather abstract) result!

~ Teal metallic: P2 – Lost in Paradise
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ Stamps: BP – L050

I had planned to get rid of Lost in Paradise because I never ever wear it. I am glad I still had it on my give-to-a-new-home shelf, its pretty! Although being honest this is the first time I have worn it in at least 3 years, and I have a very similar but more opaque polish that I am keeping. Hopefully it finds a new home soon! All of that being said, I found this manicure a little boring and I am too lazy right now to edit two photos of a boring manicure so you only get one :-p

Golden Veined

Oh god this was SUCH a disaster. I spent almost 2 hours making a super complicated manicure just to cover it up because it looked SO BAD. I started with a pretty purple-with-blue-glitters over a purple creme base, all is well. I then, for some ill-defined reason, decided to make gradient purple scales? Starting with the same shade of dark purple so it blended all the way into the polish? Gradiented to pink? When that looked awful I made an inner lining of the lighter color below for each of the scales and that looked WORSE. It looked like some pink-purple spreading tumor from my nail beds. I decided the problem was the darkest purple blending into the glitter purple base, so I outlined it in chunky gold glitter and somehow that just made everything worse. It was a failure. So I gave up and asked my husband what he would do to salvage it, and his answer was “make up something teal” to pick up the teal glitters in the polish. 

~ Purple cream: L’oreal – Paparazzi Pleaser
~ Purple with blue glitter: Emily de Molly – Open Season
~ Gold glitter: OPI – All Sparkly and Gold
~ Teal: Color Fever – Fiji
~ Gold: Salon Perfect – Gold Leaf

I will never say this on my nail blog again but…my husband was right. I covered the purple-pink monstrosity that I spent hours creating with a super opaque teal metallic, leaving a thin golden rim, and it already looked better. I then added gold veins to the teal and it almost looked like an intentional passable manicure. Only I knew what horrors lay beneath. 

Favorite Polishes of 2020

This is another post that I usually due as a top 10, however, will be doing as a top 9. Also, as it turns out, I did not buy that many polishes in 2020 (which is a lie..I just bought all of them all at once on Black Friday and have not had a chance to use/post most of them yet. There are >15 polishes in my untried shelf right now!). Ergo, quite a few of these polishes will be not-new, but ones that I could not have lived without this year!

High Degree by Emily de Molly – Probably the prettiest polish I bought

Hatch by Cirque – I have had my eyes on this polish for literally years, and finally decided it was time to buy it. That was a good idea, as I have used it >5 times since I purchased it this summer! That is a LOT for someone with a collection the size of mine

Goddess of Rays by Emily de Molly – I wasn’t sure if a gold multichrome was really my thing, especially since I already have a bunch of multichrome polishes and golds. Low and behold, this polish is stunning

Petrichor by Pahlish – One of my Polish Pickup finds this year. Quite a pretty polish, and in my favorite color range! That said, this is my third almost identical polish in this vein 😀

Sand Ahoy by Baroness X – A pale nude spotted polish which I have used quite well for a whole bunch of fluid nail art! Honestly I haven’t posted all of them yet but it is fun to play with

Old polish: polish that is not new this year but which I would not have survived without! I don’t think any of these will really be a surprise for anyone who scrolls through my blog
Downpour by ILNP – This blue is so rich and deep and shimmery in addition to its holographic content. It’s great and probably my most-used base this year.

Pending Perfection by Emily de Molly – This is self-explanatory. I just love shimmer polishes and I love these colors!

It Rubbed Off from Friction by Quixotic Polish – Another example of I-love-shimmer. I was also on a nude/grey kick the past few months

Fairy Dust by China Glaze – I only bought this polish around a year ago, but it has been invaluable for covering gradients and smoothing them out!

Cute Santa

Merry Christmas! My husband just finished making me watch Elf (which is a horrible awkward movie, by the way) so this post is going up late. I figured it was only fair to humor him since his Christmas was so thoroughly downsized (to…just me) for COVID. 

~ Red glitter: Emily de Molly – LE28
~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: OPI – All Sparkly And Gold
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Pink: Zoya – Jordan

Anyway, I painted these cute minimalist santas last year, and I am quite happy with how they turned out! As far as impressive manis go, these are not that, but they get the point across. I am particularly proud of the weird stylized santa hat on my thumb. Hope you all had a great holiday season, whatever you celebrated, and stayed safe!

