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Fireworks? Snowflakes? Who knows! Why not both. This is the design I was actually WEARING on New Years last year, and I love it. I don’t know how I got away with a black glittery polish in the hospital, but I am so happy I did! To be fair the polish is actually a dark blue but I layered it over black so the background looks like black with blue shimmer AND flakies 😀


~ Black creme: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Black with flakies: Ever After – Playing with Fire
~ Rose gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Stamp: Moyra – 32 Nature


And in that vein, happy New Years! I hope you all were doing fun things last night (I was playing board games and roasting s’mores), and of course wearing suitably glittery polish. Hope you enjoyed!

Swirling Flakes

Snowflakes! More snowflakes! Snowflakes on a windy background! I decided I wanted more color so on top of Downpour (the dark blue) I dry marbled some Party Favor (teal), then stamped with Yummy (lighter blue) before stamping with silver.


Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, for some reason most of the photos came out blurry. So today there are only a few photos (although 3 does tend to be normal for me now) and I did my best to pick in-focus ones!


~ Dark blue holo: ILNP – Downpour
~ Dark teal holo: ILNP – Party Favor
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur (Renaissance)
~ Stamps: BM – XL213, 323, BP – 185


Maybe I should have posted something a bit more Christmas-y today, but all my manis got pushed back a day, so my official christmas mani will go up on Wednesday and holiday nails will continue through Friday. Oops! Enjoy anyway :-p

Swirling Flakes on Grey

I just keep wearing this polish! Grey Opal might be my favorite buy from Polish Pickup Pack (its from probably a year ago at this point), because it is amazingly shimmery and flakie-y, but it still just subtle enough to totally get away with in the hospital!


I also finally used up my bottle of the original Excalibur (my go-to silver polish for just about anything), and about a year ago bought a replacement (this is the best stamping silver ever), but now it is “Renaissance” because they replaced Excalibur with some weird gold/silver flake combo which, while pretty, does not at ALL serve the purpose of the original bottle. That said, this formula is still fantastic 😀


~ Grey flakie: Polished for Days – Grey Opal
~ Silver: A England – Excalibur Renaissance
~ Stamps: BP (asian) – L008, BP – 185, BM – 319, BM – 232


Super simple, but quite pretty! And work-appropriate as long as no one notices all the colors hidden in the flakies. Win for everyone! Hope you enjoyed and happy Friday 🙂


Stars and snowflakes! I painted this a while ago and was afraid I wouldn’t get around to posting it while it was still cold out. I should not have worried. It is forecast to snow tomorrow and Wednesday, oy vey!


The base here is yet another holiday polish that I won from Nail Polish Canada, this is Coalmates by OPI. What you see here are three thin coats of polish, which is a dark grey-blue jelly that looks almost black, but is filled with copious silver and blue flecks. The first coat looked grey with large amounts of glitter, but it covered in three coats and the blue came through. Honestly, this is not my favorite polish and I am glad it is a mini.


I thought it would work nicely as the base for a night sky, so I grabbed another new stamp that I was sent to review from the Born Pretty Store and went to work!


All the images here are from the same stamping plate, but the plate itself is a bit of a hodgepodge of design elements! However, it does stamp beautiful (even the tiny intricate lines, I am quite impressed).


My favorite part of this stamp is the encircled sun/moon on my middle finger. It is both intricate and absolutely beautiful. I don’t know why the stars on the other part of the image are mixed with snowflakes, but I’ll take it! This is overall a very fun plate!


If you want to pick up plate BP-185 for yourself, head over to the Born Pretty Store where it is on sale for $1.59. Hope you enjoyed!

Icy Swirls

Continuing with the theme of subtle, snowy, and swirled, we have this post! By this point in the interview season I was giving up on the very bland manis that I sported in the beginning, and was firmly in the realm of mints and golds and a bit more contrast.


That said, I still deemed this subtle enough to wear! It is another of my favorites, and it helped that during this particular interview it definitely snowed! It is always fun when my nail art predicts the weather :-p


I do need to get some more snowflake stamps, on the off chance that I have time to do nail art next winter (this whole residency thing is becoming far more real, I need to put together my actual list and cross my fingers!), since most of the plates I have don’t stamp well!


