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Queen Charlotte Regal Garb

This was another manicure designed after some of the outrageously beautiful dresses in season 1 of the show Bridgerton. This one is modeled after the epic red and blue gown worn by the actress playing Queen Charlotte. I tried to capture the shiftiness of the blue using a multichrome but it only somewhat worked. Regardless, I like the end result! The inspiration is dramatic!

Much like Monday’s post, I decided to post this now since season 2 was just released, and I will be starting to watch it this week because I am behind. I hope the gowns are just as beautiful! And of course, the queens hairstyles just as magnificent.


~ Red metallic: OPI – Cute Little Vixen
~ Blue multichrome: ILNP – Birefringence
~ Gold: Salon Perfect – Gold Leaf
~ Silver: Revlon – Metallic
~ Stamp: BC – 06

The whole design for this manicure is freehand, other than the background gold embroidery pattern on the red section; I hand-added the flowers in silver though! Unfortunately, although the very fine gold pattern is true to what gold embroidery looks like, you almost cannot make it out against the metallic burgundy of the base. Oh well, it was still fun to wear! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Danbury in Purple

So, I became low-key obsessed with Bridgerton on Netflix last year during season 1. It was fun, lively, had actual good romance and banter, and AMAZING costumes. As such I did a few different designs modeled after some of my favorite characters and dresses! I decided to post these designs now since season 2 came out recently (although I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t watched it yet, I was on vacation!).

It will not be a surprise that my favorite character from season 1 was Lady Danbury, she is just such a badass lady in a man’s world and I love it. So I did a take on this dress of hers: <>. It is hard to see the lace details at the side and bust, but honestly other than the color and fabric of this dress it was quite subtle!

~ Purple multichrome: ILNP – Undenied
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: MoYou – Frenchy 14, BP – L084

This was fun to do, if a bit challenging to make the pattern stand out. Stay tuned for Wednesday, when you get to see my take on one of the queen’s dresses! Hope you enjoyed…and let see what dress (if any) I decide to copy based on the second season!

Tree Shadowed Galaxies

I wanted to make a galaxy manicure, but I also wanted to do trees in front of it, inspired by @piontkowaa but with color. The end result looks more like purple clouds but is still stunning!

My base is two coats of Black Magic by ILNP, which is appropriately named. I have been searching for YEARS for as close to a true-black holographic polish as I can find. I own two black shard/scattered holo polishes, which are nice but look more like they have silver shards in them. In contrast, this is clearly holographic and I love it! I think I will get a lot of wear out of this polish. It isn’t the most holo-y, but for such a dark color and for covering well in two coats, it is worth it for sure.

~ Black holo: ILNP – Black Magic
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Light purple: Zoya – Abby
~ Purple: Zoya – Malia
~ Dark purple: Formula X – Ignition
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: Moyra – 106 Picturesque

I love the stamps on Moyra Picturesque, but I feel like part of the plate just isn’t etched quite as well! Which makes it a pain to work with. Oh well, still pretty! Also, sorry about only two posts this week, I have been taking nearly nightly naps on the sofa with our dog, instead of getting any actual work done when I get home! I would feel bad about that, but it is so soothing that its hard to. Hope you enjoyed!

Holo Rainbow Bubble Warp

I don’t have ANY IDEA what I did here. Or why. I wanted to go with some of my old swoopy color change nails, but I forgot how I did them (the next one I do will be better, and I will be doing this again!) so I made all the lines mostly vertical. But uneven. The end result was a very messy rainbow. So I added a black warped grid…that was almost invisible. And then added black dots. And white dots. And for once, the dots actually saved the manicure! It still looks crazy, but it looks INTENTIONALLY crazy. Down the rainbow rabbit hole! Or into Willy Wonka’s canal I suppose.

I wanted to test a new-to-me polish, a yellow linear holo called Funshine Smoothie by ILNP. I almost never wear yellow as a base color, but it pops really well in gradients and other designs, so I am actually running out of my core yellow polishes! Anyway, this is three thin coats of Funshine Smoothie. It wasn’t quite opaque in 2 coats, but it went on perfectly (and removed perfectly a few days later) so three coats was just fine! It is a very pretty bright linear holo…for a yellow :-p

~ Purple holo: A England – Crown of Thistles
~ Pink holo: Cupcake Polish – Berry Good Looking
~ Orange holo: Emily de Molly – Scorched Earth
~ Yellow holo: ILNP – Funshine Smoothie
~ Green holo: A England – Dragon
~ Teal holo: Powder Perfect – There be Mermaids!
~ Blue holo: Color Club – Over the Moon
~ Stamp: Nicole Diary – L28

I remember Berry Good Looking being a bright purple with magenta undertones that somehow leaned vibrant blue. The polish I have now is a bright magenta-pink. It is still insanely intense and pretty, but is not the same color as the polish I remember buying? How weird!

