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Fade to Blu

Studs, tape, and gradients, oh my! This was not the easiest mani, but the end result was pretty awesome!


The design was inspired by Mary Monkett, who always has the prettiest tape manis! The list of hers I want to replicate is long.


The new polish here is the pale blue base, Blu by Zoya (which I got as part of their New Years promotion). Blu is opaque in three coats, although it is patchy and likes to pull. Really, for a pastel this is pretty standard, but I was hoping for a bit more! The polish is thick but workable. Despite its issues, it is easily the best light blue I own (why are pale teals and greens easier to work with??), so you guys are likely to see more of it!


Once Blu was dry, I added some tape (and blocked off the lower part of my nail with liquid latex, which is soooo much easier than tape!), and then sponged on the blue gradient at the tips. Voila!


~ Light blue: Zoya – Blu
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Dark blue: Zoya – Ling


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow we get some stamps and flowers, just to mix it up a bit 🙂

Banded Rose Gold

Sometimes simple and clean manis are the best. Usually, I am one for lines and dots and swirls and colors…but I saw an awesome New Years mani by Paulina’s Passions and I just had to recreate it!


The only difficult thing about this was that it involved many layers of tape and thus took a long time waiting in between tape application. I do wish I had a rose gold glitter (I used a holo, but it isn’t quite the same), but it came out alright regardless I think!


I need to mix rose gold and black more. I tend to shy away from black as a main color because its rather lacking in, well, color…but it works beautifully for contrast!


~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Rose gold metallic: Essie – Penny Talk
~ Rose holo: Jade – Irresistivel


Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow we get some nerdy awesomeness 😀

Reveal through Teal

Lines! Lots of lines. I had been doing too much free-handing and water marble (and stamping) so we are back on tape for today! And teal. Because I love teal.


This simple bit of nail art was somewhat jointly inspired by @noemihk and @nailsofjessiek. Lots of people with the same idea!


I don’t have a large chunky holo but I DO have a silver textured finish polish, so I improvised! It looks rather cool I think.


~ Dark teal: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Teal: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Light teal: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ Silver: OPI – It’s Frosty Outside


Oddly, I was wearing this on one hand in conjunction with the post thats going up on Friday (this was on my left hand, the Friday post was on my right hand) and the response to both was really varied! I liked this better (you’ll see why, it has COLOR) but most people disagreed with me!

Copper and Rust

This is a pretty simple mani, just lines and dots! Then again, most things are just lines and dots in some form…


I started with two coats of Vertigris (another of the new formulation Mentality polishes…I’m fairly sure they don’t even make this polish anymore. But I have it so I’m using it). It was the only new edition to the earth tone mattes when Mentality re-sent the new formulation polishes. Its a nice shade of medium-green with a hint of blue. This is two coats.


I top coated Vertigris before adding tape and adding a pale mint green. When that was dry, I added more tape and a copper-with-green-glitter. I decided the copper glitter was too glittery for my dots, so the dots were done with a true copper metallic polish that didn’t quite match…but it works I think.


In the end, not a super complicated mani, but it looks alright! I think my nails look like rusted copper.


~ Green: Mentality – Vertigris
~ Light green: Zoya – Tiana
~ Copper glitter: Butter LONDON – Scuppered
~ Copper metallic: Pure Ice – Magic


Hope you enjoyed! Freehand manicure coming up tomorrow!


Crayons! I’ve been seeing crayon nail art for months and months, and convinced myself to wait until my nails were the right length to try it. Ta-da!


I was torn as to what colors to pick…I hate yellow, but other nail art crayons that I’ve seen without yellow just looked too dark or odd. So I ended up including it. The others were all easy!


Maybe I’ll do this again at some point with a completely different color set. Go for red, teal, orange, brown, and indigo or something. Who knows!


~ Purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
~ Dark purple: Zoya – Margo
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
~ Dark green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
~ Pink: Revlon – Bubbly
~ Dark pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Dark yellow: Mentality – Loess
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black


Lots of colors, lots of fun! This mani took longer than I would have liked, between the tape and the squiggly line, but it came out nicely!

Minimalist Black and Gold

Since my nails are still relatively short, I decided to do an incredibly simple but striking mani! I think that vertical designs look really good on smaller nails (whereas they just tend to look silly or stretched out on long nails).


The inspiration for this came from Paulina’s Passions. I used a coarser gold glitter and a matte black, while she made the whole design glossy. I can’t turn down a glossy/matte contrast mani!


~ Gold: Zoya – Ziv
~ Black: Mentality – Rascal


I’m really glad Zoya is releasing a matte jewel-tone collection for the holidays, but I do wish they would include a black! I already have a black matte (clearly!) but I find it to be my most useful matte by far, and it is unfortunate that the more well-respected polish brands haven’t made one to compensate for Mentality’s disaster!


Hope you enjoyed! This mani took 20 minutes, and 15 of those were waiting for the top coat over the gold to dry before I applied the tape. So, easy!

