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Prismatic Braid

Omg you guys. YOU GUYS. So, first off, I am super freaking proud because LOOK I DID A FOIL TRANSFER. Now, I cannot totally lay claim to this, because everything in this mani is new…new base polish, new foil transfer glue, new foils. Somehow, it worked!


To start with, the base color is two thin coats of Landon by Zoya, a mid-tone slightly dusty purple creme. The polish is pretty enough, but honestly I prefer my mid-toned purple with a pink (or even true purple) tint and not grey-out like this! Anyway, Landon is pretty enough but a bit more wintry than I am currently feeling!


However, then I added holographic foil. Because. And it is amazing. I requested some holographic nail foils from the Born Pretty Store when they asked me what I wanted to review most recently, and I asked for foil glue as well since previously I had used regular nail polish. The foil glue was a bit…tricky. I tried to just paint it on but it shrunk to just the center of my nails. So I tried to paint it on thickly and it kinda worked…so I just gave up and dapped it on a few times in places that it wasn’t covering. Despite the headache of doing things that way, it dried quickly and clearly covered all right!



I then cut the foil I wanted to use (this set comes with 12 designs….three of which were a little poorly printed and looked blob-y and the rest of which were awesome) and went and applied the foil once the glue was completely dry. Ta-da! These worked basically perfectly. I smushed them down with a makeup sponge instead of just using my finger, and I think that helped.


So, you can find 12 foil designs, of which this is one, at the Born Pretty Store for $1.79, and the foil glue for $5.29. Hope you enjoyed! I know I did 😀


This was an attempt at the current trend at cracked glass nails…only this failed to look at all like what I intended! Regardless, I think it looks pretty awesome. I have a second attempt that worked better that will be up sometime next week.


This look was pretty easy to obtain, although it took some time. I started with a black creme base (Sinful Colors – Black on Black), and added quick dry top coat to it. The top coat is important to protect the base, or not-quite-dry glue will pull off your base color!


Once the top coat was totally 100% dry (I went and played minecraft for about half an hour), I added some random striping tape patterns, and then a very thin layer of the glue that came with my foil set (I’m about 98% sure its just regular old glue…goes on white, dries clear). I then pulled off the striping tape.


I applied the foil when the glue turned clear (except on my pinky when I forgot and added the foil while the glue was still wet/white…and so it looks like a splatter painting), and squished the foil around before pulling back the rest of the foil roll. I was hoping for nice sharp demarcations where the striping tape had been…and instead I got this! I still like it.


My only REAL complaint is that my pinky is more green than teal. Oops! I added some water-based top coat to finish off the design, as it causes less crinkling of the foil (although it does crinkle some regardless).


Hope you enjoyed! Not a great way to make broken glass nails, but quite fun anyway 😀


I have spent two weeks trying to figure out how to use Yuna by Zoya to her best advantage, and also how to try using my nail art foils again. This evening, those ideas came together into MAGIC. And then I added purple (it was that or a deep plum, and I just liked the contrast better this way). It all worked! I’m actually kinda surprised that this turned into not-a-fail.


The only bit of sad here is that even with my water-based top coat, the awesome holographic design on the foils crinkled a bit at the end. I have a few shots before I added top coat, but not many. Either way, it does look kinda cool!



I also dug up my giant holo studs from the Born Pretty Store that I was sent eons ago, and made up some weird design (looks a bit like the radioactivity symbol) on my other nails. But really look! FOIL! I might almost be willing to try a whole-nail design next. Maybe. If I’m feeling brave.



~ Grey: Zoya – Yuna
~ Purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
~ Silver (under the holo): Revlon – Metallic


Hope you enjoyed! You can find the holographic studs that I used here at the Born Pretty Store, and if you want them use my 10% off code LY5X31!

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