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Blue Textured Fishtail

You guys, I have gone and dug out my textured polishes! It has been probably a year (or longer?) since I last used a textured polish as anything more than an accent dot. I forgot how glittery they are. But I am not looking forward to removing this mani!!


I had also forgotten how much fun it is to do gradients with textured polish. because they are 50% glitter, it is mostly the glitter and not the pigment that transfers in the gradient. So, thinks ends up shiner and slightly lighter in color than intended, but super textured! I couldn’t stop running my fingers over my nails while I wore this mani.


This might also be one of my more recent striping tape manis that has actually WORKED. I feel like my last few were wrongly positioned on one or more nails and this isn’t šŸ™‚ it is also likely the last tape mani you will see for a while since I not have enough time to play with tape while in the hospital!


~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Teal textured: Julie G – Sleigh Ride
~ Blue textured: Zoya – Sunshine


I hope you enjoyed this brief non-stamping design interludeā€¦we basically go right back to stamping on Wednesday! I just didn’t have time for much else :-/

Triangulated Teal

I was so close! I tried to get this up on Monday, but none of the art was edited at all yet. So, slightly past midnight, sorry! Posting is going to get a bit hectic. I spent all day packing, and I only have a few more days to be ready to move and I am in no way packed! The nail art room is getting packaged tomorrow, which is going to be really sad (the apartment we are moving in to only has two bedrooms, not two bedrooms and a tiny study perfect for nail polish).


All this is to say that if the posts start getting hectic and delayed, I am sorry! Between packing, moving, unpacking, orientation, and then starting on an intensive care unit rotation right off the bat (which, that is going to be TERRIFYING), I have no idea when my posts will go back to normal! Nor do I really have any idea if I’ll be able to keep the nail art coming in residency, but I will try!


Anyway, today’s post was done using the teal holographic swatch comparison. The end art is a bit clumpy…the fat straight lines are from a stamp and all the rest of the embellishments were hand-painted. But, it was all I had on deck so here it is!


~ Dark teal holo: A England – Saint George
~ Bright teal holo: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Shimmer teal holo: ILNP – Party Favor
~ Coarse holo teal: LA Girl – Teal Dimension
~ Teal glitter: Forumla X – Outburst
~ Silver holo: Color Club – Harp On It
~ Stamp: BM – 604


That’s all for today! Hopefully I have enough down time to put together a post that is on time for Wednesday…

Swatch Test: Teal Glitters

Today’s post is going to be a bit short, because I am running low on time! I graduate on Sunday, so my family and my husband’s family are coming into town this weekend. Running rampant. We also had to cannibalize half of my ‘nail art studio’ (aka our third bedroom which has been used solely for nail art for the past 4 years) to store a metric ton of wedding gifts that are still in their boxes. Fine china and crystal glasses are overrated!!!


Anyway, this leads me to today. This is a short post comparing one of my favorite nail polish families, the teal glitters! Spoilers: I love them all and will be keeping them all. I also hope that the post I have prepared for Monday actually gets edited in timeā€¦thereĀ is a non-zero chance that with all theĀ hubbubĀ this weekend I just won’tĀ haveĀ time to edit the nail photos! But we shall see.


From pinky to thumb:
~ Pinky: A England – Saint George
~ Ring: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Middle: ILNP – Party Favor
~ Pointer: LA Girl – Teal Dimension
~ Thumb: Forumla X – Outburst


A England polishes are amazing because of how opaque they are: this is ONE coat of St George. Mermaid and Dimension both required two coats, while Outburst and Party Favor both needed three. That said, I think Party has become my go-to color for my toenails. It has been on there for a month and counting and I love it! Comparing these 5 polishes, Outburst is clearly a gitterbomb polish, but is not super opaque on it’s own. Dimension is much darker than the others and has holo shards rather than glitters. Favor and Mermaid are not too dissimilar, but Favor has a shimmer to it and a bit of a dark blue shift that Mermaid lacks, while Mermaid is just SWIMMING with glitter. George is just a beautiful one-coater in dark teal, with a subtle holo finish that mostly looks like shimmer. Ergo, keeping them all! Happy Friday!

