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Swamped Marble

I’ve had this sitting in my folder since January  and since today is Saint Patrick’s Day, the green and gold is totally appropriate! I mostly just like green 🙂


Back when Zoya was having a sale, I bought two very similar green cream polishes. Jace is the second of the two green Zoya cremes…and honestly, I like her less than Tilda, the other. As it turns out, Jace is almost in the middle between Shawn (a darker yellow-toned green) and Tilda (a bright true-green)…which since Tilda dries darker than expected means that the spectrum of shades covered is actually much smaller than I thought. I do not need all three polishes, whoops!


The other sad part is that Jace takes three coats. And not three thin coats, three medium-thick coats. I even tried to use Jace as a jelly, but it is just slightly too opaque for that! The polish does self-level nicely and dries down to a super squishy high shine finish, but I want my two-coat perfect coverage Zoya creme, and this polish isn’t!


I’ve been seeing a lot of creme+glitter water marbles recently, and I love how they look like the clouds swirling around a foreign planet (like, if someone did them in brick red, orange, and white, it would look like Jupiter). So, I tried to make one in green! It actually WORKED (first time I’ve gotten glitter to spread and behave in water!), but I need to figure out the ideal way to swirl the actual design before I try this again (…which is how I got the “Sea or Sky” to work).


My thumb, which I did last, actually came out best. Frequently with water marbles, I am so fed up with trying to get the polish to behave that I give up by the time I get to my thumb, but I was inspired this time. And it looks awesome (if I do say so myself).

~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Black: Wet n’ Wild – Black Creme
~ Green: Zoya – Jace
~ Dark green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Gold glitter: ILNP – Clockwork
~ Green glitter: Butter London – Jack the Lad


You can barely see any of the green glitter, and it was the least spread-able, but I wanted to use it anyway. Low and behold, the ILNP ultra holographic metallic polishes spread really nicely in water and actually behave well! I’ll need to play more with this….stay tuned! Hope you enjoyed!

Salon Perfect Patties Day!

I got lucky again! A few weeks ago, I won a St Patrick’s Day giveaway hosted by Manicurator and Salon Perfect…and now I have 6 awesome St Patty’s Day colors! Of course, the first thing I had to do was recreate the absolutely stunning manicure that Manicurator did using the same colors. It was so good I was going to try to recreate it ANYWAY…but the addition of a bright neon green certainly helped 😀


You can see Victoria’s original art here but I think mine is a pretty decent recreation! I’ll be going through each color in separate posts (with swatches and all that jazz) except the white. I used it as the base here…it took two coats. There really isn’t much to say about a white creme!



~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Gold: Salon Perfect – Gold Leaf
~ Teal: Salon Perfect – Escape to Neverland
~ Neon green: Salon Perfect – Loopy Lime
~ Green/gold glitter: Salon Perfect – Luck of the Irish
~ Matte glitters: Salon Perfect – Sham-Rock Your Socks Off


The circle glittery bits were placed not painted, and I have yet o see if they actually go on dense enough to use as a regular top coat. All tone others were alright, although the gold was a bit runny! The posts for the teal and the green will be up next week.


Of course, since I did this mani, all my fingers are now tiny nubbins, so I am trying to wait to swatch the remaining polishes until I have a bit more nail left. Ugh. My nails are so broken and sad! (They are so short right now that I actually rounded the edges to try and preserve SOME length. I very much dislike rounded nails on me!!!) Regardless, I hope you enjoyed! Thanks again Manicurator and Salon Perfect for the giveaway!

Irish Argyle

Let’s see how many green posts I can do this week! Most of them are unintentional (really), I just LOVE the color green! This mani, however, was intuitional. Meet Irish Argyle!


After my color fail with argyle + textures back in January, I decided I need to re-try it with better colors. While staring through my collection, I came upon the beautiful textured forest green polish Mistletoe by Julie G, and inspiration was born!


I honestly don’t know if I prefer the green-on-orange or the orange-on-green. Regardless, I think I’ve got the “no seriously don’t pinch me see GREEN!” thing down for today! Now if only the obnoxiously drunk college kids would stop being so darn noisy outside, I would be happy :-p



  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Orange: Sinful Colors – Courtney Orange
  • Green: Zoya – Holly
  • Orange textured: Julie G – Sugar Rush
  • Green textured: Julie G – Mistletoe


Hope you enjoyed! And remember, green = no pinch 😀

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