~ Teal with glitter: Cadillacquer – Memory palace
~ Pastel teal: Zoya – Tiana
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamps: BM – S108, 319, 323, Born Pretty – L008


Happy Friday! One more week of interview-friendly posts before I jump feet first back into colorful posts!

Snowflake Multichrome

Snowflake time! I figured it was about right to start posting some real winter nail art. However, I am also sick so these almost didn’t get edited since I slept half the day!


The design was inspired by Sveta Sanders <<>>, because I keep stalking her instagram and finding new awesome things that I need to replicate. Now, she used chrome powder and I used multichrome nail polish, but the result was the same. Next time (and there will be a next time, I rather love this), I will use a slightly more consistent design than snowflakes.


I am also glad that my nails are much less stained than they used to (I think I have the interview season to thank for not being able to wear any bright blues or dark greens), so I can actually have some naked nails! This will never happen again, sadly.


~ Blue multichrome: ILNP – Birefringent
~ Sheer nude: Sephora X – Marvelous
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: BM – 323, L008 (born pretty store with Chinese label)


I have at least two other snow-themed manis coming up at some point, I hate painting snowflakes but I love stamping them! I should, at some point, buy a dedicated snowflake plate.


Hope you enjoyed!

Hidden Snow

This is actually appropriate! I am posting this today (and another super cool mani on Friday) just so that next week I can post my top 10 polishes of 2016 and include these ones. Cause they are awesome.


This truly fantastic polish is Thermo Top Coat in black by Bow polish. It is wonderful. I didn’t use it on its own, because the best part of this polish is how it works with designs! The polish is a nude-grey when warm and a black when cold. I don’t know if the nude color is opaque on its own, I layered this over a nude polish. It did grey the base a little, but you can hardly tell!


What you see here is two coats of the thermo top coat over a nude base. The black stamped pattern is underneath the thermo polish (so in the warm state, what you see is how much the black lines were color dampened). The thermo polish also has a generous but not overwhelming amount of scattered holo glitter, which really pop in the cold/black state, and are pretty and subtle in the warm/nude state! The polish dries down to a semi-matte (I didn’t take photos since I needed to top coat before stamping the snowflakes, sorry!) and as such dries fast.


Two more awesome things about the bow thermal polish:
1) it didn’t smudge the stamp! The black pattern is between two layers of the thermal polish (although being honest, I probably only needed one coat…I had planned for two so I went with it, but I imagine the white base would be less greyed-put if I had just done one coat). Despite not adding ‘real’ top coat over the black patterned stamp before adding the next layer of thermal, there is 0 smudging. Yay!
2) the polish goes on in the ‘dark’ color (aka black) so it is really easy to clean up and not miss something.


~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Black thermal: bow – Thermo Top Coat (black)
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Hope you enjoyed! I want to use this polish again soon…lets see if I can get away with it on my current rotation? Maybe? Oh well! Still awesome.

Falling Flakes

Happy after-Christmas and third day of Hanukkah! I need to get a move on making some menorah nails if I want them edited within the next 5 days :-p.


These were inspired by @simplenailartdesigns, although its a bit hard to say anything with a blue gradient and snowflakes was inspired by any particular person, its such a common design!


Regardless, I like how these came out. I added little silver glitters to the center of the snowflakes a few hours later, so the sunlight photos have glittery bits too 🙂


~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Light blue: Zoya – Blu
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: BM – 323, Born Pretty Plate – L008


Hope you enjoyed!

Neon Summer Snow

I hate hand-painting snowflakes. It takes forever and they never quite come out right. It’s awful. When I saw this plate at the Born Pretty Store that combined snowflakes and lace, I knew I needed it!


The designs on the plate are really well etched and quite pretty. They vary between huge (a snowflake that would never fit onto one nail) and quite small (actually nail sized). I used both sizes here, and basically just placed whichever snowflake I wanted at the tip of my nail and let the connected lacy pattern trail down.


I went ahead and used non-typical colors (really, more white or silver snowflakes on blue? Nope) because it seemed like fun. My base is a pink-green duochrome with a grey base called For The Twill of It by Essie, and the stamp is a hot pink stamping polish. Although you can barely see the pink of the duochrome behind the neon pink, the combo still looks alright!


