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Shifting Stained Glass

I feel like every time I want to use a lot of multichrome polishes I always think the end result will be prettier than it is. Don’t get me wrong, I find this mani quite pretty…just not as pretty as it could be if the colors shifted EVEN MORE.


As it stands, I looks like I used 8-10 colors per nail when I only used 5. But it is hard to tell within one nail where each color is because they shift! But I wanted to play with them anyway so here we are. This happens every time I get a new multichrome :-p


I have a separate post coming up that highlights the base polish here, so I’m not going to focus on it. Basically, I love shifty polishes and I didn’t have a golden copper yet.


Its so hard to convince myself not to go buy more shifters! They are so pretty! But they are almost impossible to wear to the hospital (the polish is downright distracting), and since there are now SO MANY COLORS by SO MANY BRANDS I don’t even know which ones look the same or different anymore! No one owns them all (that would be crazy) so I can’t get a side-by-side 😦


~ Magenta/gold: ILNP – Masquerade
~ Blue/purple: ILNP – Birefringence
~ Copper/gold: Born Pretty – 212
~ Green/teal: ILNP – Reminisce
~ Gold/green: Catrice – Genius in the Bottle
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamps: BM – XL205, BP – L054


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! Maybe next time I’ll remember to stick to one or two shifty polishes, not a whole boatload 😀

Windows of Clover

Another Born Pretty Store review…but this time it’s something different! This time it’s actually nail polish.


I was sent the coolest looking multichome with glitter! It comes in a little tiny bottle (which is sad) but the color is stunning, and you only need one coat (over a black base). This is “Chameleon Nail Polish #33” over black.


I started with two coats of Wet n’ Wild Black Creme, and then added one coat of Chameleon #33, and that was all it took! The polish is a bright vibrant green with medium and small green glitters in indirect lighting, and goes from teal-blue-purple-violet in direct lighting. Especially with the color shift, the green glitter look phenomenal!!


I realllllly like this polish. I decided to add a stamp, that ended up looking like a cross between a stained glass window and a clover. The stamp is from Emily de Molly plate 09.


I didn’t want to take this off to go back go the hospital! But I can only imagine if I had gone in wearing something this trippy…I’m pretty sure they’d kick me out for distracting the patients!


Hope you enjoyed! You can pick up Chameleon #33 for $6.99 at the Born Pretty Store.

Rose of a Different Color

You guys. I wrote a post for this when I made it. I REMEMBER WRITING IT. And now it is gone! Poof. Disappeared into the sad abyss of my of my senile laptop. It isn’t even that old, and at least it only loses notes (oh god good if I had lost my thesis right before I submitted it I would have DIED).


So, that brings us to this point. I made these stamping decals. I had high hopes to turn them into something I saw on pinterest, but I could actually cover my whole nail (instead of the mani I was trying to emulate, where the blogger only covered the very end). And I had gone through all the effort of painting all the flowers…so I used the whole decal.


These took forever to make. Each flower has 3 holo colors, each nail is different…HEADACHE. But they look incredible so I really can’t feel all that bad! I honestly don’t have THAT many holo colors, but I don’t think I could name all of these even if I tried. Turns out I only have one teal holo though, so fail on my part!



GLITTER. I am tired (and sad that this post disappeared) so in addition to really pretty nail art you guys are stuck with my stream-of-conscience-ness post here. I really want to acquire some jelly polishes so I can make this without having to drag out 25 different holo colors.


Hope you enjoyed! Even if the posting itself is a bit lackluster today :-p Stare at the holo-goodness and be happy!

Rose Window

This was intended as a stained-glass mani (which is to say I had a stamp that always made me think of a rose window from cathedrals) but it mostly just looks like a glittery flower! Ah, well.


I started by hand-painting on concentric rings of glitter polish, pink-red-orange. You almost can’t see the red, it is under the edge of the petals. I then added the stamp with my clear stamper (whee they are all centered!).


Although this is ridiculously glittery, it looks almost nothing like how I hoped! I wanted to get the rings of pink, red, and orange clear…but the red is hidden and the pink and orange look very similar.


~ Pink glitter: Zoya – Alegra
~ Red glitter: China Glaze – Ruby Pumps
~ Orange glitter: OPI – DS Indulgence
~ Black: Mentality – Black Opaque
~ Stamp: BM – 618


I have a hunch I’m going to keep trying to get colorful stained glass until I am happy…. Until next time!

Ruby Stained Glass

These are the companion nails to my Royal Flush ones from last week. Same color scheme (nude, black, red) but completely different design.


I love love LOVE these quasi stained glass nails! I’ve seen about 15 variations of them, and have at least 5 pinned to my “to try” board on pinterest. This is honestly somehow the first time I’ve done this, so at some point you’ll see more similarly themed nails!


This particular set was inspired by fallinnailove. I loved her mix of sharp angles and the occasional curve! I also wish I had created my own outline pattern rather than try and follow hers…I was trying so hard that the lines aren’t quite right. Oops!


~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Red: China Glaze – Ruby Pumps
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Hope you enjoyed! Next week we are back to a normal collection of nail art, rather than a highlight reel like this week 🙂

Stained Glass Roses

I intended this to look like colored lace, but apparently that really isn’t a thing. Everyone who saw these thought they were stained glass! So, stained glass it is.


The Born Pretty Store recently had a stamping plate sale…and I since I know and trust their stamping plates, I grabbed three of them! One of them is what I have affectionately dubbed the “lace plate,” which is where this stamp came from. Since I bought them myself I don’t really HAVE to do a review, but you guys read this so why not?


The stamp picked up and transferred well, and I really like the white bottom cover that the plate came with! No fear of cutting my fingers on metal :-D. Once the stamp was transferred, I grabbed some of my more jelly-like polishes (wow, I need ones without glitter this is sad) and went to town!


~ Nude: Zoya – Charlotte
~ Red jelly: Sephora by OPI – mini scented
~ Light green jelly: Sephora by OPI – mini scented
~ Pink jelly: Philly Loves Lacquer – On The Way To Cape May
~ Green jelly: Mentality – Mona
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: BP – L020


I have been eagerly awaiting this plate (and the other two) so now I just need to go on a stamping rampage! Wheeee 😀


Abhorsen’s Magic – 31DC2014

This mani was painted because I wanted to see what would happen if I combined all three of my ILNP multi chromes and then added silver holographic lines. Basically, SO MUCH COLOR. Even though there are only 4 nail polishes visible and one of those is silver.


The interesting insight into this (I had no real plan) was my boyfriend (oh god, do I have to call him fiancé? frightening!), who immediately told me that it looked like “the stained glass in Abhorsen’s house” from the Sabriel/Lirael/Abhorsen trilogy. He is totally right. Complete with quasi-magical color shifting!



Depending on how I look at my nails, I am getting an entire rainbow from three colors. It’s awesome. Mutagen is doing a pink-green-blue thing, Birefringence is doing teal-blue-purple, and Masquerade is doing magenta-orange-gold-green. It’s killing me. And the holo in Harp On It (Color Club) is just icing on the rainbow cake! I should mention that these are all brushed on free-hand over black creme, except obviously Harp On It. That was freehanded with a striping brush.



For all that this mani took less than 20 minutes, it looks EPIC. Seriously. Colors! I need to try a real gradient with these three colors, somehow.



Gah. Ok. I’ll try to contain my photo-taking-madness. Magic nails! I know these aren’t actually book-based, but I didn’t have anything else and once Abhorsen was mentioned I just had to use them!

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