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Pastel Pink Peacock

New polish! Even if it is in the nude range, I still like it. I have also bought a bunch of shimmery glittery polishes recently, that I am going to pretend I will be able to wear next year. The hospital is hiring me to work, not to have tame nails, right?


This was also fun because I completely forgot that I owned this stamp, somehow. I don’t know that taupe-with-silver are really peacock colors, but I like it anyway! Mostly because glitter makes everything better.


What you see here are three thin coats of Caught on Tape by KBShimmer, but I very easily could have done two if I made the coats just a hair thicker! The polish is a very pretty purple-grey leaning pale pink nude. That is quite a description…but I will hopefully have comparisons to some other nude/neutrals up in the next month or so, so you can see what I mean!


The glittery polish in this design (Rosewater) is probably the polish I most want to use as soon as I can use colors again…it is just so darn shimmery!!


~ Nude: KBShimmer – Caught on Tape
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Pink shimmer: ILNP – Rosewater
~ Stamp: BP – L003


Anyway, hope you somewhat enjoyed this! And again, that maybe some of this works as inspiration if you have an interview or formal event but want pretty nails regardless :-p

Festooned Feathers

Friday begins the 31 Day Challenge! I have quite a bit of a back log (…most of which I will be clearing with this challenge), but I figured for today and Wednesday I should post a few of my older manis that I consider complete fails! So, have a peacock fail.


As it turns out, every time I try to stamp peacock feathers, I end up disappointed! I really want to like these, but I just can’t quite get myself there 😦 The background is just the WRONG shade and the colors of the feathers…meh.


I started with two coats of Charlotte by Zoya (one of the mini’s from a free thing a while back), and sponged on the flakies from Festival by Picture Polish. They don’t pop nearly enough! Also, they are impossible to clean out of cuticles.


I then stamped on the peacock feather design from plate JQ-L20, using three of my favorite polishes: Tristam and Saint George by A England and Berry Good Looking by Cupcake Polish. Pretty color combo (I need to play with it more) but the feathers pop almost too much!


Anyway, I tried and I did not succeed to make something feathery and fantastic. I think I might go back to hand-painting some feathers using these polishes….in the eventual future where I pretend I have free time to attempt something as time-consuming as freehanded feathers! *sigh*. I did not enjoy these, so I won’t ask if you did! Stay tuned for an even WORSE fail on Wednesday! Then the good manis start, I promise.

Feathered Out

When I got this stamping plate, one of the designs I was most excited to use was the peacock feather. So here we are! And since the stamp is using a metallic polish (you can get more metal-y than gold) I figured it worked ok for the Day 8 prompt!


I was initially going to do an underwater bit of art, but it occurred to me that I have done a teal-glitter-background with shells or fish twice in the last few months, so I went feathers instead!


The actual design does not fit across three nails (in fact, 90% of it fits on my thumb) but I think it looks fine with the slightly overlapping stretch I went with as well! I also highlighted the central part with teal and purple just for fun.


Some of the more closely-spaced details were lost with this stamp, but I still think it came out nicely. Easy feathers! The teal base was grabbed on a whim, because I think darker colors look nice on short nails.


I should try to freehand some peacock feathers again soon as well. I miss peacocks :-D. Unfortunately, my animal day prompt is already done, but I did consider it!

Peacock Down

This mani makes me sad. There is one wonderful part and one should-have-been-wonderful part.


The wonderful part is the new polish, the base color here…or colors 😀 This is Reminisce by ILNP, a bright green-teal-blue-purple multichrome! And as with all other ILNP multichromes I am smitten. I already own Mutagen, which I intended to be a green-based multichrome but is honestly more of a silvery-pink in direct light. Still pretty, but not as bright green as I wanted! Reminisce’s primary direct light color is a vibrant green, and it has a decent shift (not quite as strong as some of the others) but its lovely. This is three thin coats.


The problem arose when I went to play with a new stamping plate that I was sent to review from the Born Pretty Store. Now, I love peacocks. I really really do. Their feathers make me squee with joy. I saw this plate and I knew I had to have it…peacock feathers and a peacock body?! Yes please!


