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Neon Rainbow Webs

My birthday is tomorrow! Which means that this is the official RAINBOW WEEK! I have had a tradition for the past few years of painting my nails with crazy awesome rainbows on my birthday, because rainbows are just the best. This week will show three of my rainbow nails in honor of my birthday 🙂 including my birthday nails that I actually wore last year (because heaven forbid I actually edit nails in time to post them within a week of painting them).

~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Pink: Revlon – Bubbly
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Green: Zoya – Tilda
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Purple: Zoya – Malia
~ Gold: Zoya – Ziv
~ Gold holo: FUN Lacquer – Million Dollar Dream
~ Stamp: Nicole Diary – 156

Today’s manicure was approached with the thought: what would Claire Estelle do? She has stopped posting, but back in the day she had the BEST rainbow neons, glitters, and random bits of color. I browsed her IG for a bit (not that I don’t already have most of her posts favorited, because again, rainbows) and settled on this idea! It took some effort but wow was it ever glittery! I started with a pinwheel stamping rainbow (basically going clockwise around from pink through to purple) and gradiented a different orientation of that same pinwheel on each nail. The end result was a somewhat random looking array of rainbow colors. I then added the black stamp, the gold through the line at the middle (both a simple glittery gold and then a chunky gold holo on top), and finally some black dots with gold centers. Voila! Hope you enjoyed…and stay tuned for more rainbows!!!

Nested Peaks

This manicure honestly ended up a bit more boring than I intended. I was going for sharp peaks that shifted from white to periwinkle…but the gradient within the stamp just didn’t show up well. So I added more periwinkle highlights, and overall it was just meh. Good enough, but not what I was going for. Oh well!

~ Blue metallic: Sally Hansen – Blue my Mind
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Periwinkle: Nails Inc – Regents Place
~ Stamp: Moyra – 32 Nature

Despite being mostly of out of the hospital and in the lab now, I still don’t seem to have much time to do anything more than paint my nails and stamp them! The problem with lab time is that you get to set your own hours and objectives…which means that if I fail or don’t do enough work, its totally on me! And that is stressful and ends up meaning that I work longer hours than I probably should. Anyway, sorry for the fairly boring art today!

Fanciful Abstractions

This is the plate I reach for when I don’t want to cover up too much of the underlying beautiful polish…and Turbulence really is a beautiful polish. At this point, my (nearly 10 year old bottle) is getting a bit dry and empty, so I layered it over a similar deep blue metallic, and it worked quite well! I love how this manicure came out, and I am glad I embellished a bit with silver holographic highlights.

~ Blue metallic: Zoya – Ibiza
~ Blue glitter: Emily de Molly – Turbulence
~ Silver holo: Color Club – Harp on It
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: EdM – 03

At this point in my nail polish journey, I have more or less stopped buying chunky glitter polishes like this one, because they just take so darn long to remove. As a result, despite having a full rainbow set (plus extras) of beautiful chunky glitters, I almost never wear them. It is a bit of a shame, as these types of polish are what got me in to the indy world in the first place! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!

Pastel Rainbow Mirage

This was actually the base for another nail art, but it looked so pretty that I felt the need to take some photos of it by itself! It also allows me to show off Pale Landscape by Emily de Molly, which is the excellent white glitter polish (the base is, for once, crystal clear). Its like snow!

~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Pink: Zoya – Sandy
~ Yellow: Revlon – Electric
~ Teal: Emily de Molly – Glee Ridden
~ Purple: Nails Inc – Regents Place
~ White glitter: Emily de Molly – Pale Landscape

Of course, when I realized what I had done to my nails matched my rainbow scale detail brush, I had to take a picture with it. You cannot see the full rainbow range, but I promise they matched! Hope you enjoyed todays pastel rainbow 😀

London Sunfall

Welp, this didn’t work quite how I planned. I was inspired by the demo art on this stamping plate’s website to try and double stamp this design with black-on-white, but this part of my plate just isn’t etched well enough for this to work! Instead the black looked grey (although the peek-a-boo white did look nice). Next time, just black. That said, I love the designs, and my gradient was rather pretty! You also cannot really tell that I colored the moon in with a yellow jelly. Whoops!

~ Orange: KBShimmer – Papaya Don’t Preach
~ Pink: Zoya – Morgan
~ Purple: Zoya – Margo
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Yellow Jelly – Esmalta da Kelly – Yellow Soap Bubble
~ Holo glitter: China Glaze – Fairy Dust
~ Stamp: Maniology x Clairestelle8 – M035

In real life, the gradient was actually pretty, but in these photos it looks like a bit of a mess (and regardless, the pale orange at the tips of my nails did not survive the stamping process). Next time, I will do better!

