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Subtle Purple Engraving

Super simple and super tiny nails today! After the Christmas holidays my nails broke down to tiny nubbins. Which means I was too lazy to do any real nail art on them, and just went ahead and stamped! And for some reason I was in a tone-on-tone mood (I think I wore these at the same time as Monday’s nails). Voila!


~ Dark purple: Station – Happy Wine-y People
~ Purple holo: A England – Let Me In
~ Stamp: EdM – 06


So, not the most exciting manicure in the world, but cute enough! Hope you enjoyed. I remain incredibly jet lagged but quite happy (well, not to be back in the hospital, but certainly to be sleeping in my own bed)!

Sunrise in Glitter

This was a mani I did over the first week of Christmas break, with nothing but holiday-themed glitter polishes. This was a PAIN IN THE BUTT to clean up (since I had used tape…I had not thought to bring liquid latex as a barrier), but it came out quite nice! The addition of white makes it not-too-much-glitter, methinks.


I need to remember in the future to bring more creme polishes when I travel. If my sister is going to be around I tend to just bring a rainbow, but I was on my own for this part of the trip so I just grabbed some suitable “holiday” polishes. Which apparently means ALL THE FOIL GLITTERs. Never again!


~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Gold: Zoya – Ziv
~ Red: KBShimmer – Ruby
~ Dark red: Zoya – Blaze

Hilariously, it looks like I accidentally took all the Zoya Ornate collection polishes that I own with me on this trip! I ended up with Ziv and Blaze…I do also own Storm but it didn’t quite make the Christmas cut, so it was left behind. But, that is ridiculously coincidental! Ironically, I also brought my super glittery green Zoya polish which I was convinced was Logan…but I don’t own Logan, I decided to buy Ivanka as well three years ago, and somehow forgot! Clearly, I need to use green glitters more :-p


Hope you enjoyed all the glitter! I would say happy Wednesday, but today starts at 7am (although luckily it is warm enough for me to bike to the hospital rather than the 40 minute walk in the morning), so less-than-happy Wednesday!

Teal Pinwheels

I have a lot of nail art in my backlog that is purple…mostly due to attempts to find wedding nail art! I didn’t want to use purple. However, I also found this…which was something I did while I was on my surgical rotation in July. Ergo, my nails were tiny and short but on the weekends I was able to rebel and wear something colorful and shiny and awesome (just for two days). This is inspired by teal.


It was a bit hard to figure out how to do a gradient on little tiny nails! I wanted to have even more colors (usually I can do 4-5) but I settled on 3 in the blue-teal range. Then I added a stamp with the always wonderful A England holos (they stamp like a dream), and put on a 3D rhinestone for extra “I’m not at work I can wear fun things” effect 😀


So here we are, with blue and teal for the inspired by a color day of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge!


~ Light blue: Zoya – Blue
~ Blue: Zoya – Rocky
~ Teal: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Dark teal: A England – Saint George
~ Stamp: BC – 04


I almost want to repeat this on my nails when they are longer again! Right now they are back to being short (I am on my anesthesia block) but still. Long nails + color = awesome. Sorry these are so short!

Dusk Flowers

As soon as my short medicine rotation finished, I went to attend my boyfriend’s sister’s graduation from her masters program. I picked out which dress I was going to wear (and it is awesome) and I painted my nails to match!


The dress is a white-fading-to-blue in patches with lots of grey on it…and the blue is more of a dark periwinkle than a true blue. As it happened, I had just picked up my first periwinkle blue creme at ULTA on sale a week prior!


Regents Place is a dusky periwinkle blue, and it is lovely! It covered nicely in two coats (I might have been able to get away with one if I was being careful), and self-leveled like a pro. I got this polish for <$2 on sale at ULTA, so if you like it you should go see if they have any on sale near you! Unfortunately, I got this back in May so they might be gone by now.


Even though my nails are still tiny, I really like this one! Blues and white and flowers. The dress I had roses, but I liked my weird lily-like flower stamp better than the 2 rose-themed stamps I owned, and I was low enough on time to not want to hand-paint anything.


~ Periwinkle: Nails Inc – Regents Place
~ White: Wet n’ Wild – French White Creme
~ Blue: A England – Tristam


Happy Friday! Hope you enjoyed.

Small and Subtle

I really don’t have a better name for this mani! Remember when I mentioned that for my return to clinic my nails were tiny, light pink, and boring? Well, these are them!


My right and left hand matched (since this was for work), so I just showing my left hand where I left my nails ever-so-slightly longer.


I figured the design was subtle enough that you can’t really see it on first glance, and thus that I should be ok to wear it around patients!


~ Light pink: ULTA – Baby Doll
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: BM – XL205


Thats all for today! Tiny sad subtle work-appropriate nails and a correspondingly short post. Enjoy, maybe!

Tiny Nails: Rainbow Owls

One of my most-pinned nail art pieces on pinterest was not even done on my nails, but my friend Catie’s. She asked for rainbow colored owls on her tiny nubbins, and people loved them! Now that I have nubbins, I decided it was time to do the same to my own nails.


