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So, I painted my nails with yet ANOTHER new multichrome (I need to stop buying them!!) from ILNP…and then I was stumped. Do I do something bold and shocking? Something subtle? Freehand? Stamping? Decision paralysis!


Then I realized that my nails are JUST short enough to use only half of one of my stamping plates. Now, this plate has a lot of cool designs that are meant to be centered, but I honestly like thinks that start at the edges of my nails better. So voila!


After that it was easy: tone-on-tone (as much as possible for a crazy multichrome) and maybe a little 3D bit? Sure!


The base color is Greatness by ILNP. Greatness is primarily a red-leaning pink, that shifts strongly to orange-gold and then green-gold at sharp angles. The bottle also shows hints of blue, but that does not carry through onto the nail. It is not the shiftiest polish that I own, but it it still quite stunning! A little more subtle than some of the others, but that might just be because pink-gold is less ridiculous than teal-purple.


I actually ended up wearing this polish for A WHOLE DAY without any art over it. That never happens! Shifty goodness. I do like the art though :-D. The 3D bit is actually a rhinestone that I covered with another multichrome polish just for a tiny bit of contrast (and because the original gold of the rhinestone stood out too much for my tastes).

~ Pink-gold multichrome: ILNP – Greatness
~ Magenta creme: Zoya – Veronica
~ Red-gold multichrome: Born Pretty – 212
~ Stamp: BP – L050


I should take all my similarly-colored multichromes and paint one on each nail for comparison at some point. Maybe then I can convince myself I have enough? Unlikely! Hope you enjoyed!

Rose Jewel

Finishing off the Cult Nails week, we have Center of Attention! I would also like to introduce you guys to the coolest nail jewels ever, courtesy of the Born Pretty Store.


Most of this mani you guys saw over the weekend, one coat of the pink and gold Center of Attention by Cult Nails over two coats of Happy Wine-y People by Station. What you did NOT see is what is on my accent nail and thumb: jewel stickers!


As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am pretty bad at water decals. So, I jumped at the chance to review some stickers! And add some shiny holographic and gold accents to the stickers, and you get true awesomeness!



The gemstone sticker set comes with quite a few stickers, in varying sizes to fit any nail. In addition to the gold/pink in this set, there are silver holographic bits as well, which I will show at a later date.


These stickers are really sticky! Which is to say once you place it on your nail, it is STAYING THERE. This also means that it won’t come off! The packaging recommended two coats of top coat, which is what I used. Lasted 3 days before I started picking it off (which is not the stickers fault). The stickers were very easy to use…like normal stickers. Peel them off, place them on the nail, top coat. Voila!


If you want to find yourself some gemstone stickers, I recommend checking out the Born Pretty Store! In addition to the pink/gold variety shown here, there are blues and purples, in many different shapes, each for $2.99! Don’t forget to use my 10% off code if you do find something you like, LY5X31!

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