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Blue Textured Fishtail

You guys, I have gone and dug out my textured polishes! It has been probably a year (or longer?) since I last used a textured polish as anything more than an accent dot. I forgot how glittery they are. But I am not looking forward to removing this mani!!


I had also forgotten how much fun it is to do gradients with textured polish. because they are 50% glitter, it is mostly the glitter and not the pigment that transfers in the gradient. So, thinks ends up shiner and slightly lighter in color than intended, but super textured! I couldn’t stop running my fingers over my nails while I wore this mani.


This might also be one of my more recent striping tape manis that has actually WORKED. I feel like my last few were wrongly positioned on one or more nails and this isn’t 🙂 it is also likely the last tape mani you will see for a while since I not have enough time to play with tape while in the hospital!


~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Teal textured: Julie G – Sleigh Ride
~ Blue textured: Zoya – Sunshine


I hope you enjoyed this brief non-stamping design interlude…we basically go right back to stamping on Wednesday! I just didn’t have time for much else :-/

Winter Leaves

Grey leaves for winter! This was inspired by Christabellnails although her leaves were better! Also, I was bored with the solid grey nails so I added leave veins with textured polish.


I need to stop trying to paint full-veined leaves on my fingers. I’ve done it maybe 3 times this year and it never works out right!


Also, I can’t wait for snow. Its finally started falling below freezing in Philly, so maybe we won’t get a repeat of the craziness that was last year (when it was 80 degrees outside on Christmas). Then again, its currently freezing rain here, so maybe I take it back…


~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Grey: NYC – Sidewalkers
~ Dark grey: Sinful Colors – Muse
~ Textured black: OPI – Emotions
~ Textured grey: Zoya – London
~ Textured silver: OPI – It’s Frosty Outside


Hope you enjoyed!

Reveal through Teal

Lines! Lots of lines. I had been doing too much free-handing and water marble (and stamping) so we are back on tape for today! And teal. Because I love teal.


This simple bit of nail art was somewhat jointly inspired by @noemihk and @nailsofjessiek. Lots of people with the same idea!


I don’t have a large chunky holo but I DO have a silver textured finish polish, so I improvised! It looks rather cool I think.


~ Dark teal: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Teal: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Light teal: Maybelline – Green with Envy
~ Silver: OPI – It’s Frosty Outside


Oddly, I was wearing this on one hand in conjunction with the post thats going up on Friday (this was on my left hand, the Friday post was on my right hand) and the response to both was really varied! I liked this better (you’ll see why, it has COLOR) but most people disagreed with me!

Tower Sunset

Every time I try to do something with this color scheme I overdo it. Orange-red-purple is pretty. Gold-orange-red-pink-purple is just too much and you lose the colors! Oops.


This was loosely inspired by Lucy’s Stash. Although my polishes have more glitter in them and so are more silvery and less saturated, sadly!


I think I’m going to call this a quasi-fail. It just doesn’t look right to me. I wanted to use textured polishes but really I should know better than to do a gradient (unless it is over another color with tape or something). Oops!


~ Gold: Zoya – Solange
~ Light orange: Julie G – Tangerine Dream
~ Orange: Julie G – Sugar Rush
~ Red: Julie G – Hot Cinnamon
~ Pink: Julie G – Crushed Candy
~ Purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black

This was also a pain to remove. Darn you textured! I even used a peel-off base (aka elmers glue) but it still took forever.

Lava Nails

I really HATE yellow. The color makes me think of sick and sadness. I guess thats what happens when you’re mildly synesthetic? Anyway. So, today was yellow day, and I had to come up with something cool DESPITE the color requirement! I ran into an awesome mani by Dutchnailss and decided to follow her wonderful youtube tutorial!


For all that I had to start by painting my nails yellow, this does look cool. Lava! Volcanoes! EXPLOSIONS! And making the rock textured was rather genius of Dutchnailss.