Tie Dye Eggs

Guys, I am PROUD of this one! I had this negative space stamp for easter eggs. And I had seen other people with the idea of tie dye (aka water marble) negative space eggs. But I decided to do them over a GLOW IN THE DARK white base and decorate a few of the eggs on each nail with the same color! The end result (since the base was white) is pretty tie dye eggs, some with designs, where the eggs themselves glow faintly in the dark and the designs glow brightly! The white I used as the stamp is not GITD and so it blocks out the light. I am happy 😀

~ White GITD: Serum No5 – Pure Glow Getter
~ Pink: Zoya – Jordan
~ Orange: Forumla X – Incandescent
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Green: KBShimmer – Lime All Right
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Purple: Zoya – Abby
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: Whats Up Nails – B017

Here again I ran into the issue of the glow is not super bright, but it worked for my purposes! You can kinda tell with the GITD photo. Then again, I only charged using indoor light not daylight. I also am not sure why I wanted both my easter manicures to be GITD? I guess if I am using it on one hand I should just go to both :-p Enjoy!

Elaborate Eggs

Time for an easter themed manicure! I bought this stamping plate months ago and have been saving it for use in early spring…and despite that, I almost missed it! But here we have it, a very elaborate easter egg manicure. It took a full hour to hand-paint all the colors on the eggs, but I think it was worth it. The bunny is from a different plate, but it just isn’t easter without a bunny!

I also had the brilliant idea to make my base using a green glow in the dark polish, so that when it was dark out the eggs and rabbit would be outlined. It worked! And it looks pretty darn cool. The polish is Glowin’ of Eden by Serum No 5, and this is three gloopy coats. GITD polishes are always harder to use than regular polish, and honestly this was the easiest of the 4 that I have (mostly because I went with thin coats instead of just trying to do two thicker ones). It does glow, but the glow is not easily identifiable as green. Oh well!

~ Green GITD: Serum No5: Glowin’ of Eden
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Pink: Zoya – Sandy
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Purple: Zoya – Malia
~ Stamps: Whats Up Nails – B017, BM – 302

Overall a very cute manicure (if I do say so myself) but a mediocre GITD polish. I have worn it again since, and, when charged directly by the sun, it is glow-y. But otherwise it is not that impressive. Then again, I compare all GITD polishes to Dayglow and nothing matches up to that insane brightness!

Hope you enjoyed anyway 🙂

Neon Butterfly Flight

This was inspired by @urbannailart and even came with a video! Honestly, I recreated her background pretty close to perfectly and I loved the look! I will need to do this dirty stamping gradient again in the future. It helps that the whole thing is neon too :-). I didn’t have the ability to stamp a full butterfly pattern with polish (I could only do the outline in black), so I went back and painted over the black stamp with teal and purple jelly polish. It isn’t quite the same pop of color, but overall I think it does a good job honoring the inspiration! My butterfly was a bit smaller than the original, so I went and added some swirls over the colored sections. Voila!

~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Hot pink: Zoya – Kelsey
~ Hot yellow: Emily de Molly – LE 196
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Teal jelly: Zoya – Frida
~ Purple jelly: Zoya – Katherine
~ Red glitter jelly: Zoya – Aphrodite
~ Stamps: Moyra – 60 Cuts, Nicole Diary – 090, BM – 314

I am glad it is spring and headed towards summer, I always feel weird posting bright designs and neons in the winter, but I feel like that is what I gravitate towards if given free reign over my collection! Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Perpetual Sky

This ended up pretty cool looking, and was quite fun to do! It was inspired by @nailsandtowel, but honestly also by one of the pixar SparkShorts. If you’ve seen if you’ll know what I am talking about, if not go watch Day & Night, and enjoy it! It is decidedly cute, and I had just shown it to my husband for the first time when I remembered saving this design on IG, and went back and painted it 🙂

~ Light blue: Essie – Rock the Boat
~ Dark blue: A England – Tristam
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White

Cute and accomplished! I really can’t ask more from nail art. Even if I didn’t actually do any art on two of the fingers, hah! Hope you enjoyed!

