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Silver Arabesques on Purple

Eeep! Sorry for the extended absence…after moving a WEEK ago, AT&T failed to install our internet and we didn’t get wifi until today! So this really is the first time I could have posted :-p


Anyway, this mani is wayyy too complicated! A stamp this complicated needs a creme-on-creme finish, none of this playing with 5 colors of holographic glittery purple and stamping in silver. I love the stamps but this is too much!


I also likely should not have added dots. Oops! Live and learn. It’s still kinda fun!


~ Silver: Nails Inc – South Kensington
~ Dark glitter purple: LA Girl – Purple Effect
~ Bright glitter purple: ILNP – Zoe
~ Blurple holo: A England – Crown of Thistles
~ Fuchsia holo: Cupcake Polish – Berry Good Looking
~ Purple holo: Gothic Gala – Vallis Sanguine
~ Stamp: Moyra – 50 – Ornaments 3


Hope you enjoyed! And if I’m lucky, I should be able to get back to my semi-regular monday/wednesday/friday posting schedule.

Gradients of Purple Skittle

This is a complicated mani. In my head this was basically “is there ANYTHING else I can do that I like better than the elegant dark purple baroque nails” so I did a full-on skittle mani!


Basically, I wanted to try and figure out if I liked any of these better. I was going to hold a vote before the wedding but I (clearly) ran out of time! I didn’t prefer any of these over my favorite that I posted last Monday, so I went with that one.


Oddly, I usually like things more BEFORE I top coat them…although top coat makes things smooth, it also makes them less distinct. That is true here as well, except on my pointer! I like the dark purple stamp much better when it really fades into the top of the nail. Go figure!


My ring finger stands apart as the only nail with any type of glitter on it. I used a base of Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen (as I did for all 5 nails), and added Lavender by Nabi, Hi-Res by Milani, Vallis Sanguine by Gothic Gala Lacquers, and Valerie by Zoya in between the stripes going up my nail. I really like how it came out, but I didn’t think it was elegant enough for a wedding mani! Also…I dreaded the idea of adding 10+ bits of striping tape to EVERY SINGLE NAIL. Kill me now.


The other 3 fingers have a gradient of French White by Wet n’ Wild, Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen, Ignition by Sephora X, and Monica by Zoya. Once that was dry, I added various stamps! Ring finger has BM-315 with Monica, middle has BM-616 with French White, and my pinky has BC-10 with White Opaque (which looks somewhat silvery).


Although I could get behind my pinky, I actually think my middle finger is my favorite combo of colorful + elegant. One last wedding-related purple mani tomorrow, and then we are done with wedding!

Entwined Hearts

So, following the theme of purple-and-white manis that were potential wedding manicures, we have the third runner-up! The base color is almost exactly the same shade as the bridesmaid’s dresses (and also the flowers), and I like the love theme!


Unfortunately, I think this looks a little juvenile. Maybe if I used creme polishes and not a holo base or something I’d like it a tad better, but I don’t have a creme burgandy-purple! I do like the tiny dark purple dots I added though :-p


My baby sister aka maid of honor wanted me to replicate these on her nails…despite never having seen them! She grabbed the same purple holo out of my extensive collection and then found this stamping plate and wanted it. Sadly, we ran out of time so she just ended up with purple nails, but it is amazing how similar we think!


~ Purple holo: Gothic Gala – Vallis Sanguine
~ Silver: Mentality – White Opaque
~ Dark purple: Zoya – Valerie
~ Stamp: BC – 04


Next week is a few more wedding-ish manis. Enjoy!

Ribbons and Lace

I randomly had my red roll of striping tape lying next to my lace design stamping plate from Born Pretty…and saw that one of the stamps looked like it would be PERFECT to have a line of striping tape down the middle…and so I just left the tape and the plate out on my polish desk. For a month. And now that I have a clear stamper I can finally make this awesome art!


I am not ashamed to admit I spent 20 minutes picking out a base polish. Gold? Holo? Pink? Red? WHAT ON EARTH! Before I remembered this polish I was sent to review years ago that I seldom use! Its a nude with pink shimmer and black and red glitters…and since I wanted red striping tape and black stamping it seemed perfect.


I added a thin coat of a semi-opaque nude once the glittery base was down, just to burry the glitters a tiny bit more…I wanted the red and black of the stamp and tape to stand out, and not be eaten by the glitters. I love how it turned out!


I actually put the striping tape down BEFORE I stamped, so I could line up the stamp in the center of my nail perfectly. IT WAS AWESOME. I almost want to do this design again with different colors. Ugh.