Ripple Down

Raindrops are totally a pattern, right? So droplets must be! I was going to create a nautilus shell, but I didn’t want to spend hours painting each nailā€¦I settled on this and I rather love it.


The design was actually inspired by a previous design of my own, Pond Ripples. Since I obviously still have the same colors, and I recently bought a new copy of the stamping plate I used (that now picks up much MUCH better), I was planning to exactly copy the designā€¦but THEN I tested my teal flakies over a bunch of other polishes and picked a different base!


If nothing else, this mani is insanely glittery. Not in a holographic way, but justā€¦a lot of layers of shimmer. You cannot tell in the photos but when I shift my nails its mesmerizing. I am also glad I bought a new copy of this plate, I really love this stamp!


~ Teal glitter: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Teal flakies: Zoya – Maisie
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur
~ Stamp: EdM – 06


I actually added matte top coat to one finger just to see if I liked it better (because I have to do that whenever I add flakies) and although it was pretty, I liked the depth of shimmer better with shiny top coat. Shiny it is! Hope you enjoyed šŸ™‚


Really, I just wanted to play with some fun colors for “watermarble” day! I actually tried 4 combos before settling on this oneā€¦the right mix of bright, dark, and glitter.


I’ve been trying to marble with glitter polishes more frequently, since I rather love the effect they leave. This particular set of colors didn’t end upĀ withĀ the glitter mixed into the creme polishes as much as I would haveĀ hoped, but I still like it! For some reason, none of the purple or blues I used wanted to play alongā€¦and I wasn’t willing to risk my reallyĀ expensiveĀ polishes just to see if they would marble.


I ended up using a bunch of polishes for this, and lets be honest, you probably cannot tell which is which in the photos! I named them all regardless :-p


~ Neon teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ Teal: Zoya – Rocky
~ Teal glitter: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Periwinkle: Nails Inc – Regent’s Place
~ Purple: Formula X – Ignition
~ Purple glitter: LA Girl – Purple Effect


Day 20ā€¦.we are almost 2/3 through the 31 Day Challenge! And at this point I have completed all by the last day’s nail art. I like to pick from within the challenge for the honors nails you love promptā€¦I have a few ideas, but I am waiting around to see if someone does something that blows me away (and that I can imitate, cause lets be honest I would love to do ANYTHING Coewless has done for this challenge but I am simply not skilled enough). Hope you enjoyed!

Diamonds on the Shore

Day 2 of chrome/metallic week is blue shimmery metallic with lots of things on top!


This started with two coats of a teal metallic shimmery glittery polish that I haven’t used in way too long (it has a small bottle, so I’m always worried I’m going to run out!). I then stamped with a blue polish over that in a swirly pattern, to try and simulate underwater ripples.


I went and added a less-dense swirly white pattern on top of the swirly blue pattern, and then decided to go NUTS with the 3D additions. I had just come off my 2 weeks on Medicine when I did this, and I was dying to get some forbidden color and rhinestones onto my nails! This is the best anti-hospital mani ever. It might also be one of the most bits of 3D-ness I’ve put on my nails ever. Certainly this year!


~ Teal: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Blue: Zoya – Wednesday
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: Bundle Monster – S108, 607


Hope you enjoyed! Friday’s post is EVEN MORE chrome-y goodness!


Blue! And teal! I am sooo glad I wrote down all the names of the polishes that I used when I made this, because there is no way I would remember them now.


This was the base of the mani that I used for my pshiiit-inspired design from Nail Art Fashion Week. As I was putting together the teal an blue splotches and glitter and flakies I really liked how it lookedā€¦so I took some photos! I usually only do that if I’m afraid that I’ll mess up the final result and an intermediate step looks goodā€¦in this case it gets it own post!


So anyway, lots of teal. I used the stamper smush (technical term) method to get the colors on. It worked great this time, but I’ve actually tried it again since and it looked awful. Some colors work and some don’t I guess!


