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Precious Metal Textured Gradient

Today’s challenge theme was “signature style.” If left to my own devices, this would mean I put together something rainbow colored with swirl patterns and glitter. So, instead of that monstrosity, I decided to see what my tag cloud told me were my most common things….black, gold, white, striping tape, gradient…textured…so I went with it!


It helps that I’ve been wanting to do another striping tape textured gradient for a while. I saw somewhere (eons ago…meaning probably around Christmas) someone using gold and silver textured polish over black and it working, so I tried that!


– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– Silver: OPI – It’s Frosty Outside
– Nude: Zoya – Tomoko
– Gold: Zoya – Solange


I do love me some textured polishes! I need to play with them more. If only they weren’t so darn hard to remove….


Your regularly scheduled Eva-does-random-nail-art posts resume tomorrow!

Tie Dye

Tie dye is fashion, right? I mean, you wear it…so it counts towards fashion day. At least I’m going to pretend that it does. I had been meaning to try tie dye style nails for a while, and I’m glad the OMD2 challenge pushed me there!


I started with a white base, and just swirled on each color in little dabs of my nail art brush. Realistically, I should have gone about this differently (I didn’t have a clear mental image of how thick each color should be or when the colors would wrap back around) but it came out ok despite that! Most of the colors that I used were neons, with a few normal colors thrown in just to even out the palette!


– White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
– Pink: WOW – #371
– Orange: Zoya – Thandie
– Yellow: Love & Beauty – Yellow
– Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
– Blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
– Purple: Sinful Colors – Dream On
– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


The stamps are from my first and only MoYou London plate, a kind gift from the lovely Jacqui at Craftynail! THANK YOU JACQUI! It is a hippie/60’s themed plate (Back To The 60’s – 01).


Anyway, hope you enjoyed my sense of…fashion! The 31 day challenge ends tomorrow. I’m kinda sad to stop seeing all this awesome art daily, but it will be nice to not post on the weekend for a while!

USA Swirls

Since I didn’t post anything patriotic for the 4th of July, I figured it was time to show you what I actually wore for the 4th! Which is to say this mani is almost a month old, but I thought it fit well with the OMD2 theme for “national pride.”


This was a very simple manicure…and given that I love making lots of swirly dots, was right up my alley! It didn’t even take long.



– Red: China Glaze – Ruby Red Pumps
– Silver: A England – Excalibur
– Blue: A England – Tristam


I might have gone overboard on my pinky. *shrug* enjoy! We are soooo close to done with the 31 day challenge!

Lace and Nude

I am proud of myself for this one…it involved frankening my first ever polish! Nail art similar to this has been appearing all over pinterest in the last few months, and I was determined to make my own version (when I had 2+ hours to paint). This actually only took around 45 minutes….the free-handed lace was minimal work!


The hardest part here was finding the right ratio of black polish and clear polish to make a black jelly. I think I was slightly off…I had to use 3 coats to get the opacity you see (and I only did 3 because the coats were uneven without 3. I also put them on too fast because I was excited…hence the bubbles. Sorry about bubbles!).


I started with this mani shiny, but decided to matte it. I like the matte version far better. I think I might re-do this an experiment with colors a bit! Silver and blue maybe? Gold and green? The possibilities are endless and surprisingly elegant!



– Pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– Black jelly: Sinful Color – Black on Black (1 drop) + NYC – Extra Shiny Top Coat (8? drops)


Don’t get your hopes up for anything else I post this month. This is the best mani I’ve got :-p

In Shallow Waters

This post fill many requirements. It is my “nautical” post for the OMD2 Challenge, my “summer nail art” entry for the Nail Polish Canada summer contest (which you guys should TOTALLY GO VOTE FOR) and the tutorial for it will (hopefully) be published at Nail It! Magazine in the next week or so…once I write it up.


The interesting part of this mani is that it is a duplicate of one I did almost exactly a year ago. Only this time, I have longer nails. And slightly more time. That being said, I still love fish. And seahorses. And just summer underwater stuff in general. So if I had to re-do one mani, I think this wasn’t a bad one to choose!



– Light blue: Maybelline – Green with Envy
– Medium blue: L’oreal – Not a Cloud in Sight
– Dark blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
– Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
– Coral: L’oreal – Orange You Jealous?
– Light purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme



If you like these, please vote! It’s been a while since I won anything. And if you want to know how I put these together, head over to Nail It! Magazine in a few days!