Teal Snowflake Echoes

I have NO idea where I was going with this. Pale snowflake with a darker central snowflake? What if snowflakes made ripples? Who knows! I do, as always, love the base color though. Gets me every time.

~ Teal with pink shimmer: Emily de Molly – Pending Perfection
~ Teal: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Dark teal: A England – St George
~ Stamps: EdM – 09, BM – 323

In retrospect I wish I had managed to center these a little better, but the end result was actually pretty cool! I don’t usually try to line up my contrasting double stamps and this is why. But I do like it! Happy MORE snowflake  mani :-p

Bright Pink Slices

Why? I don’t know. Vacation was starting, I like bright colors, and whenever I use Pending Perfection I have an unavoidable need to pair it with pink. Blame the shimmer! Sadly, the pink gradient I made out of the middle portion of my nail hardly shows up (yes, there is both a light pink and a dark pink), but at least the glitter came through!

~ Teal shimmer: Emily de Molly – Pending Perfection
~ Pink: Revlon – Bubbly
~ Dark pink: Zoya – Kelsey
~ Holo topper: China Glaze – Fairy Dust

Hopefully I will be able to get some more fall-appropriate nails lined up for next week. We shall see. Hope you enjoyed! 

Spooky Flames

I had to freehand the black because for some darn reason all of my fire stamps require me to stamp the FLAMES rather than the space around the flames! Which is unfortunate because none of my polishes are pigmented enough that I can stamp a gradient over black (other than metallics but that hardly counts). So, freehand black around a spooky flame. They came out quite well if I do say so myself! This begins the real lead-in to Halloween 😀

 ~ Yellow: KBShimmer – Orange you Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?
~ Teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ Purple: Zoya – Danielle
~ Blue: Zoya – Ryan
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black

I do wish I managed to get my timing right…I have done at least 4 more manicures this year, but I haven’t had time to edit them. I guess you will see them next year! That said, this year’s actual Halloween manicures is probably one of my favorites from the entirety of 2019! Hope you enjoyed! 

Bright Flowery Teal

I have literally been saving this manicure for year so I can post it! Talk about inspired by a color :-D. The design itself is from @evgeshkammm because lets be honest it would never would have occurred to me to do naked nails by myself (I still hate seeing visible nail line, but it kinda works here?). Ugh, neons are the best! 

~ Teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Nude: Sephora X – Marvelous
~ Stamps: BP – L052, L008

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the stamps + freehand + geometric neon naked mani! This is a weird combo that I will likely never attempt again but I enjoyed it at the time! 

Glitter Grip

I was on vacation while I wore these nails, and if I am honest they survived 6 days of archery, boating, more boating, more archery, and a bit of zip lining better than expected! Also they were super glittery 😀


~ Bright teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ Dark teal: OPI – Stay Off the Lawn!!
~ Pink glitter: POP Polish – Watermelon Bubbleslick


I think I mentioned a while ago that I was into doing deep V nails. This is one of the designs from that genre (again, not sure why I did a whole bunch of them in the span of a month, but I did do them!). Very easy, but quite pretty! Hope you enjoyed 😀

Lace Tips on Purple

This is a fun color and a fun stamp, so I just went for it. It looked a little bland with just white and purple shimmery, so I added some grey glitter (because those colors go together). I honestly, in retrospect, can’t tell if making silver glittery tips at the end was a good idea or a bad one? Maybe a bad one. I should have gone with a slightly less complicated grey!


~ Purple glitter: Emily de Molly – Traverse the Skies
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Grey holo: Emily de Molly – Shadow on the Moon
~ Stamp: MoYou – French 14


So thats it for today! Straight forward and somewhat pretty. Happy wednesday (maybe) and hope you enjoyed!

Moonlight Lattice

Very simple but quite pretty! Primarily because both this polish and this stamp are stunning. I think I have used this stamp at least 5 times, which is impressive seeing as how I have literally hundreds of stamps :-p. Can’t help picking favorites!


~ Grey glitter: Emily de Molly – Shadow on the Moon
~ Purple: Sinful Colors – Muse
~ Stamp: MoYou – Porcelain 01


Anyway, hope you all enjoyed! I didn’t mean to do two purples in a row, but to be fair Monday’s post was supposed to go up on friday (oops)!

