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Purple Tribal Suns

I wanted to use this particular stamp, so I did! I have been waiting to use it for over a year now, and just didn’t have a polish I wanted to cover up 90%. I did it anyway, because there has been so much purple recently that covering it with MORE PURPLE just seemed logical.


~ Light purple glitter: Painted Polish – Just One Look
~ Purple: Nails Inc – Regents Place
~ Dark purple: Zoya – Danielle
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: BP – L052


I even managed to refrain from adding a dot to the center of the design in the base of my nails. :-p we all know how much I love adding dots! Anyway, hope you all enjoyed!


Stars and snowflakes! I painted this a while ago and was afraid I wouldn’t get around to posting it while it was still cold out. I should not have worried. It is forecast to snow tomorrow and Wednesday, oy vey!


The base here is yet another holiday polish that I won from Nail Polish Canada, this is Coalmates by OPI. What you see here are three thin coats of polish, which is a dark grey-blue jelly that looks almost black, but is filled with copious silver and blue flecks. The first coat looked grey with large amounts of glitter, but it covered in three coats and the blue came through. Honestly, this is not my favorite polish and I am glad it is a mini.


I thought it would work nicely as the base for a night sky, so I grabbed another new stamp that I was sent to review from the Born Pretty Store and went to work!


All the images here are from the same stamping plate, but the plate itself is a bit of a hodgepodge of design elements! However, it does stamp beautiful (even the tiny intricate lines, I am quite impressed).


My favorite part of this stamp is the encircled sun/moon on my middle finger. It is both intricate and absolutely beautiful. I don’t know why the stars on the other part of the image are mixed with snowflakes, but I’ll take it! This is overall a very fun plate!


If you want to pick up plate BP-185 for yourself, head over to the Born Pretty Store where it is on sale for $1.59. Hope you enjoyed!

Palm Lake Sunset

This mani came out both quite good and quite terribly! I had a particular design in mind which I realized was NOT going to work after I put down the base color…so I switched it up!


The one I ended up going with was inspired by Christabell Nails. That being said, you can very clearly see that she was trying to do a sunset reflection over water, and I think you can only tell with mine cause I’m telling you! Yes. That is supposed to be water below the sun.


I started this with yet another new polish (I really need to impose a no-buy!). Shown here is two thin coats of Playing Koi by Essie. I got this on a whim because I had seen it two or three times and I decided I really did need a very dark orange…and I’m honestly glad! It’s much darker than my current “dark” orange and it is a really cool color. Somewhere between orange and brown, with a lot of red thrown in.



I am not going to list all the colors that I used, because I changed what I was doing with this mani halfway through and re-gradiented over an already half-done gradient (how does this still look ok??). That is also why the finish is so darn uneven…It looked much better in person. Whoops!


I do regret adding the clouds…I just thought the sky looked a little empty. Now it looks a bit diseased? Live and learn.

Celestial Spheres

Looking back over nail artists who inspire me, I’ve realized that a number of the women who’s nail art I loved years ago and who eventually persuaded me to try my own hand at nail art have faded out of existence. The two biggest names that make me very sad are WorkPlayPolish and KaylaShevonne, both of whom were extraordinary. Even the ones who are still around post infrequently, like ChalkboardNails. One of the only ladies who predates me and has stuck around posting amazing nail art day after day is Cathy at More Nail Polish. So this mani is inspired by and in homage to her!


I actually went through the past 3 or so years worth of her nail art….at least what is on instagram. I personally hate instagram, I like being able to say things about my nail art and post more than one photo…and IG takes all of that away. However, it is good for quick scrolling!


While looking, I found a number of things I liked…one of which reminded me that I hadn’t worked with blue recently AND that I had this really cool stamp that I had never actually used! So here we are, with some art inspired by MoreNailPolish.


~ Darkest blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
~ Dark blue: Zoya – Sia
~ Blue: Zoya – Ling
~ Glitter: ORLY – Sparkling Garbage
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamp: BM – 610


Anyway, this concludes the 31 Day Challenge of 2016. I almost made it! *sigh* who knows what I’ll be up to next year, but hopefully I’ll still be posting! It makes me sad that so many women give up on their blogs, and that they do so without warning. I want to know where all the people I used to follow have gone off to! If I ever do have to stop posting (which I’m sure will happen during intern year of residency), I will at least give warning, I promise!

Shine Down

Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. golden sun,
Please shine down on meeeee!
Basically, this mani is made of bright colors, sunshine, and happiness!