Aqua Floral

This design for “outdoors” day was also inspired by a pinterest pin, by kimiko7878. Only this time, I didn’t have the right colors…and I tried something I know I am bad at (namely small flowers other than roses). I actually made a tutorial for this as well, but given that the art didn’t come out particularly well, I am not going to post it!


I need a pale nude color that isn’t white/grey or weirdly pink. I never buy neutrals, because they are so boring! But they really are essential for nail art *sigh*. This mani is more or less a failure because my base color looks awful. It does’t help that I am freakishly bad at drawing flowers with my non-dominant hand!



– Nude: Wet n’ Wild – Private Viewing
– Brown: Zoya – Dea
– Gold: Zoya – Penny
– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– Dark blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
– Blue: Zoya – Rocky
– Light blue: Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
– Green: Cult Nails – In A Trance
– Green shimmer: butterLONDON – Wallis


Despite the somewhat fail that is presented here, I hope you enjoy the flowers!

Wisteria and Roses

Sometimes, I see something so elegant that I need to duplicate it. As best I can. And make it shareable by the world. For today’s “roses” challenge, I give you Wisteria and Roses, complete with a tutorial at the end. It’s been a while since my last tutorial!


This nail art was inspired (read: duplicated) from this beautiful bit of art by @lieve91. She has a number of these designs in other colors…I might be following her lead and doing an all-purple or all-pink one shortly (which is to say when my nails grow back out).



Although my version doesn’t take over quite as much of my nail, I still love it! It needs a bit of work, but I figured it was worth sharing anyway.


– White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
– Purple: Zoya – Malia
– Blue: Sinful Colors – Endless Blue
– Light blue: Zoya – Rocky
– Green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance


If you are interested in the tutorial, keep reading! If not, happy roses day! 🙂

(1) Paint your nails white
(2) Starting at your cuticles, paint thin lines in dark green polish
(3) Using a small nail art brush or a dotting tool (I went with a brush), add purple leaves along your green stems. On nails with more stems (which will not have roses) only add purple leaves to half of the stems
(4) Add blue leaves to the other half of the stems, and asymmetric blue circles using a dotting tool to the middle fingers. These will become blue roses
(5) Add white to the center of the blue roses, swirling it around to create petals. Also add very faint white centers to the purple and blue leaves
(6) Add light blue to the roses, creating more depth. Also add dots using a small dotting tool to the end of the blue and purple plants
(7) Add small, thin leaves to the roses
(8) Add white highlights down the center of the leaves. Clean around your cuticles with acetone
(9) Top coat your design (I recommend something that you know will not smear!) Voila!

Wisteria and Roses tutorial

An Apple A Nail

…Keeps the doctor away? I don’t even know. Anyway, fruit! I have been wanting to do an apple mani for a while. My inspiration came from this apple nail art at Qtplace …although really it was a pinterest pin so I didn’t know she had a video tutorial!


I had an interesting battle with myself over the base color here…I wanted a somewhat opaque nudeish white that shimmered. I don’t own one. So I did two coats of a whitish shimmer (Ski Slope Sweetie by OPI) and one coat of a milky white polish (Calla Lilly by Revlon). The Revlon polish dulled the glitter in the OPI, and I actually like how it all came out! The apples were easy :-p


I don’t really enjoy wearing my nails short (although they are as I type this…darn nail breaks!) but this is a cute look for short nails!

– Glitter base: OPI – Ski Slope Sweetie
– Milky base: Revlon – Calla Lilly
– Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
– Yellow: Revlon – Electric
– Brown: Zoya – Louise
– White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
– Dark green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green



Racing Stripe Flakie

Today’s them in the OMD2 Challenge was “negative space.” This prompt had me worried, since my nails are kinda…um…stained. And pitted. And really there is a reason I always wear manicures! But I found a solution, one that exposes minimal nail surface and I had been dying to try…racing stripes!


The thought here is that you have two stripes of color up the side, something different in the middle, and a bit of exposed nail between them. I cheated a bit and used a nude shimmer over my naked nail, and then striping tape to delineate the sections. My initial plane was just to use my rainbow flakie, but it wasn’t dense enough after 3 rather substantial brush-overs, so I added my blue/green flakie as well.



Although many of the designs I see popping up over the internet matte this particular design, I actually rather like the shiny version better! I did matte it just in case, but still. That being said…my matte coat is dead. It is a dense thick gloppy mess. I bought a new one (it is on my pinky) but it doesn’t mattifying nearly as much as my dearly beloved and departed Matte-ly In Love polish. Does anyone have any matte top coat suggestions? I need a new one!


