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Pink and Gold with Flowers

How about something pink and gold? I figure with the flowers it is suitably summer-y too!


The design was inspired by Nails by Erin but my pink base is an AWFUL polish that takes 3 coats and never dries (I need a better barbie pink) and so I wanted to do more things with those nails. I don’t know if this  counts as over doing it, but I actually liked it!


Using Erin’s nails as a template got me very excited about gold dots. I love adding dots to things. In this case, added too many gold dots to things…specifically my middle finger. Oops. it would have looked better with more white space 😀


~ White: LA Girl – White On
~ Pastel pink: Wet n’ Wild – Tickled Pink
~ Pink: Revlon – Bubbly
~ Dark green: Salon Perfect – Escape to Neverland
~ Green: Zoya – Tilda
~ Gold: Sally Hansen – Go for Gold


I am quite proud of the roses though! I hope you enjoyed them too.

Lovely Chevrons

YOU GUYS. I had SUCH a hard time completing this manicure but i LOVE it. Go figure!


I started with the base of another new-to-me ILNP, Ski Lodge. Ever since Mentality went belly-up and nails-down (ohhh my poor nails) I have been looking for a scattered dark green holo to replace one I got from them that I loved. I think I have found it!


Ski Lodge is a dark heather green (almost a dark olive rather than a dark emerald) with a ridiculous amount of larger holo shards and glitters and maybe some gold shimmer. I can’t even tell, there is so much glitter and depth to this! I am showing 3 coats, although I really could have stopped at two. It makes me happy.


I then grabbed another new Born Pretty Store stamping plate, BP-X06, and had a really difficult time picking what pattern to use and what color to stamp! I didn’t want to cover the glory that was Ski Lodge, and I always do green+gold so I wanted to change things up. I think I tried 5 different patterns and colors before I realized I could do something more subtle…like a silver-green-blue stamping multichrome over the dark green holo! So I went and grabbed Mutagen by ILNP and added using the chevron stamp.


Mutagen is not super opaque on its own, so the fact that you can clearly see the pattern (which I was really worried wouldn’t happen) is a testament to how well etched this plate is. Go plate! I added the LOVE stamp too, just for fun. I was going to use a light pink, but as it turns out neither of my two light pink polishes stamp well over dark green. Go figure.


If you want to pick up this stamping plate with all its fun geometric patterns, head over to the Born Pretty Store where its $1.99! Hope you enjoyed!


Super simple, but rather cool. I’ve been holding off using my newer EdM stamping plates until my clear squishy stamper arrives and I can actually position the darn stamps properly, but I had to try this one! I love lines.

IMG_1663 2

This was done during my winter break, ergo I was in Florida and without any of my normal set-up! These photos are off my iPhone. So, if they look grainer than usual…sorry!


~ Pink: Revlon – Poppy
~ Gold: Essie – Good as Gold
~ Stamp: EdM – 17


Thats all I’ve got today. Awesome gold stamp on pink. Voila!

Neon Zags

Lots of new things today! Three neon stamping polishes (that I did not use in a stamp because I am a rebel) and a nail vinyl design. Colors!


I wanted to try two things here: first, would stamping polishes work to make a gradient over black (which usually doesn’t work with normal polishes) and second, the zigzag pattern vinyls from the Born Pretty Store work better than the awful checker board pattern. Here are the results!


Yes, stamping polishes will gradient over black. Hooray! I will get around to using all three of these in stamps at some point, but they were sitting there in a neat pretty row so I had to try this first. We have Yellow Opaque, Orange Opaque, and Pink Opaque by Mentality (new formula of course) over Storm by Zoya. This was 3-4 passes with the makeup sponge. I almost left it at just one, because you could see faint color but it showed up brightly over the holo flecks in Storm and looked incredible. I went for opacity instead, but someday maybe I’ll go back and try this again with a more see-through result!


Surprisingly, the nail vinyls mostly worked this time! I still had about 15 minutes of clean up (mostly at my nail bed, where the inflexibility of the vinyl meant that it wouldn’t sit flat against my nail and so the polish seeped under) but overall it worked and looks rather cool.

The zigzag pattern actually held together when I removed it from the plastic backing AND when I pulled it off my nail! SO MUCH EASIER. This made for a very fast design (if I had to apply all the zigs and zags by hand it would have taken forever), but took longer in cleanup so I don’t know how the timing would have worked out in the end with regular one-at-a-time vinyls rather than whole nail patterns.


Overall, I rather like the look of this! I still think the neon polishes worked better than the vinyls, but the vinyls were at least function this time around. If you want to pick some up for yourself (or something else from the Born Pretty Store like rhinestones or stamping plates) use my 10% off code LY5X31. The vinyls are $4.59. Enjoy!


