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Triangulated Pastel Gradients

Colors! Colors galore! Oh my goodness so many colors. I made a light-to-dark gradient of each shade, and then tried to find a tone-matching holo that I could lightly paint over top. Voila! Honestly the nails looked awesome even before I added the stamp.


~ Light mint: Zoya – Tiana
~ Mint: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Mint holo: ORLY – Sparking Garbage
~ Light blue: Zoya – Blu
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Blue holo: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Light purple: Zoya – Abby
~ Purple: Zoya – Landon
~ Purple holo: Milani – Hi-Res
~ Light pink: Zoya – Jordan
~ Pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Pink holo: Milani – Digital
~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Orange: ULTA – Sun of a Gun
~ Orange holo: Nabi – Brone
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: BC – 04


That said, geometric stamps only make things better, so I went and played with triangles! I never use this particular design because for some reason it strikes me as awkward, but my nails were short enough that I could get away with not using the whole stamp design. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this return to full color! 😀

Pastel 4th of July

Since I was in the cardiac intensive care unit over the fourth of July last year, I needed nails that celebrated the holiday without being super blingy! I decided to make some pastel toned flags…and then to use grey-out holo polish so it was a bit more subtle indoors (it helped that OUTDOORS my nails were super glittery) 🙂


This mani, predictably, took quite some time since I had to use an infinite number of strips of striping tape! That said, I think the end result was worth it. These came out pretty darn cool! Even if they were far more subtle than my typical 4th of July art!


~ Silver holo: Nabi – Silver
~ Pink: Milani – Digital
~ Blue: Nabi – Sky Blue
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur


I hope all of my American readers get to enjoy the fireworks tomorrow! I am off tomorrow night, so if I am lucky and we don’t get a deluge of rain, I will hopefully see some colorful explosions myself!

Holo and Hearts

How about a not-quite-traditional valentine’s day mani, for all that I think I’ve used this particular stamp at least once a year, and typically ON valentines day!


The base color here is Zoya Payton, a purple scattered holo. The base is a bit more pink-leaning, and hilariously (or not) enough it is an almost perfect dupe for TWO other polishes in my collection. I love jewel tone purples, its a problem! That said, Payton covered very well in two thicker coats and my others take three coats. However, if you happen to on LA Girl Purple Effect…you don’t need Payton. Oops!


I decided that Payton alone was not enough, so I dry marbled on a bit of LA Girl Purple Effect (which is why I know they are basically perfect dupes) and Milani Hi-Res. It was still a bit subtle…so I decided to stamp with a silver holo instead of just a silver like I had planned!

~ Purple holo: Zoya – Payton
~ Light purple holo: Milani – Hi-Res
~ Other purple holo: LA Girl – Purple Effect
~ Silver holo: Color Club – Harp on It
~ Stamp: BC – 04


The end effect was dizzying, and you can barely see the pattern of the stamp over all the purple holo! It was still fun to wear, but I need to remember to use a creme to stamp over glitters, not another glitter! Stay tuned for more quasi-valentine’s day manis this week 🙂

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This is my entry for this years nail art canada holiday challenge! I have entered for the past 5 or so years, and last year I won the internal competition! Most years I just pick my very favorite holiday mani that I had done up to that point…but this year I painted something specifically for the challenge. I have to say I am quite pleased! The design itself was based off a press-on nail set by Project Nails.


I started with a blue holographic base (mostly because I wanted to use a one-coat base and the halo hues collection from Color Club are basically magic). I then brush-gradiented using blue and purple scattered holo crellies and splotched on some dark teal jelly. Once that was all top coated and dry, it was design time!


I basically freehanded some rooftops, then a moon, then snow, and finally windows and sled. The hardest part of the whole thing was certainly the reindeer, I still don’t love them but without using acrylic I think this is the best I can do! The only part of this mani that isn’t free-handed is the stars: those are stamps. The top of the moon was made from playing with variations of white and yellow to make a little gradient.