~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Red: Pure Ice – Siren
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Black textured: OPI – Emotions


Maybe one day I’ll actually use acrylic paint and not polish for everything, and manage to get super tiny lines. That day is not today!


Hope you enjoyed! Today’s nails ended up with a color scheme remarkably smilier to yesterdays, go figure!



Puce Floral

I had a formal meeting with my thesis committee, and so I wanted my nails to look appropriately presentable. This is what I came up with! The design was inspired by Nails by Joha, although she did hers in pink! The closest color I could find to my lightest pink textured polish was more of a dark taupe, so here we go!


I actually REALLY like this mani. It’s pretty but somewhat subtle. I don’t know if I would consider it work-appropriate, but I would probably try anyway. Luckily, my lab doesn’t care what I wear on my nails 99.8% of the time!



~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Taupe: Zoya – Rue
~ Pink: ULTA – Baby Doll
~ Pink textured: OPI – Make Him Mine
~ Light green: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Green: Sinful Colors – Exotic Green


I also think I’ve gotten much better at roses. These are identifiable! Go me 😀


Hope you enjoyed!!

Tick Tock

I wanted to show off the gold caviar beads that I got to review from Lady Queen Beauty, and I wandered on this awesome nail art by Baroquen Nails. Her title is perfect…its the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!


This was a simple mani, but rather time-consuming because as much as I love caviar beads, they are a pain in the butt! Mostly because they are hard to manipulate before the polish you are placing them on is dry.


I started with a white base on most nails (except obviously the gold textured ones!), and then stamped over it. The nail with the clock had the clock section covered by tape during the stamping, so it remained white. All that was left was painting the clock face and adding the beads!

~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Zoya – Solange
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 201


This was a lot of fun! I love how many beads came with the Lady Queen set, I’m not afraid of playing with them because I won’t run out for a long while!


If you want to pick up the caviar beads yourself, you can find them here for $3.09, plus 15% off with my discount code: BPLC15. Hope you enjoyed!

Platform Wedges

I don’t really own that many shoes. I have two sneakers, 4 pairs of “work appropriate” black shoes, 2 sandals, and exactly 3 “fun” shoes. For this look, I grabbed the only one of my fun shoes that doesn’t have flowers and re-created it on my nails!


The shoes are wedge sandals. They have purple straps but the heels are multi-colored made out of something that looks like dyed twine. They are also surprisingly comfortable for 3 inch heels (probably because platforms > regular heels).


~ Red: Julie G – Hot Cinnamon
~ Orange: Julie G – Tangerine Dream
~ Yellow: Zoya – Solange
~ Nude: Zoya – Tomoko
~Teal: Julie G – Rock Candy
~ Blue: Zoya – Sunshine
~ Purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
~ Pink: Julie G – Crushed Candy
~ Grey: Zoya – London


I decided to recreate the mani using textured polishes, both because I miss using textured polishes, and because I thought they did a decent job at capturing the twine-like look of the shoe. Sadly, I didn’t actually get to wear these shoes while I was wearing the mani!


Hope you enjoyed! Starting tomorrow, we get a few days of stamps (because I am tired of free-handing things).

Rainbow Banner

This mani is a throwback to the start of the month when my nails were teeny tiny! I didn’t find a good place to post it before I left, so hello from Thailand! From here out (until mid June) all my posts are scheduled…and I don’t know that I’ll have internet or a way to respond to comments. So, I love you all (and your comments) but I won’t be back for 2 weeks!


The mani was brought about because I missed using my textured polishes. I have quite a few of them, and I really like them…but I hate removal! So, since my nails were already tiny and it is easier to remove polish from a smaller surface, I just decided to go for it.


I STILL can’t center stamps (it’s downright embarrassing at this point) so just pretend I meant to make everything crooked!


~ Orange: Julie G – Sugar Rush
~ Yellow: Zoya – Solange
~ Green: Julie G – Mistletoe
~ Blue: Julie G – Sleigh Ride
~ Purple: Julie G – Sugar Plum Fairy
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 316


Rainbows! Hope you enjoyed!