I really had no idea what to call this. I got inspiration from Tiffany White because OH MY GOD WATER MARBLE! In addition to now lusting heavily for the A Night In Vegas collection, apparently there is a clear polish MEANT for water marbling? Which would be GREAT because I’ve been trying to clear marble for a while and I can’t find a single polish that does it. I need it.


ANYWAY. I went nuts. I started with the rainbow water marble base you saw last month…and then tried to emulate Tiffany with chevron decals and black. Only I had to use a matte black because matte + rainbows = awesome. But there was too much black (I guess my decals are smaller than hers?) so I added lots of dots. And then I just gave up because it looks like a unicorn puked on my nails.


I actually can’t decide if I like these or if I’m going to have a rainbow-induced seizure.


~ Rainbows: see last month’s post
~ Black matte: Mentality – Rascal
~ Green: Essie – The More The Merrier
~ Pink: Sinful Colors – Pink Forever
~ Yellow: WOW – #301
~ Orange: Zoya – Thandie


So, enjoy the rainbows! And lines and dots and woah. I think I’m off rainbows for a while!


Tick Tock

I wanted to show off the gold caviar beads that I got to review from Lady Queen Beauty, and I wandered on this awesome nail art by Baroquen Nails. Her title is perfect…its the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!


This was a simple mani, but rather time-consuming because as much as I love caviar beads, they are a pain in the butt! Mostly because they are hard to manipulate before the polish you are placing them on is dry.


I started with a white base on most nails (except obviously the gold textured ones!), and then stamped over it. The nail with the clock had the clock section covered by tape during the stamping, so it remained white. All that was left was painting the clock face and adding the beads!

~ White: Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube
~ Black: Sinful Colors – Black on Black
~ Gold: Zoya – Solange
~ Stamp: Bundle Monster – 201


This was a lot of fun! I love how many beads came with the Lady Queen set, I’m not afraid of playing with them because I won’t run out for a long while!


If you want to pick up the caviar beads yourself, you can find them here for $3.09, plus 15% off with my discount code: BPLC15. Hope you enjoyed!

Sweet in Blue

Just a simple blue-on-blue mani! I wanted something simple and fast, and came across some art melcisme. Her art is nude and white, while mine is blues…but its the same idea. Tiny flowers with glitter!
All of the 3D pieces in this mani came from the Born Pretty Store. They sent me a nail art wheel with gold, silver, and black studs in various shapes. Since I am sorely lacking in gold and silver 3D pieces, this is pretty awesome! There are caviar beads (like what you see in the center of the flowers on my ring finger), pearls, rhinestones, square studs, and circle studs (like what is on my ring and pointer fingers). This might be my favorite nail wheel!
The zig-zags were made with nail vinyls from KBShimmer. They are also awesome. I want to pick up more nail vinyls at some point!
~ Light blue: Nabi – Sky Blue
~ Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
Hope you enjoyed! You can buy this awesome nail wheel for $3.06 from the Born Pretty Store. Don’t forget to use my 10% discount code, LY5X31!

Carnations on Brown

Something simple for today! Gold and white nail art stickers from the Born Pretty Store with gold chevrons on brown. This was my first time using chevron nail vinyls and I love them!!


The base here is the last of the super-on-sale polishes that I picked up from ULTA. It is a stunning dark brown with ample gold glitter called Starry Night. It dries to a matte finish (more of a semi-matte really) and the glitters really pop! Shown here is two coats of Starry Night.


I then added some gold and white flower stickers, and applied chevron nail vinyls from KBShimmer. The vinyls were awesomely sticky but did not pull up the polish, although I applied them to my skin first to remove a bit of the stick. They were easy to reposition. I have ~100 of them and I already wish I had more! I need to try some gradients now 🙂


~ Brown: Spa Ritual – Starry Night
~ Gold: Zoya – Ziv


This was my first time using a Spa Ritual polish, mostly because I refuse to pay $12 or so for a drug store polish. This one was $4, so I think it was money well spent! I have to say I do like the shape of the bottle and I had no problem with the brush or controlling the polish, so if I see more of this brand on sale I might very well buy the polish. But it isn’t spectacular enough to be worth over $10!


As to the stickers, they are still very three-dimensional so you need extra top coat to make them smooth to the nail, but they are a fun and easy way to make nail art! You can pick up a whole sheet of 12 patterns for $4.73 (which is totally worth it) and use my 10% off code (LY5X31)!