Shattered Lace

As part of an IG challenge, there was a prompt of “double applied stamps”. I figured that just meant two stamps…but NO it turns out you can PICK UP A DESIGN INSIDE ANOTHER DESIGN. My mind was blown. I had to try it. Of course, it was also close to valentines day so I went with hot pink and lace? I don’t know. The end result is actually pretty ugly, but I am going to try this again (not near a holiday) with a better set of stamps and colors. Basically, you apply your first stamp (black lace in my case) and then using the same stamper with the design on it, you use a different color over an almost negative-space stamp. What is then left of the stamper is the first designs superimposed over the second design but only where the second design is! So cool.

~ Hot pink: Atomic – Silicate
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Stamps: BP – L084, BM – 208

I feel like it is getting rarer and rarer that I learn an honestly new nail art technique…mild variations, sure. But this? This is cool. Now I need to find more negative-space style designs to try it out on! Hope you enjoyed the idea, even if the execution could use some work!

Holo Rainbow Bubble Warp

I don’t have ANY IDEA what I did here. Or why. I wanted to go with some of my old swoopy color change nails, but I forgot how I did them (the next one I do will be better, and I will be doing this again!) so I made all the lines mostly vertical. But uneven. The end result was a very messy rainbow. So I added a black warped grid…that was almost invisible. And then added black dots. And white dots. And for once, the dots actually saved the manicure! It still looks crazy, but it looks INTENTIONALLY crazy. Down the rainbow rabbit hole! Or into Willy Wonka’s canal I suppose.

I wanted to test a new-to-me polish, a yellow linear holo called Funshine Smoothie by ILNP. I almost never wear yellow as a base color, but it pops really well in gradients and other designs, so I am actually running out of my core yellow polishes! Anyway, this is three thin coats of Funshine Smoothie. It wasn’t quite opaque in 2 coats, but it went on perfectly (and removed perfectly a few days later) so three coats was just fine! It is a very pretty bright linear holo…for a yellow :-p

~ Purple holo: A England – Crown of Thistles
~ Pink holo: Cupcake Polish – Berry Good Looking
~ Orange holo: Emily de Molly – Scorched Earth
~ Yellow holo: ILNP – Funshine Smoothie
~ Green holo: A England – Dragon
~ Teal holo: Powder Perfect – There be Mermaids!
~ Blue holo: Color Club – Over the Moon
~ Stamp: Nicole Diary – L28

I remember Berry Good Looking being a bright purple with magenta undertones that somehow leaned vibrant blue. The polish I have now is a bright magenta-pink. It is still insanely intense and pretty, but is not the same color as the polish I remember buying? How weird!

Melting Clocks

This nail art is what would occur if Salivador Dali had a nightmare. I tried for this melting clock manicure…and I ended up with an awful disaster. I was not looking at my inspiration picture closely enough, and spent too long trying to determine how she made her marble background (I still have no idea and I REALLY want to know, they are so perfect! Share your secrets!). The end result is comedically horrible.

~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Neon green: KBShimmer – Lime All Right
~ Teal: Zoya – Cecilia
~ Teal gliter: LA Girl – Teal Dimension
~ Gold glitter: Ethereal – Rainforest

If anyone knows how this artist (or any others like her) create such smooth beautiful marble nails, let me know! Clearly my attempts at recreation are cringe-worthy. Maybe next time.

Purple Moonrise

I really wanted to add a howling wolf to this manicure and I just could not figure out how or where! Next time. This design was inspired by @iamdeliasnails who was in turn initially inspired by @teenynails. I love the nail art community. I made a bright pink to light purple gradient, and stamped over the tips with purple and then black polish. Voila! Fairly easy and yet quite pretty.

~ Light purple: Essie – Full Steam Ahead
~ Light pink: Zoya – Tobey
~ Bright pink: Zoya – Kelsey
~ Bright purple: Zoya – Landon
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: Moyra – 106 Picturesque

Does anyone have any advice on how to incorporate a wolf stamp and not make it look ridiculous next time I do something like this? If I did it in white (or light purple) it would stand out too much, but the whole thing is already black! If I did the trees in grey the wolf could be black, but that would be difficult to accomplish and still difficult to see most likely. Ugh.

Abstract Leaves

Today is just a really simple stamping design with some shimmer, but it is fast and the effect is pretty! This was supposed to go up on Friday, but I was distracted by a new board game that needed to be played. Sorry!

The base today is a new-to-me (but quite old) dark green creme polish by Zoya. As is typical of Zoya cremes, Hunter went on buttery smooth and covered perfectly in two coats. I had been in the market for a dark dusty green to work in a gradient or ombre with Shawn, and I think I found it! I really do love Zoya creme polishes, they just go on so nicely and the pigmentation is perfect.

