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Swatch Test: Pastel Nudes

Why oh why do I have so many nude polishes? I will end up doing three, yes THREE comparison posts with nudes (pastel nudes, which are up today, pinky nudes, and neutral nudes, both of which will be co-posted on Wednesday). Anyway, on to the “pastel” nudes!


These are the lightest nudes in my collection, which is to say pale creme colored polishes. I have, today, two cremes, one jelly, one shimmer, and one holo. Three of them ended up being identical and I am certainly parting with one! The others I will keep, just because nudes are darn useful (especially given that I start working in the hospital full-time in June).


From thumb to pinky, we have:
~ NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
~ OPI – Be There in a Prosecco
~ L’oreal – Boho Babe
~ Essence – I Nude It
~ Picture Polish – Cherish

Prospect Park Bloom took three thick coats and was STILL not completely opaque. It also basically didn’t dry. It was 99 cents, which was why I bought it initially, but I think I’m going to let it go! Cherish stands out because it is both darker and filled with holo shards. I Nude It has very very subtle shimmer that puts it in a hair darker than Boho Babe and Prosecco, which are to my eye complete dupes. I like the brush that L’oreal uses much better than the giant OPI brush, but Prosecco has a bit more polish than Boho, and both work fine.


I decided to go with an art deco pattern, since my nails are STILL pointy-shaped and I really only like geometric things on pointy nails. The stamp is from BP plate L054, the source of most of my geometric patterns! I then colored bits of the design in gold (after stamping, I really should have colored in the design on the stamper head, but this was faster), and added some black and gold dots. I was debating throwing in a fourth color (likely red) but decided to leave it as-is. The dots really helped! For once my “if it doesn’t look completed, add dots” worked 🙂


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! And maybe this was useful (basically, you can pay $5 for L’oreal that is the same color and ease of use as a $10 OPI). Also sorry this post is late…but I technically made it up before midnight so Monday!!

Stunned and Stunning

Another quasi-negative space mani! I’m on a negative space kick right now, but I’m ok with it. Sadly, the boyfriend doesn’t like “nudeish nails”, but he spends a lot less time staring at my nail than I do!


I also have a not-a-swatch of a pinkish red polish. It is another of the Mentality mattes that I was sent months ago now (I don’t even think they are trying to make these anymore? Who knows). The color is called Stunning and it is indeed quite pretty. I would prefer a slightly deeper red…luckily my version of Allure predates the polish issues so I can still wear it!


The art itself was loosely inspired by yagala, that is to say my ring finger was her design and I just messed around with the rest!


~ Nude: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
~ Red: Mentality – Stunning


I also have been using studs of one type or another in almost every manicure I’ve done for the last few weeks. Or striping tape. Occasionally both. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!


I told myself I wasn’t going to plan designs around the OMD Challenge, and apparently I lied. I actually have products I need to review that I am putting off! That being said, today’s prompt was “book” and I could not resist trying my hand at a Dune manicure.


Dune is a sci-fi series (although the first of the series, Dune, is the best). I was going to do a plot summary here, but honestly, that would be spoilers. Suffice to say that if you haven’t read Dune and you like great literature, dystopian futures, or sci-fi in general, go do it. The book is fantastic.


I used a whole bunch of polish in this mani, so lets see if I can remember them all…

~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Orange: NYC – Sunny Side Up
~ Light grey: Maybelline – Bare Escape
~ Medium light grey: NYC – Sidewalkers
~ Grey: WOW – #333
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Copper: Pure Ice – Magic
~ Copper glitter: butter LONDON – Brown Sugar
~ Olive: Cult Nails – In a Trance
~ Olive glitter: butter LONDON – Wallis
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy


Good grief. Lots of colors. The moon on my ring finger came out alright, but the worm on my middle finger is…hard to identify. To be fair, it is hard to paint a cylinder-with-teeth!


Hope you enjoyed! Desert planet done 🙂

Pink Lacy Half Moons

Another lace manicure! I told you there were a few coming up. This one started as a half moon design that did not end up going where I wanted. So I added dots. And more dots. And occasional lines?


