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Grey Trimmed Lace

Ok, so this is super boring. Like really really painfully boring. That said, it came out nicely and no one noticed any of the art in the hospital so I’ll cal it a win. It also gave me a chance to use that darn stamp…its been staring at me for years and I never figured out why someone would need some angled lace pattern!


I don’t have much to say about this. Pink. White. Grey. Some lace. I sound like a broken record…I really hope my current stint in the outpatient clinics is more forgiving of manis! I think it will be (I am barely getting graded for this, it is for my own edification).


~ Pink: ULTA – Baby Doll
~ Grey: Zoya – Dove
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: BM – 323


I hate posing for bottle photos with anything but Zoya or rectangular bottles. I don’t know why, but the shape fits well in my hand. This awkward straight-edged bottle? Not so much. So, thank you brands like Zoya and Emily de Molly for making easy-to-hold bottles :-p


Thats it for boring pink manis! There is one more subtle mani but at it least it isn’t pink or nude. Oy.

Olive Tipped

While the color of these is not subtle, I was informed that as long as I was wearing “one color” that I would be permitted to wear nail polish for a day in the hospital (since I wasn’t going to the OR).


Because I am me, just to be contrary, I put on a nice olive color with shimmer…and then added a very stubble french tip in a similar shade with more glitter. I really like olive (despite HATING olives), which is the only reason I was able to sneak this by!


Hilariously, a few of the nurses complimented the color, and none of the women I was reporting to even noticed the polish. *sigh* just let me wear my polish in peace!


The creamier olive is In a Trance by Cult Nails, and the glittery olive is Wallis by Butter London. I only ended up taking sunlight photos of this, since I barely considered it art. Enjoy!

Lace Negative Space

This mani is a bit odd…it looked awesome in person, but the photos all came out weird! I’ve posted the ones that look best, but it still doesn’t capture how cool these actually looked.


The art itself was inspired by Baroquen Nails, as all the best negative space manis are 🙂


To make this, I started with two coats of a sheer nude, then two coats of a frankened sheer black jelly (making the right tone of jelly took forever!). Next, I stamped the lacy pattern, and then freehanded the red. Finally, I added the 3D bits!


~ Nude: Sephora X – Marvelous
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Red: Confetti – Maquerade Ball
~ Stamp: BC – 10


Hope you enjoyed! I doubt you’ll be seeing much negative space in the near future, as of right now my nails are a blotchy odd mix of yellow and bright pink. Silly staining polish!

Girly and Grey

So, today’s challenge theme was polka dots…which this is not. It is, however, a glitter bomb polish with circular glitter so I’m going to pretend that works!


The nail art (simple as it is) was inspired by @Kells_Hotz. Sometimes simple is good! Even for me :-p


When I did this, a while back, the base polish was new. I had my eyes on Sakura for over a year, waiting for Emily de Molly to have a sale. Seriously, I love this polish! The combination of hot metallic pink and grey is stunning. Sakura covered well in three thin coats…and I really only added the third coat for even MORE GLITTER. I stored the bottle upside-down before I used it, and had no trouble with glitter density! It helps that the glitters are of the smaller variety.


~ Glitter: Emily de Molly – Sakura
~ Pink: Essie – The Girls are Out


Tomorrows post really does have stripes, I promise!

Golden Black French

I really don’t like ‘classic’ french manis…I think they are a combination of boring and flat-out ugly (which is upsetting, since I’m pretty sure french manicures are the only form of ‘nail art’ I’ll be allowed to wear when I return to the hospital in a few months). However, I found an awesome mutant form of a french that I like!


This was inspired by Copycat Claws, although I don’t have the same stamp as her and I want it! Even though there is still the french-like curve to this, and the nail base is nude…the black and gold (and blue) make it SO MUCH MORE EXCITING. I made these using stamping decals, in case it was hard to tell.


Chantal was a bit too dark for the base I wanted here, so I added two thin coats of Calla Lilly to make it a bit lighter. It also added flakie shimmer, but that’s fine by me! I need to get some more shimmery/flakie nudes so I have SOMETHING to wear when real life comes back around (ahh, freedom of graduate school I will miss you)!


~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Pale shimmer: Revlon – Calla Lilly
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamp: Born Pretty – L008


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow is more stamping decals, but they are super awesome!

Winter Snowflake French

Another wintry mani! This was was supposed to be a little more subtle, but I still like it. Glitter and snowflakes, always fun 🙂


The nail art was inspired by PiggieLuv’s guest post at Pocket Money Polish. My boyfriend took one look at my nails and dubbed them “Elsa”, which was also fun! Hearing what he has to say about all of my manis is fun as well.


The base color is another Mentality polish (that I haven’t touched yet), a pale blue matte called Pilot. I needed two-three coats of Pilot, there was some patchiness so some nails needed 3 rather than the preferable 2! I like the color, but I mostly just like the matte finish.


The glitter was fun to get on, and I always forget how dense it is! I do need more snowflake stamps though, I am getting bored of the three I have :-p


~ Blue: Mentality – Pilot
~ Silver: Nails Inc – Maida Vale
~ White: Zoya – Purity
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 323


Hope you enjoyed! This ends my venture into snowy manis for the time being. Normal (well, as close as I get to normal) up tomorrow!

Olive and Black Lines

This was a pretty straightforward mani, and is the companion part to last Monday’s post (about spooky vines). I wanted something easy to do while staying at a friends house during a week-long conference, so striping tape it was!


This week really does have a LOT of striping tape. Wow. This mani ended up not exactly as I wanted…but I honestly like it better this way! I asked my friend if she wanted me to do something simple or complex, and her response was basically “both?” so I did something simple with complex accent nails!


Initially, all of the non-accent nails were supposed to look like my middle finger, but I wasn’t paying attention to my pinky so it ended up black, and I actually liked it better! Hence, skittelette. Sort of.


~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Green: OPI – I Just Spotted the Lizard


Ta-da! Fast easy mani. Enjoy!

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