Eclipsed Lace

This went so wrong! I wanted to create a lines-over-lace look and for some reason went for black polish over a black-to-red multichrome. You couldn’t see the design at all. So I went and added red glitter? The whole thing is a mess. Oy.

The base here (which you cannot see) is ILNP Eclipse, three thin coats. This polish is just as beautiful as everyone has made it out to be and I am so glad I bought it! It actually came with a really wonky twisted brush, so I reached out to ILNP and they sent me a new one 🙂 I honestly put this back in my untried pile so I will wear it again soon in such a way that the base color is visible.

~ Red-to-black multichrome: ILNP – Eclipse
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Loose Red Glitter
~ Stamps: BC – 10

When this manicure caught the light JUST right you could see the whole design and it was pretty. It was also not worth it. Win some, lose some!

Grey Shimmer Fronds

Really simple but quite elegant in the end! All I did was color some white stamps in with a rainbow shimmer polish, and put it over a grey/gold shimmer base. The whole manicure took less than an hour, and really embodies dark cold days! The shimmer of the see-through polish picked up mostly green and orange tones from the grey base. In retrospect, the design looks a bit like the one I posted on Monday although they were painted months apart, maybe that is why I felt compelled to post them in the same week.

~ Grey shimmer: Zoya – Yuna
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Rainbow shimmer: Different Dimension – Intergalactic Dolphin
~ Dark gold: ILNP – Sparks May Fly
~ Stamps: BPX – Floral L018

I need to use Yuna more, it is a pretty polish! And shimmery flakie-ish. I have a lot of grey polish, and I have slightly gotten out of the habit of wearing them! They are pretty, for all that they are not bright colors. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Linked in Orange

Holo base, fun stamp, and dots. Absolutely my jam! This was very easy and looked rather more fun than I intended it to, not that I am complaining at all. It helps that the base is such a holographic fun polish!

~ Orange silver holo: ILNP – Fired Up
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Orange: OPI – Freedom of Peach
~ Stamp: Whats Up Nails – B039

I feel like I should use more oranges. I only ever go for them around halloween and they are useful for so much more than pumpkins and leaves! Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Freehand Swirls

This could have been better executed. I don’t know why, but curlicues just were not working out for me the day I painted these! Everything is freehand, and in retrospect I wish I had stamped. Oh well. Maybe next time? On the plus side, I forgot how absolutely stunning Birefringence is!

~ Blue/purple/green multichrome: ILNP – Birefringence
~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur

I also need to get over my fear of showing my naked nails at some point. I think this would have looked better if I hadn’t used Chantal and just used my plain nail in the middle. I will try this again, and next time I will be brave! And stamp.

Here, have a bonus picture showing off all the shifting colors. Enjoy!

Holo for Teal

Inspired by this art by la NPA Mouton (who has since shut down her blog), although her pink design stands out a lot better than my teal one! I do love my teal holo Party Favor, but apparently it is just too close in finish to my black, equally scattered silver holo, Storm. Who knew! I will have to do this again with a bit better contrast.

~ Black holo: Zoya – Storm
~ Teal holo: ILNP – Party Favor
~ Teal metallic: Turquoise Opaque
~ Silver holo: Color Club – Harp On It
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur

Honestly going back and editing these, I could hardly see the line where Storm met Party Favor, which isn’t doing me any good. Whoops! Hope you enjoyed blue week post #2 anyway :-p

Geometric Christmas Sweater

I have a secret: this design is from an easter plate, and was supposed to be for an easter egg. I have repurposed it and it tickles me. I added some dark gold glitter dots and stripes for a bit more interest, but otherwise this is just a moderately complicated stamp! I do wish there were more Hanukkah stamps though. Or even things I could PRETEND were Hanukkah stamps. Hooray for another year of hand-painted candles.