The base for this mani is the lovely pink neon holo Excite by Mentality. There are three pinks in the Neon Holo collection (you guys haven’t even seen the other two yet) but for some reason I keep pulling this one out when I want to play with a pink! It is a nice bright color, slightly blue-leaning without being purple.



Excite covered nicely in two coats, and was very easy to apply. The holo shimmer is rather bright in this one (but no, it isn’t a strong linear holo).


I started the half-moons using a different color (I think I pulled a grey duochrome?) but it looked terrible so I tried to rub it off and use light pink. Then black dots…and more dots…and just lots of dots! Unfortunately my go-to black polish is getting stringy, so there are some odd tendrils in the mani. I need go to buy another black!


~ Hot pink: Mentality – Excite
~ Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Hope you enjoyed! You can pick up Excite from the Mentality shop for $6.75.

Yellow Weeds

So, a few weeks ago I did a grey/yellow mani. That was a fail because I hate yellow and it ruins all things. But in my hunt to make that mani (disaster as it was), I found some rather cool grey-and-yellow art (painting art) that I wanted to try and turn into a mani. So, here we go…a yellow NON failure. It’s a miracle!


This was a complicated bit of nail art, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Using the painting (below) as my inspiration, I started with a light grey base. I then loosely brushed on three other colors of grey in a gradient (just using the nail polish brush). Once those were dry, I used on elf the medium grays to make the shadowy weeds (dots and curves). Using the darkest grey I added small grass to the bottom. Finally, I made thin brown stalks and added white, light yellow, and regular yellow dots of varying sizes to be the weeds themselves. I finished it off with matte top coat.


grey and yellow

Despite how long this mani took (close to two hours), it was a lot of fun! Although I call what I do ‘nail art’, it isn’t often that I feel like I’m doing actual art. This, however, totally counts!


~ Light grey: Maybelline – Bare Escape
~ Medium light grey: NYC – Sidewalkers
~ Medium dark grey: WOW – #333
~ Dark grey: Zoya – Yuna
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Brown: Zoya – Louise
~ Light yellow: Maybelline – Citrus Collide
~ Yellow: WOW – #301


I hope you enjoyed! Maybe I’ll try some more artsy art soon 😀

Shimmer Sauce

SO MUCH SHIMMER! Oh god this mani was a mess! I forgot that when you try and make a gradient out of polish with glitter in it, all you get is glitter! Gah! This was supposed to have a pretty pink-purple-blue gradient, and I ended up with a mishmash of gold glitter in the middle! It still looks cool, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Did I mention that this took FOREVER to clean? Glitter?!?!!!!


I wanted to play with some of the matte studs I got off amazon, so I picked two colors that matched some of the new studs, a pink and blue glitter from Mentality. While the shades are beautiful, I think this is the last time I use them for a gradient!



~ Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
~ Pink glitter: Mentality – Shatter
~ Blue glitter: Mentality – Detonate


Ok, and totally not related to nail art…I am listening to Pentatnox right now, a somewhat newish a cappella group. And if you haven’t heard their songs, GO LISTEN. They are incredible. All of their covers are actually BETTER than the original songs! *dies*

Retro Slats

This mani was…um…a pain in the butt. It has been a while since I water marbled, and I thought it was time to do so again! Which went great…until I tried to dip my pointer and pinky in at the same time (you know, to save polish) and I double dipped. Both of them. Because I couldn’t clean around them without taking them out of the water.


So, in the wake of my somewhat failed water marble (did I mention that I used a black shimmer that decidedly turned see-through? That is why there is so much golden-pink. That was all supposed to be black shimmer), I decided to say forget it, and stamp over it. Using something interesting enough that you can’t tell I messed up 2/5 nails 😀


Enter the Born Pretty Store stamping plate 21. I have had this plate for MONTHS and never used it (because I’m silly sometimes) but (a) it stamps great and (b) all the designs are full-nail and high-coverage. Yay!