Blurple Glitter Slices

This was easy, and came out quite pretty! When the prompt for “glitter” came up, I knew I had to grab another of my untried Mentality polishes with the new base, namely a teal/blue/purple/gold mutlichrome glitter mix called Vexare.


Vexare was opaque in two coats, and covered nicely. Control was awesome :-D. Sadly, removal was rather terrible, but not as bad as larger glitter polishes. The multichrome was easily visible in normal light, and the polish did not need to be layered over black.


The design was inspired by nailartsakura, and I went with it because striping tape is my friend. The white polish is Sugar Cube by Salon Perfect.


I ended up adding white dots to my pinky and pointer because they looked a bit lopsided without some white on them! I love how this came out though.


All this mani really made me want to do was go and use some of my ILNP multichrome polishes again. All the colors!


Hope you enjoyed! Prepare for nerdiness over the next two days 😀



More Mentality polish (we’re almost done with this collection, and I have grand plans to do a whole-collection post one weekend) and another tape mani!


The base for this polish is a light orange neon holo called Jolt. Jolt took three coats to be opaque, but dried fast and was easy to control. This color makes me think of the very very old carpet at my grandmother’s house…which is both a good and a bad thing. On me, this color is fugly, but also kinda fun! I have a hunch that I’ll be using it again.


The art was inspired by Yagala, only she did a bare bottom-half of her nail. I meant to use a creme for my green, but decided instead on a 100% Mentality mani, so I pulled out a dark green metallic instead of a creme. I still like it!


My goal here was to find the colors that clashed the hardest. I was torn between using pink and purple, but settled on pink simply because the polish was brighter. So yes, this mani is intentionally painful to look at 😀


~ Orange: Mentality – Jolt
~ Pink: Mentality – Excite
~ Green: Mentality – Reclaim


You can find all three colors used in this mani at the Mentality Shop. Jolt (and Excite) are $6.75. Happy polishing!


I have spent two weeks trying to figure out how to use Yuna by Zoya to her best advantage, and also how to try using my nail art foils again. This evening, those ideas came together into MAGIC. And then I added purple (it was that or a deep plum, and I just liked the contrast better this way). It all worked! I’m actually kinda surprised that this turned into not-a-fail.


The only bit of sad here is that even with my water-based top coat, the awesome holographic design on the foils crinkled a bit at the end. I have a few shots before I added top coat, but not many. Either way, it does look kinda cool!



I also dug up my giant holo studs from the Born Pretty Store that I was sent eons ago, and made up some weird design (looks a bit like the radioactivity symbol) on my other nails. But really look! FOIL! I might almost be willing to try a whole-nail design next. Maybe. If I’m feeling brave.



~ Grey: Zoya – Yuna
~ Purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented
~ Silver (under the holo): Revlon – Metallic


Hope you enjoyed! You can find the holographic studs that I used here at the Born Pretty Store, and if you want them use my 10% off code LY5X31!

X Marks the Spot

The best gift I got this holiday season was actually from Mentality polish…they let us (the bloggers) pick out 9 polishes from any of their past collections and sent them to us! Which means I have my paws on some truly spectacular polish 😀 It’s actually so bad that I am putting off wearing a few of them until I can come up with some nail art that does them justice! I just couldn’t resist starting with this combo though 🙂


Here we have the beautiful golden holographic polish Euphoria with an accent of Sailor. Euphoria is mind-bogglingly pretty. Opaque in two very easily controlled coats, she is …well, complicated. The easiest thing to say would be that she is a gold scattered holo polish with gold flakies of some variety. But she also has bits of red glitter that give a slight pink tinge and I think there are some silver flakies in there too? I have NO IDEA. In the sunlight she simply glows rainbows (see the blurry photo farther down) and in the shade…woah. My camera was flipping out. I was having trouble making it focus!



Sailor (which will get its own mani and post sometime soon) is a stunning deep blue matte polish that would be metallic if it weren’t matte. I love it. Hauntingly dark. Shown here is two coats (but you have to work fast as with all matte polishes…it can streak as it dries if you overwork it).


I basically just decided to cover up as little of Euphoria as I could get away with, while still contrasting the glossy finish with the matte finish of Sailor. So we have some tiny pieces of scotch tape and then some tinier pieces of striping tape. Also dots, because dots rock.



If you want to pick up either Euphoria ($9.25) or Sailor ($6.75) (and seriously, these polishes are so damn pretty I don’t even know what to do with myself…I think Euphoria might also be work appropriate because if you aren’t in the sun it just looks like a stunning rose gold polish), head on over to the Mentality website. You won’t be disappointed!

Fall Sponged Shards

These were fun! I was inspired by some sponged shard nail art at More Nail Polish but decided to try it with fall-themed colors instead!


The base for this is my new nude, and I love it! I’ve been looking for a good almost-skin-tone shade for a while. While this is paler than my hands, I love the way it looks. Meet Chantal by Zoya. Wonderfully self-leveling, opaque in two coats. She is from the Naturel Part 1 collection (just like yesterday’s polish Rue).