  • Nude shimmer: Revlon – Calla Lilly
  • Red: OPI – Visions of Love
  • Rainbow flakie: piCture pOlish – Festival
  • Blue/green flakie: Zoya – Maisie


Hope you enjoyed!

Golden Feathers

I love feathers. Possibly my most common hand-painted art is feathers. But I wanted something fast and easy today, so I went to nail stickers! And something about gold on a marbled red background just…gets me.


The stickers I used are from the same 12-pack I got from the Born Pretty Store a few months back. I love them. These feathers are the only non-flowers on the sheet! They are also ideal for (very) long nails…this is the first time I thought I could fit them!



The base for this mani is a marbled mix (saran wrap method) of three different metallic reds. I started with Zoya Isla, then dabbed on a darker red (Confetti Masquerade Ball) and a brighter red (City Color Red). I almost didn’t want to add stickers when I was done, the marble was so pretty!



For less than $5 (they are $4.73) getting 12 sets of awesome floral/feathered stickers is a pretty good deal! If you want some for yourself, check them out here and don’t forget to use my 10% off code LY5X31!

Safari French

This was actually intended for “french” day (July 14) but I thought it fit better for animal print day! I swore that I would never to leopard spots (too trendy) and although my initial plan was for snakeskin or butterfly wings, I am proud that I went further outside my comfort zone and free-handed zebra stripes!


The inspiration for this comes from Glowstars. I thought her’s were waves until I looked closely! Pretty cool. I decided on non-standard colors (ok, I really just wanted to use In A Trance), but it still looks moderately animal-like.




  • Green: Cult Nails – In A Trance
  • Glitter: butterLONDON – Scuppered
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Fast, easy, and fairly awesome! It is much quicker to just do 1/3 of a nail when free-handing a design. Go figure!

Glitzy Chevrons

I had high hopes for this mani. I dashed them. And then, somehow, they came back. I wanted to mix three of my seldom-used-but-beautiful glitter polishes, and then stamp over them with the Bundle Monster chevron stamp. Although all three polishes are stunning alone…mixed, maybe not so much.


I painted each nail either pink (pinky and pointer), purple (ring and thumb) or blue (middle) and proceeded to dab on polish of the other two colors with an almost dry brush. They basically just blended into a purple shimmery mess. I was hoping for distinct colors and I did not get it!


However, somehow, the stamp actually saved it. It looks like a weirdly subtle mix of really bright glittery colors behind the stamp. :-D. I wanted to matte this, but my matte polish is empty (and the replacement I bought does not actually work). Anyone have any good matte top coat suggestions??



  • Pink: Zoya – Allegra
  • Purple: Zoya – Valerie
  • Blue: Julie G – Mermaid’s Tale
  • White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme



Revealing Ombre

Why is this revealing? Because you get to see more and more of the underlying color as you move towards my cuticle! Ta da!


I had so many ideas for this manicure…and this was not the one I had planned on doing. I accidentally minimized the window that contained my actual plan, and spotted my ever-present striping tape instead. Thus this mani was born, although I have to say that I like it better than what I did have planned! The black matte just makes it perfect. I am so glad I own one!



The basis of this mani is, of course, just a green/teal/blue ombre composed entirely of subtly holographic polish. Striping tape + black matte polish and voila!



  • Light green: Nabi – Green
  • Green: Darling Diva – Green Diamond
  • Teal: Nabi – Teal
  • Blue: Nabi – Ocean Blue
  • Dark blue: Nabi – Navy Blue
  • Black: Mentality – Rascal


Despite taking very little time, this mani (in my never humble opinion) looks pretty awesome! These colors are my go-to gradient/ombre/this-works-well-as-a-set. I should acquire a line-up in a different color sequence at some point!

Golden Dotted Gradient

I had really high hopes for this manicure…and they did not quite plan out. Mostly because I got overly excited about small dots! Ah well, there are worst things to get excited about :-p


This is basically a gradient composed of dots in varying shades of gold and copper. I should have left the cuticle dot-free, but….dots! So many dots!




  • White: NYC – French White Creme
  • Gold: Maybelline – Bold Gold
  • Bright gold: Sally Hansen – Liquid Gold
  • Copper: Zoya – Penny
  • Rose: Essie – Penny Talk
  • Bronze: Pure Ice – Magic
  • Broze glitter: Sally Hansen – Kinetic Copper


Anyway. Tomorrow’s ombre for the OMD2 challenge is much more exciting. And I did not go overboard, I promise!

