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Little Blue Lace

One last lace-themed mani for this week! Next week appears to have a geometric theme. Today, the neon holo saga continues! This one is a vibrant blue called Electrify.


Electrify is fairly awesome. She covers perfectly in two coats, and comes out a slightly grey shade of medium blue. I like this polish so much I actually have it on my toes (and it is likely to stay there all summer)!



Like the other polishes int his collection, Electrify has a smattering of holo glitter, and is a very bright shade (I don’t know that I would quite call it neon, but certainly bright!).



The lace design is a modified version of a vintage lace pattern by Yagala, although I used somewhat fewer rhinestones. To be fair, I think I like my thumb best and that is my own design :-p


~ Blue: Mentality – Electrify
~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube


Hope you enjoyed! You can pick up Electrify for $6.75 from the Mentality shop if you are so inclined!


BONUS: I know this is supposed to be a foot-free blog, but I was wearing my cutest shoes and I just had to show you how well they go with Electrify! Blue toenails are the best.

Ombre Feet

When I get bored in between manis (because I refuse to take of my nail polish less than 4 days after I put it on, I like people to see my nails! Besides, if I spent that long on them already…) so I do my toes. Only rarely though. Because toes are gross.

Anyway, I decided to swatch some of my purple and blue polish on my toes, to see how they compared.


Sinful Colors Let’s Talk remains one of my favorite purples (almost blue…the color doesn’t come out right). Retro girl is really an ugly color, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t like it! I’m not sure about my new Chameleon polish. It looks like its glowing, but it isn’t a very flattering color.


This is more true color.

My other foot went blue, and I have to say I am much more impressed with my new blue polishes!


Mist is a beautiful color, Figi is stunning…but as it turns out, Lit-Teal Bit of Love looks IDENTICAL to the scented blueberry polish I already had. That’s a tiny bottle and I use it fairly often so I feel ok buying a similar polish, but there were so many other colors to choose from!


(Ok, so this was actually my right foot…I just took a picture of the polish in the other direction and it looked stranger to reverse that.)

So here you have it: ombre feet!

Real nail art will resume on Tuesday. :-p

Sisterly Shenanigans

I have two younger sisters, one of whom follows this blog. And she requested (read: demanded) that I paint shoelaces on her fingernails. So, when I went to see my family for the holiday, I obligingly brought along a few select nail polishes. Turns out my sister brought a few of her own (which I used on my own nails, in the post going up in two days).

I ended up doing my baby sister’s nails with shoelaces and her toes with some random flower pattern. My middle sister, not to be left out of the fun, requested something simple with red and black on her toes as well.

I apologize, as neither of my sisters would let me approach them with acetone to get off the excess polish! So these are messy. But still cute.

Sister’s fingernails:


“I’ll do the same pose you do! Give me the nail polish”


Sister’s toenails:



…yah, she has a strange pinky toe

Other sister’s toenails:


Turns out it is easier to paint someone’s nails when they are distracted (such as watching a disney movie) than when they keep trying to wiggle the finger you are painting on!

Fire and Water

I seldom paint my toes, for many reasons:

1) I am an ex-ballerina, I have awful feet

2) My toenails are funny

3) No one ever sees my toes (I work at a hospital…and in lab. No open-toed shoes allowed)

4) If you put nail art on your toes people think you are strange

However, I realized in mid-september that tact 1, 2, and, 4 are solved by fact 3…and that it would be fine to paint my toenails because no one would ever see them! (other than my boyfriend and he’s dealt with worse). So I decided to paint my toenails, and went really crazy with it! I couldn’t decide between a red/fire theme and a blue/water theme. And I wanted to do nail art AND try my hand at another gradient. Therefor, as any sane person would do…I did both. Red on my left foot (orange-red-dark red gradient with black and silver flames…I bought my gold nail polish one week later) and blue on my right (light green-dark green-blue-dark blue gradient with silver bubbles and seaweed accompanied by black highlights). The end product is…impressive. And strange. And decidedly still on my feet over a month later. The few people who have seen me in sandals are usually too confused to complain 😀


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