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Mug of Doom

Inspired by my tea mug…although I rather botched this one. The mug is beautiful…a blue/teal interior and white exterior with silver branches and dots. Unfortunately, my silver got a bit…close together. And realistically I should have gone with grey. Live and learn!


There isn’t much to say about this mani. It’s based on a cup from David’s Tea (because loose leaf tea is delicious).



Look, cup! And nails.


~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Blue: Zoya – Rocky
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur


Hope you maybe enjoyed a little?


Princess day! Inspired by Chalkboard Nails which is to say I wanted to do Princess Peach and hers were the best ones I could find to work with.


I started with a nude base, using one of the other new (old, on sale) Sephora X polishes I picked up a few weeks ago. This one is called Marvelous. While the color is very pretty, it is also incredibly sheer! If you have pretty nails and want to go for a simple french, this would be a great polish. However, my nails are a bit of a mess (read: stained) and it took 4 coats to reach the opacity you see here. It wasn’t even 100% opaque! I gave up anyway because my nails were getting thick.


I am not going to list all the polishes I used, partially because I don’t think it matters specifically, and partially because I’m not 100% sure on some of them!



Anyway, we have Toad (pinky), Princess Peach (ring), Mario (middle), Luigi (pointer), and a very sad looking Bowser (thumb) that we are going to ignore. The only Mario game I actually play is Mariokart, but I always play as Peach so this seems fair!


Hope you enjoyed! I should warn you…this ends the prompts I did even remotely well. I don’t even have anything for Thursday (inspired by your bag? Really? My purse is black. No thank you and I am tired of 31 days without break).

Dragonfly Wings

It’s wing day! I’ve done butterfly wings at least three times…possibly more. So this time I decided to mix it up a bit and try dragonfly wings a-la-kbkopija. Really, there are three differences…sorta. The wings start at the free-edge not the cuticle (although that was just so its easier to photograph), the wings are green, and the bottom edge also has dots.


I really like how these came out! I knew there was a reason I do wings so frequently :-p I started the whole thing with a three-color green/teal gradient, although you can’t see much of it in the final product. It still adds a bit of variety!


Every time I do wings, I just want to do more. If there is one type of nail art I can do…bug wings! Odd specialty :-p


~ Light teal: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ Dark teal: Salon Perfect – Escape to Neverland
~ Teal: Wet n’ Wild – I Need a Refresh-Mint
~ Holo glitter: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube


Hope you enjoyed!


Another mani inspired by Bad Girl Nails! Her geometric-style manis just kill me, but are somewhat emulatable (which is not a word. shhhhh). The theme today was “peace” and this looked rather flower-power to me.


The base here (the purple) is the third of the polishes I picked up from the sale at Sephora. It is called Ignition, and is a beautiful true purple creme. It went on in two coats, and the control was flawless. I still don’t plan to shell out tons of money for Sephora X polishes, but they do deliver nice products!!


Everything else was either free-hand or tape. These roses (are they roses? I don’t know) look rather different from yesterdays. Polish is magic!



~ Purple: Sephora X – Ignition
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Studs: Born Pretty Store


Hope you enjoyed! Only a few days left in the OMD Challenge, and I have to say I am NOT looking forward to any of the future prompts (other than princess. I like what I already did for princess). But really….drink? bag? PERFUME??? No. None of those things.

Summer Sunshine

Today’s theme was supposed to be “weather” and this looks like summer, right? Which, fair, is a season. So lets go with “hot summer day.” Alternately titled: Eva Likes Tiny Flowers.


The inspiration for this mani came from Justlnail. It had actually never occurred to me to try and make tiny roses…and I love them! Probably more than their larger cousins honestly. Although, they do take longer. My attempt at a bike could use some help…especially that poor back wheel. Just a little too small. *shrug*


This mani took much less time than I expected! Except the bike. The bike was obnoxious.


~ Light teal: Maybelline – Green With Envy
~ Light pink: Wet n’ Wild – Tickled Pink
~ Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Dark pink: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Light green: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Green: Salon Perfect – Escape to Neverland
~ Brown: Zoya – Louise


Hope you enjoyed! Once this challenge is over I’m going to try my hand at a whole mani of tiny roses. Maybe in different colors.

