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I can’t tell if I love or hate the random disappearing nature of this mani…the silver is there one second and gone the next! You can see what I’m talking about best in the sunlight photos.


Regardless, this mani came out alright! I didn’t want the lines matching up exactly and I was stuck using different angles from the same not-so-large image, but it works somehow! Even if you can’t see part of the design half the time :-p


It also gave me an excuse to use Black Satin by OPI again…I don’t think I’ve touched this polish in the last year! Whoops! I would say I use polishes that I won less than polishes that I bought (simply cause I think of the ones I paid for more) but I don’t think that’s universally true…I just don’t wear that much almost-black!


~ Dark grey: OPI – Black Satin
~ Light grey: Zoya – Dove
~ Silver: Revlon – Metallic
~ Stamp: BP – L050


Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed, and happy Friday!

Rolling Pink Hills

Today I get to introduce you to one of the newest Mentality polishes, from the matte jellychrome line, Hoopla! I combined her with three other polishes from the same line and made some crazy wave/weave pattern


Hoopla is a hot (and I do mean hot!) pink polish with a very vibrant blue glass fleck shimmer that fades to purple at sharp angles. The polish is easy to control (maybe slightly thick) and covers in three thin coats (hence JELLYchrome…that is why there is so much shimmer!). This polish dries matte.



Although the polish is quite pretty, it is a pain to remove. Due to the glitter density, it takes forever to get off! It isn’t as bad as a ‘real’ glitter polish because here the glittery bits are small, but it isn’t fun. Just to warn you!


Inspiration for the wave design came from Liane Casagrande. It was kinda fun to see the other two matte jellychromes (both varying shades of orange-pink) against Hoopla!


~ Hot pink: Mentality – Hoopla
~ Orange pink: Mentality – Bash
~ Orange gold: Mentality – Spree
~ Pale pink: Revlon – Calla Lilly


Hope you enjoyed! If you like Hoopla, you can pick her up for $8.25 at the Mentality shop. Such a fun color!

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