Rowdy Roses

Technically, I painted these around Valentine’s day. However, roses are good any time, so they are being posted now! In retrospect, I wish I had not made the backgrounds holographic, I think the art would have popped more against a creme background. Live and learn! Besides, I like making my backgrounds more sparkly than would otherwise be indicated :-p


~ White holo: Emily de Molly – Crystal Crown
~ Red creme: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Red holo: A England – Rosebower
~ Green: Zoya – Josie
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: BP – L067, UC – Lovely Leaves 2


On a separate topic: things are going sideways in the US. At the moment, the city that I live in has a curfew, and honestly all but one of the 4 cities I have lived in at any point in my life are doing the same. The systemic racism and violence is (finally) being called out, which is (sadly) provoking violence. To all my readers in the USA: stay safe, stay strong, and do what you can to support your community. To my international readers: yes, all of this is exactly as terrible as it looks. If you feel so motivated, please encourage your leadership to sanction the USA; sadly I don’t think Trump listens to anything except his pride and his wallet, so if his income can be hurt we might actually see some change.

Regional Trails

I have an apology to make: this polish is impossible to photograph. I feel like there usually the most difficulty taking photos of purples (they come out blue) and neons (they come out super washed out) but something about this polish made it super hard! So, that is why the in the sunlight photo looks so different from my indoor lighting photos…and honestly none of them are accurate!


Anyway, I really like this new polish. Its a deep blue-leaning green with a squishy feel and SILVER SHARDS. It looks awesome. I am going to use it as grass. So much grass. Anyway, this is two coats of Region Specific by Emily de Molly. The polish is probably closest in color to the indoor nail art photo; it is less blue than my swatch photo, not quite as green as my sunlight photo, and certainly not that bright! I hope that helps a little? I feel like the swatches I have seen of it online make it look a little too bright and a little too green. That said, it is a beautiful color!


~ Green with silver shards: Emily de Molly – Region Specific
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Green: Zoya – Tilda
~ Stamp: Lina – @urbannailart collab


I ended up covering it with a stamping gradient of pastel mint green to white, just to see what would happen. The gradient is subtle but I like it! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and I am sorry about the odd variation in nail polish color, I promise I tried!

Fancy Teal Tips

Yet ANOTHER fun manicure with a bright weird base color and a design from the UrbanNailArt collab plate. I am seriously glad I bought it! Sadly, the silver I used on my tips is a tad overwhelming, but you can still see the cool semi-foil below 🙂


The base here is three thin coats of Near and Far by Emily de Molly. This is a “pastel” multichrome, and honestly it is lighter in shade than most of my multichromes but I would not call this color pastel! I will need to do a comparison with the other similar multichromes I own just to see how much lighter it really is. Regardless, it is a very pretty and very shifty color! I captured the bright teal flash, as well as shifts to blue, indigo, and purple.


~ Teal/purple multichrome: Emily de Molly – Near and Far
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur (renaissance)
~ Stamps: Moyra – 32 Nature, Lina – @urbannailart collab


I honestly especially love how this polish looks in the sunlight, you get an eyeful of the purple flash. Many multichromes have a fun sun feature, but this one really wowed me! Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Scattered Roses on a Field of Gold

I told you there would be more flowers, and here they are! To be fair, I really really like how this mani came out (unlike the other two I posted this week). The theme appears to be color-in-flowers-with-jelly-polish. This manicure also gave me an excuse to play with another new polish :-D. I also almost forgot to post this (oops!) but its technically still Friday!


I wanted to see if the new pastel-ish multichromes from Emily de Molly we really worth buying…so I bought one that was different than anything else in my collection. Meet Goddess of Rays, an orange-gold-green-emerald pastel almost foil-like multichrome. I have to say, I was impressed! This covered very well in two coats, was only a tiny bit streaky, had a great shift, and was overall a pleasure to wear and a pleasure to look at!


~ Orange/green multichrome: Emily de Molly – Goddess of Rays
~ Pink jelly: Zoya – Paloma
~ Pink creme: Zoya – Veronica
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: Whats Up Nails – B005


Initially I just added some black stamps, which I deemed too boring. So I decided to fill in the roses with a pink jelly polish, and add some matching dark pink creme dots as the little buds/berries! Ergo this weeks theme. To be fair, this manicure was shifty and awesome and more eye-catching than spring-like. But it fits! Hope you enjoyed 😀

Magenta Squared

This was a fun manicure. I have no idea where it came from though! I wanted to use one of my new Polish Pickup polishes, High Degree by EdM. I will get to that polish in a second (it is incredible) but I decided to go with black and orange over it for some reason? I was going to do flames but somehow ended up here instead. I have no idea what it is but I like it!