Flames, Contained

I got around to practicing with my new Emily de Molly stamping plates, and figured out two things:
1) The reason I was getting huge gaps with my stamp was that I was using the wrong polish. For these tiny lines you need a really thick polish (aka a real stamping polish). I don’t own a stamping polish so I just grabbed a somewhat dried-out old black that I keep around expressly for stamping. Voila, tiny lines!
2) I need to invest in a super squishy stamper. Particularly a rectangular one. I am having massive trouble lining up my nails with the stamp (can you tell?) and I always either squish the free edge of my nails or miss them entirely. For this mani I managed to squish them (see my ring finger).


Overall, I like this mani. I wish I managed to make the stamp dark on all my nails and that I could manage to center it (oy), but the gradient is rather awesome and the whole thing evokes flames without me having to draw fire!


~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Purple: Zoya – Margo
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: EdM – 11


The gradient itsself looked rather cool, so I snapped a few photos. It is hard to tell the difference between the orange, red, and purple in the photos for some reason, but in real life it looked pretty! Darn quasi-neons saturating my CCD camera.


Hope you enjoyed! I mentioned this on Tuesday, but the EdM stamping plates are on sale (well, some of them) at Llarowe. If you like ridiculously intricate stamping patterns, you should check them out. The patterns are actually big enough to cover my thumb, which should make everyone happy!

Underwater Vines

These nails are almost a month old, but I didn’t think they would fit any prompt other than “under the sea,” so here we go!


I think they look like strange underwater seaweed, but that could just be me. I was going for orange vines with berries. I started off with the polish glossy, but changed it to matte at the last minute, so all the sunlight photos have a matte finish.


I still don’t really like frosty finish polishes, but Lost in Paradise isn’t half bad. I had actually forgotten I owned it until I was trying to color match a teal polish with my shoes!


~ Teal: p2 – Lost in Paradise
~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Light teal: Maybelline – Green with Envy


Hope you enjoyed this rather strange mani!

Stars Above

Another blue mani! Yes, I have a thing for blue polishes (blue/teals take up about 1/3 of my total collection. It would be frightening if I wasn’t 100% ok with it!). Today’s prompt was “star sign” but I find astrology ridiculous, so I went with literal and made stars!


The star of this mani (since this was insanely simple) is a new polish I picked up from the sale bin at Sephora, a beautiful deep blue glitter jelly called Outburst. I saw this polish (and the rest of the glitter jelly collection) at Sephora months ago, and I really wanted them…but I was not willing to pay $13 a polish. All of them are currently on sale for $5! So I got the red one and this blue one. So far, I am really rather happy!


Outburst covered nicely in two coats. I added a third just for a bit more glitter density, but my nail line was no longer visible. The polish is bit thick, but better than quite a few glitter bombs I’ve worked with. It spread nicely, once you pushed the glitter around. It is filled with a mix of holo glitters in different sizes, that look blue and green due to the blue jelly of the polish. It is also absolutely stunning. I used a thicker top coat to smoothen this down, but it wasn’t super bumpy even without the top coat! That being said, removal sucked…but it is a glitter polish.



Once Outburst was dry, I grabbed some silver star water decals that I got from the Born Pretty Store a lifetime ago and just put them on my nails. Voila, starry sky mani! I initially wanted to do an underwater thing with this polish, but I’ll save that for next time. And there will be a next time because this polish rocks 😀


Hope you enjoyed! And if there is a Sephora near you and you were curious about their polish, now is a good time to check out the sale bin 😉

Pond Ripples

The application that I write my posts on needs to start behaving. I wrote a whole post (again) today and just went and disappeared! Ugh. Today’s prompt was “travel.” I thought about palm trees, but that was too easy. Then my new stamping plates arrived!!! Llarowe was having a sale, and I just had to get some of the Emily de Molly stamping plates, because they are stunning and I’ve never seen anything like them (well, ok, maybe Messy Mansion has some, and MoYou but I don’t own any of them).


This particular design caught my eye, because it looked like ripples in water, so I decided to turn it into a pond! That technically counts as travel since there are no ponds near me :-p. Anyway, the stamp rather failed…which is to say I used one of my newer black polishes. It turns out (and I only went looking AFTER I finished this mani) that stamps with super-fine lines like this need special stamping polish. I don’t own special stamping polish, but I do own some old mostly empty bottles of black and white that I use to stamp! So I’ll try that next time.



I did practice this stamp the day after I did this mani, and it works great on paper…with the aforementioned thick black polish. Oops :-(. I was really disappointed with how this came out, because the stamp was stunning and the base was awesome and it just didn’t come together how I wanted! Oh well.