~ Blue holo: Color Club – Over the Moon
~ Blue scattered holo: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Purple scattered holo: Milani – Hi-Res
~ Teal jelly: Zoya – Frida
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Light orange: KBShimmer – Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana
~ Stamp: BM – XL213


Please go vote for this entry in the challenge, it would be amazing to win! You can find the link here and sprinkled throughout the rest of this post. I will keep posting the link for the remainder of the contest. Hope you enjoyed, and thank you for voting!!


It turns out that thermal polishes are only intended to be good for 6 months…so all of my beautiful thermals are becoming less shift-y! Which clearly means I just need to use them more. It also means I wish my favorite brands would stop releasing thermals because I don’t want to buy things that stop working 😦


This was my trial with my shiftiest thermal, a clear-to-black with scattered holo shards, that used to have a darn impressive color range. The base here is actually a holographic blue-grey, but once I put the thermal top coat over it most of the color just went grey. This top coat used to be almost entirely see-through, and I am sad about this change! However, the shift is still VERY prominent so I am ok with it.


I think I want to try stamping with this polish at some point? I don’t know if it is quite opaque enough even in cold/black form but I am curious! Now I just need to plan up things to do with the other…6 or so…thermal polishes that I own. Two others are already shift-less 😦 (but luckily for both I liked the cold color better, which is where they stayed).


~ Blue: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Grey/Black shift: Bow Polish – Black Thermo Top Coat
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: BPX – L020, BM – 206, 607


Happy Friday! Next week is one of my last required classes for medical school, and our “rank list” goes in for where we want to go for residency. Mine has been in for about two weeks already, but I will certainly be double-checking! And I will be fleeing to Hawaii on my much-delayed honeymoon for two weeks after that, so I will be pre-posting. 😀

Subtle Pink Overlay

Of all the designs I did during my residency interviews, this is probably the most subtle. I figured if I was going to wear a pink that was blatantly glittery, then I needed a design which would not stand out!


I used a pink glittery base that claims to be holographic and almost is, and then stamped over it with a scale pattern using a gradient of light pink to normal pink. I almost wish I had used white and not light pink, this design was almost invisible!


I think this is also the only time I didn’t just cut both my hands back when one nail broke…which is why I have one hand with nice square nails and one hand that is rounded. I dislike rounded nails!!


~ Pink holo: Milani – Digital
~ Pink: Clinique – Pinkini
~ Light pink: OPI – Be There In a Prosecco
~ Stamp: BC – 04


This was work-appropriate mani #2, out of maybe 10? I have two interviews left at this point so probably out of 11 total manis. We shall see. I hope these are giving those of you with jobs that require boring nails some ideas! :-p

Pending Pink-fection

Another new polish! For some reason I’ve decided to post a lot of swatch photos this week. Maybe because I’ve bought a lot of new polish recently. Regardless, this was another polish that I had been lemming after for a while (although, a shorter while as it only came out this fall), that I decided to buy and then ended up adding 3 more polishes to the order. Whoops!


This is Pending Perfect by Emily de Molly. It is a bright almost pastel neon teal color (thats a mouthful!) swimming with pink shimmer. It looks like its glowing, and is quite lovely! That being said, the polish was a bit harder to work with. It was thicker than most Emily de Molly polishes I have, although once I figured that out it was easy to manipulate. I needed three coats for coverage, but probably could have gotten away with two if I was paying more attention to how it was spreading.


The design was inspired by twi_star, again something minimal because I didn’t want to cover up too much of the polish…although I wish I had stuck to her design a bit more closely!


This isn’t a particularly wintery mani, but I wanted to post it now anyway since the color reminds me of teal icicles. Also, this has not been a very wintery winter….its been in the 50’s outside! I am so confused. GLOBAL WARMING EXISTS (well, obviously. Grrrrr).


~ Teal: Emily de Molly – Pending Perfection
~ Pink creme: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Pink holo: Milani – Digital


Hope you enjoyed, and happy Friday!

Icy Penguins

Christmas and winter manis galore! Starting out this week with something more winter-y than Christmas-y, but we’ll get there!


This design was inspired by badgirlnails. I just need to permanently bookmark everything she does. These are adorable!