Unfortunately, the plate barely works. I had to try every trick I know just to get the image to pick up at all, and even then it was very very faint. I couldn’t get the body of the peacock (what I really wanted) to transfer at all, and the feathers are rather in pieces. I tried for probably 35 minutes before just going with what I had. I added some gold dots to the eyes of the feathers because I could.


So, while you can pick up this peacock stamping plate from the Born Pretty Store, I can’t recommend it! The design is beautiful but very poorly etched. It is probably just an issue on a few plates, but I can’t tell you to get something that I can barely use. Regardless, it is 99 cents right now at the Born Pretty Store.


That being said, you can totally buy the peacock-colored Reminisce from ILNP (no, I do not review for them, I just reallllly like the polish)! So, failed peacock but happy peacock colors!

Jewel-toned Peacock

Today’s prompt was ‘fashion trend’ and offered things like color blocking, nudes, neons…which means I had to go with stamping decals! Ever since I got my uberchic mat, I’ve been nuts for them, and I keep seeing more and more of them pop up on other blogs!


I was going for a peacock feather pattern here. Maybe I should have used a shade of green in my hand-painted feathers…but I didn’t see one I wanted to use. I’ve been missing doing free-hand designs (you guys get a lot more stamps coming up too, sorry!) so this was a rather fun combo!


I used too many colors to name, so I just won’t bother. There are holos, glitters, shimmers, metallics (ok, mostly just gold), and cremes. And a stamp. This is what happens when I get an Uber Chic mat!


This is also what happens when I’ve been using neutral colors for days. Jewel tones and glitter for the win!


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrows post is also colorful 😀


It’s the week of Thanksgiving! What this really means is that I am only working 1.5 days this week…before my parents meet the entire extended family of my fiancé for the first time. Oy! DAMAGE CONTROL. Anyway. I don’t (yet) have special Thanksgiving nails lined up, but I’ll see what I can get done tomorrow! For today I present the wrong type of bird, a peacock rather than a turkey!


This peacock was enabled by my sister, who gave me some water decals a year ago…that I still hadn’t tried! Unfortunately, these are a bit thick (so they don’t lie completely flat on the nail as they should) but they are still stunning. It is a black peacock on a clear background.


I made a teal + glitter base, added the decal, added top coat (to make the decal stay…they liked to slide around) and then went in with a fine detail brush to add some gold to the feathers. Another round of top coat, and voila!


~ Teal: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Glitter: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage
~ Gold: Sally Hansen – Liquid Gold


The decals lasted about 2 days before they started lifting off, a side-effect of the thicker material. But they still looked awesome while they worked!

Peacock Gradient – 31DC2014

Bundle Monster has this peacock feather stamp. I own it. And it will not stamp (it isn’t engraved deep enough). I am too lazy to email them and request a replacement (although I really should, I keep meaning to test ALL THE STAMPS and then email them for the ones that don’t work. I know of at least two plates of mine that just won’t stamp) ANYWAY. I wanted to use it and I can’t. So I made my own version.


The stamp I did use was another bundle monster, just a criss-cross pattern from plate 209. I then added a gold and then a dot of turquoise and then a blue dot at the apex of each crossed bit. It took an hour. Too many dots. And it STILL doesn’t look as good as the initial stamp! But I wanted it. So I did it. The end.


The base is a three-color gradient (teal-blue-purple), which was kinda fun to put together. Holo gradients are always fun!


~ Teal: A England – St. George
~ Blue: A England – Tristam
~ Purple: Gothic Gala – Vallis Sanguine
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Turquoise: Petites Color Fever – Figi


Enjoy the peacocky goodness! Tomorrows post is a bit more subdued 🙂

Teal Feathers

The moment I saw Wildwoods by the Sea by Philly Loves Lacquer, I knew what I wanted to do…I had my eye on a certain peacock design and it needed a teal base. Voila! It helps that my nails are actually suitably long enough too!


I never get tired of peacock feathers. I know I should, but I don’t. It’s a weakness…a beautiful teal weakness.




  • Teal: Philly Loves Lacquer – Wildwoods by the Sea
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Gold: Zoya – Ziv
  • Blue: Zoya – Rocky
  • Purple: Sinful Colors – Dream On


Now, which peacock idea should I try next? I still need to use my bundle monster stamp…


The new collection including Wildwoods by the Sea is on sale now over at Philly Loves Lacquer, if you want to check it out! Feathers galore!

