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Shatter Swirls

So, I have a hunch you guys like polish. And I have some awesome news for you: a shiny awesome new polish AND a 20% discount code! As a happy holidays gifts for all my readers, Mentality is offering 20% off ANY ORDER (they have been running a 20% off orders of $50 or more all month, but this is 20% off anything and is just for you guys!). The best part? It’s my name! The code is “EVA“. And now I have one of their newest polishes, Shatter. With nail art…because I’m me.


Shatter is a holographic jellychrome (rather than a matte). This is the shiny-finish polish that is a sister to Spree which I showed you last week. Shatter went on perfectly, no joke. Opaque in two thin coat (I probably could have gotten away with one!) and no clean up. None. It went right were I put it! The polish has a pink base with a strong dose of golden glass-fleck glitter and a smattering of holographic sparkle. The holo only comes out under sunlight, but even without it the polish is STUNNING. Like woah. Shown here is no top coat.



Once I was done staring at Shatter, I added some swirls and dots. It just seemed like such a pretty girly elegant polish that I had to do something elegant rather than shocking! I rather like the end result.


~ Pink glitter: Mentality – Shatter
~ Pink: Love & Beauty – Pink
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


I really want to try paring Shatter with Faye by Zoya…they have the same wonderful golden fleck finish (Faye is a purple base). ANYWAY. You can pick up Shatter from Mentality for $8.50…or $6.80 using the code EVA until the end of the month! I really cannot recommend Mentality polishes enough.


I have one last new Mentality swatch/art for you guys tomorrow, but I can give you a run-down of the polishes by them that I recommend highly (aka my favorite colors) if you guys are interested. Let me know! And happy polishing!

Zoya Sale!

Just a tiny quick update…Zoya has having a sale from now till the 16th, buy one-get-one for their older summer shades.

Basically, pick any 2, 4, 6….you get it…shades from the list here and add it to your cart. At check-out, put in “FLOGO” and a 50% reduction will be taken! Free shipping if you get more than 8 total polishes.

Now I just need to stop myself from buying Pippa and Ivanka… (I already have Wednesday and Alegra, and love both of them)!

(also, if you use my link to buy stuff, I get points. So if you are new to Zoya, please use my link! I LOVE their nail polish!)

2am Zoya Post

Hi folks, I know its 2am (ok, its really 2:47am)…but there is a deal going on that any nail polish lover should know about.

So, Zoya is expensive. Far too expensive for me (like butter LONDON and a-england, sadly). However, right now, if you go to the zoya website and put any three polish colors you want in your check out…and then type in “ZOYA2013” you get them for $10 (the price of shipping and handling). All of the cost goes away…and you are left with $0 for the polishes and $10 S/H. Its amazing.

If you don’t know about this…do it! It was supposed to go live on monday (the 7th) but for some reason is up right now. I don’t know what that means for what’s going to happen on the 7th…but yah.

And if you don’t have an account, try using this link because then I get free polish in the future too…and zoya is pretty and expensive! Moreover, if you use that link and check in “your account” you’ll find a receipt for a free nail polish just for joining zoya. They are being nice!

Ok that’s all. Regularly scheduled pretty nails will resume tomorrow morning/afternoon when I’m not dead from labwork.


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