High Degree is a bright almost neon magenta jelly completed full of small and medium iridescent glitters. This is fantastic for two reasons: the glitters glint between orange-yellow-green and sometimes red from the jelly overlay, AND because they are iridescent rather than intrinsically colored they remove like a charm! This is somehow a glitter polish that removes almost like a creme. I ended up covered in glitter, but it was so worth it. The polish covered well in two coats but I added a thin third coat for added glitter dimension. This polish is utterly incredible (I know I said that already).


~ Purple glitter: Emily de Molly – High Degree
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Orange holo: Emily de Molly – Scorched Earth
~ Stamp: Whats Up Nails – B015


I then added a black geometric stamp and decided that was too boring, so I went ahead and put thin orange holographic lines inside anything that looked vaguely solid? The end result was cool looking and futuristic! Don’t ask me why I did it though, I was just bored. Hope you enjoyed!

Holographic Grey Splashes

Wintry and appropriate! Next week I start posting lace-themed things for Valentine’s day (no hearts this year) so I figured I should sneak in at least one final winter manicure.


What is cool about this mani is that I actually both polished with a holo AND stamped with a similar scattered holo. Usually I would stamp with a creme polish but I wanted to see what would happen! The end result it kinda trippy, it almost looks like I top coated with some type of linear-ish holographic? Go figure!


~ Grey holo: Emily de Molly – Crystal Crown
~ Dark grey holo: Darling Diva – Black Diamond
~ Stamp: MoYou – Fairytale 02


Of course my friend had a birthday, and she has (and loves) guinea pigs, so I had to add them on just for her! The background was just subtle enough that it worked. My nails had grown out 4-5 days at that point which is why I have so much free cuticle space (gross) but they were too cute not to post! So enjoy the bonus extra guinea pig photograph 🙂


Simple but pretty! Just a pretty base polish and a white stamp. One of these days I should invest in actual stamping polishes so I can use colors other than white, black, gold, and silver with ease. That day is not today!


~ Purple holo: Emily de Molly – State of Mind
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: Moyra – Ornaments 3


Hope you enjoyed despite the simple nature of the post! Friday is another easy manicure but the colors are, if anything, somehow even MORE vibrant :-p

Pink Swoop Gradient

I was sent to pink polishes to review from the Warm Tea Series from Born Pretty. These are very small bottles of quite potent stamping polish. I do wish I had been given two different color families, but theses ones gradiented together well! I wanted to test them over a dark base to prove that they, especially the lighter pink, would work. Voila!


Of course, in retrospect, it might have been a better test of their ability to not put them over something quite so glittery, but I have to admit the effect in the sun was dazzling! This has also convinced me that at some point I really do need to go out and buy some more dedicated stamping polishes. My regular cremes would never be able to do this!


~ Purple holo: Emily de Molly – State of Mind
~ Light pink: Born Pretty – Warm Tea, Cherry Blossoms
~ Dark pink: Born Pretty – Warm Tea, Crimson Cheeks
~ Stamp: EdM – 21


Hope you enjoyed! If you want to pick up either the lighter pink or the darker pink stamping polish you can find them here for $1.99 each. That said, keep in mind that these are very small polish bottles, only 6ml!

Bright Teal and Dark Roses

This was fun, and almost-but-not-quite perfect! Regardless of the imprecations (entirely my fault with color selection) I enjoyed wearing this! I also don’t know why I don’t actually have more floral manicures to post. What have I been painting if not flower?!


The design was inspired by @ponkle. In retrospect I wish I had used a brighter pink for the base of the roses! This ended up looking almost neon-with-goth because of the dark roses. I love it anyway. Of course, I also cheated. The dots are freehand and everything else is stamping 🙂


~ Teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Light pink: Zoya – Jordan
~ Pink: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Dark pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Light green: Zoya – Josie
~ Dark green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Stamps: BP – L020, MoYou London – Frenchy 14


Short and sweet today, but with pretty pictures of course! Hope you enjoyed!

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