~ Pastel teal: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ Light teal: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Teal shimmer: Essie – Naughty Nautical
~ Teal metallic: Petites Color Fever – Figi
~ Teal glitter: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Dark teal: A England – Saint George
~ Teal flakie: Zoya – Maisie
~ Holo: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage


Also, adding Sparkling Garbage to the top of ANYTHING makes it magic. My friends and I made some dragon eggs (more about that later) a week ago and we ended up topping a dark green metallic with Sparkling Garbageā€¦it was magic.

Splotches and Chevrons

Today’s prompt for Nail Art Fashion Week 2016 was “style icon.” Now, anyone who knows me knows I have 0 style sense (if it fits and has some type of glitter or pattern on it, I’ll wear it), and that I don’t care to get one. I wear sneakers with skirts and everyone else can just deal with it :-p


So, I had to think of something else for “style icon” and of course, I ended up with nail art style icon! Which means I had to mimic something by pshiiitā€¦she is not my favorite nail art blogger, but its a toss-up between her and Very Emily who’s overall nail art style I like best! Everyone else (myself included) tends to vary widely in what we do for artā€¦but pshiiit (and Emily) have a distinct feel to their nail art that I just love! In pshiiit’s case, it tends towards chevrons and pops of color or glitter.


Anyway, today’s nail art was inspired by pshiiit, so here we go! Lots of teal, some glitter, and some chevrons. And also a funny title because I couldn’t think of anything else.


~ Pastel teal: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ Light teal: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Teal shimmer: Essie – Naughty Nautical
~ Teal metallic: Petites Color Fever – Figi
~ Teal glitter: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Dark teal: A England – Saint George
~ Teal flakie: Zoya – Maisie
~ Holo: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Hope you enjoyed! Technically NAFW2016 goes through Sunday, but I never post on weekends AND I know nothing about the Fall 2016 collection (nor do I care that much. Fashion is wayyyy beyond me) so this is it!


It has been a while since I’ve done a 100% cute mani, so I thought it was time! Thus, I present tiny adorable whales šŸ˜€


This mani was inspired by dry dammit. I even matted it, as I like the result matted! There is one pre-matte photo in the post, just so you guys can see how shiny the blue was before I made it un-shiny.


Maybe I should at some point try painting my beta fish. Then again, he is a ridiculous concoction of mermaid/peacock colors with a giant spiky tailā€¦so maybe not.


~ Blue metallic: Zoya – Estelle
~ Teal shimmer: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Grey: Maybelline – Bare Escape
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Hope you enjoyed!

Tower Sunset

Every time I try to do something with this color scheme I overdo it. Orange-red-purple is pretty. Gold-orange-red-pink-purple is just too much and you lose the colors! Oops.


This was loosely inspired by Lucy’s Stash. Although my polishes have more glitter in them and so are more silvery and less saturated, sadly!


I think I’m going to call this a quasi-fail. It just doesn’t look right to me. I wanted to use textured polishes but really I should know better than to do a gradient (unless it is over another color with tape or something). Oops!


~ Gold: Zoya – Solange
~ Light orange: Julie G – Tangerine Dream
~ Orange: Julie G – Sugar Rush
~ Red: Julie G – Hot Cinnamon
~ Pink: Julie G – Crushed Candy
~ Purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black

This was also a pain to remove. Darn you textured! I even used a peel-off base (aka elmers glue) but it still took forever.

Platform Wedges

I don’t really own that many shoes. I have two sneakers, 4 pairs of “work appropriate” black shoes, 2 sandals, and exactly 3 “fun” shoes. For this look, I grabbed the only one of my fun shoes that doesn’t have flowers and re-created it on my nails!


The shoes are wedge sandals. They have purple straps but the heels are multi-colored made out of something that looks like dyed twine. They are also surprisingly comfortable for 3 inch heels (probably because platforms > regular heels).


~ Red: Julie G – Hot Cinnamon
~ Orange: Julie G – Tangerine Dream
~ Yellow: Zoya – Solange
~ Nude: Zoya – Tomoko
~Teal: Julie G – Rock Candy
~ Blue: Zoya – Sunshine
~ Purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
~ Pink: Julie G – Crushed Candy
~ Grey: Zoya – London


I decided to recreate the mani using textured polishes, both because I miss using textured polishes, and because I thought they did a decent job at capturing the twine-like look of the shoe. Sadly, I didn’t actually get to wear these shoes while I was wearing the mani!