Mentality: Textured Earth Tones Collection

I have been putting off posting this for almost two weeks just due to the sheer number of photos I had to put together. But, without further ado *drumroll* I present swatches of the complete Textured Earth Tones collection by Mentality. All of these polishes were provided to me for review. Read on for swatches, thoughts, and my picks (at the end).


I am going to go in some odd sort of reverse rainbow which makes sense to me. This means I am starting with the white in the collection, Spackle. Spackle is a fun polish, a soft white with a faint shimmer that almost looks golden in direct light. It took two coats to be opaque, and (as with every other polish it this collection) dried very fast but was prone to pulling and bald spots if you didn’t work quickly. It took me about two tries to figure out how to apply polish from this collection, but once I got it everything went well!


Like the others in this collection, Spackle is matte and slightly textured. I like it.


Up next is Pozzolana, a beautiful deep grey that almost passes for pewter. I love love love this polish. Deep, sophisticated, and gritty without being harsh. Pozzolana took two coats to be opaque, and needed to be applied fast to avoid pulling. She was actually the first of the Earth Tone polishes that I tried, hence some of the visible lines on my pinky. She shows the texture a bit more than some of the other polishes, due to the almost metallic finish.


Pozzolana was very easy to control; I think I had next-to-no clean up with this!


The third polish is black, Asphalt. A very nice, simple, black slightly textured matte polish. No complaints. Went on well, dried fast. Need to be careful not to overwork. I did a comparison post here showing the difference between black creme, matte, textured matte, and true textured if you are curious.



Onto the colors! Up first is the purple, Yi Xin. The top picture is color-accurate…the bottom picture is a prime example of my camera not being able to handle purple. Yi Xin is a medium-light purple with very strong grey overtones. Honestly, when she isn’t with the rest of the collection, I sometimes forget that Yi Xin is purple and not grey. Applied same as the other polishes in the collection.



Kaolin is the blue Textured Earth Tone polish, and she might be one of the most vibrant colors in the collection. A nice true blue with just a hint of grey, slight shimmer/metallic finish that shows off the texture nicely but is also a bit prone to brush strokes. I like this color!



There were only a few disappointments for me, an Illite, the green polish, is one of them. This wa probably the polish I was most excited to play with when it arrived…it almost looks like a green/gold duochrome in the bottle! Unfortunately,  it fell flat for me on the nail. Illite took three coats to be opaque, and was a bit gloopier (technical term) than the others in the collection. It also just looked a bit…thin. I bet it would look great on darker skin, but I confess myself saddened by this polish. It looked so awesome in the bottle!



In contrast, Loess blew my mind. I don’t tend to go for yellow polishes, but I thought Loess was awesome. This polish is a bright golden yellow with hints of a metallic sheen. She had no issues with streakiness unlike some of the other more metallic polishes, but still managed to show off the textured finish! Opaque in two thin coats.



The other gold-ish polish is Arriccio. She is Loess’ nude little sister (that sounded less dirty in my head). Somewhere between a yellow and a nude, Arriccio is pretty but slightly confusing. She has a great finish (two coats, minimal streaking) but the color just didn’t sit right with me. Not enough yellow to be a yellow, but too much yellow and orange to really register as a nude.



Terracotta is a true orange. This color just screams “fall” to me, and I love it! Opaque in two thin coats, it was one of the more densely pigmented polishes in the collection. It also had more of the large textured bits than some of the other polishes, but I still love it. It is almost a copper color, and is more creme than metallic (although it does still have some shimmer to it).



The last three polishes are all pinks: a very pale pink, a light pink, and a regular pink. Lightest first! Gesso is a very very pale pink nude, almost a white. Very soft and delicate, she is probably the most feminine polish in the collection. I could see wearing her to a wedding. She also has a nice glow-from-within that sets her apart from the others, as well as being slightly less textured. Opaque in two coats.