~ Light pink: NYC – Tickled Pink
~ Dark pink: Zoya – Veronica
~ Black shimmer: OPI – Black Satin
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: Born Pretty – PB-21


Basically, I have found my new rescue-a-mani stamping plate. BP-21, you are the best! It is on sale for $2.24 right now at the Born Pretty Store, and don’t forget to use my 10% off code LY5X31!

Pink Feminine Floral

This is NOT my style mani. It’s pink, super feminine, and floral (although to be fair the floral stamp is pretty cool). However, I promised not to antagonize my mom when I went up for the unveiling of my grandfather’s tombstone, so I wore something pink. And floral. She seemed appropriately pleased with the lack of rainbows and pizzaz.


I really just can’t get away with doing a simple gradient anymore, I feel like its barely art! Not that stamping is any less of an easy path…but at least if I put the two together I can convince myself that I tried to make art. This mani was a three-color pink gradient with one of the new Bundle Monster stamps. I really want to turn this into a pre-colored decal!


~ Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
~ Medium pink: NYC – Tickled Pink
~ Darkish pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 618


I know its overly girly, but I hope you enjoyed this anyway! Tune in tomorrow for somewhat LESS pink 🙂


Since I am still not quite as good with my non-dominant hand, I went with something more simple (yet still neurosciency) on my other hand for the conference! I present: a neuron! Unlike the one on the pointer of my other hand (see Friday’s post), this is a neuron from the central rather than peripheral nervous system. I didn’t really have a specific neuronal type in mind, but I would guess hippocampal if I had to.


Real neurons can be very very long, and the cell body to axon ratio is insane. Of course, I had to make them fit across my nails. So the ratio is not real. It’s a cartoon! But of course, I had to myelinate it :-p


photo 5

– Black: Zoya – Storm
– Green: Essie – The More The Merrier (here, the cell cytoplasm)
– Blue: Sinful Colors – Endless Blue (here, the cell nucleus)
– Grey: NYC – Sidewalkers (here, the myelin sheath)


Most of the things here are actually somewhat real-colored, in terms of staining. DAPI is a common reagent used to stain the cell nucleus and it is blue. Many of my cells are green due to a GFP tag on a cytoplasmic protein. Mylein is generally shown in grey (don’t ask me why exactly). Enjoy!

***Other news: I am (yet again) entered in a nail art contest over at Nail Polish Canada. I would be very much obliged if you clicked this link, scrolled to the bottom, and voted for ‘flightofwhimsy’. Thank you! 🙂 ***

Lace and Nude

I am proud of myself for this one…it involved frankening my first ever polish! Nail art similar to this has been appearing all over pinterest in the last few months, and I was determined to make my own version (when I had 2+ hours to paint). This actually only took around 45 minutes….the free-handed lace was minimal work!


The hardest part here was finding the right ratio of black polish and clear polish to make a black jelly. I think I was slightly off…I had to use 3 coats to get the opacity you see (and I only did 3 because the coats were uneven without 3. I also put them on too fast because I was excited…hence the bubbles. Sorry about bubbles!).


I started with this mani shiny, but decided to matte it. I like the matte version far better. I think I might re-do this an experiment with colors a bit! Silver and blue maybe? Gold and green? The possibilities are endless and surprisingly elegant!



– Pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– Black jelly: Sinful Color – Black on Black (1 drop) + NYC – Extra Shiny Top Coat (8? drops)


Don’t get your hopes up for anything else I post this month. This is the best mani I’ve got :-p

Golden Dotted Gradient

I had really high hopes for this manicure…and they did not quite plan out. Mostly because I got overly excited about small dots! Ah well, there are worst things to get excited about :-p


This is basically a gradient composed of dots in varying shades of gold and copper. I should have left the cuticle dot-free, but….dots! So many dots!




