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Triangulated Pastel Gradients

Colors! Colors galore! Oh my goodness so many colors. I made a light-to-dark gradient of each shade, and then tried to find a tone-matching holo that I could lightly paint over top. Voila! Honestly the nails looked awesome even before I added the stamp.


~ Light mint: Zoya – Tiana
~ Mint: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Mint holo: ORLY – Sparking Garbage
~ Light blue: Zoya – Blu
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Blue holo: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Light purple: Zoya – Abby
~ Purple: Zoya – Landon
~ Purple holo: Milani – Hi-Res
~ Light pink: Zoya – Jordan
~ Pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Pink holo: Milani – Digital
~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Orange: ULTA – Sun of a Gun
~ Orange holo: Nabi – Brone
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: BC – 04


That said, geometric stamps only make things better, so I went and played with triangles! I never use this particular design because for some reason it strikes me as awkward, but my nails were short enough that I could get away with not using the whole stamp design. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this return to full color! 😀

Japanese Vista

Alternately titled “Eva has fun with multi-color lead lighting vaguely asian patterns”. I wanted to color the stamps in, but when I tried that from the beginning, the design was barely visible and the color differences were not apparent. Ergo, I just grabbed a teal and purple jelly and colored in the designs! Of course, teal and purple on blue is not particularly vivid, but I like the watercolor-like appearance of the hues.


~ Blue holo: Nabi – Sky Blue
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Blue: Zoya – Ryan
~ Teal jelly: Zoya – Frida
~ Purple jelly: Zoya – Katherine
~ Stamps: MoYou – Porcelain 01


In retrospect, a lot of the design would have been more apparent without the holographic finish. I should invest in a greyed out robins egg color that is not holographic (and does not take 4 coats, I do have one I just refuse to use it). Live and learn! Hope you enjoyed :-p

Pastel 4th of July

Since I was in the cardiac intensive care unit over the fourth of July last year, I needed nails that celebrated the holiday without being super blingy! I decided to make some pastel toned flags…and then to use grey-out holo polish so it was a bit more subtle indoors (it helped that OUTDOORS my nails were super glittery) 🙂


This mani, predictably, took quite some time since I had to use an infinite number of strips of striping tape! That said, I think the end result was worth it. These came out pretty darn cool! Even if they were far more subtle than my typical 4th of July art!


~ Silver holo: Nabi – Silver
~ Pink: Milani – Digital
~ Blue: Nabi – Sky Blue
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur


I hope all of my American readers get to enjoy the fireworks tomorrow! I am off tomorrow night, so if I am lucky and we don’t get a deluge of rain, I will hopefully see some colorful explosions myself!

Purple Salvage

I need to label a few of my polishes “for toes only.” I own, as far as I know, four polishes which bleed so badly that any color you try and put over them, including METALLIC colors, will disappear into the abyss. For some reason, I forgot that this was one of them.


I was attending a wedding the weekend I did these, and wore a very pretty bright purple dress. Now, I own two bright purple holo polishes, but decided to wear the one I never touch (Purple by Nabi) rather than the one I love (Berry Good Looking by Cupcake Polish). This was a critical mistake. Purple is very pretty, and is exactly the correct shade…and then I stamped over it with silver and a light purple creme. Initially, everything went well. I added some silver beads, took some photos, and then added to coat.


Within 15 seconds I knew that was a mistake. However, one cannot wear a stamp without top coat, the design rubs right off! So I was in a bind. I was left with very ugly patchy looking patterns on my nails, some of which faded completely into bright purple and some of which stood out sharply. It was awful.


I showed my husband, who said they looked “just fine” and promptly went to sleep. I almost growled. However, I then remembered that I just got a set of nail art brushes to review in the mail from the Born Pretty Store. Could I just paint over the design by hand?


The answer, clearly, is yes. I ended up using two of the 5 brushes here, a cleaning brush (which does a very fine job at details, the edge of my nail never looked so pretty, but isn’t stiff enough to really remove large swatches of polish), and the fine detail brush. I love the fine detail brush. It is skinny, the perfect length, and wonderfully sturdy.


So, I colored over the silver with a glittery fast-dry silver that I also never use because it dries to quickly to be useful. I then grabbed one of the polishes that I always plan to give away, a shimmery top coat that I use maybe once a year, and placed it over the light purple. Voila! This is why I should never give away polish…and also should have a dedicated space for “for toes only” involving polishes that bleed like it’s their job.


Anyway, that is the saga of my nail art. I could post all the polishes here, but you can’t see half of them so whats the point? The nail art brushes you can find here for $4.59. Enjoy!