Stucco is a light pink with strong grey overtones. She dries slightly more orange than I expected from the color in the bottle, and has more of the larger grittier textured bits than any other color. I think I might have gotten some unmixed pigment in mine rather than just textured bits! Oops. Pretty feminine shade, but not quite right on my admittedly reddish skin. Opaque in three thin coats, fast drying.



And we have reached the end! The last polish is a true pink, Cocciopesto. This polish also has the distinct honor of having an impossible to spell name. That being said, I like this color quite a bit! It is a pink metallic with a textured finish, hints of shimmer, and a nice shine that makes it look a bit like pink satin. It is not a dark color, but still stands out nicely as actually pink. Cocciopesto was almost opaque in one coat, but I did two. This is one of the only colors I could see my mother liking (I think that is a compliment?), the other being the almost-white Gesso.



~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My take on the collection: I like the finish on these polishes. It is a nice change from the heavily textured and gritty polishes we see from OPI, china glaze, and Zoya. I don’t really like the “mega-hex” thing that Zoya has been doing, and I far prefer the slightly textured approach that Mentality has taken! It also helps that these polishes remove like cremes, not glitters. Phew!

My top 4 polishes from this collection, in order, are Pozzolana (grey), Loess (gold), Gesso (pale pink nude), and Terracotta (copper). I also really liked Cocciopesto (true pink), Kaolin (blue), and Spackle (white). I would pass on Illite (green), and Arricio (yellow nude), unless you have darker skin.

All 12 of these polishes can be found at the Mentality store: Each is $6.75, and there is free US shipping. Go check them out!

Bunnie – Eeeek Happy Birthday!

The lovely Jemma at eeeeknailpolish has done any number of inspiring nail arts in the last few years. As today is her birthday, a few of us have decided to put together some nail art inspired by her nails! One of my favorites of hers in the recent past were her dotticure nails from the OMD2 challenge this July. Why did I love these so much? BUNNIES!


Now, this is not a 100% faithful representation. First, I don’t have white flocking powder. As a result, I did the tail (and thus the dots) in a dark grey. I also matted all the nails. And my tail is textured polish, not flocking powder.


Regardless, how cute are these? Her ideas are the best! So, happy birthday Jemma, and enjoy all the nails!


~ Pink: Wet n’ Wild – Tickled Pink
~ Dark grey: Mentality – Pozzolana
~ Light grey: Wet n’ Wild – Sidewalkers
~ Grey textured: Zoya – London


Jem's Bday Graphic with names


Dancing Dots

So, I promised you busy a comparison post, and here it is! I keep my promises 🙂


We have, from pinky to pointer, a “true” matte+textured polish (Emotions by OPI), a Mentality matte+textured polish (Asphalt by Mentality), a true matte polish (Rascal by Mentality…best polish ever), and a black creme (Black on Black by Sinful Colors). As you can see, Asphalt is ever so sightly textured, which is to say it doesn’t have the velvety smooth finish of the true matte. It is, however, NOTHING like the “real” textured polish! As a result, it is much easier to remove and applies more like a matte polish. It does not glitter though.


If left to my own devices, I would probably stray towards true mattes and true textured polishes, but some of the Mentality textured mattes are really cool. I am putting together a swatch post for this weekend for you guys, and I’ll include there the colors that I really think are unique and worth getting with this finish.


Because I can’t NOT do art (really, if I walked into lab with plain nails I think I would die of shame at this point), I added some various sized pink dots in matching tones and finishes! The textured one is Make Him Mine by OPI, the matte one (middle and ring nails) is Coccopesto by Mentality, and the creme one is Private Viewing by Wet n’ Wild.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little comparison! Mixing textures is fun 😀

Tree of Many Colors

This art was FUN! I love random rainbow dots! (Mostly because my dotting tool aka hairpin is my new best friend). This post was inspired by a lovely bit of art done by the now defunct cutie-cles.


The base for this art is the white slightly textured polish from the Textured Earth Tones collection by Mentality, called Spackle. You have seen Spackle in quite a few of the nail art bits I have done over the last two weeks, and now she finally get to be the star!