  • White: NYC – French White Creme
  • Gold: Maybelline – Bold Gold
  • Bright gold: Sally Hansen – Liquid Gold
  • Copper: Zoya – Penny
  • Rose: Essie – Penny Talk
  • Bronze: Pure Ice – Magic
  • Broze glitter: Sally Hansen – Kinetic Copper


Anyway. Tomorrow’s ombre for the OMD2 challenge is much more exciting. And I did not go overboard, I promise!

Spring Floral

Sometimes, I just want to do something simple but colorful. No lines, no striping tape…just colors (and dots). This mani is simply springy! The prompt for today’s Crumpets Nail Tarts – Golden Oldies Thursday is also flowers. So win!


I did the gradients on this mani a bit differently than normal. I started with the medium hue color, and gradiented on white and the darker color. I usually start with a white base. This looks much more saturated!


Each nail has 3 colors (white, light, and normal of any given hue) except my thumb. I don’t own a dark yellow. I’m not even sure I would know what that looks like!


I also added rhinestones on each nail…a silver at the base, and a color-matched one at the tip! I couldn’t resist taking a photo with some flowers I found outside 🙂



  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Light green: Maybelline – Green With Envy
  • Dark green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
  • Light blue: Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
  • Dark blue: Zoya – Rocky
  • Light purple: Sally Hansen – Lacey Lilac
  • Dark purple: Zoya – Malia
  • Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Dark pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Yellow: WOW – #301


Lots of colors! But still an easy manicure to manage. Enjoy the sunshine!


I am a dork/nerd. This means that I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time in college playing Rockband with my friends (and kicking butt at it…my friends and I actually won a little contest while in college!). I was inspired by the Guitar Hero mani over at Nailasaurus to make my own Rockband version! Because everyone knows that the drums are the best part, not the guitar 😀


This mani was incredibly easy! I had to chop off my nails a week ago (two of them broke :-() and had been waiting to try this mani until my nails were short enough that it wouldn’t look ridiculous! Success.


My fingers are the keys of the guitar, while my thumb is a (slightly wonky) drum set. The drums were my favorite. Although, honestly, vocals were fun too!



  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Green: Nail Art – Green
  • Yellow: Nail Art – Yellow
  • Red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Blue: Sinful Colors – Endless Blue
  • Grey: NYC – Sidewalkers
  • Orange: Nail Art – Orange
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow – HK Girl


And now I want to go play some more! Better wait till my nails dry 😀

Soft Glitter

Finally, the last of the KBShimmer winter holiday collection on display for your viewing pleasure! Phew, it took me months to get through these. Today we have Toastest with the Mostest. This one took so long because I could not figure out what to do with it!


Toastest with the Mostest is a glitter bomb that does not work well alone, but looks a bit odd over many of the colors that I’ve seen on the internet. If anything, it is because there are too many different colored glitters! We have pink, gold, and silver holographic circles of varying sizes, intended to invoke champagne. It is a lovely glitter mix, but just doesn’t work on a whole nail!



So, I did sort of a side-swept gradient. The results show off the glitter while still keeping the nail relatively simple! To achieve this look, I wiped most of the glitter off the brush, and just swept it over the corner of my nail. I had to push and pull at a few glitters to make sure they didn’t overlap, but it was very easy! Each nail needed only one brush swipe (lots of glitter!) except my thumb, where I used two.


The only glitter that I didn’t get out were the very large holo circles. Honestly, I have no idea what I would have done with one of those, so I consider this lucky! The pink base is what I am using to qualify for the GOT challenge today…it is actually the oldest pink I own!



  • Pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Glitter: KBShimmer – Toastest With The Mostest


I am happy with this whole collection, and the glitter bombs are awesome! This one is no exception. It even made a me like a ‘simple’ mani 🙂

Cherry Blossoms

Today’s nail art features the beautiful Mr. Pinchy* by Femme Fatale. This polish just screamed “spring!” to me, so I went for some cherry blossom nail art!