Flowering Walls

LAST PINK MANI. Maybe for this entire month. I am sick of pink. Even if this is more of a peachy-pink than a true pink like the rest of this week.


Honestly, work-play-polish, back when she posted, used to manage to make even work manis fun! Although she was able to grow her nails to a decent length since I don’t think she was wearing double-layered gloves on a daily basis :-p. Someday I will figure out how to make work-appropriate manis that are stunning.


On the plus side, even though this design is super simple, I actually like it! I keep forgetting how subtly fun the Nabi holographic polishes are. Indoors this was not particularly exciting, but all I had to do was go stand in a window and my nails were instantly more fun. The rest of the designs this week…not so much


~ Pink holo: Nabi – Cinahon
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: EdM – 17


Happy Friday! And happy first-day-off-in-two-weeks to me tomorrow 😀

Gradients of Purple Skittle

This is a complicated mani. In my head this was basically “is there ANYTHING else I can do that I like better than the elegant dark purple baroque nails” so I did a full-on skittle mani!


Basically, I wanted to try and figure out if I liked any of these better. I was going to hold a vote before the wedding but I (clearly) ran out of time! I didn’t prefer any of these over my favorite that I posted last Monday, so I went with that one.


Oddly, I usually like things more BEFORE I top coat them…although top coat makes things smooth, it also makes them less distinct. That is true here as well, except on my pointer! I like the dark purple stamp much better when it really fades into the top of the nail. Go figure!


My ring finger stands apart as the only nail with any type of glitter on it. I used a base of Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen (as I did for all 5 nails), and added Lavender by Nabi, Hi-Res by Milani, Vallis Sanguine by Gothic Gala Lacquers, and Valerie by Zoya in between the stripes going up my nail. I really like how it came out, but I didn’t think it was elegant enough for a wedding mani! Also…I dreaded the idea of adding 10+ bits of striping tape to EVERY SINGLE NAIL. Kill me now.


The other 3 fingers have a gradient of French White by Wet n’ Wild, Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen, Ignition by Sephora X, and Monica by Zoya. Once that was dry, I added various stamps! Ring finger has BM-315 with Monica, middle has BM-616 with French White, and my pinky has BC-10 with White Opaque (which looks somewhat silvery).


Although I could get behind my pinky, I actually think my middle finger is my favorite combo of colorful + elegant. One last wedding-related purple mani tomorrow, and then we are done with wedding!

Blue Pebbles

Did you guys miss me? It’s so much easier to only edit three nail art posts per week instead of 5…wow! I wish I could make up that time I don’t spend editing with painting my nails, but alas, it is not to be.


This mani was rather fun! I had a white/teal/green dress to wear to a wedding (after being throughly reassured that it wasn’t too white), and free-handed some pebble designs to match! No, the dress didn’t have pebbles but this was close enough.


I had forgotten until I did these how much fun randomly free handing patterns can be! I usually go for super detailed designs. This was so…freeing!


~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Dark blue: Nabi – Navy Blue
~ Teal: Nabi – Ocean Blue
~ Green: Nabi – Teal
~ Blue grey: Nabi – Sky Blue


Hope you enjoyed! I am not dead yet from hospital time, but boy is it hard to wake up at 6am after waking up at 9:30am for years…

Flowered Lace

I am writing these posts by the skin of my teeth! I usually prepare things the weekend ahead, but with the whole bachelorette/bridal shower thing this past weekend I am not prepared! I ALSO have a full SEVEN WEEKS of backlogged posts. I am afraid to look at my unedited folder…it is almost 3GB. On the plus side, this means I should have a bunch of posts going up when I go back into the hospital this summer!


Today’s mani is somewhat subtle, but quite pretty despite that. Its mostly just a scattered pink holo with a really pretty stamp! The actual full stamp design is what you see on my thumb…the other nails have part of the stamp as a pseudo-half moon pattern. The stamp is BC-10 from Lady Queen Beauty.


Despite my 7 week backlog, I have only used this plate once…all of the lace designs are too pretty and I can’t figure out which one to use so I keep avoiding the plate! I’ve never avoided a stamping plate because I liked it TOO MUCH before. Its novel. Also, all the images (even the tiny lines) pick up really well. I am impressed!


~ Pink holo: Nabi – Cinnahon
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: BC – 10


The stamping plate BC-10 is currently $5.32 at the Lady Queen Beauty site. I think it’s worth it (the plate is awesome and full of fine patterns and lace!), but you can get an additional 15% off with the code BPLC15, or wait for a sale (they have a whole bunch throughout the year). Hope you enjoyed!