Hope you enjoyed! Starting tomorrow, we get a few days of stamps (because I am tired of free-handing things).

Rainbow Banner

This mani is a throwback to the start of the month when my nails were teeny tiny! I didn’t find a good place to post it before I left, so hello from Thailand! From here out (until mid June) all my posts are scheduledā€¦and I don’t know that I’ll have internet or a way to respond to comments. So, I love you all (and your comments) but I won’t be back for 2 weeks!


The mani was brought about because I missed using my textured polishes. I have quite a few of them, and I really like themā€¦but I hate removal! So, since my nails were already tiny and it is easier to remove polish from a smaller surface, I just decided to go for it.


I STILL can’t center stamps (it’s downright embarrassing at this point) so just pretend I meant to make everything crooked!


~ Orange: Julie G – Sugar Rush
~ Yellow: Zoya – Solange
~ Green: Julie G – Mistletoe
~ Blue: Julie G – Sleigh Ride
~ Purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 316


Rainbows! Hope you enjoyed!

Energy Portal

I have spent wayy too much time browsing Liloo’s nail art and I wish I had her skills with skinny lines and swirls! I found one mani that I just had to recreate (albeit with slightly different colorsā€¦and some personal flare), her small turquoise flames.


Seriously, if you have never seen her blog go stare your heart out. I don’t know how she gets herā€¦arabesquesā€¦so perfect (the swirly do-dads) but I drool over them. Mine are not even remotely as nice!


However, I got to play with my sally hansen mirror metallics set again, so I guess it’s a win? I felt like I had a swirly turquoise energy portal on my nails!


~ Silver: Sally Hansen – Sterling Silver
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Teal: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale


Hope you enjoyed! I’m finally getting the hang of this light box. I think. Maybe? It’s fun!

Monarch – 31DC2014

This is a slightly updated version of one of my all-time favorite personal nail artsā€¦textured monarch butterfly wings! This time, I added an additional color (yellow) to the gradient. The mani is counting for “Fashion” day in the 31 Day Challenge because it looks like one of my favorite dresses, this amazing butterfly dress by Luly Yang.


This mani is actually rather simpleā€¦it probably takes longer to take off (thank you, textured polishes) than it does to put on! I put together a tutorial almost a year ago, I’ll post it if you guys want! Just let me know.



~ Yellow: Zoya – Solange
~ Light orange: Julie G – Tangerine Dream
~ Medium orange: Julie G – Sugar Rush
~ Dark orange: Julie G – Hot Cinnamon
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow Me White


Yah ok, so I just love butterfly wing nail art. And you know you do too! Enjoy šŸ˜€

Black Holes and Supernovas – 31DC2014

I don’t know why, but everyone (me included) loves putting holographic glitter over galaxy manis. I decided, when putting together my galaxy mani for the 31DC that I wanted to change things up a bit, and add black and white glitter to create stars and black holes!


So really, this is just a standard galaxy mani, but this one has black holes. Small AND large ones. And some supernovas and shooting stars (see my thumb) for good measure.


~ Teal glitter: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
~ Dark blue: Wet n’ Wild – Blue Moon
~ Light blue: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Light teal: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
~ Black and white: Maybelline – Clearly Spotted


Honestly, I forgot to write down what I used as I did it, so I might be forgetting a blue or teal in there. All I know is that Mermaid’s Tale is stunning and I keep not wanting to cover it up!


Anyway, enjoy galaxy day!

Vintage in Blue – 31DC2014

I did these nails before the 31 Day Challenge started and just couldn’t figure out where to put them. Blue day? Delicate day? (Just wait till you see tomorrow’s post, I have some BIG NEWS.) I settled on floral day, because wheeee flowers!


This is a bit of vintage nail art. I always think “light blue-grey” when someone says vintage, so I just have to go with it! The design is based off a beautiful bit of art by @m_a_tom. I would never think to put side rhinestones on my nails, but it seems to be popular right now and it does look good!


