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Hearts and Lace

This is so pink. SO PINK. It is too pink! I used a pink with a bit of glitter and added a pink with MORE glitter and then hearts. So, Valentine’s appropriate but it kinda made me cringe to wear it!


This was two thin coats of Mae by Zoya. It’s not a bad polish, two coats is great coverage…I just don’t love it. The glitter flakes are subtle and the shimmer has very little depth. It was an easy polish to wear, but if I want a shimmery pink I either want a lot of metallic depth or a glitter madhouse. I ended up gradienting on (mostly with dry-brush since trying to use a makeup sponge just transferred the darn glitters) Alegra by Zoya, which is a true deeper pink glitter polish, and one of my first ever Zoyas. I have to say, comparing Mae to Alegra, Mae just doesn’t measure up!


~ Pink with shimmer: Zoya – Mae
~ Pink glitter: Zoya – Alegra
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: MoYou London – Frenchy 14


Of course I saw a heart stamp and figured my nails were already pink, so why not? And then the matching french tip stamps (I do rather love that this plate has both angled tip patterns and straight across tip patterns). SO MANY HEARTS. This is probably the most girly nail art I’ve worn this year.

Love Above

This mani is a bit of nail art, some swatching, and a small amount of comparison. When Zoya did their New Years sale, I bought 4 new polishes that I intended to replace some terrible polishes that I own, and to fill a few gaps. This is the first of them!


What you see here are three thin coats of Jordan. I bought this polish to replaced Tickled Pink by Wet n’ Wild which takes 4 coats and is incredibly thick. I wanted to compare the two, so I put Tickled Pink on my ring finger, and Jordan on all the others. I cannot tell the difference! Which is to say that the swatches of Jordan online are accurate. I was hoping Jordan would be a two-coater, but for a pastel 3 isn’t terrible. This is just a nice pastel pink creme. No frills.


~ Pastel pink: Zoya – Jordan
~ Pastel pink: Wet n’ Wild – Tickled pink (ring finger only)
~ Pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Dark pink: OPI – Vision of Love
~ Dark pink holo: A England – Let Me In
~ Stamp: B Loves Plates (from the tiny heart next to the plate name)


I then added a gradient, and stamped a tiny pink heart near my cuticle. Super easy, but quite pretty! I do wish I had started the gradient a biiit close to my free edge, but it still looks nice! It was a really quite fitting manicure to wear right before Valentine’s day…so I hope you guys all have a great (and chocolate-filled) tomorrow!

I Olive Gold

This was a simple but quite fun mani to put together! I forgot how much I like skittlettes 🙂


The art was inspired by @gabbysnailart, and I like how close I came! I do need to admit that I used a stamp for the heart and then colored it in before putting it on my nail…I still cannot paint hearts to save my life!


The golden polish is new, the gold sister to that crazy holographic silver I used during the 31 Day Challenge. This one is called Million Dollar Dream by F.U.N. Lacquer, and it is awesome! Still a pain in the butt to remove, but it looks so darn pretty on that I am willing to overlook that. This is three coats of Million Dollar Dream. It looks super patchy on the first coat but builds really nicely. I used it as a dabbed on gradient on my thumb, although I don’t like how that nail turned out overall, this polish does gradient nicely as well.


I this is the last “Fall” themed mani for while, since I have a bit of a back-log of nail art to post that is not in colors of red-orange-green-gold!


~ Gold: F.U.N. Lacquer – Million Dollar Dream
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Olive: Cult Nails – In a Trance
~ Stamps: BM – 317, EdM – 03


Hope you enjoyed!

Nerdtastic Tuesday: Aces

I don’t know if card games count as nerdy, but I love them anyway. The most used game app on my iPhone is a set of 5 different card games. 😀


This was inspired by a pinterest pin (this is a trend…) by marce7ina of well, aces. Because face cards are too difficult. [Translation: my boyfriend grabbed my hand and went “cool! but why didn’t you put on face cards???” to which I responded “this took 45 minutes. That would have taken hours” and then we played mariokart].



I have to say, I didn’t realize how easy it was to make a club shape! Its just three dots with little lines at the bottom. I thought it was going to kill me. Turns out diamonds are harder to paint on nails.



  • White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
  • Red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black



Fuzzy Experiments

Many moons ago (…June) I got to finalist level in the Rite Aid Nail Art Extravaganza. They then sent me many polishes and polish related things, included a Velvet Provocateur Nail Kit. Fuzzy nails! I have been staring at this kit for months, trying to figure out how to use it. I finally ran into this beautiful mani by Polished Elegance, and I knew what I had to do! Skittles!


Thus was born black and pink velvet skittles. For some reason my striping tape lines are tiny (too much black) but other than that I’m pretty happy! My thumb was supposed to be abstract…but I’m going to call it a mustache. Even my fingers are partaking in the dreaded event that is “No Shave November”!


The base for this polish is OPI Your Web or Mine, part of the Spiderman collection. I recently won the set of four polishes from Tattooed Nail Girl in a Halloween contest! (Apparently her boyfriend likes glow in the dark nails :-D) This is a very pretty girly pink shimmer polish, which suffers slightly from brush strokes. Shown here is two coats.


Once that was dried and top coated, I added a heart, dots, stripes, flowers, or a mustache using the black polish included in the kit. I sprinkled on the flocking powder, pressed it down, waited a few seconds, and brushed it off with the included brush. One note: DO THIS OVER SCRAP PAPER. You will get flocking powder EVERYWHERE. I also added purple rhinestones to the flowers because…why not?


I am overall pretty pleased with this! What do you guys think? The flowers are my favorite.