Gilded Velvet

Not exactly a Christmas mani, but it has the right colors so here we go! I really just like pairing red with gold, especially deep reds 🙂


This was a super simple mani, it just used striping tape! The red is a dark berry holo (its one of the Nabi holographic polishes so takes 3-4 coats to be opaque, but it dries fast so I don’t really care). I really need a new gold metallic…this one is a fleck glitter and although I love it, I think its a bit overwhelming here!


~ Red: Nabi – Black Berry
~ Gold: Zoya – Ziv


Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this week of Christmas (and Star Wars) manis! Next week will be New Years themed, and then you guys get to finally see my other Star Wars manis and some regular ones. Enjoy!


(Realistically I forgot that Christmas was on Friday not Thursday so I am switching the order of my posts. Ta-da!)

Lines and Circles

I have lemmed (I almost wrote lusted!) for this stamping plate ever since I first saw it months ago over at More Nail Polish. And now, I finally have it (thanks to a sale at Color4Nails) and I can replicate MNP’s work (oh this is awkward…turns out I have no idea what her name is despite following her for YEARS. Ouch). Anyway. Ta-da!


I really like everything about this mani, even down to the base color. So, I dug through my stash for something similar, and wandered on Sky Blue by Nabi…which I haven’t used in forever! I need to get this holo collection out and play with it more. They aren’t the brightest sparkly polishes, but the colors are lovely.


I also have not quite mastered getting stamps on my nails with the lines appropriately vertical. Oh rectangular stamper, I do wish you had been sent to me 😦 My poor circle stamper just isn’t cutting it! That being said, I still like how this came out 😀


~ Blue: Nabi – Sky Blue
~ White: Zoya – Purity
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: EdM – 03


All the stamps! Now there are even MORE double-stamp manis for me to play with….


Green Gradient Abstraction

So, I initially put together a different mani for Green day in the 31 Day Challenge, but I didn’t like it. It came out 80% gold! So, it has been moved to the Stripes day :-). Todays has been replaced with this green concoction which I like much better!


I started with a base of the lightest green, because Green by Nabi, although quite pretty, takes 4 coats to be opaque. Once that was dry, I gradiented on two darker green holos! My plan was to splatter on a darker green, but it turns out I have no straws in my apartment, so I settled for stamping instead!


I added a stripe of a dark green creme and then dots to finish off the design. Initially, I was going to use cremes for the whole thing, but I decided to take a page of out my book from a blue design I did a while back, so I went for holos instead!


~ Light green: Nabi – Green
~ Medium green: Darling Diva – Green Diamond
~ Dark green: A England – St George
~ Dark green creme: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: EdM – 03


Hope you enjoyed! Green is one of my favorite colors to work with 😀



Sweet in Blue

Just a simple blue-on-blue mani! I wanted something simple and fast, and came across some art melcisme. Her art is nude and white, while mine is blues…but its the same idea. Tiny flowers with glitter!
All of the 3D pieces in this mani came from the Born Pretty Store. They sent me a nail art wheel with gold, silver, and black studs in various shapes. Since I am sorely lacking in gold and silver 3D pieces, this is pretty awesome! There are caviar beads (like what you see in the center of the flowers on my ring finger), pearls, rhinestones, square studs, and circle studs (like what is on my ring and pointer fingers). This might be my favorite nail wheel!
The zig-zags were made with nail vinyls from KBShimmer. They are also awesome. I want to pick up more nail vinyls at some point!
~ Light blue: Nabi – Sky Blue
~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
Hope you enjoyed! You can buy this awesome nail wheel for $3.06 from the Born Pretty Store. Don’t forget to use my 10% discount code, LY5X31!

Blue Diamonds

With my new oval nails, I can finally pretend to be lacqerstyle! I am not NEARLY as talented as her, so I am sticking to some more simple manis (aka no insane flowers). Even then though, my lines are about 300% thicker than hers, but I still like how this one came out! Inspired by lacquerstyle’s blue diamonds.


This mani took a bit of time (mostly from having to paint so many thin lines) but it came out rather nice for all that effort! I am glad that I have so many blue holo polishes.