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

This first year has been a mix of highs and lows. I didn’t make it “big” my first year blogging. I don’t regularly receive polish from nail polish makers (indie or mainstream) to demo on my site, and I still have far under 500 followers (I don’t know why, but that was my target). However, in this past year I have found a wonderful community of other women passionate about art, nails, and shiny things. And it has been FUN. And more than that, it has given me a vent for what would otherwise have been a very frustrating first year of graduate school!

A few statistics (I like math…):
# of polishes: 151
# of wordpress followers: 156
# of bloglovin followers: 56
# of facebook followers: 34 (ok, so maybe that’s sad)
# of posts: 234

In honor of this momentous occasion, I’m going to contrast a few of my older and newer designs (I wanted to do something new that was old…but of course with the 31 Day Challenge I just ran out of time!).

My first butterfly attempt:

IMG_0521 copy


My most recent attempt:


My first peacock feathers:

IMG_0561 copy

My favorite nail art ever:


I will also, FINALLY, be doing two giveaways! The first will start tomorrow and run for two weeks (check back tomorrow for details) and the second will start when the first one ends. My first giveaway will run for two weeks, and will celebrate nail friends. The second one will also run for two weeks, but will be a nail art contest for my followers (because let’s be serious, that is FUN).

So, happy blogiversary to me, feel free to peruse my memory lane, and check back tomorrow for the giveaway post! 😀

The Emperor’s Peacocks

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I love peacocks. I saw some cool peacock nail art (using nail stickers) a while back, that was red/brown/gold, and decided to try and make my own version!


The base is Lucy by Julep. Even at two thick coats, there was some patchiness, but I covered it up with the gold. I like how easily this polish went on (it was far easier to deal with than Caffine Fix by Sephora), but I think it might almost have been a jelly!


The feathers are a bit wonky, but I did this using my left hand, so I guess that is to be expected. Although, I think I’m getting close to ambidextrous! I was also pleased with the brightness of the coral color in the center!



  • Oxblood: Julep – Lucy
  • Coral: Julep – Natasha
  • Gold: Maybelline – Bold Gold
  • Blue: Wet n’ WIld – Blue Moon


So what do you think, red/gold peacock feathers, or blue/green peacock feathers?



Birds of a Feather

I have always loved peacock feathers…the color and arrangement of the eyes, the bold delicacy. I tried to do peacock nails about 6 months ago when I started doing nail art…and they were awful.

As an entry in a contest, however, I decided to re-try peacock nails. And I think I succeeded.


Unfortunately, my right hand was the victim of 4 broke nails (really, everything but my pinky) as the product of bowling. However, I bowled a 105 (one of my personal bests. I am terrible at bowling) so I don’t feel too bad!


I decided to combine two styles of peacock…stylized eyes on my accent nail (with a base of A England – Saint George), and feathers on my other nails. Which style do you like better?

The colors I used:

  • Light green: Nail Art – Green
  • Dark green: A England – Saint George
  • Teal: Petites Color Fever – Figi
  • Light blue: Wet n’ Wild (megalast) – I Need a Refresh-Mint
  • Dark blue: A England – Tristam
  • Gold: Maybelline (color show) – Bold Gold


My thumbs got blow-ups of the eye of the feathers. I should probably have made the eyes bigger on all my fingers, but I didn’t want to overwhelm the fingers in gold!


Then I just went nuts with photos. Sorry! I just realllly love peacock feathers 😀




Monday is gonna be good with these on 🙂

My Favorite Plumage

For anyone who hasn’t been able to figure it out, I am obsessed with peacock feathers. The banner at the top of this page is a peacock feather, my gravatar icon is…my desktop background…anyway, I think they are awesome. So when I found an online tutorial for how to make peacock feathers I had to try it. I realized i didn’t have the right background color, and honestly I made most of the feathers somewhat wrong (translation: I’m going to try this again at some point in the future) but I kinda like how it came out as a first attempt! I even went and bought gold just to make the eye.

Both hands are different, one uses more blues, the other more greens. I was better with the blues, turns out the go on thicker the first time. My thumbs have my shiny holo blue rather than silver, just to see what happened.


Yup, another wiimote.

And of course, I had to take one in front of the peacock feathers on my wall (they live just behind my laptop)

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