This mani almost didn’t happen…I was hit with debilitating vertigo just as I was going to add the stamps, and had to lie down for the rest of the night. I’ve never had vertigo before, it was awful!! On the plus side, my ear problems seem to have righted themselves so maybe it will never happen again. I can only hope.


If you want to get this snowy lacy stamping plate, head over to the Born Pretty Store! The stamping plate is $2.99, so have fun! Enjoy!

Grey and Wintry

This is what I was wearing on my other hand, that I talked about on Wednesday (the Teal post). It is seasonally appropriate for sure, but not bright!


The design was very loosely inspired by Chit Chat Nails. Only, I wanted more stamps. I need better snowflakes, mine barely pick up!


So this is what I was talking about…this design is wintry but very dark! The other hand was much simpler but also colorful. I also think its pretty easy overall to stamp…and much harder to work precisely with tape! Then again, maybe thats just me.


~ Grey: Zoya – Yuna
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Mentality – White Opaque
~ Stamps: hehe – 028, BM – 319


Hope you enjoyed! Depending on what I pull together this weekend, you’ll either get a fully week of pink/purple/Valentine’s art next week, or just a smattering. Bring on the hearts!

Winter Snowflake French

Another wintry mani! This was was supposed to be a little more subtle, but I still like it. Glitter and snowflakes, always fun 🙂


The nail art was inspired by PiggieLuv’s guest post at Pocket Money Polish. My boyfriend took one look at my nails and dubbed them “Elsa”, which was also fun! Hearing what he has to say about all of my manis is fun as well.


The base color is another Mentality polish (that I haven’t touched yet), a pale blue matte called Pilot. I needed two-three coats of Pilot, there was some patchiness so some nails needed 3 rather than the preferable 2! I like the color, but I mostly just like the matte finish.


The glitter was fun to get on, and I always forget how dense it is! I do need more snowflake stamps though, I am getting bored of the three I have :-p


~ Blue: Mentality – Pilot
~ Silver: Nails Inc – Maida Vale
~ White: Zoya – Purity
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 323


Hope you enjoyed! This ends my venture into snowy manis for the time being. Normal (well, as close as I get to normal) up tomorrow!

Green Blizzard

Sorry for the late post, I just got back from a weekend in Boston! Unfortunately, two of my fish were dead when I got home (neither was honestly a surprise) so I had to spend even more time cleaning up the fish tank. Anyway, here is a post!


I was having some camera troubles (apparently I white-balanced sometime in the last week and didn’t notice. So all the colors are off! Oops), so there are only 3 photos today. Which is ok since this mani isn’t incredibly exciting anyway :-p


This is really just a teal-green pastel base with some green and white glitters over it. The glitter polish is a pain in the butt…it was super super thick and didn’t want to spread at all! Even with glomming it on and pushing the glitters around, it was still difficult to work with! Now I see why last time I used this I pulled out individual glitters and just placed them. Ugh.

~ Green: Zoya – Tiana
~ Glitter: Salon Perfect – Sham-Rock Your Socks Off


The decals were actually a gift from Jacqui at Craftynail a while ago…maybe two years ago now? I don’t know. She made her own water decals and sent me some! And since snowflakes are terrible to freehand, I decided to use her decals. Thanks Jacqui! It does rather look like a green-themed snowstorm at least. Hope you enjoyed and happy MLK day to anyone who has it off!

Snowflakes and Sugar

Candy canes! And snowflakes! I am posting a Christmas(ish) mani this early because it is my entry in Nail Polish Canada’s holiday nail art challenge! So, please click this link and head over to check out all the nail art! Also, please vote for me 😀

IMG_1398 copy

I actually searched google to find my favorite way of doing candy canes for nail art…how wide to space the lines? Thin or thick or both? What order of thin and thick lines? I ended up enjoying alternating the lines like this.

IMG_1403 copy

I also end up free handing at least one snowflake every year, and then swearing them off until the next year. My thumb snowflakes took 30 minutes by themselves. 😦


~ Red: Covergirl – Forever Festive
~ White: Mentality – White Opaque


Hope you enjoyed! The rest of the seasonal/holiday manis will be up next week. This week is for other things! And please do go vote for these shiny nails here 😀

Sleet and Snow

It is time for snowflakes! I just went ahead and grabbed two holo polishes that I don’t play with enough, and a whole bunch of Bundle Monster stamps. Some of them worked better than others…but still, shiny! I love winter manis 🙂 (so now we have two days of partial Bundle Monster fails)


The raindrop (sleet? odd lines?) stamp works…ok. It isn’t great but it does show up. Oddly, the single snowflake stamp is on the same plate and it is barely etched. I had to really work to get it to transfer! This is unfortunate since the whole-nail snowflakes from a different plate stamp beautifully but they aren’t NEARLY as much fun as that one stunning snowflake! Oy.