I was actually brave enough to wear this to the children’s hospital while I was rotating there, and the few people who noticed them loved it. So, score!


~ Blue: Milani – Cyberspace
~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Black: Wet n’ Wild – Black Creme
~ Orange: ULTA – Sun of a Gun


Hope you enjoyed!

Gradients of Purple Skittle

This is a complicated mani. In my head this was basically “is there ANYTHING else I can do that I like better than the elegant dark purple baroque nails” so I did a full-on skittle mani!


Basically, I wanted to try and figure out if I liked any of these better. I was going to hold a vote before the wedding but I (clearly) ran out of time! I didn’t prefer any of these over my favorite that I posted last Monday, so I went with that one.


Oddly, I usually like things more BEFORE I top coat them…although top coat makes things smooth, it also makes them less distinct. That is true here as well, except on my pointer! I like the dark purple stamp much better when it really fades into the top of the nail. Go figure!


My ring finger stands apart as the only nail with any type of glitter on it. I used a base of Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen (as I did for all 5 nails), and added Lavender by Nabi, Hi-Res by Milani, Vallis Sanguine by Gothic Gala Lacquers, and Valerie by Zoya in between the stripes going up my nail. I really like how it came out, but I didn’t think it was elegant enough for a wedding mani! Also…I dreaded the idea of adding 10+ bits of striping tape to EVERY SINGLE NAIL. Kill me now.


The other 3 fingers have a gradient of French White by Wet n’ Wild, Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen, Ignition by Sephora X, and Monica by Zoya. Once that was dry, I added various stamps! Ring finger has BM-315 with Monica, middle has BM-616 with French White, and my pinky has BC-10 with White Opaque (which looks somewhat silvery).


Although I could get behind my pinky, I actually think my middle finger is my favorite combo of colorful + elegant. One last wedding-related purple mani tomorrow, and then we are done with wedding!

Purple Bursting

More stamps! More CENTERED stamps! With awesome starbursts 😀 Seriously, clear stampers are magic. I had been wanting to use this stamp for months, but had to acknowledge that no matter what I did with it, it was going to look awkward and off-center. Ergo, magic!


The stamping was done over the shades of purple water marble you guys saw a few weeks ago. I liked the marble so much I took pictures of it independently, but it was never meant to stand alone!


I don’t know why I decided doing starbursts over random marbling was the best idea, but it came out alright! I still need to try a radial gradient with circle stamping again. This time maybe it’ll actually work!


~ Purple holo: Milani – Hi-res
~ Purple-pink creme: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Purple creme: Sephora X – Ignition
~ Dark purple creme: Zoya – Monica
~ White: Mentality – White Opaque
~ Stamp: EdM – 09


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow: fewer colors. Still stamps.

Upon a Purple Sea

Awesomely fun water marble! I knew I wanted to use a bunch of purples and Clearwater by Pipe Dream Polish, but I had a lot of trouble figuring out what to use as the base which would peek through! I had somehow forgotten that I had a light purple scattered holo polish, and it worked beautifully!


Seriously though, Milani wins the award for “polishes that don’t dry out even if you forget about them for years”. I honestly cannot remember the last time I used this polish (at LEAST a year ago) and it is still as flow-y and wonderful as the day I got it! It also still takes three thickish coats to be opaque :-p


~ Purple holo: Milani – Hi-res
~ Purple-pink creme: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Purple creme: Sephora X – Ignition
~ Dark purple creme: Zoya – Monica


I also managed to dip all 5 fingers in one go! I just kept marbling and swirling. The last (ingenious) step was to circle-swirl the marble, so the nails didn’t look uniform at all. Voila! Super easy.


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrows mani is terrible. Potentially terribly awesome (my boyfriend loved it) but it made me cringe to wear it, so here’s your warning!

Blue Diamonds

With my new oval nails, I can finally pretend to be lacqerstyle! I am not NEARLY as talented as her, so I am sticking to some more simple manis (aka no insane flowers). Even then though, my lines are about 300% thicker than hers, but I still like how this one came out! Inspired by lacquerstyle’s blue diamonds.