~ Glittery nude: Gothic Gala Lacquers – Hel
~ Nude jelly: Sephora X – Marvelous
~ Black: Mentality – Black Opaque
~ Stamp: Born Pretty – L020


Hope you enjoyed! This was so much fun to make and I am super pleased with how it came out 😀

Subtle Purple Swirls

This came out a bit more subtle than I intended…but oddly looks a lot like the vests we are thinking of putting the groomsmen in for our wedding! Which we picked out today. So maybe that was my inadvertent inspiration?


The new polish here is a purple matte called Iris by Zoya. Since I can’t use my old Mentality mattes without my fingernails threatening to fall off, I wanted to try and replace some of my favorites with Zoyas! I while back I bought a STUNNING dark green (Verschuka) but that line of early mattes has been discontinued. Iris is from the newer mattes…and is more of a semi-matte than a true matte.


That being said, I love the color of Iris…especially with top coat! There are beautiful flecks of pink and blue shimmer hidden in Iris, but de-matting the polish defeats the purpose! Ah well, still pretty. Iris covered nicely in two coats, and is pretty matte and beautiful glossy!


~ Purple matte: Zoya – Iris
~ Purple holo: Gothic Gala Lacquers – Vallis Sanguine
~ Stamp: EdM – 22


So, this post is a mix of matte and top coated just so you guys can see how it looked both ways! And because the holo stands out better before top coat. Oops!


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow’s manis TERRIBLE so be prepared :-p

Timey Wimey

This mani is something of a failure. I had high hopes…and they did NOT pan out. This was deceptively complicated…the nail is grey with a purple stripe up the middle. I did a purple-gold-puple stamp and tried to line up the gold over the purple on the nail. This was the result.


The saddest part is that the fun part of the stamp are all the arrows at the side…and you can barely see them! To be fair, stamping over grey is usually a bad idea to start with. I should have known.


~ Grey: Wet n’ wild – Sidewalkers
~ Purple creme: Zoya – Malia
~ Purple holo: Gothic Gala – Vallis Sanguine
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 605


There are also some glequins on the base of my accent nail. Because once I knew the mani was more or less ruined, I might as well go all right? *Twacks self on the head* I promise better manicures next week. I have some awesome ones lined up (including what might be a new favorite. It involves neurons). Enjoy!

Peacock Gradient – 31DC2014

Bundle Monster has this peacock feather stamp. I own it. And it will not stamp (it isn’t engraved deep enough). I am too lazy to email them and request a replacement (although I really should, I keep meaning to test ALL THE STAMPS and then email them for the ones that don’t work. I know of at least two plates of mine that just won’t stamp) ANYWAY. I wanted to use it and I can’t. So I made my own version.


The stamp I did use was another bundle monster, just a criss-cross pattern from plate 209. I then added a gold and then a dot of turquoise and then a blue dot at the apex of each crossed bit. It took an hour. Too many dots. And it STILL doesn’t look as good as the initial stamp! But I wanted it. So I did it. The end.


The base is a three-color gradient (teal-blue-purple), which was kinda fun to put together. Holo gradients are always fun!


~ Teal: A England – St. George
~ Blue: A England – Tristam
~ Purple: Gothic Gala – Vallis Sanguine
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Turquoise: Petites Color Fever – Figi


Enjoy the peacocky goodness! Tomorrows post is a bit more subdued 🙂

I *Heart* You

I wanted to make a heart gradient Valentine’s Day manicure for my entry into the Nail Polish Canada Contest, so I went to my bundle monster stamps and put together a home-made decal!


This was a pretty fast manicure, but it took two days (day 1: make a whole bunch of decals. day 2: base coat and apply to nails). The hearts are stamped with black and then have a 3-color red gradient. My accent nail and thumb are just two colors taken from the largest heart on the stamp.


I like this mani, but honestly I should have done something more fun for the accent nail! This whole manicure was inspired by the base polish on that nail (Hel by Gothic Gala Lacquers)…light pink with shimmer and black and red glitter.IMG_7012


  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Dark red: OPI – Visions of Love
  • Red: OPI – All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI)
  • Light red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Shimmer: Sally Hansen – Platinum
  • Pink glitter: Gothic Gala – Hel
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 317


If you enjoyed, please to vote for me in the Nail Polish Canada Valentine’s Day challenge! All you have to do is input your email and select “flightofwhimsy” from the drop down menu. ❤ Thanks!

Winter in the Vallis

*Sent for review

The third and final of my Gothic Gala Lacquer polishes is a beautiful magenta purple with a strong linear holo flare. This is the strongest holo I own, other than Nfu Oh #65, if that gives you some perspective!