~ Black holo: Zoya – Storm
~ Grey holo: Darling Diva – Black Diamond
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: Bundle Monster – 319, 323


I need to bring back those Darling Diva holos, they are awesome! I kinda forgot that they were one-coaters. Enjoy! Winter manis for the win!

Snow Much Fun

The best part of this manicure? I didn’t have to paint on the snowflakes! I love snowflakes, but they take so long to paint. So, when they come in the polish…bingo! I wanted to make something cloudy and snowy, and after seeing one of the prettiest cloud manis from Top Coat It I decided to just go with it.


Snow Much Fun by KBShimmer is from their recent blogger collaboration line. This polish is genius. I stored it upside down overnight, so all of the larger glitters made it to the top of the bottle. I just want to say up front, that I hate it when bloggers say they had to “dig” for glitter. To me, that means “I spent a long time finding just the right piece and you who want to paint your nails in under two hours will NEVER FIND IT MWHAHAHAH”. So, when I review polish I try not to dig. For this polish, I did not dig.


If anything, there were almost too many snowflakes and large white circles! They kept coming off on the brush and I had to wipe them away because I wanted to see more of the smaller glitters :-). Shown here is 3 thin (yes, thin) coats of Snow Much Fun, with one coat of top coat. I didn’t think this polish would become opaque, it was really thin at one and two coats (it really is a jelly), but by three I was happy! I had 0 problem getting glitter out, and I was actually surprised by how quickly this dried. I applied all three coats in under 20 minutes, and didn’t have to deal with glitter dragging. This really is a remarkable polish.


I then added clouds in blue (Zoya – Yummy) and white (Zoya – Purity). This is the closest blue creme I have to the base blue! This is my second time trying a cloud mani, and I think it worked. The first time was a complete fail.


My nails are snowing! 😀 Fitting, since there is STILL snow outside and it hasn’t risen above 20 degrees in about two weeks. Yikes.



I don’t like ‘speciality’ glitter. I try to avoid things like hearts and stars. But even I have to admit that these snowflakes are adorable. They don’t quite sit flat on my nails (except my thumb), but they haven’t caught on anything and I really like how interesting they look half buried in blue polish. If you want to get some blue snowflake polish for yourself, head over to KBShimmer (no, this was not sent for review. I just really really like this polish).

Guest Post: Julie from Short & Sweet in Texas

My second guest blogger is Julie from Short & Sweet in Texas. I have been following Julie’s blog for some time, and I just love it! She does incredible designs, and is not afraid to change her nail shape and length (personally, I would be terrified). For your viewing pleasure, Julie put together some beautiful subtle winter stamping and a glitter accent. I’ll need to remember these in the desert in Israel!


Hello Flight of Whimsy followers! I’m Julie of Short & Sweet in Texas
and I’m very excited to be guest posting for Eva today. I tossed
around quite a few ideas while trying to come up with something for
this post; finally while looking through my stamping plates on a whim
I found a snowflake design I’ve never used before and I felt inspired.

photo 1

While some of us may be ready for warmer weather already, I haven’t
had nearly enough. Winter is my favorite season; I love getting to
pull my sweaters out of hiding, drinking hot beverages, and snuggling
with my hubby and cat on the couch in the evenings. Anyway, once I
found my snowflake inspiration I knew exactly what I wanted to do!
For this manicure I used Essie Chinchilly (one of my absolute favorite
polishes) as a base color and stamped my snowflake design using BM-323
and Rimmel London I Lilac You. Originally when I bought I Lilac You I
was incredibly disappointed with it on its own, however I recently
discovered that it’s great for stamping! It’s also a perfect
compliment to Chinchilly.

photo 2

On my accent nail I used Brucci Jessica’s Wedding Bells. It hardly
showed up at all but I also added a coat of Revlon Celestial FX on top
of Jessica’s Wedding Bells because I wanted a little extra sparkle
(not that the Brucci needed it. JWB is a stunning silver metallic all
by itself).

