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Crackled Orange

Orange and glittery! Totally fall-appropriate. Other than that, not really :-p. This was easy to create and attention-grabbing (100% due to glitter content). Putting manicures like this together also always makes me glad that I have a large collection of stamping plates. It makes things neater and quicker!


~ Orange glitter: OPI – DS Indulgence
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamps: Moyra – Ornaments 3, Lina – Make Your Mark 02


Not much else to say about this one. I wanted some glitter, so voila, glitter! I also only use this polish maybe once a year, sometimes around the Halloween/Thanksgiving time period. I should probably stop buying strangely colored glitter polish if I am only going to wear it once a year! Hope you all enjoyed, and happy Friday!

Webs on Brown

Happy almost-Halloween (again)! I guess this was the closest I got to a halloween manicure this year, so here we go! Simple though it is. This did highlight for me how rarely I use brown glitter base polish for my nails…this is a 5 year old bottle of polish and it is basically unused!


~ Brown: Spa Ritual – Starry Night
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamps: BP – Halloween L004


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! I am stuck in the hospital tonight and did not have a plan for a costume involving scrubs, so I won’t be wearing anything special (in the hospital) tomorrow. But we will be having a Hocus Pocus night, so I have something to look forward too! Also chocolate 😀

Optical Halloween Illusion

Happy almost-Halloween! I actually have a better halloween manicure than this…but I didn’t get a chance to transfer the photos to my computer so you guys will just have to wait till next year :-p. Meanwhile, enjoy orange glitter and adorable zombies! At least it finally gave me a chance to use the darn zombie stamp.


~ Orange glitter: A England – Gloriana
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamps: Lina – Make Your Mark 2, B Loves Plates – 03 Mind Blown, BP – Halloween L004


Of course, there is a funky dripping skull on my thumb, but none of the photos which included my thumb were in focus! So you’ll just have to trust me. Bwhahaha! Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Pumpkins and Webs

Happy almost-halloween! This year my husband and I ended up at two different pumpkin carving events, so now we have four pumpkins. Which is double our previous yearly count of pumpkins. I carved a set: a dragon and a castle. My husband carved a pokemon (because of course he did)…and a pumpkin. Into his pumpkin. He is an absolute dork!


Anyway, I have a bunch of fall manis lined up, but I only did one halloween manicure this year! I kinda forgot that October meant Halloween. Oops. I’ll do better next year! This year’s halloween mani is decided to stamping jack-o-lanterns. I received another plate to review from the Born Pretty Store (which was thankfully well-etched) and went to town! Unfortunately, the dark orange I used for the pumpkins is more a jelly than a cream, but I still got away with single-pass stamping on some nails (thumb and ring finger). That said, I am not surprised I had to double stamp, I need to stop using glitter polish bases! But when trying to pick a base color my head just went ‘GOOOOLD’ so here we are!


~ Gold: ILNP – Fame
~ Dark orange: Essie – Playing Koi
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Bright orange: Nubar – Hot Orange
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: BP – Halloween – L004


Hope you enjoyed! And I hope everyone gets lots of candy and tasty treats. If you want to pick up this pumpkin and web-decked plate, head over to the Born Pretty Store where you can find it on sale for $2.99.


Happy day-before-Halloween! Today you guys get to see my favorite of the Halloween-themed manis I did this month, Frankenstein’s monster and the Bridge of Frankenstein!


The design was inspired by @paintedpolishbylexi. Everyone else does stitches over the green, but I loved the idea of black-on-green drips instead!


A bit of trivia…despite all other nail art, the Bridge of Frankenstein does NOT in fact have a bow in her hair in the movie! Just the bilateral white zags.


~ Green: Zoya – Tilda
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White


Sadly, I will not be doing much to celebrate Halloween this year since I will be taking that darned 9-hour-long exam on Wednesday morning, so I cannot stay up at all! And would likely be too anxious to have much fun either way. I will, however, be watching Casper the Friendly Ghost, since my husband and I were determined to continue our tradition of one kids Halloween movie per year (last year, despite being on our mini-moon two days after our wedding, we managed to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas). Enjoy!

Pumpkin Grins

Pumpkins! I feel like very year I try to do pumpkins, and ever year that I add faces I wish I hadn’t. Whoops! The design was loosely inspired by @nailsbycambria.


