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Cherished Ties

Remember how the day before Valentine’s Day I said I had this awesome new nude polish? And then I used that polish as my base for the Valentine’s Dotticure without showing you swatches? Well, here are the swatches!


This is three thin coats of Cherish by Picture Polish. Since I am stuck wearing boring colors in the hospital, I figured it was time to amass a collection of nudes and semi-nudes that are moderately interesting and do not require 23482934 coats to be opaque. This definitely fits the bill!


Cherish is a slightly grey nude with copious holo shards scattered in it. It is quite flattering! The holo certainly catches the light, but it isn’t strong enough to be distracting. It also dried quite nicely 🙂


I stamped over Cherish with Penny Talk by Essie, using a Born Pretty stamping plate. I cannot claim credit for this idea…my sister asked me to use this specific stamp on her nails a while back (hers were blue-on-blue) and I liked how it came out so I decided to use the pattern!


So what do you think, tone-on-tone but still pretty? The best part was that the pattern almost disappeared in indirect lighting, and jumped out in sunlight.


Hope you guys enjoyed!

Shimmer Dots on Rose

Yet another super simple mani! I actually did this while ON vacation, so it had to be fast! These are also iPhone photos (though luckily it was moderately sunny outside in Florida at the time so the pictures came out alright).


I started with a pinkish-red creme. Once that was dry, I just grabbed a bobby pin (they live in my purse) and made a series of dots with a color-coordinated metallic pink.


Left to my own devices I would not have grabbed these colors, but one of my friends doing her medical residency was with us and she wanted “work appropriate” colors (which apparently means pinks, reds, and nudes?). Unfortunately, she never sat down for long enough for me to paint her nails! But I was stuck with pinks anyway.


~ Pink: Zoya – Veronica
~ Pink metallic: OPI – Cute Little Vixen


HOpe you enjoyed! Tomorrows mani is at least a bit more complicated…although it was almost a fail. Of note: do not stamp on wet polish, it really really doesn’t work. *head desk*

Berry Striping

I’ve gotten more behind the concept of tone-on-tone designs, so when I got Zoya Veronica I knew I had to pair her up with my much-loved but under-used Zoya Blaze. And being me, I had to use striping tape to do it!


Veronica is one of the newish colors from Zoya’s fall release. She is a deep red-toned pink. Wonderfully self-leveling, opaque in two coats. A nice slightly more feminine alternative to red.


Blaze is almost exactly the same dark-pink-almost-red base as Veronica, but with awesome holographic glitter shards. In some lights it was hard to see the design, but when it came out it was BEAUTIFUL. Glittery pinkness!



Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I have one more red/pink post (that compares all the three almost-identicle colors in one mani)…and quite a few more colors 😀


Coral Floral

I love rhymey titles! Coral floral! I received these beautiful floral heart water decals from the Born Pretty Store and wanted to try them over tone-on-tone stamps (because these are the things I think about). It has been a while since I played with my coral polishes, and what better excuse than for the OMD Challenge coral day?


I have on two coats of a darker coral, stamped with light orange, and then I added my water decals. There are two types, a full circle (see the thumb) and a 3/4 circle (see my middle finger). Most of the ones on this mani are the 3/4 circle patterns that I cut up to place around my nail. These water decals were a delight to work with…thick enough to reposition (I replaced one of them 4 times without it wrinkling or ripping) but thin enough to disappear entirely under top coat.




  • Coral: Essie – Sunday Funday
  • Orange: Maybelline – Bleached in Peach
  • Stamp: BM – 314


I am really happy with how this mani came out! If you want your own cute heart-flower water decals, check out the Born Pretty Store. They are $2.86. Don’t forget to use my 10% off code, LY5X31!

The Teal Dotted Line

Another entry into my Test All The Holographics mani lineup! Here we have Teal from Nabi. This is a beautiful bright teal linear holo, with medium holographic density.


This is a slightly greener-leaning teal than most of the ones I own, but it is really quite pretty (if you can ignore my lobster fingers). Two coats shown here.


I accented Teal with dots of Wet n’ Wild Caribbean Frost. My favorite part of this mani is how textured my 4th finger accent looks! It was actually almost smooth to the touch (I didn’t add top coat to preserve the holo quality), but looked variegated!


Sorry for the slight mess around my nails, I did these at the beach and had no acetone handy. Oops!


Hope you enjoyed!

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