Seedy Severine

This polish…blargh. All three of the new Zoya minis (from their New Years collection giveaway thing) were duds. I put on Severine and it just looked…odd. Its too green-toned for me, and too brush-stroky. I do love my metallics, and this just didn’t cut it. I ended up putting green over it (seriously, green and gold is my thing!) and rescuing the color with my current favorite green polish. Because green glittery holos that stamp well save all manicures!


It’s so strange. Zoya’s deep glow-from-within metallics are some of my very favorite polishes (namely Isla and Holly, a red and green respectively), and some of their less-glowy polishes are still awesome (Tart, a blue). That being said, in their metal tones they fail. The only Zoya I ever bought intentionally and do not wear is a copper metallic called Penny (I do use it in art occasionally, but never as a base…its too thin, the color is a bit off, and it streaks like woah), and I have to add Severine to the list of fails. It takes three coats to be opaque, is streaky despite my best efforts, and just isn’t a nice pure gold like I would prefer.


What that REALLY means is that this mani needed to be rescued with some Resist by Mentality. I didn’t know for sure if this polish would stamp, but I had to try it. And voila! Thin stripes of tape, a stamp (bundle monster plate 201), and some straight lines and dots and we have a passable mani!


I still can’t center my stamps (oy) but at least I’ve gotten better at making them line up across my nail. For someone who stamps as much as I do, I really should be better at this.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! The take-away from this post is to only go for jewel-toned Zoya metallics, not metal-toned. But place your faith in blackened holos from Mentality 😀

Geometrically Inclined – 31DC2014

I spotted this design (different combinations of striping tape, colors, and stamping) over at The Nail Polish Project a few weeks ago, and fell in love! I decided I HAD to try it, and what better than for geometry day? I didn’t quiet do as well as my muse… she got the coloring/stamping right and I didn’t! Which is to say most of the teal is uncovered and that was unintentional. I shall just have to try again!


The hardest part of this was actually picking out the stamps. I need more stamps…I only have the 2011 and 2012 bundle monster sets, and quite a few of my plates don’t work. So I have a rather limited cache from which to pick.



~ White: Sinful Colors – Snow me White
~ Teal: Zoya – Wednesday
~ Blue: Zoya – Yummy
~ Purple: L’oreal – Royalty Reinvented


I am not going to bother listing the stamps because that requires moving to get the stamping binder. If you are curious just ask! And go check out the other geometric designs for today!

Purple Haze

Make Him Mine by OPI from the holiday collection had been sitting in my untried collection for 2 months. I kept wanting to use it, and not coming up with any good art ideas! I stumbled upon an intriguing bit of art by Nails by Josse, and decided to adapt it to my needs!


This mani only used 4 polishes. Make Him Mine was the important one, but I found that Muse by Sinful Colors was the perfect grey-purple to match! I think I don’t give that polish enough love, so I was glad to put it to use. The last two polishes are both holographic silvers….Silver by Nabi for the base and Harp On It by Color Club just to fill in the dots.


Make Him Mine was a pleasure to work with, two thin coats did the trick and the polish went on smoothly. I love the tiny mirror glitters! All of my favorite textured polishes have the same finish: glitter with tiny mirrors. And this one is a silver lilac color that is totally unique. In some lights it is almost pewter, in others just a light purple. Silver by Nabi took 3 coats to reach opacity, but had a nice subtle holo finish that I was really enjoying.


For my accent nails, I taped off the center of the nail and saran-wrapped on Muse. I then free handed the zig zag and dots, before top coating. The last step was to add the textured lines!


Despite being mostly drab colors, this mani made me happy! Subtle glitter and cool colors. Enjoy!

Sea Zig-Zag

What do you get when you combine creme polish, textured polish, and tape? A somewhat cool/somewhat wonky manicure! I initially wanted to do this with yellow/orange, but one of my polishes was still in the mail.


This manicure was inspired by Sarah at Chalkboard Nails (as so many are). Her’s look incredible…mine are a bit sad. Turns out my zig-zag scissors are just a bit too big to make multiple zigs on my nails! I also tend to forget that one of my blues is a jelly and will NOT make a successful gradient.



Either way, I do think this design looks alright. I love the texture, and how sharp it came out. Maybe I will try again with my yellows (now that they are here) but I doubt it. Move forward!



  • White: Zoya – Purity
  • Light blue: Zoya – Rocky
  • Medium blue: Maybelline – Shocking Seas
  • Dark blue: Maybelline – Midnight Swim
  • Light blue textured: Julie G – Blueberry Fizz
  • Dark blue textured: Zoya – Sunshine


Hope you enjoyed! And stay tuned next week for some awesome guest posts…including rainbows, snowflakes, disney, holiday, and…well….whatever it is that my sister tries to do on her nails!

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