These didn’t come out too poorly, but they don’t look exactly like what I was going for! I can never get the mouths right (especially if I’m trying to make negative-space teeth. Oy)! Sadly, I will not get to carve pumpkins this year because I am both attending a wedding this weekend AND taking a 9-hour-long test in less than a week! Ergo, no time for pumpkins.


What makes matters worse is that I didn’t even carve a pumpkin last year because I was desperately planning for my own wedding (two days before Halloween)! Some day I will get to implement all the cool costume ideas that I have, but not now.


~ Orange: OPI – Freedom of Peach
~ Light green: Zoya – Tiana
~ Green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Brown: Zoya – Louise
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Anyway, back to studying (and flying) for me. Hope you enjoyed my slightly wonky jack o’lanterns!

Misty Forest

This mani came out better than I had hoped, but I made a crucial error…I forgot to check that my nails were even before I started! If you are ever going to paint a scene across your tips, be sure that one of them isn’t crooked (sorry 4th finger, I’m looking at you).


Regardless, this was quite fun! I wanted to do something spooky, and I realized that I had yet to use an EdM stamping plate that I picked up a while ago! Unfortunately, the plate is not etched really deeply, so although the images pick up fine, they are not incredibly dark (to be fair, I used regular polish for this…my black stamping polish finally ran out).


I ended up double stamping some of the trees, the fox, and little bits of grass, which is how I got the grey-and-black difference. I quite like it! I am also glad I went with another EdM polish for the background. 🙂


~ Purple-grey glitter: Emily de Molly – Shadow on the Moon
~ Purple-grey: Sinful Colors – Muse
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: EdM – 07


A few more fall-themed and Halloween-themed manis coming up! Most make a little more sense than this, but misty and creepy forest is totally a Halloween thing! Hope you enjoyed.

Leaves of Fall

I needed something fast, fall-themed, and elegant enough not to (hopefully) get me in trouble in the hospital, and this is what I came up with!


It isn’t exactly a Halloween mani, but the colors are right so I’m just gonna post it now! I am actually hanging out on my “mini-moon” which is apparently what you call something that is too short to be a honeymoon (which is happening next year) but is still a small post-wedding vacation. Go figure!


The leaf pattern is stamped with a random mix of yellow and orange which was visible in real life, but unfortunately not particularly easy to see in the photos. Sorry!


~ Red: A England – Rosebower
~ Orange: Mentality – Orange Opaque
~ Yellow: Mentality – Yellow Opaque
~ Stamp: BP – 19


Hope you enjoyed! Happy Halloween!

Pretty Pumpkins

This is totally tame enough for the emergency room…right? I wore these to the hospital! Anyway, short post today because I need to go paint my nails for my wedding TOMORROW (eeeeeeeeeeeeep)!


This was inspired by Life is Better Polished, I think I did a decent job! Especially since I did both hands.


I only have two orange glittery polishes and they are both shown in the gradient…but I do love them!


~ Orange holo: Emily de Molly – Scorched Earth
~ Orange glitter: OPI – DS Indulgence
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal


Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday!

Fall Fail

I was trying to make something like this and I failed. Whoops! I needed it to be impressive enough that I wouldn’t get in trouble wearing it to the hospital and this just doesn’t quite make it.


I should have done entirely golden leaves. I tried to mix in a few shimmery browns and yellow…and instead you can hardly tell the brown from the gold and the yellow is too faint to see! Grr.


So, fall fail. It happens! I have a few more seasonal manis that I want to put together before winter hits, hopefully they come off better! I even made stamping decals for these just so I could get the placement perfect *sigh*.


~ Red: Zoya – India
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Brown holo: Darling Diva – Chocolate Diamond
~ Yellow: Revlon – Hypnotic
~ Stamp: BP – 19


Live and learn! Sorry :-p. The next few fall/halloween manis are a bit better I promise!

Cityscape by Night

This mani took forever and I LOVE it! The only problem were some trapped air bubbles which I’ll talk about in a bit.


This was inspired by @ponkle. I actually made the black sheer jelly myself. I bought a wet n’ wild top coat but it dries slower than grass grows, so I decided to add a few drops of the wet n’ wild black creme to it and make a sheer jelly polish for lace and things like this! I like it much better this way, although it still takes forever to dry. At least I can safely add a real fast-drying top coat!


That being said, the black sheer jelly I made took three coats to even be a little visible…and I didn’t wait quite long enough between layers! Thus I ended up trapping a bunch of air bubbles. When I matted the final product, they all jumped out! It took 24 hours for them to really appear…so my initial photos look great but my sunlight photos look odd. I decided to just show one below…lets pretend that the bubbles are stars in the sky? That works, right?