Unfortunately, the mani took a bit longer than I would have liked because I decided to hand-paint the straight lines. Oy. Striping tape, I miss you! Roses were fun though. I think I’m getting better at this!


~ Blue textured: Julie G – Blueberry Fizz
~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Cream
~ Light blue: Essie – Rock the Boat
~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


I hope you enjoyed these floral skittle nails! And I promise, when you see what I have planned for tomorrowā€¦well, it had some very special inspiration!

Blue Ombre Textures – 31DC2014

My poor textured polishes are feeling unloved. And I do love them (oh so very much) ā€¦they are just a pain in the butt to remove. So I don’t wear them as often as I would like. But today for Blue day they just had to come out and play! I have 4 blue textured polishes, three of which I used in this mani, after pairing them with a creme polish. The last blue is just too turquoise to fit into the ombre color scheme!


This mani was very simple but a lot of fun to wear! Go ombres! And striping tape, of course.



– White creme: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
– Silver textured: OPI – It’s Frosty Outside
– Light blue creme: Essie – Rock the Boat
– Light blue textured: Julie G – Blueberry Fizz
– Blue creme: Zoya – Yummy
– Blue textured: OPI – Kiss Me At Midnight
– Dark blue creme: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
– Dark blue textured: Zoya – Sunshine
– Black creme: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– Black textured: OPI – Emotions
– Silver: A England – Excalibur
– Stamp: Bundle Monster – 222




Glitzy Chevrons

I had high hopes for this mani. I dashed them. And then, somehow, they came back. I wanted to mix three of my seldom-used-but-beautiful glitter polishes, and then stamp over them with the Bundle Monster chevron stamp. Although all three polishes are stunning aloneā€¦mixed, maybe not so much.


I painted each nail either pink (pinky and pointer), purple (ring and thumb) or blue (middle) and proceeded to dab on polish of the other two colors with an almost dry brush. They basically just blended into a purple shimmery mess. I was hoping for distinct colors and I did not get it!


However, somehow, the stamp actually saved it. It looks like a weirdly subtle mix of really bright glittery colors behind the stamp. :-D. I wanted to matte this, but my matte polish is empty (and the replacement I bought does not actually work). Anyone have any good matte top coat suggestions??



  • Pink: Zoya – Allegra
  • Purple: Zoya – Valerie
  • Blue: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
  • White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme



A Study in Teal

One of my favorite things about nail polish is just how many possible finishes you can put on your polish. This manicure showcases three of them!


The idea for this was taken from the lovely lady behind liloo nail art. Her manicures are always spot on, and simple enough that I feel like I can do them in under an hour! This bit of art required two polishes and two types of top coat. And tape.


I painted my teal polish (Naughty Nautical by Essie) onto my nails and added shiny top coat. When that was dry, I taped off the parts that I wanted to keep shiny and added either matte top coat or teal textured polish (Crushed Candy by JulieG) to the rest of the nail. Let it dry, and voila!


This mani is a bit understated, but I really rather like how simple it is. I need to play more with color matching textured and regular polish! I ā¤ my textured collection šŸ™‚



Irish Argyle

Let’s see how many green posts I can do this week! Most of them are unintentional (really), I just LOVE the color green! This mani, however, was intuitional. Meet Irish Argyle!


After my color fail with argyle + textures back in January, I decided I need to re-try it with better colors. While staring through my collection, I came upon the beautiful textured forest green polish Mistletoe by Julie G, and inspiration was born!


I honestly don’t know if I prefer the green-on-orange or the orange-on-green. Regardless, I think I’ve got the “no seriously don’t pinch me see GREEN!” thing down for today! Now if only the obnoxiously drunk college kids would stop being so darn noisy outside, I would be happy :-p



  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Orange: Sinful Colors – Courtney Orange
  • Green: Zoya – Holly
  • Orange textured: Julie G – Sugar Rush
  • Green textured: Julie G – Mistletoe


Hope you enjoyed! And remember, green = no pinch šŸ˜€

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