~ Grey: Formula X – Marvelous
~ Red: OPI – All I Want for Christmas (is OPI)
~ Green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Gold: ILNP – Sparks May Fly
~ Stamp: Whats Up Nails – B017

I have finished editing the rest of the designs for this week, and honestly, I feel like I need to up my Christmas game again. The ones I have painted this year will be posted next year, and at least I have a santa in the mix! I suppose this is what happens when I off-post by a full year. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!


Technically a menorah is a hanukiah specifically made for Haunkkah, and these candle holders on my nails have 14 candles so whoops! Anyway. I wanted to do something with striping tape that was evocative of Hanukkah without being quite as in-your-face as painting menorahs (again). So I settled on a candle-like striping tape gradient of silver to blue, and then aded some jewish stars. So much for not in your face!

~ Blue: ILNP – Downpour
~ Silver: Revlon – Metallic

In terms of colors this was very easy! For a two color mani it does look great if I say so myself :-p Anyway, happy Hanukkah and enjoy all the fried foods you can stomach for the next few days! Hope you all enjoyed.

RBG, A Star is Born

Justice Ginsburg died almost exactly a year ago today. To honor her memory, I made two sets of nails. She was an epic incredible woman, and I wanted her name written in the stars, so I made it so. I used a bunch of different holographic polish to create the galaxy look, painted the letters, and added a few other stars. I also put her signature lace collar on my thumb. Enjoy.

~ Black holo: Zoya – Storm
~ Teal holo: ILNP – Party Favor
~ Blue holo: ILNP – Downpour
~ Purple holo: ILNP – Zoe
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: BM – XL213, MoYou Frenchy – 14

I figured these fit the theme for supernatural for the 31 day challenge. I only hope that other Justices honor her memory, and that maybe one day I, or someone I know, will have an impact the way she did on the country and advancing rights for people around the world.

Itinerant Traveler

I had been staring at this design on the stamping plate for SO LONG and I just had to use it. I had to. The biggest struggle was how to make the dragons stand out. The stamping plate has the dragons as part of the design, but I didn’t want them to be just black. So, I stamped over the black with multichrome (and then went back in and added more multichrome by hand because shifty dragons just make sense)!

I started with a bright green base. What you see here are two coats of OPI’s Did It On ‘Em. I hate the name, but the color is a beautiful pale grass green (a yellow-leaning bright pale green). I had been looking for a replacement for Essie The More The Merrier, and I think I have found it! Its a nice polish.

To make the base more grass-like, I dry-brushed on two more shades of green. When that was dry and top coated, I added my stamping decals, and then finished off with the multichrome dragons. I initially painted the blue sky directly on the nail after the stamp was finished, but I decided that was farrrrr to much effort and just turned it into part of the stamping decal after the first two nails 😀

~ Pale green: OPI – Did It On ‘Em
~ Green: Zoya – Josie
~ Dark green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Blue: KBShimmer – I’d Rather be with Blue
~ Light grey: Zoya – Dove
~ Grey: WOW – #333
~ Dark grey: Zoya – Evvie
~ Pale grey with black flecks: Cirque – Hatch
~ Red: KBShimmer – Chai-huahua
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Gold: Salon Perfect – Gold Leaf
~ Blue multichrome: ILNP – Birefringence
~ Stamp: Maniology – M035

Thats all for today, and fits the 31 day challenge of book, mostly because I love fantasy novels! I don’t have a specific one here, but there are so many who cares :-p. Hope you enjoyed!

Gold Antennae

I went into this one blind. My sister wanted me to wear nude and white nails to her mini-wedding (COVID-friendly), and I could not figure out what to put on! The dresses are purple so I tried matching purple with nude, but honestly, that is an awful color combination. So I went with gold. And just kept going? I ended up painting what look like antennae over white lace stamps and honestly, I kinda like it! Its very weird but pretty.

~ Nude: Picture Polish – Cherish
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Gold: ILNP – Clockwork
~ Stamp: Moyra – Ornaments 3

Hilariously, I could not figure out why the gold glitter looked so dark when I was aiming for a rose gold: Juliette and Clockwork are right next to each other in their shelf. I grabbed the wrong one. Whoops! My own organization skills turned against me! Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Caged Birds Sing

I wanted some bird nails. So, I scoured the internet for cool bird nails and came up close to empty (I didn’t want to do a phoenix or peacock), so I turned to my trusty stamping plates and came up with this!