Once Chantal was dry, I added lots of tiny bits of scotch tape and went to town dabbing fall colored polish on my nails! So much fun 😀


~ Nude: Zoya – Chantal
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Light brown: Zoya – Dea
~ Dark brown: Zoya – Louise



I have a few more fall and Halloween themed nail art bits coming up, and a fun piece that is totally unrelated tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Fading Chevrons (Fail) – 31DC2014

Chevrons are a pattern, right? And having them fade away is cool, right? At least it is when the talented Tartofraises does it! Mine…not so much.


I really did try…but as Tartofraise recommends, it is better to use a squishy and hole-filled sponge to add the degradation of holo polish. I don’t own a sponge like that. So this…really didn’t work.



~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
~ Holo blue: Nfu Oh – #65


Also, my poor Nfu Oh holo is really getting crackly. I’m not sure I would be able to really use it anymore! My first dabble into holo, 3 years ago. Which reminds me, we are approaching my 2 year blogaversary! Kinda fun. I might have to line up a giveaway!

Space Age

I can’t stop thinking that this mani looks like the side of some confused spaceship. Bright colors, black, glitter, and 3D holo dots. That being said, it is kinda a cool look! And I’ve always liked spaceships.


The star of this mani are the rainbow studs. They look like the glitter from OPI’s I Snow You Love Me but in stud form. And I love them. I only top-coated my pinky (all the others I just placed the studs in a little pool of wet top coat so they would stick but I could still pull them off without killing myself), but the holo-glitttery-goodness remained!




  • Pink: Petites Color Fever – Raspberry Ice
  • Black: Zoya – Storm


For some reason, I couldn’t get a pink + black holo pairing out of my mind when I saw these studs. So here is what you get!


To acquire some rainbow holo studs for yourself, head over to the Born Pretty Store. They are $4.20 for 300 pieces, and will be even cheaper when you use my 10% off code: LY5X31! Happy polishing!

Going Dotty

Rainbow time! After my failure with a rainbow gradient + water marble, I wanted to do something foolproof. Like dots. Lots of dots. And tape.


I present, LOTS OF DOTS. I found a cool looking design by denasnails and decided to emulate it. I snapped a photo of what my nails looked like before I taped them off. It’s pretty cool! Most of the colors are neon.


Post tape! I love sharp lines on nails, they always look magical. Or at least, impossible. When I started nail art (almost two years ago, wow) I was stunned at how artists could get lines so straight. Now that I know the trick, it makes me happy! Ahh, tape…and the delicate balance between finishing a manicure in under an hour and pulling off all the polish on your nail because the tape is too sticky.




  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Pink: WOW – #371
  • Orange: Wet n’ Wild – Sunny Side Up
  • Yellow: Love&Beauty – Yellow
  • Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green
  • Blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
  • Purple: Sinful Colors – Dream On


Sorry about the ramblings. Its 2am and the power is out in my apartment so I decided to write a blog post. Forgive me…or laugh! Up to you. But yay, rainbows.

A Study in Teal

One of my favorite things about nail polish is just how many possible finishes you can put on your polish. This manicure showcases three of them!


The idea for this was taken from the lovely lady behind liloo nail art. Her manicures are always spot on, and simple enough that I feel like I can do them in under an hour! This bit of art required two polishes and two types of top coat. And tape.


I painted my teal polish (Naughty Nautical by Essie) onto my nails and added shiny top coat. When that was dry, I taped off the parts that I wanted to keep shiny and added either matte top coat or teal textured polish (Crushed Candy by JulieG) to the rest of the nail. Let it dry, and voila!


This mani is a bit understated, but I really rather like how simple it is. I need to play more with color matching textured and regular polish! I ❤ my textured collection 🙂



Diamonds are NOT my Best Friend: Pre-Spring Challenge Day 7

The challenge for today was pastel or tape mani. I don’t own that many pastels (I really prefer deeper colors), and I have been doing a lot with striping tape recently, so I went for real tape…that I cut into a triangle pattern by hand (aka it was far from exact)… and then tried to replicate something I saw on pinterest.


My big mistake was using yellow. I strongly dislike the color yellow (which might be why I only have one yellow polish), but went for yellow and blue anyway. The final concept was a pastel and tape mani, with yellow-green-blue gradient on my thumb and accent finger.


  • Yellow: Revlon (fast dry) – Electric
  • Light Green: Petites – Lime Freeze
  • Blue: Wet n’ Wild (megalast) – I Need a Refresh-Mint
  • Dark Green: Sinful Colors – Last Chance


This was my last time using my old and almost-empty top coat, but most of the bubbles are from the yellow, not the top coat! The yellow dried nice and fast (as Revlon fast dry is wont to do) but was just a mess going on. Streaky and ugly, with little of the shimmer from the bottle going through.


I only did this mani on my right hand, since the polish I had on there (the stripes with Zoya Valerie and the pink Revlon) had chipped off by then. It stayed on for only 24 hours (a new record for me…I usually go for 3-5 days) because I disliked it so much.

I guess thats the point of challenges though, branching out into new things!


Tomorrow’s mani will be much prettier, I promise!!

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