Blue Blizzard

*Provided for Review

What is better than a few blue polishes? MORE blue polishes! Like Donner, from Paint Shop Polish.


Donner is a blackened sapphire blue polish. On me, this polish took 3 thin coats to reach opacity, and was a bit thick. However, the end result was squishy-looking and awesome, and the polish dried very quickly. Just make sure to let the coat dry before adding the next or it will drag!


I decided Donner (despite being a reindeer name) was more suited to a winter storm, dark and blustery! So I grabbed a whole host of blues, and went to town. I started by dotting my various blues across my nails.


I then stamped on some snowflakes (I am NOT hand drawing any more snowflakes this season! It takes hours) from Bundle Monster plates 319 and 323. Finish with some top coat, and voila! Winter wonderland.



The shimmer in Donner gave this manicure good depth! With all creme polishes, I don’t know that I would like this mani as much as I do. But, all the snow things!



  • Blue shimmer: Paint Shop Polish – Donner
  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Light blue: Essie – Rock the Boat
  • Medium blue: Zoya – Yummy
  • Dark blue: Wet n’ Wild – Blue Moon


You can find Paint Shop Polish on etsy, Facebook, and twitter. You can pick up any of Candi’s polishes in either mini or full size, including Donner.
I also have a 10% off coupon for you guys! Use the code PSP10 on your next order, and enjoy!

Winter in the Vallis

*Sent for review

The third and final of my Gothic Gala Lacquer polishes is a beautiful magenta purple with a strong linear holo flare. This is the strongest holo I own, other than Nfu Oh #65, if that gives you some perspective!


This color is called Vallis Sanguine, or ‘valley of optimism’. This polish is certainly happy! This is two thin coats. It went on like a dream, dried very quickly, and was just a pleasure to work with! My other strong holo (the Nfu Oh) cracks, peels, and just generally has become a disaster to work with. This polish is chip free and going strong at 3 days.


Notably, the holo flare did NOT dim with the addition of top coat! I use a cheap 99 cent top coat (In A New York Minute by NYC) so if it was going to dim, my top coat would do it. I am really impressed! I also love the color…it looks like an elegant deep red/purple with glitter in dim lights, and comes to life in direct lighting! There has been NO sun since I painted my nails (there has, however, been snow! First snowfall of the season), so all of the photos are indoors. I got out my giant LED flashlight to take the ‘flash’ photos.


I hand-painted on the snowflakes. I had planned to stamp the designs, but I decided at the last minute to free-hand. I need a minute to brag: this design is on my right hand, which is to say I painted these snowflakes with my non-dominant hand. I have come a LONG way in the last year!!


I was inspired by this beautiful beaded snowflake manicure at Nail Polish Galore to add micro beads to my snowflakes! I have an order of more colors coming in from the Born Pretty Store that I can’t wait to play with! I’m not sure I think the beads add to the manicure, but they certainly make a fun texture to mess around with 🙂



  • Purple holo: Gothic Gala Lacquers – Vallis Sanguine
  • White: Zoya – Purity


Vallis Sangine ($9.50) can be found at the Gothic Gala Lacquers etsy page. Check out Gothic Gala on facebook for sales. From now till Christmas, all polishes 15% off with the code PRESENT15! Happy polishing, and happy first snow!

Winter Wonderland

So, I’m going to go far out of order here, and post what I am currently wearing on my nails rather than my planned update! I was inspired to do these by the wonderful Nail Nerd (her nail art makes me wish I had more time and talent. Wow). Then low and behold, work/play/polish does the same, but with awesome sparkles and a beautiful blue cream background!

Anyway, here is my first winter mani, complete with snowflakes. The snowflakes on my left ring finger honestly took 30 minutes. And I only use nail polish (I don’t own acrylics).

Each of the snowmen has a different scarf…blue scarf with top hat, yellow scarf, pink scarf, and pink and blue striped scarf with matching hat thingie. I hope you enjoy!








I had almost forgotten that I had some christmas tree ornaments that I made lying around (I used to do glassblowing), so for the next few posts, be on the look out for marginally cuter props! 🙂

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