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Jupiter in Purple

I love this mani. I have been meaning to make a watermable with glitter so that it looks variegated (instead of just swoopy lines, to get some irregularity) and this worked! It kinda looks like the surface of Jupiter to me, if Jupiter was purple and the red spot was also purple (my middle finger tip).


I’m not going to lie, the sparkly stripe down the middle of my ring finger was…augmented…with extra polish. There was already some glitter there, but I wanted MORE. It was so shiny!


~ Light pink: ULTA – Baby Doll
~ Shimmery lilac: Ethereal Lacquer – Little Oysters
~ Light periwinkle: Nails Inc – Regents Place
~ Purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
~ Periwinkle: Zoya – Danielle
~ Purple/green glitter: Polished for Days – From the Land of Oz


In retrospect, I think these also look a bit like geode nails? People were obsessed with those for a while, and the craze somewhat seems to have died down. I never did paint my own geode nails, and I should honestly do that sometime soon! The ones others have done a pretty :-D. Hope you enjoyed these!

Day 29: Supernatural (Alchemy)

What exactly is “supernatural”? Is a dragon? …probably not. Any other mythical beast that I want to paint? Nope. Ghosts are overdone. So, I settled on alchemical symbols!


My base is two coats of Poppy, by Anne Kathleen. While I like the color combination and I love the glowing finish of the yellow, I really couldn’t get past the grittiness of this polish. The tiny orange matte glitters rest on top of the polish when you paint your nails, such that they stick up. Two coats of top coat did not completely fix this…and I want my nail polish to be SMOOTH. (Unless, of course, it is designated as a textured polish, which this is not). So, while I like the color and the concept (and the polish went on smooth and easy in two coats with a fairly fast dry time), I just don’t like the grittiness of the glitter!


However, the glowering yellow-orange provided a perfect base for my celestial nail art. We have Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun. Given that I used my left hand to paint these, I think I did pretty well!


As I mentioned, even with lots of top coat, this polish was still gritty and textured. However, in the sunlight it really really glowed! I don’t know what could be done to make the polish a bit thicker (so that the glitter melds in) but as soon as I can figure it out I’m wearing this again. A yellow that is actually attractive!



  • Yellow: Anne Kathleen – Poppy
  • Black: Julie G – Black Sheep

This polish is part of Anne Katheleen’s first collection, Blossoms. I have one other polish from this collection which I will be showing in a few days (after the challenge ends!). A lot of these colors look really cool, if a bit odd!
Poppy retails for $10

Let us see what other supernatural goodies we have today?

Great Cosmic Power

…itty bitty living space. Ok, so this polish has nothing to do with the Genie from Aladdin, but I couldn’t help myself! Today, I have for you my #1 lemming, Cosmic Forces by Emily de Molly.


This is a BEAUTIFUL deep purple jelly with large and small circular glitter (the large ones are holographic too), and small and tiny hexagonal glitter. Basically, lots of glitter. And sparkle. And purple.


Shown here are two thickish coats of Cosmic Forces. Two thin coats would have kept more of the jelly appearance, but for my first try I wanted to make sure it covered. The polish goes on very easily, except for the large circle glitters. Although there are many in the bottle, they need to be fished for and placed!


When I was done, I added some cosmic surroundings on my accent nail…and turned one of the circle glitters into a planet with rings, and some of the smaller glitters into comets.


Unfortunately, even with two coats of top coat, this does not sit smoothly. I think I need to acquire myself some gelaous top coat! I will certainly be using more of this polish in the future though…it is absolutely stunning. So many sparkles!



  • Purple: Emily de Molly – Cosmic Forces
  • Silver: A England – Excalibur

What do you think? As stunned as I am? Thank you Llarowe for making this polish possible! (Emily de Molly is based in Australia, I got this polish from llarowe).


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