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Glowing Thai Patterns

It has been a while since I posted a glow-in-the-dark manicure! I actually painted this one some time ago, and it has been sitting in my unedited folder, oops! But here we are all the same. Instead of starting with a white base (as I usually would) I started with a glow in the dark polish (that has a yellow base to it, as far as I know Dayglow was the first true glow in the dark polish on the market, at this time there are many different ones including some with white bases but this is all I have!) that I did a stamping gradient over. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to do yellow to red or yellow to blue‚Ķso I did both? And then that didn’t seem to be enough so I also added swirls ūüėÄ


The glow to this polish has remained incredibly strong despite being >5 years old. Most of my older thermal polishes have lost their color shift, and my solar-reactive polishes don’t shift at all anymore‚Ķbut this polish still glows! Score 1 for Serum No 5.


~ Glow-in-the-dark: Serum No 5: Dayglow
~ Red: Zoya – Sooki
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Green: Zoya – Josie
~ Blue: Zoya – Sia
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: BM – XL158, 314


That’s it for today! I recommended that all nail polish folks have at least one glow in the dark polish – it is a lot of fun to freak my husband out with my glowing nails in bed :-D. Hope you enjoyed!

Abstract Rainbow Stripes

What to say about this manicure. It is weird. I¬†don’t¬†usually do a gradient from yellow‚Ķmost gradients go over white! I also¬†don’t¬†usually alternate nails quite as markedly as this. However, since I wanted the whole thing to glow in¬†the¬†dark like¬†crazy, I was stuck using Dayglow as a base which dictated how the rest of the manicure looked!


Dayglow is one of those polishes¬†that¬†I forget I own until I see someone else’s cool glow in the¬†dark¬†manicure. And then I decided that I¬†absolutely¬†need to do one. There was no particular inspiration for this manicure‚ĶI just wanted some combination of glow in the dark and rainbows! Honestly, I think it looks pretty cool if rather odd.


~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Glow-in-the-dark: Serum No 5: Dayglow
~ Red: Zoya – Sooki
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Green: Zoya – Josie
~ Blue: Zoya – Sia
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: Lina – Make Your Mark 02


That’s all for today! I feel like a bright rainbow is suitably summer-like for todays 100 degree and 99% humidity, but then again I wore this back in the winter *shrug*. Hope you enjoyed!

Golden Shadowed Leaves

This is a bit of a sad day: tomorrow I leave Philly for St Louis. So, this is my last nail art post while in Philadelphia. Philly was where I first discovered nail art, and in the last 7 years my collection has gone from 2 polishes to over 400. I was thinking of posting a pretty skyline¬†design¬†I did, but I ran out of time to edit it (this is becoming a theme) so you’ll have to make do with some shimmery leaves.


This is the mani I created out of my pastel teal swatches, and so there are more teals than you might imagine! I did a dry brush of each of the 4 colors (three cremes and one holo) over each other, and then double stamped over the top with a gold glitter and then a green holo glitter. I really like how it came out!


I am glad I went for the dry brush technique, the bases all ended up looking roughly the same by the time I got to stamping. I also think this is the first time I’ve actually liked stamping the same image twice? Usually I try too hard or the colors are awkward together. But green and gold always works!


~ Pastel mints: Zoya – Tiana, Maybelline – Green with Envy, Glitter Gal – No Worries
~ Mint holo: Serum No. 5 – Jaded
~ Gold: Sally Hansen – Go for Gold
~ Green: A England – Dragon
~ Stamp: BPX – L018


Initially, I was going to stamp gold then black, but my eyes fell on Dragon which I haven’t used in probably a year, and I grabbed it. A England polishes always stamp so well! It makes sense, since basically all of them are one-coaters. Adina is nuts. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! And goodbye Philly! My next post will be from St Louis‚Ķbut since I move in on Monday we probably won’t have internet for a few days. Sorry! I will also have some freehand art up eventually…I do have some in the vault I just haven’t edited that either, I know it’s been a lot of stamping post recently!

