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Purple Splatter

So, when I said a week ago that that purple was my last new polish I lied. Technically I painted these nails before the others, but I had forgotten to post them! So here, have some more purple and fun splatter stamps.


What you see here are two thin coats of Isadora by Zoya, a purple metallic with pink shimmer. When I went through and did the polish comparisons I thought it was similar to the lovely Giada…but different enough that I obviously needed to keep them both 😀 I love deep purple metallics.


I ended up double stamping over Isadora using two images from the Make Your Mark 02 plate. These images just seem infinitely combinable! I used my most pigmented purple holo first and then a pale pink….before I added top coat you could easily see the outline of the purple holo but once I added the top coat it kinda melted into the background!


At angles I could still pick out where the holo polish was…and then I noticed that the overlaying pink had turned bright purple! So I guess Berry Good Looking bleeds color (I think I knew that and had just forgotten) but in this setting it looked really cool!


~ Purple metallic: Zoya – Isadora
~ Purple holographic: Cupcake Polish – Berry Good Looking
~ Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Stamps: Lina – Make Your Mark 02


So, that’s that! Happy Friday and I hope you enjoyed todays playing with purples!


Next time I want to do a splatter mani, I just need to remind myself not to. This took over an hour, due entirely to my inability to get the polish out of the darn straw (is there a better way? Ugh), and then clean-up. Yes, I taped my nails. Yes, I had saran wrap down. Doesn’t matter…the whole bathroom sink was a mess! And my other hand. I should have worn a glove. Ugh.


That being said, the end result isn’t terrible. I just know how much effort went into what is honestly a mediocre manicure. I need a better way to do this!


– Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
– White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
– Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever


On the plus side, I got to test my newest matte top coat, Big Matte by Sally Hansen. Although it doesn’t mattify as much as my trusted (and defunct) Matt-ly In Love by Hard Candy, it does do a better job than the NYC polish I bought two weeks ago. The polish still appears to have some depth, but since I can’t find anything better (Revlon looks the same when I tested it in the store, and essie was nowhere to be found), I think it will have to do! It does take quite a bit longer to dry (10 minutes as opposed to 2).

Day 7: Black&White (Ker-Splatter!)

Since the point of challenges is to well, challenge, I thought I would try a new technique today: splatter painting! Wheeeee! I stole some straws from the Au Bon Pain in the building next to my lab, and got to work. There is a bit of a learning curve to this one!


I started with a grey base, splattered on black, and then white. Unfortunately, for most of my nails the white (which at this point is 2/3 empty and getting rather thick) came out in globs. I fixed this endless white mass by adding some black/white matte glitter…that of course you can only see the black part of. I’m so tricky!


This is a FUN technique. I’m glad I looked it up a bit first so I knew to lay down some saran wrap, wrap my nails in tape, and take off my rings! Otherwise…messy. Very messy. It STILL got all over my hands! But decidedly fun 🙂


So what do you think, worth it? I think I need to try with more colors (and thinner polish) next time and see what work of art (or fail) resolves itself.



  • White: Julie G – White Orchid
  • Grey: NYC – Sidewalkers
  • Black: Julie G – Black Sheep
  • Glitter: Maybelline – Clearly Spotted


Check out the other black and white nails for today’s challenge!

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