The base for this mani is a new matte jellychrome polish from Mentality called Bash.  The website calls Bash orange, but she really isn’t. She is a pink-leaning-orange matte-finish polish with lots of blue/purple glass flakes that fades to orange/pink. Regardless, she is pretty! Where Hoopla is a neon hot pink, Bash is a more mellow pink. She covered well in three thin coats and removed nicely with a peel-off base :-p



Bash dries matte (and is quite pretty that way!) but I decided to top coat this mani to bring out the glitter and keep the sunshine safe!


The design was inspired by Lizana Nails, so I just went with it! Maybe it will actually warm up sometime soon?


~ Pink: Mentality – Bash
~ Yellow: WOW – #301


Hope you enjoyed! If you want to pick up Bash, she is available for $8.25 at the Mentality shop! Have a sunny day :-p

Psychedelic Sun

Sometimes stamping decals work great…and other times they don’t. There are a number of things I dislike about this mani, but overall it isn’t terrible. Unfortunately, a few manis this week just are (sorry!) because not all of my ideas are good, or even decent :-p


I wanted to pair of sun-colored metallics (golds and bronzes) with a blue glitter polish, and landed on Cyberspace by Milani because I haven’t used it in far too long. The concept was good…it my nails had been shorter. And if the decal would have laid flat. And…I don’t know. This mani just looks a bit sad. My favorite nail is my accent nail, and that took no time at all. C’est la vie!


~ Blue: Milani – Cyberspace
~ Light gold: Sally Hansen – Liquid Gold
~ Gold: Maybelline – Bold Gold
~ Copper: Zoya – Penny
~ Bronze: Pure Ice – Magic
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 616


Tomorrow’s manicure is just as bad (an Eva-attempts-to-stamp-and-fails), but the rest of the week looks up, I promise!

Lightening Storm

As soon as I put on this stormy blue, I knew I needed to paint on some rainstorms! It helps that I love cumulonimbus clouds. So here we have the transition from sunny to stormy, on nails!


The base here is (yet another) Textured Earth Tone polish by Mentality called Kaolin. It is a grey-blue with a slight hint of shimmer, and dries down to a nice matte. It is one of the more textured polishes from this collection, but all of the texture is in the form of small granules. Two thin coats shown here.


I added clouds with white and grey, and then some golden lightening and a sun. Whee!



~ Blue: Mentality – Kaolin
~ White: Mentality – Spackle
~ Grey: Mentality – Pozzolana
~ Gold: Mentality – Loess


You can purchase the misty blue Kaolin here for $6.75! The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

I See The Light (Mushroom Cloud)

When I received Mushroom Cloud* by Femme Fatale for review, I immediately fell in love. A dark purple polish with pink glitter and blue glass flecks? YES! And THEN I discovered that it is a thermal polish. I kept staring at the two colors trying to figure out what they reminded me of. Then it came to me: the logo of the kingdom from Tangled!


Mushroom Cloud is a truly impressive polish. Shown here is two coats over my clear base coat. The polish is slightly thick, but the type of thick that makes it easily workable. I had no trouble controlling the polish, and it dried very quickly to a satin finish. The color change occurs somewhere between 68 degrees and 90 degrees (how do I know? My apartment is at 68 and I was unable to get the lighter purple to stay at the tips of my nails!). I can’t decide if I like this polish better with or without top coat!



The “cold” color is a deep indigo with blue glass flecks and a subtle pink shimmer visible at the curve of the nail (it is a bit more purple than it appears in my photos). The color looks almost duocrhome between the blue and pink! The “warm” color is a bright purple that leans strongly pink…one might almost call it radiant orchid :-D. In the warm state, the pink glitters come through more strongly, and the blue flakes are more subtle but appear in indirect light again creating almost a duochrome on the nail!



I love this polish. The dark purple color is stunning, the bright purple is vivid, and the addition of the blue glass flecks creates something unique and wonderful. I love this so much that I wore it alone. For an entire day. No nail art. I NEVER do that! I kept washing my hands just to watch the nails change color :-D. This polish will make your more hygienic!


After staring at my nails for 24 hours, I added the sunburst pattern from Tangled using my yellow WOW polish #301. I am honestly impressed that they looked good in both the light and dark forms of Mushroom Cloud!


Apparently, I saved the best for last. If you want to get your fingernails on Mushroom Cloud, it is $12.50 over at Femme Fatale! You will not regret it. Enjoy!

* Product sent for review. All opinions contained within this post are my own.

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