~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Black: Wet n’ Wild – Black Creme
~ Yellow: Maybelline – Citrus Collide


So, these aren’t quite Halloween-y, but I figured a cityscape by night was at least seasonal! Next week I should have some real Halloween manis (assuming I have time to edit them between wedding planning!). I was going to do a whole how-to-DIY post on making wedding centerpieces out of fancy fake flowers and putting together a chuppah but I ran out of time for that as well. :-/. Anyway, happy Friday!

Twilight Zone

Do-do-DO-do….*cue creepy music*. This was a super fun mani to put together! My nails are unfortunately short, but I wanted to do something twisty and strange (and purple). Voila!


I’ve been doing quite a bit of double-stamping or two-design-on-one-mani stamping recently. I don’t know why…its almost like a single design isn’t challenging enough? Which is unfortunate since I don’t have much time to paint my nails anymore!


I know some people don’t consider purple a halloween color, but I totally do.


~ Purple holo: LA Girl – Purple Effect
~ Purple: Zoya – Malia
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: B Loves Plates – Mind Blown, Bundle Monster – 415


Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Happy night-before-Halloween! I’ve been planning all week to show this one today, because it is my favorite :-D! Nightmare Before Christmas nail art 🙂


What I love about this movie is that it (much like Love Actually) is technically a christmas movie, not a halloween move (and similarly not a valentine’s day movie). Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the Nightmare Before Christmas during Halloween (it, along with Hocus Pocus and Rocky Horror Picture Show are my staple movies for Halloween weekend), but it is a christmas movie! Regardless, it has a wonderful art style.


This mani was inspired by @mypolishworld. I have seen quite a few Nightmare Before Christmas manis floating around, but hers was the first to catch my eye, so I went with it! I do wish I could get thinner lines out of my black polish, but it is beginning to get stringy so poor Jack’s teeth look a bit..crooked. I also wished I had thought to paint Zero on one of my nails, he is so cute!


~ Light grey: Wet n’ Wild – Sidewalkers
~ Dark grey: WOW – #333
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Salon Perfect – Snow me White
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Light yellow: Maybelline – Citrus Collide


I hope you get lots of candy, fun costumes, and spooky nail art this weekend! Enjoy!

Jack O’ Lanterns

It’s almost halloween! And I’m cutting it close here…I just took these off last night so the art (and subsequently this post) is being composed at midnight. Oops!


I saw these awesome jack o’lanterns by nailsbyjacky, and I just had to try them myself! That being said, I changed the eye designs! I just like her smiles :-). And yes, the design is intentionally face-up (ha!) starting at my nail beds…I thought it made more sense to have the bottom of the smiles be curved. Its been a while since I’ve gotten to paint anything right-side-up!


I started with an orange base, and sponged on (using the saran wrap method) a lighter orange and a neon orange for some texture. After adding top coat (just in case I messed up the next step) I then painted on the faces. I cleaned up with acetone (and added back some orange where I messed up) and voila!


~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Bright orange: Nubar – Hot Orange
~ Teal: Salon Perfect – Escape to Neverland
~ Green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


My truly creepy mani (aka awesome and totally fit for halloween) is up tomorrow! Stay tuned 🙂 and then I have some fall-appropriate manicures for next week!

Eyes in the Dark

As soon as I saw Chalkboard Nails’ spooky eye nails, I knew I had to save them and try them for Halloween! Honestly, it is truly sad how much better hers are than mine! But this is my off-hand and I did try. I like them anyway :-p


I will say, this was my first time ever using acrylics on my nail, to try and achieve the halo around the candle…it didn’t quite work, mostly because I don’t think I thinned the acrylic enough! And maybe it was the wrong type of acrylic? It didn’t want to dissolve, just fell into chunks in the water. Oh well! The effect is still there, its just faint. I think I’ll try it again at some point.


~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Grey: WOW – #333


These nails took longer than I anticipated, mostly because drawing tiny eyes is hard! I had to correct a lot of my eyes with black polish, and then go and re-correct the corrections. So, my nails aren’t exactly as smooth as I would like, but the matte top coat helps to hide that :-p


Hope you enjoyed! More Halloween nail art tomorrow 🙂

Spider Webbed

So, I am afraid of my nails. I am mildly arachnophobic, and there are SPIDERS on my NAILS what was I thinking? I can’t even escape them in the dark since the webs are made of glow-in-the-dark polish!


