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Green on Golden Gateways

This was INTENDED to be my New Years manicure, but I decided it made more sense to post my Top 10 early and these late! But, they are sparkly, shifty, and weirdly colored (which I think will end up being a theme this week).


I am not sure why I decided that Walrus went well with Chance, but I was fiddling with colors and I ended up here. Orange with green is not my typical go-to but I kinda like how it turned out! I also really like this stamp 😀


~ Gold/Copper multichrome: Enchanted Polish – I am the Walrus
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
~ Stamp: Moyra – Ornaments


That’s it for today! Wednesday is going to be more weird glittery shifty things that kinda don’t go with their corresponding stamp color. *shrug* happy New Year?

Mind the Grey Gaps

Happy New Years! This was not intended as a New Years mani since I wore it early in December, but it is sufficiently glittery, and all that I really have on deck at the moment so here we are!


The design was, yet again, inspired by Sveta Sanders. I should have just gone with the naked nail base, but I thought the purple and grey would go well together! I regret that decision, as it made the whole design look much darker than intended. Also, I should probably have done this mani with longer nails! And I was trying to decide between ALL of my multichromes for this mani…and ended up going with a holographic multichrome.


I feel like I should probably let you all know that I will not be responding to comments or anything for a little over a week, as I am on a cruise boat somewhere in the Caribbean! Given how cold the east coast is right now, this whole beachy summer boat thing is pretty darn awesome, or so I assume 🙂


~ Grey: Zoya – Dove
~ Purple holo multichrome: Emily de Molly – State of Mind


The one biggest triumph here though is the design on my pointer: I need you all to know that I used striping tape to make that triangle base. And a little bit of creative polishing. I do not own those cool triangle stencils that everyone else seems to have! Anyway, happy New Years and I hope you guys all had fun last night!

Golden Deco

I didn’t write down my polishes 😦 Unfortunately that shining gold background could be any one of three polishes. The photos were taken at my parent’s home over the holidays so the lighting is off, which means I can’t even guess at the color! If I absolutely had to guess I’m going with rose gold (so Juliette) but it could just as easily be Fame or Clockwork. Sorry!


Anyway, I was wearing this for New Years, but it could work just as well for anything needing glitter…which is just about everything. So have a glittery everything mani!


I just love geometric stamps. This one is from a somewhat buffet-plate, but I was able to center all the designs despite this since my nails were quite short. Had they been longer I doubt this would have fit so well. Sometimes small nails work better?


Thank goodness for sunlight photos. I am so tired of color-editing lobster hands… Hope you enjoyed!

Pink Explosions

Happy (belated) new years! This was not my actual new years mani, but I haven’t actually had any time to edit nail art over break! So much for relaxing and free time. Yikes.


So, the last of my Christmas and my New Years mani will just have to wait till next year? I can probably post the new years one as just a random glittery thing, but i don’t think that santa and elves are anything but christmas!


Regardless, for this mani I was going to stamp…and then I just did dots instead?? It isn’t the best, but it is certainly glittery! And maybe a bit like fireworks if you squint.


~ Black holo: Zoya – Storm
~ Black creme: Wet n’ Wild – Black Creme
~ Pink: Zoya – Alegra
~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme


I was thinking of doing top-10 posts sometime soon (my favorite nail art and polishes of 2016) but I realized I haven’t posted what is probably my favorite polish of this year! Oops. So maybe I should put that post together first :-p

Banded Rose Gold

Sometimes simple and clean manis are the best. Usually, I am one for lines and dots and swirls and colors…but I saw an awesome New Years mani by Paulina’s Passions and I just had to recreate it!


The only difficult thing about this was that it involved many layers of tape and thus took a long time waiting in between tape application. I do wish I had a rose gold glitter (I used a holo, but it isn’t quite the same), but it came out alright regardless I think!


I need to mix rose gold and black more. I tend to shy away from black as a main color because its rather lacking in, well, color…but it works beautifully for contrast!


~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Rose gold metallic: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Rose holo: Jade – Irresistivel


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow we get some nerdy awesomeness 😀

Fuchsia New Years

Finally, my New Years manicure! I decided to try and do a pink/black/gold version of my popular chandelier mani from earlier this year. It came out looking pretty punk! I designed the colors around the glitter polish on my pinky and pointer, because I really wanted to wear it again 🙂


Really, this was pretty easy. Doing the same mani a second (well, actually 4th…I have also done it TWICE on my baby sister!) time makes it go faster. I didn’t have to look back at the initial design almost at all!



~ Black/pink glitter: Cult Nails – Disillusion
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Pink: Petites Color Fever – Raspberry Ice


Hope you enjoyed! I spent New Years playing board games and card games and giggling with my friends up in the Pocono mountains. It was great!

Dust Motes

Remember how a few weeks ago I mentioned that I liked swirling golden dots on black, and that I had re-done a manicure? Well, here is that manicure! And unlike the original, I consider this a full success 🙂



Again, I just hand-dotted on golden dots (Penny Talk by Essie) over black polish (Black on Black by Sinful Colors). I do wish I had different sized dotting tools, trying to control the amount of polish on the end of a hairpin is difficult!




I would have worn these on New Years, if I didn’t have to have my gel nails done by then. Oh well! They are still pretty!

Swirls and Dots

Honestly, I am not 100% happy with this manicure. Gold dots look great over black, but the black didn’t mesh as well with the gold. Also, I messed up, tried to fix it…and it shows. I ended up re-doing this manicure, but as I had already taken all the photos and since it does work nicely for New Years (they do somewhat look like spirally fireworks!) I’m posting it. The newer version will come later (after I edit those darn photos)!


This manicure required three things: a black polish (Black on Black by Sinful Colors) a rosy gold polish (Penny Talk by Essie…which I had been lemming SO HARD!) and a dotting tool (unbent paper clip). I saw a photo online of beautifully swirled gold dots on black (I still can’t decide if it was a stamp or a decal…I think it was a decal) and decided I wanted to free-hand the design. Success…?



The new polish here is Penny Talk. I must say, I tend to not buy Essie polishes because they are too expensive and never go on sale. But when I do happen to acquire one (for example as a holiday gift) they are great polishes! Penny Talk is a pink-gold (champagne?) metallic polish that dries to a frosted mirror finish…its a little more pink than shown in the photo below! I own nothing like it. It was opaque in two coats and despite looking streaky on application, dried nice and smooth. It is also PERFECT for dotting! Very dense.



What were you guys wearing for New Years? Anything fun or outrageous on your nails?

Color Explosions

These are the nails I was wearing for new years! Similar to the ones I posted recently of my sister, but I went with dots on the thumb and what was supposed to be the new years ball (in new york) on my 4th finger.

Hope you enjoy!







welcome to 2013!

New Years Sparkle

My baby sister and I went to CVS and got 7 new nail polish colors. In response, I painted my own nails and my sister’s nails! Her nails honestly came out better than mine (they are more easily identifiable) and so I will be posting hers tonight! Mine will go up next.

So, enjoy! This is made almost 100% with new nail polishes, each of which was $2 or less!


Different color fireworks on each finger, a giant rainbow one on the thumb, and the ball on her 4th finger.

Did I mention that the underlying nail polish is milani holographic 3D that I got for $1.60 or so? It’s stunning!





And you can see just how rainbow sparkly the holo nail polish is!

Happy new year!!!

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