This mani took a bit of time (mostly from having to paint so many thin lines) but it came out rather nice for all that effort! I am glad that I have so many blue holo polishes.


~ Light blue: Nfu Oh – #65
~ Light blue scattered: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Medium blue: Darling Diva – Blue Diamond
~ Medium dark blue: Nabi – Navy Blue
~ Dark blue: A England – Tristam


I am NOT happy with Nfu Oh though…it is the first expensive polish I ever bought (at $12, back in 2012, before I ever got into blogging and could barely keep the polish off my entire nail bed), and it is now a formal disaster. It goes on patchy and then CRACKS! I have no idea what to do…the bottle is only about 1/3 used up, but it is mostly unusable. I had to paint over it with a similar-colored Milani polish just to make the whole thing lie flat! Not cool Nfu Oh, not cool.


Despite my feelings of betray towards Nfu Oh, holo polishes are fun! And I will shortly have a bunch more in RAINBOW COLORS (yay!) from Mentality to show you guys! Tonight, I am gonna try to water marble. With holos. Life is awesome!

Psychedelic Sun

Sometimes stamping decals work great…and other times they don’t. There are a number of things I dislike about this mani, but overall it isn’t terrible. Unfortunately, a few manis this week just are (sorry!) because not all of my ideas are good, or even decent :-p


I wanted to pair of sun-colored metallics (golds and bronzes) with a blue glitter polish, and landed on Cyberspace by Milani because I haven’t used it in far too long. The concept was good…it my nails had been shorter. And if the decal would have laid flat. And…I don’t know. This mani just looks a bit sad. My favorite nail is my accent nail, and that took no time at all. C’est la vie!


~ Blue: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Light gold: Sally Hansen – Liquid Gold
~ Gold: Maybelline – Bold Gold
~ Copper: Zoya – Penny
~ Bronze: Pure Ice – Magic
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 616


Tomorrow’s manicure is just as bad (an Eva-attempts-to-stamp-and-fails), but the rest of the week looks up, I promise!

Butterflies and Bubbles

I decided to give I’ve Never Seen A Beautiful Witch by Different Dimension another try (especially after how easy Cranfairy was to work with). I was, yet again, disappointed. As pretty as this polish looks in the bottle it just does NOT work well on the nail.


I went ahead and complimented the pale pink in the polish with a light pink holo (Digital by Milani) and some butterfly stamps from various Bundle Monster plates (ask if you want to know which ones) with French White Creme – Wet n’ Wild and Raspberry Ice – Petites Color Fever.


This mani just makes me sad. It is all thick and lumpy…and then the stamping is ok but it doesn’t really pop because there are too many lumps!



Right. Happy Friday. Starting on Monday I will have some REAL nail art…and if I get my act together (no promises) I might have something on Sunday. With my face in it. Strange, eh?

Cherry Blossoms

Today’s nail art features the beautiful Mr. Pinchy* by Femme Fatale. This polish just screamed “spring!” to me, so I went for some cherry blossom nail art!


The base, Mr. Pinchy, is a salmon pink linear holographic polish. The holographic flare is not incredibly strong, but is easily visible with direct light. In the shade, the polish shimmers with silver glitters from the holo bits! For this swatch, I used two thin coats of polish over my normal base coat, although I honestly could have gotten away with one! Mr. Pinchy is self leveling and dried quickly. Application was perfect.


This polish appears pink in some lights and coral in others! It is a very delicate feminine shade, with enough glitter to make it interesting. I usually don’t care for pinks, but I find myself liking this shade!


I have also put together a tutorial for the cherry blossoms at the bottom of this post. There are a lot of steps, but it was very easy!



It should be spring! Please 14 degree weather, GO AWAY! I want to bring out my skirts again…and it will be 60 today, but 28 on Thursday! Not ok.



  • Pink holo: Femme Fatale – Mr. Pinchy
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Brown: Zoya – Louise
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Pink creme: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Pink glitter: Milani – Digital


Hope you enjoyed! If you (like me) can’t wait to wear Mr. Pinchy in the spring, you can find it at Femme Fatale for $12.50. Enjoy!