Heart You

Today’s challenge was “holiday.” I initially planned to do christmas or hanukkah, but that was too easy! So, I present to you valentine’s day, using one of my new polishes.


I won the whole Nabi 3D Holographic polish collection from a giveaway hosted at Superficially Colorful by the lovely Jin Jit! She sent me 24 polishes ALL THE WAY FROM ISRAEL. It is a testament to her packing skills that not a single polish broke. She also sent candy 😀


The second of the two packages was delayed, so the photo only shows 16 our of 24 polishes. Over the next month or so, I’m going to try to swatch (almost) all of them! There are 7 pink polishes, so I am not keeping all of them (and thus not swatching all of them). Today we have Hot Pink, a beautiful HOT PINK. I can’t quite capture the color of this polish, it’s really neon! The holo is somewhat dulled and scattered, but it does add a bit of depth. This is one fun polish!


I stamped over Hot Pink with hearts from BM-317. Unfortunately, one of the images on the plate (with lots of hearts in a circle) just won’t stamp. I don’t think it etched well 😦


I did not top coat this mani, since I know that quick-dry top coats dull the holo effect, and thats the only type of top coat I own (ok, I only own one top coat. Oops). My base coat was Nfu Oh Aqua Base, since this is a holo polish! The coat below is probably the most true-color, capturing just how freakishly bright this polish is!


Pink: Nabi – Hot Pink
Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


And now for some holo goodness…

Hope you enjoyed! Happy pink and sparkles and hearts!


For Day 15 of the OMD Challenge, the theme is Hearts. Now, I’m not a huge fan of hearts (except on Valentine’s Day), and I didn’t think anyone would want to see an anatomically correct heart on my nail (although I did debate it!)


The inspiration for this mani came from Dressed Up Nails, although hers are MUCH better. Honestly, my straight lines are not nearly straight enough, my color choice was not the best, and I didn’t have time to go over the white outline again (this mani too was done at the beach, while working on two of my friends’ nails and painting my other hand. Mistake).


Please forgive the messy (aka no) clean up in some of the photos…the original shots were taken at the beach house, on my cellphone, without acetone! Once I got home and cleaned them they looked better, but I already had tip wear (sand is wonderful, but not on your nails).



  • Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Coral: Julep – Natasha
  • Yellow: Nail Art – Yellow
  • Purple: Sinful Colors – Dream On
  • White: Julie G – White Orchid


Maybe I’ll try this again with a steadier hand and a better color palette…so many ideas, so little time!

Valentines Watermarble

This has been in the works since my last/first watermarble! I wanted to try to marble hearts on my nails in pink and red. It needed something extra, so I added a dark blue, since the dress I’ll be wearing tonight is dark blue. I think it did the trick, and got rid of the over-the-top pink-and-red-lovey-ness of the whole mani!


Honestly, although bits and pieces of hearts are on almost every finger, they are only identifiable on my ring and third fingers of my left hand, and maybe the ring finger on my right hand. I accidentally double-dipped part of my left thumb (grrr) but otherwise things came out pretty well! I still need to work on spacing how I’m going to dip in the water…things never end up centered!


I used a lot of colors, and some went only on one hand.

  • White (base): Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
  • Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Bright Red: City Color – Masquerade (red)
  • Deep Holo Red: Zoya – Blaze
  • Dark Blue: Wet n’ Wild – Blue Moon
  • Dark Red/Brown: Confetti – Masquerade Ball [right hand only, and you can’t see much of it. It just spread really well so I used it]
  • Holo Glitter: Wet n’ Wild – Kaleidoscope [left hand only, and I only put it over the pink. It’s subtle but glittery!]
  • Silver Glitter: Sally Hansen – Diamonds [right hand only, and again only over the pink]


Basically, my left hand ended up very pink with some holo glitter, while my right hand ended up very red with some silver glitter. I LOVE what happened to the colors on my right thumb, when I put Masquerade and Blaze next to each other. I’m going to try that again, maybe with Blue Moon for my next watermarble!


So, few hearts…but Happy Valentine’s Day!


Traditionally Valentines

This is the same mani from the last post…only I hand-painted over the purple with a deep red called Valentine by Revlon. It is the second oldest nail polish I own (it’s from before college, I didn’t get into nail art until around 6 months ago! This polish is at least 7 years old).


It’s gotten slightly thick over time, but still goes on a remarkably well! I used a thin nail art brush to paint over the purple. Pardon any non-straight lines please!


I like this version much better, even though it is very traditional (red+pink+silver).


What do you think?


Valentines Stripes

This mani was designed around a purple polish I had never used, and honestly dislike. However, I realized there is less than a week between now and Valentines day, so I should do a Vday mani (so..lots of hearts)!


I ended up with a pink/purple/silver palette. I also immediately went for my striping tape, because I’m addicted to it. Pink base on all the fingers but my ring finger, with purple over every finger but my thumb (which got a silver gradient).


I should have left my thumb with just the gradient, but otherwise, I rather like the designs. I do NOT like the purple…and as you’ll see in two days, I simply painted over it (by hand, so messily) with a red polish that honestly looks much better).


The colors I used:

  • Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Purple: Chameleon – Cyclone
  • Silver: Revlon (fast dry) – Metallic


The purple got darker as I put on my layers, but it just isn’t a pretty color. It has a nice blue duochrome flash, so I might try to layer it over black and see if I like it better. But on its own, over silver, and over pink, it just doesn’t work for me!


And finally, my friend made me a scarf…so as long as I remember (which is seldom) I’m going to try and take photos with the scarf and my nails! Its beautiful and black and gold, and frames the bright colors wonderfully.


Stay tuned for the prettier red version! But at least the design is pretty 🙂

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