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So, I painted my nails with yet ANOTHER new multichrome (I need to stop buying them!!) from ILNP…and then I was stumped. Do I do something bold and shocking? Something subtle? Freehand? Stamping? Decision paralysis!


Then I realized that my nails are JUST short enough to use only half of one of my stamping plates. Now, this plate has a lot of cool designs that are meant to be centered, but I honestly like thinks that start at the edges of my nails better. So voila!


After that it was easy: tone-on-tone (as much as possible for a crazy multichrome) and maybe a little 3D bit? Sure!


The base color is Greatness by ILNP. Greatness is primarily a red-leaning pink, that shifts strongly to orange-gold and then green-gold at sharp angles. The bottle also shows hints of blue, but that does not carry through onto the nail. It is not the shiftiest polish that I own, but it it still quite stunning! A little more subtle than some of the others, but that might just be because pink-gold is less ridiculous than teal-purple.


I actually ended up wearing this polish for A WHOLE DAY without any art over it. That never happens! Shifty goodness. I do like the art though :-D. The 3D bit is actually a rhinestone that I covered with another multichrome polish just for a tiny bit of contrast (and because the original gold of the rhinestone stood out too much for my tastes).

~ Pink-gold multichrome: ILNP – Greatness
~ Magenta creme: Zoya – Veronica
~ Red-gold multichrome: Born Pretty – 212
~ Stamp: BP – L050


I should take all my similarly-colored multichromes and paint one on each nail for comparison at some point. Maybe then I can convince myself I have enough? Unlikely! Hope you enjoyed!

Mosaic Stars

Well, this didn’t quite work as planned. I bought a bunch of jelly-finish polishes to try lead lighting…and they are rather a bust in terms of color!


The three Zoyas (Frida – Teal, which I already owned, Katherine – purple, Paloma – Pink) work quite well, but they are an odd color combo. I tried to round out the set with an orange and a yellow (the green was sold out) but they are a flop! The two polishes, by Esmalte da Kelly, look identical! I cannot tell orange from yellow either in the bottle or on my swatch stick, never mind my nails! I spent money that could have gone to other new polish on proving that this orange and yellow jelly are the same. So sad! So now I have yellow, teal, purple, and pink…which do not work well together!


I tried to make a quasi-Jewish mani regardless (see the 6-pointed stars in the teal?) but the placement of the colors is a bit weird. Again, had the orange WORKED it would have looked better 😦


I also layered a bunch of glitters over my white base in hopes that they would shine through…but they really don’t. I’m not sure what to do other than give up on using glitter as a base for jelly polish! I need to figure out something fun to do with the colors I do have, before I regret the purchases.

~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Glitter: KBShimmer – I Only Have Ice for You
~ Teal: Zoya – Frida
~ Purple: Zoya – Katherine
~ Pink: Zoya – Paloma
~ Yellow: Esmalte da Kelly – Soap Bubble Yellow
~ Orange: Esmalte da Kelly – Soap Bubble Orange


I cannot recommend the Esmalte da Kelly jelly polishes, which makes me sad given that they seem to work for other people! Also, the bows at the bottom of the brush make it really difficult to open the polish bottle or use the brush without ruining your mani. Poor planning!

Star Sapphire

Gem day! Well, technically, jewel. I thought about doing the awesome gemstone/rupee nails (a-la-Chalkboard Nails) again, but quickly vetoed it when I came upon this lovely bit of nail art by The Dalai Lama Nails. Circular gradient! Star sapphire! Oh yes.


I’ve never tried a circular gradient before…but after this I am defiantly doing it again! I wish I had taken a photo before I added the star-lines. You can’t see almost any of the lightest blue color because it is in the center, but it was a rather cool effect!


On a random note, it’s kinda fun that Dalai Lama Nails has a sapphire engagement ring to! although hers is purple sapphire…so different color but still cool. Non-diamonds unite!


~ Lightest blue: Sally Hansen – Breezy Blue
~ Light blue: Philly Loves Lacquer – Love Those Wildwood Days
~ Medium blue: Zoya – Tart
~ Dark blue: A England – Tristam


I am getting a lot of use out of Tart! When I first got her, I was disappointed that she wasn’t a deeper metallic (like the red Isla or the green Holly), but I like her now! She’s in tomorrows mani too 😀

Guiding Star

This was a quick mani I did just to see how well my new pinkish red matte contrasted with a beautiful deep holiday pink I got last year! Given that I free-handed all the lines in this, I’m actually pretty happy with it. It honestly would have taken less time if I just used tape…but I was in a house in the Pocono Mountains with a bunch of friends and a bunch of food and NO TAPE. So this is what we get!


This was just fast and easy. Two coats of Cute Little Vixen by OPI (why don’t I use this polish more often? It’s so pretty!), and then tried to make rectangles using Beautiful by Mentality.


Beautiful is a pretty reddish pink matte polish that has a satin-like finish. I just used it again today (whee!) so I can say for sure that it covers in two thin coats and dries quickly. I was hoping for a true red matte (which this is not) but it is a pretty mature-yet-girlish color all the same! You can find Beautiful at the Mentality website for $6.75 with free US shipping!


I finished the mani off with some free-handed stars. Sorta. Maybe bows like the top of a gift? Anyway, the gold is Penny Talk by Essie. I need to get my hands on another real gold soon (Penny Talk is more of a copper gold).


Hope you enjoyed! Up next…jelly goodness 🙂

Abstract Christmas Trees

Finally, my Christmas manicure! It isn’t great, but I like it. Mostly because one of my other new Emily de Molly polishes, Monet’s Garden, is absolutely stunning and a wonderfully perfect teal-green!


The design is simple, a duplication of those messy wavy trees that seem to be all over pinterest. Mine are not the best, but I’ll take it anyway! Also, I’ve never tried drawing stars with my non-dominant hand before. That was…exciting. Right. Also difficult.


Monet’s Garden is an absolutely stunning teal/green polish (green with a touch more blue than traditional green). I didn’t have to dig for glitter at all! Shown here is three coats of polish. I found medium large teal and light green hex glitters, along with smaller green and teal hexes, and a really fun smattering of pink/red and purple smaller glitters. The color contrast was fantastic! The polish did need two coats of top coat to be smooth, but didn’t go on thick or gloopy. I was on the fence about buying this one, but I’m so glad I did!


~ Green glitter: Emily de Molly – Monet’s Garden
~ Green creme: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Gold: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Red: OPI – All I Want For Christmas (is OPI)


Hope you enjoyed my Christmas mani! I got Monet’s Garden from Llarowe, if you love it enough to get one yourself. I have two more coming, so stay tuned!

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