Cherry Blossom Tutorial


  1. Paint your nails with a pale peachy pink. I am using Mr. Pinchy by Femme Fatale.
  2. Paint branches in black polish using a nail art brush. Make the branches slightly fatter towards the free edge of your nail.
  3. Go over the branches faintly in dark brown polish. It does not need to cover the black, just highlight certain bits to add depth.
  4. Using a dotting tool (unbent bobby pin!) add flowers made of 5 white dots. I recommend 2-4 flowers per nail. (I put the wrong photo here. See image 5, but without the light pink dot in the center. Sorry!!!)
  5. In the center of your white flowers, add a large dot of light pink for depth.
  6. In the center of the flowers, add a dot of darker pink.
  7. Add small lines in the same dark pink from Step 6, to create veins in the flower petals.
  8. Add a small dot of holographic glitter polish to the center of the flowers.
  9. Using a small dotting tool (or an unbent paper clip) add a few white dots to the rest of the nail. These are the blown away petals!
  10. If you want, add pink rhinestones to the center of select flowers. I did one per nail.
  11. Top coat, voila!

* Product sent for review. All opinions contained within this post are my own.

Purple Twilight

Today I was feeling inspired by purple, and wanted to use some of my scattered holographic polishes! So, I put together a purple holo gradient and stamped over it.


Indoors, the stamp was almost invisible. At least the gradient was pretty! And since I had trouble centering my stamp, maybe it is for the best :-p


In the sun, the rainbow shine in the holographic polishes really came to life. I love holos! Look at all that sparkle!


I had to take an unfocused picture. SO MUCH RAINBOW. *cough* Returning to sanity now…



  • Light purple holo: Milani – Hi-Res
  • Dark purple holo: LA Girl – Purple Effect
  • Purple: Sally Hansen – Lacey Lilac
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 206


Hope you enjoyed the influx of purples!


Interlaced Dots

Continuing my quest to use polishes my sister owns and I do not, I turned to her neon Milani lacquers. I also wanted another excuse to use Sparkling Garbage by ORLY because…well, rainbow.


I used a neon teal as my base, and painted on one coat of Sparkling Garbage (well, a gradient on the accent nail but you can hardy tell). I then added bright orange dots of different sizes, and filled in the larger ones with more teal.


Unfortunately, I messed up the thumb. I wanted to see what would happen if I added ANOTHER layer of holo goodness, and everything smeared everywhere. Oops!



  • Blue: Milani – Fresh Teal
  • Orange: Milani – Jiffy Orange
  • Holo: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage


This mani is so darn sparkly in the sunlight! Hope you enjoyed!

Water Currents

I received my first set of nail art tools from the Born Pretty Store to demo, and decided to try a blue swirly design with glequin* accents (the Nailasaurus has a great explanation for what a glequin is if you are curious)! I am thrilled with how this came out, so it’s going in as my Day 2 entry into the 31 Day OMD challenge!


I started with a  blue holo base, and put down darker blue dots in a diagonal where I wanted my three glequins per nail to end up. I drew in the swirls, and then added a tiny dab of dark blue polish and my blue glequin. I waited a few minutes, and added topcoat to seal in the design and the glequin.


I am happy to say that the small plastic containers that Born Pretty sends their glequins in stay closed and hold TONS of glitter. So much glitter. Also, all three glequins stayed on every single nail for four days (when I removed the design). I didn’t use nail glue, just top coat!


This design made me really happy. It is not often I get to look down and not only see scattered holographic goodness, but also shiny reflective sequins on my nails!



  • Blue holo: Milani 3D – Cyberspace
  • Blue polish: Sinful Colors – Endless Blue
  • Blue glequin: Born Pretty – Glequin #3 (blue)*


You can get these (and many other colors!) glequins at the Born Pretty store. If you would like to order from them, please use the code LY5X31 for a 10% discount! They have a lot of really cool nail art supplies, are fairly cheap, and ship for free!