The amazing part of this is that the only colors that are the same between her mani and mine are the light blue, light purple, and yellow. Everything else is different! I went for a darker set of colors than what I did for her, more fall-themed since I think I did hers in the spring! Also rather remarkably, all but four of the colors are Zoya polishes, because Zoya cremes are magical. Go figure!



~ Dark pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Light pink: Revlon – Bubbly
~ Dark purple: Zoya – Monica
~ Light purple: Zoya – Malia
~ Dark blue: Zoya – Sia
~ Light blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Dark teal: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Light teal: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Dark green: Zoya – Shawn
~ Light green: Glitter Gal – No Worries
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube


In retrospect, I probably should have used an even lighter teal than I did for the “light teal” color, as it doesn’t stand out as much. Oops!!


I put together a tutorial for this, since I know people loved it the first time! No idea if it will be useful, but this mani is actually really easy. The hardest part is waiting for the thicker coats of polish to dry before you add dots! Enjoy!
Rainbow Penguin

Step 1: Paint your nails with a base color. Once that is dry, add a semi-circle starting halfway down your nail to the free edge using a lighter shade of the same color.
Step 2: Add large yellow dots for eyes.
Step 3: Using the base color for that nail, add small vertical dots for feathers within the lighter semicircle. Make sure the semicircle is dry first!
Step 4: Add white dots within the yellow dots.
Step 5: While the eyes are drying, add and orange triangle and small orange ovals for the beak and feet.
Step 6: Add black dots for the eyes. Top coat and your done! Make sure the eyes are dry before you add top coat or you risk smudging the black polish all over your owl’s stomach. Voila!

Tiny Nails: Pink Triangulation

These tiny nails looked better in person. I started with a pink base and then did a pink-to-purple stamping gradient over it, only all of my pinks and purples look remarkably similar in photos! The best example is probably my thumb, but even that isn’t great.


This (months ago…) was when I finally swatched my newest medium pink creme. This was three thin coats of Bubbly by Revlon, a nice bubblegum pink. Oddly, Bubbly makes a really nice gradient (it only takes few passes of the sponge) but takes three coats on its own. I have no idea why!


The idea for this nail art came from something I saw a while a go over on Chalkboard Nails. Sarah hasn’t updated in a while, which makes me really sad! But regardless, the whole gradient-triangle-thing is where I got the idea for this mani! Her’s, obviously, looks far better. My nails are TINY.


~ Pink: Revlon – Bubbly
~ Dark pink: Zoya – Ciara
~ Purple: Zoya – Margo
~ Dark purple: Zoya – Monica
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 605


Tomorrows tiny nails are probably my favorite of this week, and come with a tutorial! Enjoy 🙂

Tiny Nails: Grurple Dots

Grurple, also known as grey-purple, aka todays edition of tiny nails.


On these itsy bitsy nubbins, we have a base of two coats of Xi Yin by Mentality, a greyed out purple matte. It covered nicely in two coats and dried fast. I think, honestly, that Mentality won’t be back for a while if at all, but I had this polish untried so I figured I might as well get through it (and others of its ilk).


Since there isn’t much I can do with tiny tiny nails and I didn’t want to top coat (it would ruin the matte finish) I went ahead and just added dots and lines with another grey-purple creme (Muse by Sinful Colors) and a brown-grey holo (Chocolate Diamond by Darling Diva).


So, thats all for today! There are a few more days left of ‘tiny nails’ and then we can go back to real (full) nail art.


Tiny Nails: Metallic Blue Mish-Mash

I am away at a conference this week, so all my posts are scheduled in advance! Which means you guys get a week of teeny tiny nails from when I was trying to get them to grow out properly after they were wrecked with the old Mentality polish. I took advantage of having tiny nails (and thus not feeling compelled to do something very intricate that would be ruined by different base colors) to swatch and compare all of my medium blue metallic polishes.


I really only have 4 medium blue metallics, the fifth (although looking similar in the bottle) is actually quite a few shades darker on the nail. Really, I should do a metallic blue ombre at some point…I think I can! All polishes were two coats except Yogo (pinky) which was one.


From pinky to thumb we have:
OPI – Yoga-ta Get This Blue
Mentality – Brute
Zoya – Estelle
Zoya – Tart
Sally Hansen – Blue My Mind


Yoga is clearly the darkest, and is maybe more of a scattered shimmer than a metallic. Brute dries matte and faintly shimmery, but is similar in color to Estelle. Estelle is the most metallic of the lot, with a lot of depth to it. Tart is lighter than Estelle by just a bit, but not nearly as deep (you don’t get the same depth of shine/black contrast). Mind is by far the most vivid and saturated, it has that odd smell that I associate with bright blues. It is also the most brush-stroky.


I don’t know that I could pick a favorite, they all have different roles! Tart and Estelle are very similar, and I think if Estelle had been out a year about when I bought Tart that I would have gotten Estelle instead (I like depth in my metallics). Brute isn’t that great on its own, but as a matte is beautiful.


Who knows! If you are looking for blue metallics, I hope this helps to clear some things up. Enjoy!

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