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Flakie Overlay

I think the theme of this week is “things Eva matted.” However, unlike Monday’s post, I am really sad that this mani did not end up glossy!


The design was inspired by @kgrdnr, as many good things are. I mostly just wanted to use Ski Lodge by ILNP because it somehow found its way onto my desk. However, then I decided it wasn’t quite glittery enough, and I added some flakies over top. Voila!


Despite being really simple, I think this came out rather awesome. I have missed working with dark greens (they are not an approved-of color in the hospital or on the interview trail), and holographic + flakie polishes are an awesome combination.


~ Dark green creme: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
~ Dark green holo: ILNP – Ski Lodge
~ Green flakies: Lyn B Designs – The Speed of Light, you Know
~ Gold: Salon Perfect – Gold Leaf
~ Matte: KBShimmer – Oh Matte!


Regardless, you can also see why I am sad I matted this! Usually I am all-for matted flakies, but I ended up removing some of the depth in the design and certainly in getting rid of the awesome holo inherent in Ski Lodge. Oops! I’ll likely try a similar design with a different color, and I just need to remember to keep it glossy 🙂


See, for the theme of Day 27, artwork, I decided to go with things that work to make art…in this case paintbrushes. I have no idea if anyone other than me would ever be able to identify what they are without me telling them! Oops.


To create the bristles I painted my nails a medium brown, and added a bristle-like stamp with a nude tone. I then dry-brushed on a bit of each of my intended colors to create an effect as though the paintbrushes had been previously used for the specific color.


Then I added the blobs of color and a little white crescent to indicate that they were shiny. I decided to matte the ‘brush’ part and make the paint part ‘glossy’ just for fun!


~ Brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Orange: ULTA – Sun of a Gun
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Green: Salon Perfect – Escape to Neverland
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Stamp: BM – 314


So, do they look like paintbrushes? Did I succeed? 🙂

Pink Pearls and Black Lace

I am actually rather happy with how this nail art came out! It isn’t as detailed as my inspiration, but I don’t know that it can be. Which is to say, I hereby accuse Nails Master Russia of acrylics or wizardry. They are more or less the same for me, since I have access to neither!


The base color here is an ULTA brand polish that I picked up for $2 in the clearance bin. Along with quite a few others and one that I dropped and shattered all over myself and the floor. (I hate it when that happens…I always feel awful for not paying for the now-broken polish, and I don’t know if I should wander away or help…). Anyway. This polish is a pearly pale pink called Freshwater Pearl. The name is…very apt.


This polish covered nicely in two coats. It looked like a frost when it first went on, but dried to more of a shimmer instead. You can still faintly see brush strokes, but only in the macro. The photo here has top coat (but mostly so I could get on with the nail art). I do have to say that I don’t like this color. it is 100% workplace appropriate and thus boring. I bought it for my mother.


In the final art, the two middle fingers and thumb are covered with matte top coat, and the black on my pinky and pointer is a matte as well. I was trying for finish contrast! It’s rather hard to tell.


My mom is always insisting that I paint her nails. Unlike my sister, however, who sends me designs she likes and wants reds and blues and purples, my mom wants “light pink. A very pretty subtle light pink” and I really don’t own those (I own one, and it takes 3 coats and dries slowly. That won’t do for my mom). So, when I saw this in the sale bin I thought “yes! For mom” so here we have a mom-directed soft pink shimmer.

~ Pink: ULTA – Freshwater Pearl
~ Black matte: Mentality – Rascal
~ Black creme: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


The art is just some lace! And stones. Because nothing makes pink seem edgier than black and silver :-D. And no, you aren’t going nuts…my middle fingers and thumb are matted (at least the pink is) for contrast. Curlicues galore! Enjoy.

Art Lines in Blue

I promise more blue, and more blue you shall have! This mani arose out of a desire to see what Tough by Mentality looked like with glossy top coat (since it is a matte polish). And also because I will take absolutely any excuse to use Turbulence by Emily de Molly. That polish makes me drool.


The inspiration for this came loosely from Liloo Nail Art (…again) this time inspired by her accent nail. Honestly, this mani was deceptively simple. You have to start out with matte polish, add scotch tape, then striping tape (making sure that it doesn’t cover the edge of the scotch tape) and THEN add glossy top coat. This ensures that half the nail ends up glossy and that the top coat covers the striping tape. Otherwise, the striping tape will just fall off!


Despite the unanticipated effort that went into this, I like how it came out. If only the sun had cooperated…so no sunny photos today! Philly has been getting a lot of almost-snow. Which is to say no snowball fights yet, sadly, but many cloudy and mildly wet days.


~ Blue: Mentality – Tough
~ Blue glitter: Emily de Molly – Turbulence


You can pick up Tough for $6.75 (with free USA shipping!) at the Mentality store. Hope you enjoyed!

Fading Patches

I realize this is not particularly Christmas-y, but the two Christmas manis that I do have are not quite ready yet (aka I need to transfer the photos for one and am actively WEARING the other currently) but hopefully I’ll get my act together by tomorrow! In the meantime, we have a cool-toned gradient with black. (And sorry for not posting yesterday, I totally lost track of time!!!)


For some odd reason, everyone really liked my accent nail (men, yes men, in the mall stopped to ask me how I did “that effect”. Apparently the concept of black/white glitter polish is novel?), despite that the matte/glossy dichotomy on the rest of my nails is far cooler! At least to me. Also I love striping tape.



This is again a great use for matte polish…you get the whole finish contrast! Here I used my very favorite matte polish, Rascal by Mentality. If you don’t own a black matte, you totally should. Well, if you do nail art. Or want to try nail art :-p


~ Black matte: Mentality – Rascal
~ Green: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ Blue: Essie – Rock the Boat
~ Purple: Essie – Full Steam Ahead
~ Black and white: Maybelline – Clearly Spotted


This might not be winter-themed, but I do like it! If you want to pick up Rascal for yourself, head over to the Mentality website. The polish is $5.40 right now (with free US shipping) if you use the code EVA. The code is only good for a few more days so if you’ve had your eye on something, grab it now!! Happy Christmas Eve (and end of Hanukkah :-D).

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