This color is called Vallis Sanguine, or ‘valley of optimism’. This polish is certainly happy! This is two thin coats. It went on like a dream, dried very quickly, and was just a pleasure to work with! My other strong holo (the Nfu Oh) cracks, peels, and just generally has become a disaster to work with. This polish is chip free and going strong at 3 days.


Notably, the holo flare did NOT dim with the addition of top coat! I use a cheap 99 cent top coat (In A New York Minute by NYC) so if it was going to dim, my top coat would do it. I am really impressed! I also love the color…it looks like an elegant deep red/purple with glitter in dim lights, and comes to life in direct lighting! There has been NO sun since I painted my nails (there has, however, been snow! First snowfall of the season), so all of the photos are indoors. I got out my giant LED flashlight to take the ‘flash’ photos.


I hand-painted on the snowflakes. I had planned to stamp the designs, but I decided at the last minute to free-hand. I need a minute to brag: this design is on my right hand, which is to say I painted these snowflakes with my non-dominant hand. I have come a LONG way in the last year!!


I was inspired by this beautiful beaded snowflake manicure at Nail Polish Galore to add micro beads to my snowflakes! I have an order of more colors coming in from the Born Pretty Store that I can’t wait to play with! I’m not sure I think the beads add to the manicure, but they certainly make a fun texture to mess around with 🙂



  • Purple holo: Gothic Gala Lacquers – Vallis Sanguine
  • White: Zoya – Purity


Vallis Sangine ($9.50) can be found at the Gothic Gala Lacquers etsy page. Check out Gothic Gala on facebook for sales. From now till Christmas, all polishes 15% off with the code PRESENT15! Happy polishing, and happy first snow!

Lilac Storms

*Provided for review

I’m loving the trend of color-changing polishes! I own a few solar active lacquers, but none that were temperature-dependent…until today. May I present, for your viewing pleasure, Lilac Dreams by Gothic Gala Lacquers. Warning: there are a lot of photos. This polish is awesome and changes color!


This polish took two coats to be opaque, and dried (very quickly) to a matte finish. I was not expecting the matte, but I liked it! I decided to finish my design BEFORE adding top coat. My apartment is freezing, so the polish started out this beautiful deep purple with subtle pink and blue shimmer. It is decidedly not a creme polish and I love it!


I ran my pinky and middle finger under hot water, to illicit the color shift. They turned a pretty light purple-grey! I may or may not have spent 20+ minutes playing with hot and cold water… I think I like the dark purple color a tiny bit better with my skin. But still. Awesome.


The color shift was not at all affected by top coat. Below I am showing the color shift from cold (dark purple), to warm (light purple) with top coat. IT WAS SO COOL!




Unfortunately, my nails were just not long enough to get a strong shift normally. If I was warm, they were light purple. If cold, they were dark. Every now and then I would notice a gradient and get really excited.


The glitter in the polish really came to life in the sun!



  • Purple color shift: Gothic Gala – Lilac Dreams
  • Light purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 312



Hope you enjoyed! Lilac Dreams can be found here for $8.50. Be sure to check out Gothic Gala Lacquers facebook page!

Petrified with Hel

*Polish provided for review

The lovely Samantha (the brains behind Gothic Gala Lacquers) recently sent me a few polishes for review, including this beauty, Hel. Hel hails from the Valhalla collection! I decided to spice up the manicure with some petrified plants, as befitted a goddess of death.


Hel is a glitter polish that I actually adore. I am usually hesitant to try glitter polishes…they are hard to remove, the glitters like to clump, and the polish tends to require many coats. This polish was opaque in two thin coats, dried quickly, and had beautiful glitter spread! It isn’t as glittery as many that I’ve seen, but I love the subtle autumn colors. To be fair, I used it as is, rather than trying to store it upside-down for any period of time. There are small red circles, black squares, and larger red hexes in a peach base with shimmer. Love.



I added three coats of Emotions by OPI on my accent nail…and I have to say that despite being from a mainstream polish company, it took 3 coats and much longer to dry! That being said, it’s really cool looking!


I added the petrified plant design using black polish. Despite the glitter load, Hel only needed one coat of top coat to be smooth.




  • Nude glitter: Gothic Gala – Hel
  • Black textured: OPI – Emotions
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Even the packaging was beautiful! Purple shreds, glitters, and a lollipop! Samantha makes tasties for your mouth as well as your nails 😀


Hel and other Gothic Gala polishes can be found on Etsy for $8.50. Follow Gothic Gala on facebook for sales!

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