~ Blue/grey holo: ILNP – Timeless Vow
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamps: BP – L067, Whats Up Nails – B017

The end result is maybe a bit simple: black on blue, but I think the dark of the black against the rather pale blue is cool, and I added gold dots (because of course I did) and this is another case where I do think it helped! Hope you enjoyed!

Dark Orchids

It is rare that a manicure comes out exactly as expected. This one managed to and I could not be more pleased! I love orchids, and I figured if I can’t match the bright purple/white/yellow ones in my living room to the base of my nail color, then improvise!

~ Pale grey/purple: ILNP – Long Walks
~ Dark purple: Sinful Colors – Muse
~ Purple glitter: Zoya – Rea
~ Pastel purple: Ethereal – Little Oysters
~ Yellow: Revlon – Electric
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: BP – L067

I was initially upset that I made the underside of the orchid a shimmery metallic purple, but in the sunlight and when it caught the light it looked stunning. The odd muted grey tones somehow all worked! Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed!

Water’s Edge

This manicure was inspired by @urbannailart. She had the coolest idea to make a FADED stamp (gradient from white to clear on the plate), and then top that with a jelly polish! I did it 3 times which was overkill…I have a hunch I am going to be doing this again but using only two coats (since the third one both disappeared and just made it look busy). The end result, however, was SUPER COOL and it looks like the surf is just at the edge of the sand! It also gave me an excuse to use my brown-gold holo polish. Unfortunately this polish looks awful on its own against my skin tone, but it works great as an accent color 😀 and of course my shell and starfish charms!

~ Periwinkle: Nails Inc – Regents Place
~ Teal jelly: Zoya – Frida
~ Gold: Salon Perfect – Gold Leaf
~ Brown holo: ILNP – Sparks May Fly
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: Born Pretty – Texture L002, BPX – L020

Since the jelly polish I have is a green-teal, I decided to use a periwinkle purple base to balance out the green in the jelly. I should have ended up with a brownish mess, but instead color magic happened and I got a beautiful vibrant blue :-D. I love polish fun! Moral: sometimes things just WORK and magic happens! I also spent this past weekend at the beach and this is a wonderful reminder that I can relax…even if I am currently on service as a chief in the hospital (dear god, they want me in charge of an entire service in the hospital?!). Anyway, enjoy!

Purple Divided

While on vacation I painted some nails. All I had was various purples and a tiny paintbrush…so I literally pulled a bobby pin out of my hair (I had it in a bun from snorkeling since I hate wet hair) and made dots! Because that is the obvious solution. Also, as I found out almost 10 years ago early in my nail art adventure, you can make dots out of just about anything and they will look fine.

~ Purple: Zoya – Landon
~ Purple holo: ILNP – Zoe
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur

So, very very simple manicure that took a total of 15 minutes with basically 0 tools, and honestly it still looks pretty! Maybe I should do a starting-nail-art series with how to make simple designs with minimal tools? Probably not, I like my complicated designs (and stamps) too much! Enjoy anyway :-p

Rose Gold Party

These were my new years nails, because nothing says new years like rose gold glitter on black! I found that trying to paint the gold polish over the striping tape was not giving me the glitter density I wanted, so I applied the glitter to a sponge and sponged it on, which worked well. The glitter flecks came out more silver-gold than rose-gold, so I did gently paint a layer of Juliette overtop to try and recover some of the rosy tint. It only somewhat worked!

~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Rose gold: ILNP – Juliette

Next time I might try a thin coat of pink jelly polish over the top to really make the pink color pop! We shall see. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Bold Purple Vines

To be completely honest, I hate these nails. I had a good idea and I went and ruined it. The black was too strong and I did too many layers of color on the petals of the flowers. Live and learn! I was tool-strapped due to being on vacation, so it didn’t have many options…but I bet I could have created something slightly less garish!

~ Pastel purple shimmer: Ethereal Lacquer – Little Oysters
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Light purple: Zoya – Abby
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur
~ Purple holo: ILNP – Zoe
~ Dark purple: Zoya – Monica

Only one photo today, it wasn’t worth it to edit any others because this just looks…like what a kindergardener would do. I am embarrassed!

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