I went ahead and painted on a tree using the black from the collection (Asphalt) and then added leaves using most of the rest of the Textured Earth Tone polishes. It’s a party! You can see the light pink (Stucco), the dark pink (Cocciopesto), the orange (Terracotta…a full mani with her tomorrow!), the yellow/gold (Loess), the green (Illite), the blue (Kaolin), and the purple (Yi Xin).


I was very proud of myself for making all the branches line up across my nails (more or less)! Hence so many photos that don’t include my thumb.


You can also get a good idea of just how shiny these polishes look in the sun. They really do look almost like satin. It isn’t a smooth glossy finish (obviously), but there is still a smoothness to them that true matte polishes lack. I’ll have a comparison post for you guys on Thursday with real textured/smooth matte/glossy/these guys.


Hope you enjoyed! If you loved the lovely white of Spackle (and really, it is a FUN polish…my boyfriend told me it looks like the thick textured paper used for Asian-style calligraphy, so now I want to do some MORE awesome art with it!), you can pick it up here for $6.75. The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

Dandy in Pink

This bit of nail art is very simple, but I really rather liked it! It is just two color-matched textured matte polishes, and some rhinestones. Unfortunately, half the rhinestones fell off overnight and the last few fell off a day later. Hence the…um…gradual loss in the photo progression 🙂


The base for this is a pretty medium pink matte and slightly textured polish called Cocciopesto my Mentality (I have NO IDEA how to pronounce that name. But its fun to spell!). Shown here is two coats.


I then added striping tape and painted on Make Him Mine by OPI, and some rhinestones. My inspiration for this came from a random pinterest pin…which I sadly appear not to have saved in any way (sorry original poster! Whoever you are! It was purple).


The rhinestones on my middle fingers fell off very quickly, and I have to say I rather liked the art better WITHOUT them. Then after the second day (which is to say before the sun came out) the ones on my pointer and pinky fell off…so the only sun photo has no glittery bits!


The other sad happening was my thumb breaking. Twice. In one day. Science + long nails = bad. Oops!


If you want to play with some pretty pink textured polish you can purchase Cocciopesto here for $6.75. The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

Distorted Not-Houses

I really have no excuse for this monstrosity. I meant to paint spooky houses and moons. What I ended up with was some sort of weird robot-penguin thing. I don’t even know. I’m just gonna post them and get over it.


The base is a rather pretty grey-purple textured polish by Mentality called Yi Xin. Its subtle, for a purple. I like it. Good coverage in two thin coats.


My thumb is the only other good thing about this mani (the first good thing being the base color). I finally got my act together. Word of caution: do not paint nails at 1am on 5 hours of sleep. With your non-dominant hands. Gross. It was supposed to be halloween themed!


The other three colors are all from the Textured Earth Tone collection, the white (Spackle), the black (Asphalt) and the gold (Loess).


If you want to play with some purple textured goodness you can purchase Yi Xin here for $6.75. The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

Pastel Patchwork

This design might be one of my favorites since I started playing with the Textured Earth Tone polishes. Simple, yet pretty! I also like the 3D effect of layering the stitches over the other colors without top coat!


The base polish that I used is a very pretty pale beige textured matte polish called Gesso. It is one of my favorites from the collection…it manages to be elegant and subtle without being boring! The gold undertones help. Shown here in two coats. It was one of the easier ones to apply as well.



I painted on the other polishes mostly using the brush from the bottle, since each polish is opaque enough to easily cover the other colors. It helps that I used light ones!


~ Beige: Mentality – Gesso
~ Pink: Mentality – Stucco
~ Gold: Mentality – Loess
~ White: Mentality – Spackle
~ Copper: Mentality – Terracotta


Simple, easy, fun! I hope you enjoyed it! If you want to get Gesso for yourself, check it out here. The rest of the earth tone polishes can be found at the Mentality website, for $6.75 each. 🙂

Green Tipped

Sometimes, I just can’t figure out what to do with a color. When I saw Illite, I was stunned. Such a pretty murky green! It looked like it had a subtle yellow and blue shift as well! On the nail though, it just fell flat for me.


