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Bringing Tiger Back

Traditionally, animal print day of the 31 Day Challenge has been one of my least favorites. I don’t enjoy leopard print, and I’ve done the traditional tiger stripes far too many times for it to be enjoyable. This time, I found a design that is still tiger-striped, but in a different way!


This mani was inspired by Polish and Paws because I never even thought to use this stamp! The other ones on the plate still don’t speak to me, but this was fun.


I also used this to compare my two dark orange glittery shimmer polishes…but totally forgot to take photos before the nail art was done! Oops. Anyway, on my pinky and pointer is two coats of OPI DS Indulgence, while on my ring, middle, and thumb is two coats of A England Gloriana. Indulgence is much brighter with more of a golden shimmer to it, while Gloriana is darker and has distinct golden flecks. The end result is that Gloriana looks more understated and elegant while Indulgence pops more!


~ Orange shimmer: OPI – DS Indulgence
~ Orange fleck: A England – Gloriana
~ Gold: Petites Color Fever – 24 karat Gold
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Stamp: BM – 613


Also I NEED polish thinner. 24 karat gold, which I used for the glitter gradient, is a dried up mess, useless for anything other than dab-on gradients! And even then it is painful to work with. Hope you enjoyed!

Princess Jasmine

This mani was painted just after I bought my newest brown (aka back in May), which I decided was perfect for Jasmine’s skin. I think this was the first complete villains + heroes mani I did, the ones I did before this were either villains only or heroes only (and I completed the set later on).


As last time, this time, with 101 Dalmatians and Cruella daVille I am starting with the “heroes” mani for the movie Aladdin. Obviously, the focus is on Princess Jasmine: her outfit (pointer and pinky) and her hair (ring finger). I got to use one of my favorite techniques again (stamping over an awesome metallic pattern) on my middle finger to make Raja the tiger, and my thumb is the Sultan’s feathered hat.


Some of the colors aren’t 100% accurate to the movie, for example Raja in the movie is just orange, but I figured artistic liberties would be acceptable 😀 Unfortunately, I did not write down which colors I used! I know the magnetic polish and the brown, but I can only guess at the others. I own just a few too many similarly-toned blue/teal polishes! Oops.


In retrospect, it might have been fun to include Aladdin’s fez or outfit, but I think I am sticking to mostly princesses and their side-kicks, rather than including the male heroes in these manicures. It just seems more feminist (and they tend to wear clothing that translates to nail art better).


Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for Jafar!

Tawdy Tiger

A while ago I did some pretty cool tiger nails and some pretty awful snow leopard nails. Both of them were inspired by Lacquerish and her magnetic tiger manicure. Last time I tried this, I did not have the right type of polish at all, and did not completely read her instructions.


Turns out, the key is LAYERING magnetic polish! So, when I saw Rite Aid having a sale on Sally Hansen magnetic polish, I snatched up Kinetic Copper, just to try this manicure! Turns out it is not as translucent as her gold topper, but it does look awesome.


On all my nails except my ring finger, I started with one coat of Nails Inc Trafalgar Square (a silver-grey magnetic polish) before adding Kinetic Copper. My ring finger just got two coats of Copper. I was hoping to see more of the black from Trafalgar peeking through (as it did when I tested it on paper) but that didn’t happen. I can’t tell the nails apart! Although both do look awesome. This was using the magnet that came with Kinetic Copper. As with most metallics, this polish dried quickly.



I then went ahead and stamped over the dried polish (yes, this time I waited for it to dry completely) with bundle monster plate 223. And voila, awesomeness!


I think this manicure justifies spending $2 on Kinetic Copper :-D. Now I just need to make a magnetic gradient, a-la Dressed Up Digits!


Hope you enjoyed 😀

Day 2: Orange (Tyger Tyger)

For Day 2 of the 31 Day Challenge (Orange) I decided to go with tiger nails. I have never done tiger print (it has been in vogue and for some reason I try to stay away from things that I feel EVERYONE is doing…I like venturing outside the fold!) but I figured I had to try it once.


I started with two coats of my lightest orange polish, Wet n’ Wild Sunny Side Up. It’s pretty!


I then added a gradient using a slightly darker but shimmery orange, and stamped over it with BM-223. I rather like how it turned out!


I messed up one corner of my nail while the top coat was still wet, so I had to go over it in black again and it came out too dark. Oops! I still like the design though. Maybe I will do tiger again!



  • Orange: Wet n’ Wild – Sunny Side Up
  • Dark Orange: Sinful Colors – Courtney Orange
  • Black: Julie G – Black Sheep


Hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the awesome orange nail art!

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