~ Blue metallic: Zoya – Tart
~ Blue flakie: Zoya – Maisie
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: EdM – 06


Anyway, the stamp is out of stock right now (usually it’s here) but some of the others are still on sale. No, I was not asked to review this (I wish!) but its cool enough that I’m sharing the link anyway :-p Enjoy!

Star Sapphire

Gem day! Well, technically, jewel. I thought about doing the awesome gemstone/rupee nails (a-la-Chalkboard Nails) again, but quickly vetoed it when I came upon this lovely bit of nail art by The Dalai Lama Nails. Circular gradient! Star sapphire! Oh yes.


I’ve never tried a circular gradient before…but after this I am defiantly doing it again! I wish I had taken a photo before I added the star-lines. You can’t see almost any of the lightest blue color because it is in the center, but it was a rather cool effect!


On a random note, it’s kinda fun that Dalai Lama Nails has a sapphire engagement ring to! although hers is purple sapphire…so different color but still cool. Non-diamonds unite!


~ Lightest blue: Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
~ Light blue: Philly Loves Lacquer – Love Those Wildwood Days
~ Medium blue: Zoya – Tart
~ Dark blue: A England – Tristam


I am getting a lot of use out of Tart! When I first got her, I was disappointed that she wasn’t a deeper metallic (like the red Isla or the green Holly), but I like her now! She’s in tomorrows mani too 😀

Modern Kisses

I don’t wear lipstick. I don’t like lipstick. I think I own exactly two shades (a nude pink and a bright neon red just to piss off my father occasionally). So when the prompt is “lipstick” I more or less just give up for the day. However, in a fit of whimsy, I stopped by Sephora this weekend and found a whole bunch of Sephora X polishes on sale for $5 in the sale bin, so I grabbed a whole bunch! Mostly because I’ve never tried Sephora X and they are usually closer to $13 (which I refuse to spend). One of the polishes that caught my eye was a light red metallic, which is where this mani came from.



The base is a (discontinued?) sephora polish called Extreme I have never tried Sephora X before (the last time I bought something from Sephora it was a “Sephora by OPI” because I just refuse to spend more than $8 on regular polish). So, on first impression, I am SERIOUSLY impressed. This polish went on like butter, the control was absolutely perfect (most of my metallics end up flooding my cuticles, especially on my cinderella hand, and I got none of that here!), and it covered in two coats. I actually don’t much care for the color, I prefer deep reds to light reds (oops) but I cannot complain about the polish itself.


I covered Extreme with two Bundle Monster stamps. The lines are from plate 603 stamped with Black on Black by Sinful Colors, and the kisses are from plate 616 stamped with Excalibur by A England. So see, I am sticking to the prompt! Loosely.


I am even more excited to play with the other Sephora X polishes I picked up now…I hope I am equally impressed. But two of them are glitter bombs and there is NO way they apply this easily. We shall see!

Sky Dragon

I’m playing fast and loose with the OMD3 prompts! It’s fun. Today’s prompt was “love” so I decided to work with something I love rather than painting hearts. And, I love dragons! (this really shouldn’t surprise anyone). I also have this awesome dragon stamp from the Born Pretty Store to test out, so it was a win-win situation 😀


The sad part is I had a whole post typed up and it magically deleted itself, so you are left with this somewhat shorter one because I am pressed for time (and sad that my post self-destructed). Anyway, I love dragons, and the Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me a dragon (and flower) stamp to review!


I started off making stamping decals out of different parts of the dragons body, since it was far too large to fit on one nail. I didn’t plan to end up with the dragons face on my thumb, but it was the only nail big enough for most of it! You can see what the decals looked like before I put them on my nails below.


I made a background of “sky” with a blue creme under Snow Much Fun, avoiding the snowflake glitters. The base looked awesome when I was done, but I didn’t figure on the larger glitters distorting the dragon image when I placed it! or with them somehow darkening the dragon a bit (because the base wasn’t white).


Honestly, I liked the decals better than my nails when I was done! Maybe if my nails were bigger and I could fit more of the dragon…because the dragon was awesome. But my poor nails are tiny 😦

~ Blue creme: Sinful Colors – Cinderella
~ Blue/white glitter: KBShimmer – Snow Much Fun
~ Gold: Salon Perfect – Gold Leaf
~ Red: City Color – Red
~ Copper: Pure Ice – Magic
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Stamp: Y – 015


If you love dragons like I do, head over to the Born Pretty Store and get this stamp! It’s pretty awesome. I need to play with the flowers next. This plate is $3.99, with an additional 10% off with the code LY5X31. Enjoy!