Once I put together this nail art, I figured out what my inspiration had been…an almost identically colored green that I couldn’t figure out what to do with when I got it! Illite is almost the same color as Vespa, the textured pale green by Zoya. Go figure.



Shown here is two coats of Illite. It went on fine, but I just don’t find it flattering on me. It has a bit more inner shine to it than the other colors in this collection, but still has a true matte finish.


I just ended up covering the polish in gold glitter (OPI – I Found A Pot of Gold) and placing the gold sequins from the OPI polish on my accent nail. The tip is Ivanka by Zoya. I matted the whole thing…and yah. Not my best work.


If you want to give this interesting green a go (especially if your skin tone is not as red as mine!) you can purchase Illite here for $6.75. The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

Lightening Storm

As soon as I put on this stormy blue, I knew I needed to paint on some rainstorms! It helps that I love cumulonimbus clouds. So here we have the transition from sunny to stormy, on nails!


The base here is (yet another) Textured Earth Tone polish by Mentality called Kaolin. It is a grey-blue with a slight hint of shimmer, and dries down to a nice matte. It is one of the more textured polishes from this collection, but all of the texture is in the form of small granules. Two thin coats shown here.


I added clouds with white and grey, and then some golden lightening and a sun. Whee!



~ Blue: Mentality – Kaolin
~ White: Mentality – Spackle
~ Grey: Mentality – Pozzolana
~ Gold: Mentality – Loess


You can purchase the misty blue Kaolin here for $6.75! The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

Pretty Pink Print

Alliteration! I love creative nail art titles 🙂 Sometimes I put together art that is whimsical, and sometimes a color just screams “simple and pretty.” So, today I have some simple and pretty art in pink, white, and gold, inspired by @BadGirlNails.


The base here is (yet again) one of the Textured Earth Tone polishes by Mentality. Today’s pick is a pretty peachy pale pink called Stucco. This polish had more textured bits in it than the others I have played with, but the color was stunning and delicate. Two coats here.


I added the details in Ziv by Zoya (gold) and Spackel by Mentality (white). I feel a bit weird not using top coat for a week! My nails are confused. You might also notice that my nails lost quite a bit of length between last week and this week…I almost pulled off my pointer nail hitting it into a desk because it was so long! I do wish I had the magical nail growing abilities of Lucy (from Lucy’s Stash) but I just don’t. Shorter nails for me!



I wish I could have shown this design to my mother, I have the odd feeling she would ACTUALLY have approved. Muted and simple. She doesn’t understand my affinity for rainbows!


You can purchase Stucco in her pink prettiness here for $6.75, especially if you want something work-appropraite and mattly textured! The rest of the collection can be found here. And don’t forget, free US shipping!

Desert Silhouette

This nail art was incredibly easy, fast, and awesome looking! It took three colors, 30 minutes, and involved no clean up. Meet, the desert.


I started with a base of Loess by Mentality. Loess is a soft gold slightly textured matte polish. I’m honestly not quite sure if I would put Loess as gold or yellow, but either way, I love the color (and I am not a yellow fan!). This is two thin coats. It went on beautiful, and somehow managed to work with my skin DESPITE the yellowish base!


On top of Loess, I gently and haphazardly sponged on Terracotta (a orange/copper polish) and then painted the silhouette of cacti using Asphalt. Finally, I added the black desert border. Super fast, and rather awesome looking!


I don’t know why, but these Textured Earth Tone polishes keep making me think of outdoor landscapes! Maybe its the names.



I also realized that I have not been telling you where to find these awesome and newly released polishes. I am such a goof. You can find the Mentality store here the Textured Earth tones here and the lovely Loess here. Each polish is $6.75 and ships FREE in the US! Totally worth it.

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