Beneath A Purple Sky

*singing* I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky…Today’s challenge was “galaxy.” I did a galaxy just a few days ago (chronologically…this one was done in June actually) and didn’t want to make another one. So I placed some water decal stars on a purple glittery polish that I don’t use often enough, and voila!


This bit of art combines some fun things…a polish I received from one of the OMD challenge leaders (Jacqui from Craftynail) and a free set of water decals that I got from the Born Pretty Store. [Free? But Eva, don’t you review for them? Why yes reader, I do! But I also order things from them. Last time I placed an order, they sent me FREE decals…these and some odd hello Kitty ones. I can’t even find these for sale…but no complaints! They are adorable.]



The purple color is more accurate in the first two photos. Unfortunately, Fowl Play by ORLY was just not going to come out color-accurate when I started taking pictures in a yellow bathroom! Oof.


That’s all! A fast, quick, sparkly mani. With some epic purple polish.

Glitter Away

Today’s challenge was “glitter placement.” In lieu of trying to do a whole mani of placed glitter (it will happen some day, when I have hours and hours of spare time), I decided to try and replicate this truly stunning mani by Wacki Laki. I did not succeed.


Unfortunately, I have neither the proper stamp nor the proper glitters to pull this one off. My glitters are small, don’t run the gambit of the rainbow (missing orange, and my green is far too pale), and really…this just looks meh.



My lab mates thought it looked like DNA. *shrug* I think it looks like glittery randomness! The gold here is Zoya Ziv, the black is Sinful Colors Black on Black and the stamp is from Bundle Monster plate 203.


Anyway, enjoy! I promise…not all of my OMD Challenge posts are bad!

Abstractions in Silver

I seem to be on a monochrome kick! I found this beautiful design on Prettyfulz and decided to try and replicate it. I have neither the right stamp no silver caviar beads, but I gave it my best shot!


Regardless of the fact that the beads fell off in <24 hours (hence the ‘sunlight’ photos are bead-less), I really liked this! It was sharp, contrasty, and matched anything I wanted to wear the next day. I might have to try this again!




  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
  • Silver: A England – Excalibur
  • Stamp: Bundle Monster – 203


I don’t quite know if this counts as abstract, but I’m going to pretend it does 🙂

Over The top

This manicure is the tale of two dresses and nails gone wrong trying to match both. I had a beautiful red dress, and an equally beautiful blue one. I also had silver jewelry, a desire to use a flakie polish, and a need to create a french design for the OMD2 challenge. I should have known it was too much!


Blue nails, even holographic blue nails, look quite pretty with flakies over top. A silver deep-cut french looks ok. Red dots and a red tip highlight just look ridiculous. Oops.




  • Blue: A England – Tristam
  • Flakie: piCture pOlish – Festival
  • Silver: A England – Excalibur
  • Red: China Glaze – Ruby Red Pumps


You win some, you lose some! There is no way to put all of the things I wanted onto my nails and have them come out looking presentable. And I promise, the nail art gets better starting tomorrow!

Ikat Fail

I hate ikat designs. I find them messy and more or less an eyesore. When I saw that I would need to do one for this month’s challenge, I shuddered. It was involuntary. And, as one might expect, I failed spectacularly.


I went searching for some color pallets that I found tolerable, and chose green and gold. I should add the caveat that only my ring finger is free-handed, the other nails are stamps with lighter green painted over them. Sadly, even my stamp doesn’t work! (This I had been dreading…it was this stamp that I REALLY wanted when I got this set, and it just isn’t etched quite deeply enough. I had been putting off using it just so I could convince myself it wasn’t actually bad).



  • White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
  • Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
  • Dark green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
  • Gold: Essie – Penny Talk


Moral: never again. I will find some way around ever doing ikat again. Ugh.


More rainbows! <3. This bit of art was inspired by Coewless Polish, although I changed the accent nail and thumb. Again, my colors are …brighter… than my inspiration, but that’s ok! My boyfriend didn’t particularly care for this mani but I rather like it.


Although I feel a bit sad to cover up the rainbows with black, the end result is much more striking than just leaving the rainbow gradient in place. And this reminds me that at SOME point I need to figure out how to get the color on my tips as dark as everything else. The polish never seems to stick as well there! Any suggestions?




  • White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
  • Red: Pure Ice – Siren
  • Orange: Zoya – Thandie
  • Yellow: Spoiled – Mind Your Own Beeswax
  • Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
  • Blue: Zoya – Rocky
  • Purple: Zoya – Malia
  • Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black



I hope you enjoyed the rainbowness!

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