Swatch Test: Light Blues and Pastel Teals

Light blues: I should¬†start¬†by¬†saint¬†that¬†hate light blue polish. I kept thinking as I was laying out these polishes “why do I never wear any of these?” I feel like for all of my other swatch tests (and there will be quite a few more) there were a couple polishes I gravitated towards for base colors or nail art, and with this set of blue there was nothing that I found exciting. To be fair, if I need a pastel blue I grab Zoya Blu and if I need a medium blue I grab one of my other three blue Zoya cremes‚Ķso it is really only the range between pastel and medium blue where I have this problem.


From pinky to pointer:
~ Pinky: Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
~ Ring: Essie – Rock the Boat
~ Middle: Sinful Colors – Cinderella
~ Pointer: KBShimmer – I’d Rather be with Blue


While swatching, I realized WHY I hate using these shades of blue. None of them are opaque enough! Ugh. Breezy took three THICK coats and even so was barely opaque. Cinderella was legitimately still see-through where my free edge is and this was with three thick coats. Boat only took three regular coats but is a bit thicker than I would like as a polish, and Rather is both a bit thick and dries matte (which is why these swatch photos do not have top coat). In summary, all of these polishes took three coats, and Breezy and Cinderella were still not quite opaque at three thick coats. That said, I do love the pink shimmer in Cinderella (I would believe this polish to be the color of glass slippers), and the slightly grey finish to Boat. I cannot stand the subtle frost in Breezy, and I am probably just getting rid of this polish since I have Blu which I know I love.


Pastel teals: I own three very very similar pastel teal polishes because unlike the blues, I love pastel teal! It is such a pretty soft color. I basically wanted a pale teal and a pale green…but a pale green looks much like a pale teal! The three of these (minus my pinky of course) ended up being very close in color, but not quite dupes!


From pinky to pointer:
~ Pinky: Serum No. 5 – Jaded
~ Ring: Zoya – Tiana
~ Middle: Glitter Gal – No Worries
~ Pointer: Maybelline – Green with Envy


The holo polish, Jaded, took only two thin coats,¬†the rest were three. Worries was slightly more jelly-like than the other two, and so I used thicker coats, but it dried¬†quickly¬†so overall¬†the finishes were the same. In terms of comparisons,¬†Tiana is the palest of the three, while Worries is the closest to green rather than teal. Envy is slightly more blue and slightly¬†brighter¬†than Tiana, but they are very close! It does have a better¬†formula¬†(thinner but just as pigmented). I bought Worries and Tiana when I ran out of my first bottle of Envy (this is my third, I think) and since I use pastels a lot I just kept all three. I don’t honestly think I need them all, but I think I might keep them anyway? Tiana is the one that I could part with most easily, as Worries is more green and Envy does have the best finish! I just threw Jaded in since the base color is the same, but wheeee holo!

Spider Webbed

So, I am afraid of my nails. I am mildly arachnophobic, and there are SPIDERS on my NAILS what was I thinking? I can’t even escape them in the dark since the webs are made of glow-in-the-dark polish!


I figured I had to do at least one creepy Halloween-themed manicure, so here we go. Spiders and webs and creepy crawly things. The glow-in-the-dark polish is Dayglow by Serum No 5, which is FANTASTIC but a bit thick. Maybe I should have used it as the base and painted webs over it, rather than trying to make thin lines! I only use it 2-3 times a year, so I keep forgetting.



~ Greenish brown: Cult Nails – In A Trance
~ Yellow: Serum No 5 – Dayglow
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Soooo creepy!! I should have just stuck with webs!


This mani took longer than I expected, but then again painting a lot of tiny lines tends to do that! Hope you enjoyed the creepy :-D. The remaining Halloween nails are not quite so scary (at least to me)!