Platform Wedges

I don’t really own that many shoes. I have two sneakers, 4 pairs of “work appropriate” black shoes, 2 sandals, and exactly 3 “fun” shoes. For this look, I grabbed the only one of my fun shoes that doesn’t have flowers and re-created it on my nails!


The shoes are wedge sandals. They have purple straps but the heels are multi-colored made out of something that looks like dyed twine. They are also surprisingly comfortable for 3 inch heels (probably because platforms > regular heels).


~ Red: Julie G – Hot Cinnamon
~ Orange: Julie G – Tangerine Dream
~ Yellow: Zoya – Solange
~ Nude: Zoya – Tomoko
~Teal: Julie G – Rock Candy
~ Blue: Zoya – Sunshine
~ Purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
~ Pink: Julie G – Crushed Candy
~ Grey: Zoya – London


I decided to recreate the mani using textured polishes, both because I miss using textured polishes, and because I thought they did a decent job at capturing the twine-like look of the shoe. Sadly, I didn’t actually get to wear these shoes while I was wearing the mani!


Hope you enjoyed! Starting tomorrow, we get a few days of stamps (because I am tired of free-handing things).

Cupcake Melt

Today’s challenge theme was “fast food” but I refuse to paint hamburgers on my nails, so I went with fast food dessert instead! This mani is inspired by cutepolish and her lovely tutorial.

IMG_4008-1 (dragged)

Basically, cupcakes! Or strawberry ice cream. Really, who knows! I like these drips though…cutepolish suggested continuing to use the dotting tool to create the continuation of the drips (I have always switched back to a nail art brush) and this way works so much better! Go figure.

IMG_8979-1 (dragged)

~ Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Brown: Zoya – Louise
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Dark pink: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy

IMG_4010-1 (dragged)

Every darn time I use Exotic Green I drop it on myself. This is now twice in one week. I think that polish is cursed! …which is really rather unfortunate since it is my only medium-hue green. Also it is getting stringy 😦

IMG_8975-1 (dragged)

Hope you enjoyed my tasty nails!

Golden Kitty Stripes

I would like to preface this by saying that I don’t like cats. I am a dog person. But the theme today was “cat” so I tried to avoid cats as much as possible…hence just the accent nail. Also, I wanted to use these awesome differently-sized golden stripes from the Born Pretty Store and this provided an excellent distraction!


I love striping tape. It’s awesome. But sometimes I want to leave the tape on my nails, and most of the colors (other than my silver) bleed and lose their color within about 24 hours…so if I put on pink striping tape, by the next morning it is pinkish-silver, and usually it starts peeling up from my nails a day later.


When I saw that the Born Pretty Store not only had tape designed to stay on your nails, but that it came in different sizes in one pack, I knew I had to try it out. This is the gold set, and on the package are at least 6 sizes of tape. Some of the stripes were so close in size that I couldn’t tell them apart…I made these nails by picking every third stripe to apply. I am pleased!


Although these are stickers, they are very thin (unlike some of the quasi 3D stickers I have gotten in the past from the Born Pretty Store) and despite being thin and tiny, they reposition easily. The tiniest ones were prone to curling, but that was rather easy to deal with (I just had to keep them away from the wet nails on my other hand).


Long story short: I kinda of love this tape. Gold, non-bleeding, and differently sized. This would not be great as removable striping tape, as the gold is edged with a small clear border (I assume to extend the sticky area) on the smaller stripes. But it looks great on the nail!


You can pick up these stripes from the Born Pretty Store for $1.49 (plus additional 10% off with the code LY5X31). They also come in silver. And now, say bye to the darn cat!

1 Fish 2 Fish

I’ve given up pretending that I’m not participating in the OMD3 Challenge. I want to be playing with caviar beads (again)…instead, I am painting fish. And these aren’t even good fish! ….ok, so my lab mates and my boyfriend loved this mani and figured out what it was immediately, so maybe I am just too hard on my own manicures?


I wanted to do One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Dr. Seuss) but apparently trying to draw tiny detailed fish upside down is just not a thing I can do. Either that or my skills have waned (which is also possible). Anyway, here are my somewhat anemic fish. …again, everyone else liked them? The white fish is wayyy too skinny and I can’t get over that.


It also doesn’t help that my “1 2 red blue” is arranged such that you can’t see the “1 2” part on my thumb! Darn curvy nails. And to be true to the book I had to use a yellow background :-(. On that note, any good yellow cremes out there that I should invest in? The one bright yellow I have is honestly rather muted (the one I am wearing…my only other yellow creme is a pastel). So, yellow thoughts?