~ Light blue: Nfu Oh – #65
~ Light blue scattered: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Medium blue: Darling Diva – Blue Diamond
~ Medium dark blue: Nabi – Navy Blue
~ Dark blue: A England – Tristam


I am NOT happy with Nfu Oh though…it is the first expensive polish I ever bought (at $12, back in 2012, before I ever got into blogging and could barely keep the polish off my entire nail bed), and it is now a formal disaster. It goes on patchy and then CRACKS! I have no idea what to do…the bottle is only about 1/3 used up, but it is mostly unusable. I had to paint over it with a similar-colored Milani polish just to make the whole thing lie flat! Not cool Nfu Oh, not cool.


Despite my feelings of betray towards Nfu Oh, holo polishes are fun! And I will shortly have a bunch more in RAINBOW COLORS (yay!) from Mentality to show you guys! Tonight, I am gonna try to water marble. With holos. Life is awesome!

Flowers and Pink

While wandering randomly through ULTA, I found a whole section of polish on 75% off sale. To be fair, all the polishes were in itsy bitsy bottles, but they were also under a dollar. Honestly, many of them were either very thick (from having never been closed properly I presume) or the pigment had separated spectacularly. One of them caught my eye though…a pink glass fleck glitter. So, voila!


The base is Passionate by PIXEL…a brand I have never heard of. The bottle is tiny (smaller than anything I have other than China Glaze minis) but the color is actually nice! This is two thin coats of Passionate. It reminds me of a lighter pink version of Allegra by Zoya (which is actually why I bought it).


The design was inspired by Dressed up Digits, who took a Born Pretty Store stamp that I happen to own and colored in the flowers! I ran with the idea and did pink and purple holo flowers using a whole bunch of Nabi polishes. I will say that the stamp works great! This is my second of three purple flower manis, the last will be next week. I told you I was doing a flower thing!



~ Pink glitter: PIXEL – Passionate
~ Dark purple: Nabi – Dark Purple
~ Medium purple: Nabi – Purple
~ Light purple: Nabi – Lavender
~ Purple creme: Zoya – Monica
~ Dark pink: Nabi – Winf
~ Medium pink: Nabi – Fushia
~ Light pink: Nabi – Hot Pink
~ Pink creme: Zoya – Margo
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: Born Pretty Store – 17


So, glittery pink and flowers! And I’m happy to add another glittery polish to my collection. Although the PIXEL bottle is tiiiiiiny, it does mean that I have another polish I can travel with easily.

Pink and Pointed

Oh look, a pink manicure :-p. This one isn’t precisely Valentines-themed, but I figured the colors work so I might as well post it! This mani took a lot of time, because my two accent nails and my thumb were made from a stamping decal. Namely, Bundle Monster plate 604, where I then painted over every single tiny opening with a gradient of pink holographic polishes. It took forever, but I’m really proud of how it came out!


It is a bit sad that even hand-placing a decal, I can’t get everything 100% centered. Oy. It is also slightly sad that I couldn’t come up with anything more fun for my pinky and pointer nails, but I was SO TIRED OF LINES that I just went with dots. And because they are super-glittery, I think its ok!



My thumb ended up being my favorite, because I basically didn’t have to trim down the design. As it turns out, the most recent set of Bundle Monster plates fits absolutely perfectly on my nail. Which means that if I was able to stamp with perfect precision, it would be great (I can’t, so I tend to have to double stamp my thumbs, but it did make it very easy to apply the decal!).


~ Silver: Color Club – Harp On it
~ Light pink: Nabi – Cinnahon
~ Hot pink: Nabi – Hot Pink
~ Medium pink: Petites Color Fever – Raspberry Ice
~ Dark pink: Nabi – Winf
~ Brown: Nabi – Black Berry


All the pink holographic glitters! This might be the prettiest mani from this week (I think everything this week ended up being stamp-related. Oops!) so I hope you enjoy!

Scales and Bubbles

Sometimes, I go into a bit of art with no inspiration and magic happens. This is magic (as opposed to tomorrows where I went in with no inspiration and …nothing happened). I wanted to create a post to show the differences between 4 Mentality polishes: the pinkish red matte Beautiful, the deep red matte Allure, and the gold + red glitters Euphoria and Rapture. What came out was this!


I kinda thought about doing vertical lines…but the scales just kinda dynamically popped out. I had grabbed some color-coordinated holos by Nabi and just started doodling. Ta-da!



What you can see when there ISN’T art over the polishes, is the differences between them. My pinky has Allure while my pointer has Beautiful. Allure is more of a “true” matte and is a much darker color, while Beautiful has a bit of a shine to it and appears almost matte-metallic. Both covered perfectly in two coats.