Pastel Quilts

Today’s Golden Oldies Thursday challenge calls for a skittle manicure. I debated doing all different things, but settled for the same thing in different colors! It is finally spring, and so time for some pastels. And I have been DYING to try a quilted mani! Moreover, some glitter studs I had ordered finally came in, so now I get to pair EVERYTHING with rhinestones ūüėÄ


From what I can tell (via the internet) there are two main ways to make a quilted mani. You can use striping tape, or you can use floss. I tried striping tape because I am more familiar with it…and next time (hopefully there will be a next time) I will try floss.


This manicure had three steps:

  1. Add a pastel color of your choice to your nails
  2. Add a slightly shimmery clear color on top, to create some distinction between your first color and your second. Ideally, this polish slightly lightens the base color. Also add top coat to speed up drying time.
  3. Place striping tape on perpendicular diagonals across your nail, and add a thick layer of your starting polish. Quickly peel off the striping tape, revealing the quilt. Add rhinestones if desired. DO NOT TOP COAT to keep the texture!


Unfortunately, this manicure takes a while to dry (since there is no top coat on the last layer and it is a thick layer) but it was totally worth it! How cute is this?! Ok, so I’m biased. The worst part? I had forgotten I owned that pretty mint green! I guess that is the point of the GOT challenge, remember forgotten polishes.



  • Pink: NYC – Prospect Park Bloom
  • Purple: Sally Hansen – Lacey Lilac
  • Blue: Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
  • Mint: Maybelline – Green With Envy
  • Yellow: Serum No5 – Dayglow (yes, my nail was awesome and glowy)
  • Shimmer: Revlon – Allure

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed these!

Mummy Attack!

This is my favorite Halloween mani yet. It is cool, frightening, and not terribly bloody. Also, it GLOWS. IN THE DARK. How awesome is that?


The base for this mani is the best glow in the dark polish ever, Dayglow by Serum No5. Day glow really does glow. I kept making little tents out of my hand to stare at the glowing wonderfulness! The polish (unfortunately) takes 3 thin coats to be opaque, dries very slowly, and dries to a somewhat matte finish. However, the last two issues are taken care of with quick dry top coat!


I hand-painted on lots of thick black lines (mummies), the outline of a ghost, and complicated teeth. This mani took over an hour and a half to put together (mostly due to all the darn straight lines) but WOW was it worth it! I must give credit to my boyfriend though‚Ķhe suggested vampire when I couldn’t figure out what to do with my thumb. That might be my favorite finger!


It was a little hard to fall asleep at night with these creepy nails staring back at me in the darkness of my room…



  • Yellow: Serum No5 – Dayglow
  • Black: Julie G – Black Sheep
  • Red: Zoya – Isla


SO MUCH FUN. And happy Halloween! What did you guys have on your nails? And which is your favorite nail?


Day 27: Artwork (Chihuly)

Sculpture has always been my favorite type of artwork. And glass has always been my favorite sculpture medium (it helps that I blow glass, but hey). My favorite glass artists is Dale Chihuly (and if you have never seen his works GO LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE AMAZING). While in Seattle for a conference in May, I stopped at the Chihuly glass gardens, and this mani was inspired by his artwork.


Although he is most famous for brightly colored floral glass art, I chose a stranger piece…something that looked like a glowing striped vine.


For the nail polish, I started with a deep grey, and painted on glow-in-the-dark vines. I thought the color matched almost exactly!


I then moved on to adding the black lines, to make them look like the glass sculpture. It didn’t work perfectly, but I’m actually rather pleased with how close they look to the original (even if they aren’t the best idea for nail art).


What’s more, since my polish was glow in the dark, I had awesome glowing vine nails!


Oddly, I think the design stood out better indoors:

…than in sunlight, because the grey turned almost black in the sun!


  • Grey: OPI – Black Satin
  • Yellow: Serum No 5 – Dayglow
  • Black: Julie G – Black Sheep


What do you think, artsy enough? Let’s see what the other ladies have put together for today!

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