I figured I had to do at least one creepy Halloween-themed manicure, so here we go. Spiders and webs and creepy crawly things. The glow-in-the-dark polish is Dayglow by Serum No 5, which is FANTASTIC but a bit thick. Maybe I should have used it as the base and painted webs over it, rather than trying to make thin lines! I only use it 2-3 times a year, so I keep forgetting.



~ Greenish brown: Cult Nails – In A Trance
~ Yellow: Serum No 5 – Dayglow
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Soooo creepy!! I should have just stuck with webs!


This mani took longer than I expected, but then again painting a lot of tiny lines tends to do that! Hope you enjoyed the creepy :-D. The remaining Halloween nails are not quite so scary (at least to me)!

Murky Vapor

Although it was not intended when I first put this mani together, the end result was Oddly halloween appropriate! Thus, you guys get to see it this week 🙂


I was at a neuroscience conference last week (which is why I made that post about bubble tea!), and my nails had started to chip while I was there. Luckily, I came prepared! I had base coat, top coat, black polish, and one color-shifting polish just for fun. I always travel with my mini polishes rather than full size (if I can) to save space in my cosmetics bag for things like shampoo!


What this means is that you’ll see the matching mani (same colors, but striping tape) sometime next week! Today’s mani is just a multichrome base (OPI – Just Spotted the Lizard) and water decals from Lady Queen Beauty. This whole mani took 10 minutes! Water decals make for the fastest and easiest nail art while traveling 🙂


Unfortunately, my hands got really really dry while I was at the conference (apparently that is just a thing in Chicago…everything is dry!), so my cuticles look sad. I swear it isn’t my fault!


Anyway, onward and upward to more (intentional) Halloween manis for the rest of the week!

Mummies aka Flying Spaghetti Monsters

I hate my boyfriend. I showed him these nails saying “look! They’re mummies!” and he replies, at full volume “FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTERS! You should make a Pastafarian post!” So here, spaghetti monsters that I swear are actually mummies.


To make these, I followed one of the mani youtube tutorials. Last year, I hand-painted mummies and it took FOREVER so this year I went the water marble way! Much much faster, but less mummie-like. I can see why my boyfriend was confused. I also matted them this year, which was an awesome idea. Although, they look too clean to be long dead. Fresh mummies!


~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Tan: Zoya – Chantal
~ Brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Happy Halloween! Enjoy collecting candy! I will be out being all formal and rehearsal-dinnery. I wish I could wear a costume, but I don’t think the bride would approve!


Finally! Some halloween nail art! Yes, I only made two days of halloween nails this year. As it turns out, I have two (yes, two) weddings to go to this weekend, so I couldn’t do anything fantastical or scary since my nails needed to be demure and formal! Shucks.


First up are ZOMBIES! Featuring Zoya Shawn. I was on the hunt for a perfect deep green creme (as distinct from a dark green creme…I wanted something between medium and dark) and settled on Shawn. Two slightly thicker coats (she is a bit of a jelly?) that self-leveled beautifully and dried to a super high gloss. Seriously. I could almost see my reflection in them!


I then added my zombie designs. Sadly, the green is just a tad dark to be able to make out all the details! (what this actually means is that the shade is exactly what I was looking for but if I wanted to do designs in black I should have gone with my medium green creme. oops.)


Anyway. I have friendly zombies. Maybe a sad zombie. None of them look particularly smart. But they are my finger friends!


Enjoy! And happy almost halloween!

Distorted Not-Houses

I really have no excuse for this monstrosity. I meant to paint spooky houses and moons. What I ended up with was some sort of weird robot-penguin thing. I don’t even know. I’m just gonna post them and get over it.


The base is a rather pretty grey-purple textured polish by Mentality called Yi Xin. Its subtle, for a purple. I like it. Good coverage in two thin coats.


My thumb is the only other good thing about this mani (the first good thing being the base color). I finally got my act together. Word of caution: do not paint nails at 1am on 5 hours of sleep. With your non-dominant hands. Gross. It was supposed to be halloween themed!


The other three colors are all from the Textured Earth Tone collection, the white (Spackle), the black (Asphalt) and the gold (Loess).


If you want to play with some purple textured goodness you can purchase Yi Xin here for $6.75. The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

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