Rapture and Euphoria are a bit harder to tell apart. My ring finger has Euphoria while my middle finger has rapture. Euphoria looks more like a silver + gold combo with larger gold flakies, while Rapture is silver + gold + coppery red with reddish flakies. Both are stunning in the sunlight, and cover completely in two coats. Which one you prefer is up to you! I think Euphoria is a bit brighter, but Rapture is a bit more elegant.


~ Pink matte: Mentality – Beautiful
~ Burgundy matte: Mentality – Allure
~ Gold glitter: Mentality – Euphoria
~ Rose gold glitter: Mentality – Rapture
~ Pink holo: Nabi – Winf
~ Red holo: Nabi – Red
~ Burgundy holo: Nabi – Black Berry


The other fun thing here is that my boyfriend just got me a light box!!!!! So half of these photos come from my lightbox while the other half come from my normal set-up (aka taking photos in my bathroom). What do you think? Do I need a brighter way of lighting up the box or is it pretty good as is?


So much pretty! I keep trying to play with these polishes more but I really should vary my usage more 😀


If you want to pick up any of these lovely Mentality polishes, you can find them at the Mentality shop. Beautiful and Allure are each $6.75, while Rapture and Euphoria are $9.25. Enjoy!

Revealing Ombre

Why is this revealing? Because you get to see more and more of the underlying color as you move towards my cuticle! Ta da!


I had so many ideas for this manicure…and this was not the one I had planned on doing. I accidentally minimized the window that contained my actual plan, and spotted my ever-present striping tape instead. Thus this mani was born, although I have to say that I like it better than what I did have planned! The black matte just makes it perfect. I am so glad I own one!



The basis of this mani is, of course, just a green/teal/blue ombre composed entirely of subtly holographic polish. Striping tape + black matte polish and voila!



  • Light green: Nabi – Green
  • Green: Darling Diva – Green Diamond
  • Teal: Nabi – Teal
  • Blue: Nabi – Ocean Blue
  • Dark blue: Nabi – Navy Blue
  • Black: Mentality – Rascal


Despite taking very little time, this mani (in my never humble opinion) looks pretty awesome! These colors are my go-to gradient/ombre/this-works-well-as-a-set. I should acquire a line-up in a different color sequence at some point!

Half Scale

I really enjoyed my half-gradient/half-dot nails from a few weeks ago, and decided to do a mermaid-themed set when I saw what the Born Pretty Store had sent me for review! The little scales work perfectly 🙂


I started with a holo blue gradient (three colors) which I covered with MORE holo glittery goodness! I then added the scale water decal and top coated. When that was dry, I taped off the side of my nail and added black polish and then dots.



Although I think this mani looks awesome, I had a spot of trouble with the water decal! It is really pretty, but in order to fit my nail the way I wanted, I had to reposition it a few times. It ended up folding in on itself on my pinky, and I couldn’t get it to straighten back out. I do wish the water decal was full-nail rather than only partial, but it is quite fun and definitely beats trying to hand paint little scales!



  • Light blue: Nfu Oh – #65
  • Blue: Darling Diva – Blue Diamond
  • Dark blue: Nabi – Navy Blue
  • Glitter: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


If you want some water decals, I recommend this set from the Born Pretty Store. You can find them for $2.29…and I might add, there are some really pretty arabesque decals there too!

Blue Daggers

I saw a cute pin on pinterest by pshiiit and decided to modify the colors to suit my needs! My needs being blues and silver. The end result was less than stellar.


The original design is beautiful Mine just didn’t quite lie flat on the nail. I blame the really clumpy dark blue polish. I do love 99 cent polishes, but they dry out so fast!




  • Bright blue: Nabi – Ocean Blue
  • Dark blue: Wet n’ Wild – Blue Moon
  • Silver: A England – Excalibur
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Anyway. I hope you enjoyed!

Underwater Stripes

For some reason, this manicure reminds me of reflected light underwater. Hence the name! This mani was also put together to match a dress…blue/black/silver for a wedding. Of course, whenever I have to mix a lot of colors of similar hue, I beeline for striping tape. Sure, it takes FOREVER, but the payoff is worth it!


I had quite a few people grabbing at my hands and trying to figure out how I made the lines so straight. Tape almost feels like cheating. Almost.




  • Silver: A England – Excalibur
  • Black shimmer: OPI – Black Satin
  • Dark blue: Wet n’ Wild – Blue Moon
  • Blue: Nicole by OPI – A Lit-Teal Bit of Love
  • Light blue: Nabi – Ocean Blue


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this mani! Took me a while to put together, and as it turns out working with semi-dried-up polish and trying to make it obey your will is difficult. In tiny lines. But worth it!

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