~ Green: Zoya – Hunter
~ Gold shimmer: Emily de Molly – Goddess of Rays
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: Lina – @urbannailart collab

For all that this was a very easy manicure, I like how the gold shimmer looks with the dark green, and how well the white stamp continues to stand out. No complaints from me! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Feather Curls

Holo base with some elegant curling stamps. This one was fun to create and find the right stamping designs for! And of course, added dots for contrast. Because what is a manicure on Flight of Whimsy without at least 15 extraneous dots?

~ Gold holo: CbL – Frohe Feiertage!
~ Orange: OPI – Freedom of Peach
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamps: BC – 04, Whats Up Nails – A010

I know it seems weird to consider something a ‘subtle holo’ but it makes me happy to collect a bunch of nude/pale random holos that I can pretend to wear in gut hospital, even if I am (finally!) in lab! Which means that later this year when I get around to posting the polish I am wearing now, that there will be lots of bright colors and crazy patterns!

Hazy Crazy

This was my attempt at a very loose dry brush gradient. I don’t know why I made it and it didn’t quite work, but I still like the end result even if I wouldn’t do it again! I basically started with white, used a dry brush to apply yellow to my cuticle, orange just above it and overlapping it, then red, then purple. The yellow kinda got lost in the end.

~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Yellow: OPI – Never a Dulles Moment
~ Orange: Zoya- Thandie
~ Red: Zoya – Sooki
~ Purple: OPI – I Manicure for Beads
~ Stamp: B Loves Plates – 03 Mind Blown

I said on Monday that it was time for some bright colors, and this seems like a fitting start! Friday (assuming I get it done in time) will be more glittery. Hope you enjoyed!

Pastel Leaves

Sorry about the lack of post on Friday, this was supposed to go up at that point but I ran out of time! So enjoy it today instead. The nail art today was just fun and cute! I wanted to make a pastel subtle leaf design, and I would say I was successful! Unfortunately it rather makes me look like I have lobster hands in photos…but in real life it was lovely.

~ Pastel green: Zoya – Tiana
~ Green shimmer: Ethereal – Rainforest
~ Orange: Zoya – Cole
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White

I think I should start posting more brightly colored spring-like manicures at this point. Winter isn’t actually over (its still very cold) but it is time for flowers and bright colors. Stay tuned!

Grey Shimmer Fronds

Really simple but quite elegant in the end! All I did was color some white stamps in with a rainbow shimmer polish, and put it over a grey/gold shimmer base. The whole manicure took less than an hour, and really embodies dark cold days! The shimmer of the see-through polish picked up mostly green and orange tones from the grey base. In retrospect, the design looks a bit like the one I posted on Monday although they were painted months apart, maybe that is why I felt compelled to post them in the same week.

~ Grey shimmer: Zoya – Yuna
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Rainbow shimmer: Different Dimension – Intergalactic Dolphin
~ Dark gold: ILNP – Sparks May Fly
~ Stamps: BPX – Floral L018

I need to use Yuna more, it is a pretty polish! And shimmery flakie-ish. I have a lot of grey polish, and I have slightly gotten out of the habit of wearing them! They are pretty, for all that they are not bright colors. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Pastel Splotch Circuit

I have no idea where I was going with this, no plan, and no purpose (that appears to be a trend this week). I just went for it! I painted each nail a different pastel color, splotched the other colors over the base color, and then stamped in a white geometric-ish pattern. The end result was cool if confusing.

~ Pastel purple: Zoya – Abby
~ Pastel pink: Zoya – Jordan
~ Pastel orange: Zoya – Cole
~ Pastel yellow: Maybelline – Citrus Collide
~ Pastel green: Zoya – Tiana
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Stamp: EdM – 11

You may also ask why I featured the entire rainbow EXCEPT for blue. I grabbed a nail polish for each nail (5 in total) and then didn’t have a blue nail. I absolutely should have put blue on anyway, but I did not do that. So here we are!

Purple Points

I am very proud of this, because the entire design is freehand! It is rare that I am able to (or have the patience to) freehand lines so precisely. Especially using my non-dominant hand. I have no idea why I did this actually, but I like it!

~ Purple with blue: Emily de Molly – Open Season
~ Nude: CND – Cashmere Wrap
~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White

If I had to go back and do this again, instead of using a nude-colored polish I would just leave that part of my nail naked, however, I had no idea what end design I was going for here, so adding more polish it was! Hope you enjoyed!

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