*This product was sent to me by the Born Pretty Store for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

To view other entries for this challenge, click here!

Old Swatch Spam: Part 2

Sorry for oddly timed posts! I am currently at the beach with a bunch of my college friends…and am very very sunburnt (it turns out sunscreen expires). Anyway, only one post this weekend. If all goes according to plan, nail art should resume on Monday!


This is the second (and last) day of swatches-only, to clear out my swatching folder! Please pardon the state of my nails in most of these. I was (and am) still learning!

Zoya Valerie is a beautiful blackened purple with pink and purple glitter. The glitter occasionally flashes copper and gold, but mostly only in the bottle. This is a spectacular color, and one of my favorite Zoyas to date. Shown here is two coats, no top coat. To see the art I did with this polish, please look here.

Figi by Petites Color Fever is a beautiful teal metallic, which is opaque in one coat (yes, one). I love working with this polish! It also marbles wonderfully. My accent nail is two coats of Let’s Talk by Sinful Colors, a really cool blurple that the camera refuses to color correctly. I made a lava lamp mani with these two, which can be found here.

I Need a Refresh Mint by Wet n’ Wild is a dupe of For Audrey by China Glaze, and is under $2! However, they recently changed the color from this beautiful teal to a much more blue version, and are selling it under the same name. I Need A Refresh Mint is opaque in two coats, and has a wide but surprisingly easy to use brush. My accent nail is two coats of Electric by Revlon. Hint: do NOT try to do nail art with a Revlon FastDry polish. They really do dry too fast for taping!

Fresh Teal by Milani is a beautiful deep blue polish which leans a big green. In the bottle it looks very green (a true teal) but it comes out much more blue on the actual nails! For some reason, despite being a creme, this polish accented all of the ridges in my nails. But I still love the color! I used it in some Hanukkah-inspired nail art back in December.

Last but not least, we have Excalibur by A England. This is the old formulation, a beautiful silver metallic that I have used so much in nail art that the bottle is half empty! It is opaque in one thicker or two thin coats and drys remarkably fast. This is my go-to silver for…everything. This was my base for dragon scale nail art.

Old Swatch Spam: Part 1

In preparation for the 31 day OMD Challenge that I’ll be (trying) to participate in during July, I am emptying out my (really really old) swatch bin, and saving my recent nail art for the challenge! Many of these are from months ago…the oldest dates back to December 2012. It is comforting to see how far my cuticle have come in a few short months, if nothing else!

This is a combination of two Milani 3D holographic polishes, Digital (pink) and Hi Res (purple). Both took 3 thin coats to be opaque, and are beautifully sparkly in the sun! See the full mani (with nail art) here.

Next up is a quickly drying peachy-pink, with a pretty silver shimmer to it. I don’t usually like pink polishes on their own, but this one is somehow special. This is two thin coats of Revlon Poppy. For the full mani, see this post!

This is one of the oldest from my unshown…from nail art I did in December! It was my first attempt with striping tape. Regardless, the two colors used here are City Color – Red (probably still my favorite red polish other than Zoya Blaze), and Last Chance by Sinful Colors. Two coats of each, and both went on beautifully…as evidenced by the fact that they somehow look good and I was still learning how to paint nails!

Masquerade by Confetti is a deep brownish red with beautiful red shimmer. I’d almost call in wine-like. In indirect light, it almost looks black, but when it is hit by light, the red glow comes out. Shown here are two coats of Masquerade, with two coats of Maybelline – Bold Gold on my accent nail. To see the nail art, please look here.

Rounding out my reds/pinks/nudes is one of my only nude polishes, Private Viewing by Wet n’ Wild. It matches my skin tone almost exactly, and thus looks very strange! I only wore it in a fully mani once, and it has since been relegated to the nail art-only pile. This is three rather gloopy coats (I was too impatient to wait for them to dry). The polish has a subtle shimmer that you can’t tell in the bottle! But it makes the polish a bit more interesting than a simple nude creme.

I’ll post some nail art tomorrow!

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