The base, Mr. Pinchy, is a salmon pink linear holographic polish. The holographic flare is not incredibly strong, but is easily visible with direct light. In the shade, the polish shimmers with silver glitters from the holo bits! For this swatch, I used two thin coats of polish over my normal base coat, although I honestly could have gotten away with one! Mr. Pinchy is self leveling and dried quickly. Application was perfect.


This polish appears pink in some lights and coral in others! It is a very delicate feminine shade, with enough glitter to make it interesting. I usually don’t care for pinks, but I find myself liking this shade!


I have also put together a tutorial for the cherry blossoms at the bottom of this post. There are a lot of steps, but it was very easy!



It should be spring! Please 14 degree weather, GO AWAY! I want to bring out my skirts again…and it will be 60 today, but 28 on Thursday! Not ok.



  • Pink holo: Femme Fatale – Mr. Pinchy
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Brown: Zoya – Louise
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Pink creme: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
  • Pink glitter: Milani – Digital


Hope you enjoyed! If you (like me) can’t wait to wear Mr. Pinchy in the spring, you can find it at Femme Fatale for $12.50. Enjoy!

Cherry Blossom Tutorial


  1. Paint your nails with a pale peachy pink. I am using Mr. Pinchy by Femme Fatale.
  2. Paint branches in black polish using a nail art brush. Make the branches slightly fatter towards the free edge of your nail.
  3. Go over the branches faintly in dark brown polish. It does not need to cover the black, just highlight certain bits to add depth.
  4. Using a dotting tool (unbent bobby pin!) add flowers made of 5 white dots. I recommend 2-4 flowers per nail. (I put the wrong photo here. See image 5, but without the light pink dot in the center. Sorry!!!)
  5. In the center of your white flowers, add a large dot of light pink for depth.
  6. In the center of the flowers, add a dot of darker pink.
  7. Add small lines in the same dark pink from Step 6, to create veins in the flower petals.
  8. Add a small dot of holographic glitter polish to the center of the flowers.
  9. Using a small dotting tool (or an unbent paper clip) add a few white dots to the rest of the nail. These are the blown away petals!
  10. If you want, add pink rhinestones to the center of select flowers. I did one per nail.
  11. Top coat, voila!

* Product sent for review. All opinions contained within this post are my own.

Pastel Quilts

Today’s Golden Oldies Thursday challenge calls for a skittle manicure. I debated doing all different things, but settled for the same thing in different colors! It is finally spring, and so time for some pastels. And I have been DYING to try a quilted mani! Moreover, some glitter studs I had ordered finally came in, so now I get to pair EVERYTHING with rhinestones 😀


From what I can tell (via the internet) there are two main ways to make a quilted mani. You can use striping tape, or you can use floss. I tried striping tape because I am more familiar with it…and next time (hopefully there will be a next time) I will try floss.


This manicure had three steps:

  1. Add a pastel color of your choice to your nails
  2. Add a slightly shimmery clear color on top, to create some distinction between your first color and your second. Ideally, this polish slightly lightens the base color. Also add top coat to speed up drying time.
  3. Place striping tape on perpendicular diagonals across your nail, and add a thick layer of your starting polish. Quickly peel off the striping tape, revealing the quilt. Add rhinestones if desired. DO NOT TOP COAT to keep the texture!


Unfortunately, this manicure takes a while to dry (since there is no top coat on the last layer and it is a thick layer) but it was totally worth it! How cute is this?! Ok, so I’m biased. The worst part? I had forgotten I owned that pretty mint green! I guess that is the point of the GOT challenge, remember forgotten polishes.



  • Pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Purple: Sally Hansen – Lacey Lilac
  • Blue: Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
  • Mint: Maybelline – Green With Envy
  • Yellow: Serum No5 – Dayglow (yes, my nail was awesome and glowy)
  • Shimmer: Revlon – Allure

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed these!

I *Heart* You

I wanted to make a heart gradient Valentine’s Day manicure for my entry into the Nail Polish Canada Contest, so I went to my bundle monster stamps and put together a home-made decal!