~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


So yah, fish. Enjoy I suppose!


I told myself I wasn’t going to plan designs around the OMD Challenge, and apparently I lied. I actually have products I need to review that I am putting off! That being said, today’s prompt was “book” and I could not resist trying my hand at a Dune manicure.


Dune is a sci-fi series (although the first of the series, Dune, is the best). I was going to do a plot summary here, but honestly, that would be spoilers. Suffice to say that if you haven’t read Dune and you like great literature, dystopian futures, or sci-fi in general, go do it. The book is fantastic.


I used a whole bunch of polish in this mani, so lets see if I can remember them all…

~ Light orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
~ Orange: NYC – Sunny Side Up
~ Light grey: Maybelline – Bare Escape
~ Medium light grey: NYC – Sidewalkers
~ Grey: WOW – #333
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Copper: Pure Ice – Magic
~ Copper glitter: butter LONDON – Brown Sugar
~ Olive: Cult Nails – In a Trance
~ Olive glitter: butter LONDON – Wallis
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy


Good grief. Lots of colors. The moon on my ring finger came out alright, but the worm on my middle finger is…hard to identify. To be fair, it is hard to paint a cylinder-with-teeth!


Hope you enjoyed! Desert planet done 🙂

Sliced Mellon

Today is watermelon day in the OMD3 challenge. But watermelons are boring (aka I’ve done them twice in the past) so I decided to mix it up and do strange sliced watermelon bits using striping tape! Because striping tape is currently my favorite.


I started with a green gradient, and then went ahead with the striping tape and pink polish. The fun part here (well, it was all rather fun, I liked this mani) was adding the caviar beads as watermelon seeds! I always love having subtly 3D nails to play with…especially when they are easy to remove. And caviar beads are really simple to just pop off when its time to switch manis!


~ Light green: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ Green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Pink: Essie – Sunday Funday


So, new take on watermelon manicure. Thoughts? I don’t know that it is recognizably ‘watermelon inspired’ rather than just some cool geometric pattern with pink and green.


The seeds make this mani, and if you want to get some seeds (along with their gold and silver friends, and some larger studs) you can pick them up at the Born Pretty Store for $3.26. I am really glad to have a neutral set for caviar beads! Don’t forget to enter LY5X31 at checkout for a 10% discount!

Wire Flowers

More decals from the Born Pretty Store! Hollow flowers in various colors and exploding flowers! I did in fact pick these ones and I love them!


These water decals were actually a dream to work with. They took on the longer side to detach from the paper backing (maybe a minute) but that doesn’t bother me much. They were thin enough to not stick up from the nail, but thick enough that it was easy to reposition them. In short, they were perfect.


What is more, I didn’t trim them to size before applying them to my nails, and they removed easily with acetone (a pet peeve of mine is water decals that don’t dissolve in acetone…I do NOT want to try and trim down my decals before I apply them! Two of these I reversed from how I thought I would orient them because I wanted the colors on opposite sides). If you want some fast and easy nail art, I strongly recommend this set!


The set comes with two sets of 10 designs, so you get to different manis out of it. The other design in this set is even COOLER, but I wanted hollow flowers. The background is clear, so you do need to use a white (or any pale color I suppose) base color for the design.


If you want to pick up these water decals for a fast yet awesome mani, head over to the Born Pretty Store! They are $2.99, and you get an additional 10% off with the code LY5X31!

Graveyard Vines

I needed something elegant and black/silver to match an outfit of mine. When trying to figure out what to do, I remembered these beautiful water decals I was sent to test out by Lady Queen, a nail art supply store that is a lot like the Born Pretty Store! So, ta-da, awesome swirly decals 🙂


Honestly, the shop at Lady Queen has a lot of the same things as the Born Pretty Store, just in slightly different patterns. So, if you can’t find a water decal or rhinestone at one, just look at the other! The prices are about the same as well.


These decals were a dream to work with. 15 seconds of soaking was sufficient to loosen then from their backing, and they placed easily without folding all over themselves or breaking apart. They are also the perfect size for my nails right now 😀


I do love using water decal designs, they make everything go faster! And these ones are suitably cool and creepy. Boyfriend approved as well 🙂


If you want to pick up these decals, head over to Lady Queen! They are on sale for $1.39, and you get 20 decals (enough for two full manis). Additionally, I have a 15% off code, BPLC15! (15 > 10, go Lady Queen! Born Pretty Store only offers 10% discounts).

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