This was a pretty fast manicure, but it took two days (day 1: make a whole bunch of decals. day 2: base coat and apply to nails). The hearts are stamped with black and then have a 3-color red gradient. My accent nail and thumb are just two colors taken from the largest heart on the stamp.


I like this mani, but honestly I should have done something more fun for the accent nail! This whole manicure was inspired by the base polish on that nail (Hel by Gothic Gala Lacquers)…light pink with shimmer and black and red glitter.IMG_7012


  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Dark red: OPI – Visions of Love
  • Red: OPI – All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI)
  • Light red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Light pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Shimmer: Sally Hansen – Platinum
  • Pink glitter: Gothic Gala – Hel
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 317


If you enjoyed, please to vote for me in the Nail Polish Canada Valentine’s Day challenge! All you have to do is input your email and select “flightofwhimsy” from the drop down menu. ❤ Thanks!

Spring Bubbles

While in Israel, I picked up 4 new polishes by an Israeli brand called WoW! One of them is on display today:  is this beautiful glitter. Large and small white hexes with large teal hexes. It just looked like spring! So I had to use it with other spring colors 🙂 and “reinvent” a french manicure for the Lacquer Legion reinvention theme.


The glitter is shown (in two coats, no fishing required) over purple and blue on my ring finger and thumb. My other three nails I just had fun with! Yay bubbles!


Unfortunately, my nails were so destroyed after the gel fiasco that none of the polish is particularly smooth. Live and learn. I still like this manicure.


  • Pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Purple: Essie – Full Steam Ahead
  • Blue: Zoya – Wednesday
  • Glitter: WoW – 317


This was quick, easy, and pretty! I might have to try again with different colors when my nails regain life :-p

Sparkles and Skintones

This mani is something new for me. I seldom leave half my fingers without any nail art at all. Then again, it is not often that I wear something elegant on my nails. I prefer rainbow and showy…and here, I have only skin tones.


I was going to entitle this “glitter and coffee” but my boyfriend thought my shades looked more like skintones (“really Eva, have you ever seen light pink coffee??”). So there we go.


This was inspired by one of my wonderful new pixiedusts from Zoya: Tomoko. She is a beautiful sparkly slightly gold champagne color. I have had trouble getting the full texture out of pixiedust before, so I applied very thin coats. I needed three, but they dried rather fast so it didn’t take long.


My accent nails were painted pale pink, then I added the chevron gradient by hand. After topcoat, I added Tomoko with a nail art brush. I LOVE the way this mani looks! I might have to try it with some of my other (numerous) textured polishes.




  • Champagne textured: Zoya – Tomoko
  • Pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Nude: Wet n’ Wild – Private Viewing
  • Brown: Zoya – Dea
  • Dark brown: Zoya – Louise


What do you guys think? Should I try some more elegant manis? Or do some different colors with this design?

Nerdtastic Tuesday: Portal 2

As mentioned before, I am a nerd (in case you couldn’t tell from yesterdays post…or you know, most of them). One of my all-time favorite games is the two-player version of Portal 2. This mani is dedicated to that game 🙂


Those unfamiliar with the game will probably have no idea what’s going on here. My pinky is a turret (shoots lasers in the game) and my 2nd and 4th fingers are the orange/red and blue/purple portals (I always played the orange player). My middle finger is one of the main characters in the game, Wheatley. My thumb is the Aperture logo.


Even if you don’t play games regularly, I recommend this one! Its a puzzle-based game and it’s a LOT of fun. Honestly, the only other game I play is Mariokart (although I love watching lots of other games ranging from PacMan to Zelda. I just don’t like playing them). Oh, and Minecraft!


Ok, back to nails. These took a while due to the details, but are actually rather simple.


  • White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White / Julie G – White Orchid
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Orange: Nail Art – Orange
  • Bright orange: Julep – Natasha
  • Dark blue: Sinful Colors – Endless Blue
  • Blue: Zoya – Wednesday / Nail Art – Blue
  • Red: City Color – Red
  • Grey: NYC – Sidewalkers


These make me happy. Hope you enjoyed them!

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